From the day of its origin in 1993 to today, scrum has expanded dramatically and has been in use by every multinational company. Henceforth, the need for scrum masters rose high and the organisations started hiring scrum masters to manage the team schedules and boost team performance without compromising the organisation’s goals. However, before getting started with how to become a  Scrum Master, let us first understand what does it mean.

How to become a Scrum Master

What is Scrum?


Scrum is a framework that strictly follows the agile methodology. This framework allows the Scrum master to manage the team’s work schedule and assist them by providing all the resources required to accomplish the task. The role of an S.Master resembles the role of a leader in a team. However, the difference between the two is the former trains the team and the organisation on the principles of agile. In contrast, the latter helps the team with technical assistance and motivation. In most cases, the team leader is the scrum master as this cuts the cost. Therefore, a team leader should have a deep understanding of the agile methodology and Scrum tools.

Now that we have an idea of what Scrum is and who is a Scrum master, let us dive into our topic “How to become a Scrum master”.

Here are a few steps that will tell you how to be a Scrum master.

1. Scrum Tools and Agile Principles:

How to be a Scrum Master

To become a Scrum master, one should deeply understand the Scrum tools like Jira, vivify, Target Process, Quick Scrum, and many more. Furthermore, he should have a keen knowledge of Agile methodology and all the required terminologies. That said, a professional trainer could help you achieve this dream. Therefore, join an elite institute providing the course for the same and boost your journey on how to become a Scrum master.

2. Technical knowledge:

technical knowledge for a Scrum Master

A scrum master should work alongside the developer team and the managerial leads. Hence, he/she must possess a few basic technical knowledge so that they can help developers come up with output having minimum or zero roadblocks.

3. Training Skills:

How to be a Scrum Master

Training skills are one of the most desired qualities, Moreover, a scrum master should be able to train the inexperienced team on the working of Scrum. Moreover, he/she should be able to walk them through the whys and hows of the Scrum tools and assist the team in overcoming their weakness and improving their skills. A scrum master should have the ability to work with individual members of the team to boost their potential and performance of the team.

4. Conflict Management:

Conflict management

The ability to solve unresolved problems in the team is the second most desirable quality of a Scrum master. He/She should be excellent at negotiating and solving the issue without hampering the team’s progress. To achieve this, he/ she should be an exceptional commutator with strong skills to manage disagreements and provide an adequate solution to resolve the situation. This skill plays a key role in answering your question about how to become a Scrum master.

5. Leadership Qualities:

Leadership qualities

Similar to the team leader, a Scrum master should also possess leadership qualities. He/she should be able to guide the team members and ensure maximum productivity of the team. Further, for more information on the roles of a leader, check the Top 5 roles of a leader.

Building the above qualities will help you become a scrum master. However, if you have no prior experience in leading or managing a team, below are a few tips that will guide you on how to become a scrum master without experience.

Tips on How to be a Scrum Master without prior lead experience:

  • Understand scrum and agile methodology.
  • Practise the same in various works carried out by you in your work.
  • Take a certification exam and clear it.
  • Remember to renew your certificate once in two years.
  • Build/expand your network.
  • Choose the perfect organisation for interviews.
  • Learn from the failures.
  • Apply for the dream companies. ( However, I would suggest initially joining a startup to strengthen your roots in the same.)

Now that you have reached this point, I assume you are fascinated by being a scrum master. If so, then it’s time for my bonus tip.

Bonus Tip:

This bonus tip will provide the details of an elite institute both in India and abroad that help thousands of people achieve their dream job. To know more, stick to the end.

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