Why enroll in CAT online coaching?

The Common Admission test(CAT) is one of the top competitive exams. There is a clear-cut demand for CAT online coaching. It is because most of the candidates aspiring for the CAT exam are busy with college or jobs. With this, the candidates are preferring CAT online coaching to save time. The broad scope of the CAT syllabus makes it vital for candidates to prepare with CAT online courses, question papers, and mock tests to score a good percentile. To achieve this, the candidates can enroll in a reputed online institute. This will not only keep you ahead in the competition but also keeps you updated with the latest changes in the preparation strategies and CAT test pattern.

What is Common Admission Test(CAT)?

CAT is a gateway to a fruitful management career through a Master’s in Business Administration(MBA) degree. This exam takes candidates to the esteemed Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and other top Business-schools across the country. The CAT exam tests the student’s capability to solve quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, analytical reasoning, and English-based questions. 

MBA through the CAT exam

Top 14 CAT online coaching courses in India

1. Henry Harvin – 4.9/5


Henry Harvin is one of the most trusted institutes and an outstanding provider of training and services. The institute provides top-class CAT online coaching for students aspiring to take up the CAT exam. The institute gives the best exam preparation for CAT aspirants. The study material for CAT online coaching is strategically curated by knowledgeable and experienced faculty that can be accessed and downloaded. Henry Harvin assists its students with smart teaching to prepare for the exam. The material provided by the institute has dedicated sessions for each section, whether it is reading comprehension, verbal, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, or logical reasoning.

Program: CAT preparation course and online coaching

Address: Henry Harvin House, B-12 Sector-6 Noida (UP)- 201301

Contact no. :  +91 9891953953

Key features

  • Easy access to the CAT study material, which includes recorded videos, E-books, practical question papers, etc.
  • 150+ simulation tests
  • Lightning-fast technique for data interpretation and logical reasoning
  • Qualified trainers
  • 2500+ sample papers
  • Instant doubt clarification sessions
  • CAT mock tests
  • Training for interview skills
  • 1-year gold membership

2. iQuanta CAT online coaching – 4.9/5

iQuanta is India’s top CAT online coaching academy that provides coaching through unique dual pedagogy for different entrance exams like NMAT, CAT, SNAP, OMET, and GMAT. here they provide both application and conceptual learning methods. In the conceptual learning method, the teacher delivers the live concepts along with examples. Whereas, the application method is where students are the drivers and apply their own thought before the teacher provides the solution.

Program: CAT 2023 full course.

Cost: Rs. 28,999

Course duration: 1 year

Key features

  • Quants, 150+ Hours of Live Interactive Sessions, 
  • LRDI, 100+ Hours of Live classes, 250+ videos, 30+ Assignments.
  • VARC,  100+ Hours of Live classes, 250+ videos, and 30+ Assignments.
  • 24×7 doubt clarification from any material. 
  • Highly Relevant set of 250 iQuanta Questions.
  • Access to 100+ Conceptual videos.
  • 20 full mocks

3. QDS PRO CAT online coaching – 4.9/5

This CAT online coaching is based in Mumbai. It offers unparalleled CAT coaching preparation both in Hindi and English medium. This institute also offers online coaching for GMAT, SAT, GRE, and MAH-CET.many candidates are successfully trained by the institute every year to get into a top business program. The faculty combines innovative techniques to encourage effective learning and boost confidence.

Program:   CAT Quant-DI-LR

        CAT Verbal

Course duration: CAT Quant-DI-LR is 4 to 5 months

        CAT Verbal is 2 to 3 months

Key features

  • Free trial/demo session.
  • One-To -One Private Tutoring sessions 
  • Exclusive Student Progress Tracking Software
  • Master Workshops (Mental Math, Brainstorming)
  • Live Reviser and Doubt Solving Classes
  • Access to QDS Pro Online Prep Portal.
  • Question Bank, Practice Worksheets, Homework Assignments
  • Detailed Explanatory Answers and Video Solutions for All Mock Tests
  • Free career counseling session.

4. Career Launcher – 4.7/5

Career Launcher is the top CAT online coaching institute that was established with the insight of making candidates perceive their potential to attain success. The institute guides students for various competitive exams like CLAT, BBA, MBA, IPM, Bank PO, SSC, and Civil services. The academy’s CAT online coaching provides an actual classroom experience at your home and convenient time. The highly experienced faculty makes sure that the student gets the best preparation regardless, of the mode of preparation they choose and gets the expected score.

Program:  MBA 2023 online classes 

      MBA 2023 online classes (without PDP)

Cost:  MBA 2023 online classes – Rs. 49,500

 MBA 2023 online classes (without PDP) – Rs 45,000

Course duration: 1-year access

Key features

  • Recorded lectures of live sessions
  • Doubt-clearing sessions included.
  • Includes CAT and Non-CAT Preparation
  • 100 CAT and Non-CAT Mocks Included
  • 5000+ Practice Questions assorted Topic wise
  • GDPI Preparation Included
  • Physical Study Material included

5. CrackU – 4.7/5

cracku is a notable Hyderabad- based CAT online coaching academy that the alumni of IIT-IIM established. Along with the CAT exam, this online platform offers classes for other entrance exams such as RRNB, IBPS, SSC, and SBI.  Cracku provides phenomenal content to its students so that they don’t have to search on other websites to find the most possible questions, shortcuts, and tips. The institute also provides an app so that the student can independently prepare and learn the concepts anytime and from anywhere.

Program: Cat 2023 online coaching

Cost: Rs.24999

Course duration: Access till 1 year

Key features

  • 10,000+ videos covering basics
  • 16,000+ solved questions
  • 30 live classes by IIM A alumni
  • 55 MBA mocks(CAT + OMET)
  • 45 CAT sectional tests
  • CAT daily targets
  • 100 concept notes and solved example sets
  • Doubt-solving by experts
CAT online coaching

6. TIME – 4.5/5

Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.) is India’s top test preparation institute since its inception in 1992. TIMEs CAT online coaching is considered one of the best in India. Along with virtual live classes, the institute also provides coaching for CAT exams in later phases, such as written ability tests(essays), group discussions, test series, revision classes, and interviews. It also offers classroom courses as well.

Program: CAT 2023

cost: Rs. 41,950

Course duration: 1 year

Key features

  • 240+ online classes.
  • Online access to study material.
  • Doubt clarification through email, chat, or telegram groups.
  • 3500 questions of online sectional tests.

7. 2IIM – 4.8/5

2IIM is a Chennai-based CAT online coaching institute for students preparing for the MBA entrance exam. It was instituted with the mission and vision to instill the best coaching to aspirants in order to score their best in the exam. The institute delivers the best CAT online resources that include everything from bite-sized videos to slides, and tests which are put together in an orderly manner. The institute provides the best faculty who are alumni of IIT-M and IIM-B. 

Program: CAT 2023 online classes

Cost: Rs.42,000

Course duration: 1-year access

Key features

  • 200+ interactive live sessions
  • 25 mocks and 9 past-year mocks
  • 5000 CAT level questions
  • 3000 drill-level questions
  • Hardcopy books
  • Revision classes

8. IMS – 4.5/5

IMS CAT online coaching is the first institute in India that was established to train students for CAT and other business management entrance exams. Its aim was to motivate, guide, mentor, and help students in their training period. The learning resources provided by IMS offer different courses for students at every stage. For beginners, ie., those who are taking the exam for the first time, for medium level, ie., who have already taken the exam, and for advanced students seeking high percentile.

Program: CATapult live 2023

      eCATapult 2023

Cost:  CATapult live 2023 – Rs. 38,881

eCATapult 2023 – Rs. 29,441

Key features

  • 200+ hrs of Live sessions
  • Structured personal Mentoring
  • 150+ hrs of video learning
  • 110+ full-length Mocks.
  • 25+ live workshops

9. Hitbullseye – 4.3/5

It is India’s flourishing CAT online exam preparation platform that was instituted by an IIM and XLRI alumni team. The institute also offers coaching for GMAT, GRE, Bank, PO, BBA, LLB, SAT, CLAT, IPM, and hotel management. The institute also organizes all India mock test series, so that the student can analyze the national level performance.  Hitbullseye also organizes an exam based on the previous year’s CAT exam papers which guides the student to get an understanding of the actual paper.

Program: CAT 2023 online class

Cost: Rs.33,500

Course duration: 1-year access

Key features

  • 120+ Hours of Live Concept & Doubt classes
  • 170+ full-length tests
  • 480+ Topic wise tests
  • 210+ videos
  • 165+ Assignments
  • 15 days money back guarantee

10. Mindworkzz – 4.2/5

Mindworkzz is a popular aptitude coaching institute established by an IIM Bangalore alumni. The institute has both classroom and online programs. Its objective is to provide aptitude coaching to IPMAT, CLAT, and CAT aspirants. This CAT online coaching platform offers comprehensive study material, video sessions, and test series. This institute has the best faculty with great knowledge and experience. They provide the students with tips and techniques to handle the pressure along with skills in managing time.

Program: CAT 2023 comprehensive course

      CAT 2023 comprehensive plus course

Cost: Rs.39,700 and 49,700

Course duration: support till 31 march 2024

Key features

  • Quants – 130+ Live Sessions and 300 Hours of Recorded Videos
  • DILR – 110+ Live Sessions and 250 Hours of Recorded Videos
  • VARC – 90+ Live Sessions and 250 Hours of Recorded Videos
  • 31 Full-Length Mocks, and 18 Sectional Mocks. 
  • GDPI/WAT/GK & OMET Sessions Included
  • Doubt Clarification On Telegram and Live Doubt Sessions

11. Career anna – 4.3/5

This institute was established with the motive to make young talent of India more employable and help the students to get into their dream careers like government jobs, banking, and management sector. This CAT online coaching provides the best training in every section and for each component, such as verbal, quantitative, and logical reasoning in the following languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. Students can choose the course according to their convenient time without having their schedules disturbed.

Program: complete MBA prep

Cost: Rs.14,999

Course duration: self-paced

Key features

  • 24*7 doubt clarification
  • Video lectures in multi-languages
  • Special focus on LRDI questions
  • CAT study plan as per your schedule
  • Regular motivational sessions

12. CATking – 4.0/5

CATking is a popular CAT online coaching platform instituted to focus on engaging, strategic, and high-quality education. It is one of the fastest-growing MBA preparation institutes that provides online and classroom training for exams like  CMAT, GRE, GMAT, Bank PO, CET, XAT, SNAP, CAT, and TISS. It consists of a  team of highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty who design all the study materials to guide students’ learning in an organized manner.

Program: CAT 2023 intensive course

Cost: Rs.24,999

Key features

  •  Advance shortcut videos for DILR 
  •  1000+ Concept Builder Video Lessons 
  •  100+ CATKing Bible eBooks 
  •  30 Real CAT Mocks  
  •  30 Sectional Tests for the practice of each section
  •  Real CAT Mock Analysis Live Videos 
  •  48 Topicwise tests 

13. ExamNest

ExamNest institute provides CAT online coaching from the basic level to the advanced level for XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, MAT, and other MBA entrance exams. They teach the concepts on specific topics like Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, etc, followed by a topic test to assess the candidate’s progress. Based on the topic test they identify the candidate’s strengths and weak areas on each topic and guide them to improve the specific topics in a balanced approach to get the highest score in the Examination.

Program: CAT + MBA entrance exam 2023

Cost: Rs.27,000

Course duration: access till January 2024

Key features

  • 1200+ pre-recorded video lectures
  • 300+ weekly practice tests
  • 50-speed mock tests, 50 practice mock tests, and 30+mock tests
  • More than 70 sectional tests
  • Study material + books

14. Olive Board

This is the most extensive CAT online coaching institute. This portal also provides training for banking, government exams, and MBA. They also provide a special focus on execution by mixing different exams pattern in the online CAT mock tests. Then using their performance analytics tool, topic-wise, section-wise, and mixed mock test performance they guide individuals to focus on specific sections to get the highest score. This approach is to have an extra edge against the toughest brains, spelling bees, and maths whizkids in the examination.

Program: CAT exam prep

Key features

  • 50+ Recorded Lectures covering all the sections of the CAT
  • 25+ Live Doubt clearing sessions covering all the sections of the CAT
  • Comprehensive Last-Minute Practice & Strategy
  • 10 All India Mock CATs 
  • 15+ Sectional Mocks
  • 25+ Topic Mocks

Final Thought

The competition to get admission to the premier management Institutes is very high, and getting high scores in the CAT examination is tougher. However, it is possible by selecting an institute that has the best faculty members, proper mock tests, and performance assessment tools for assessing the candidate’s strengths/weaknesses, and ensuring the candidate is progressing in a balanced path to get the best score. This is possible with reputed institutes like Henry Harvin. Hence, success in the CAT examination depends on the institute selected for the coaching. If you are aspiring to join premier institutes, view the above list of CAT online coaching institutes, that suits your requirements and which fulfill your dream of getting admission to top management colleges.


1. What is the eligibility to take up the CAT exam?

Any degree recognized by UGC should have passed with a minimum of 50% marks for the open category and 45% for the SC/ST/PwD category. Candidates appearing for the final year degree examination can also be eligible. No age limit.

2. What are the charges to register for the CAT exam?

The examination fees for the General and NC-OBC category candidates is Rs 2300. Whereas for the reservation category (SC/ST/PWD) it will be Rs 1150.

3. Should I go for coaching classes to clear the CAT exam?

It is always advisable to take coaching from top training institutes. Their coaching and mentoring help the candidates to excel in the examination and crack it in the first place. However, those candidates, can do their own research and work studiously and struggling financially, it may not be mandatory.

4. Is the CAT exam score considered for foreign universities also?

Yes, some foreign management premier institutes consider CAT scores for Admission to their colleges.

5. How many months do I need to prepare for the CAT exam?

The time required for the CAT examination preparation varies with different candidates. A studious candidate may require less time. On average 6 to 8 months of serious preparation is required to get a reasonable score in the CAT examination.

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