Machine learning algorithms are a very important part of data science. It is to improve the performance as part of AI. A machine can solve a problem or a task to imitate human behaviour. A machine learning career is very popular in the data industry. So you have wide career options. 

Machine learning course in Hyderabad is highly in demand in Hyderabad and other places in the country.  Hyderabad city is very popular among students who are interested in making their career in machine learning. Today we will share some of the best Machine learning training centres in Hyderabad

List of Institute in Hyderabad for Machine learning course in Hyderabad

1. Henry Harvin

Rating: 4.9/5

One of the best and finest institutes that offers Machine learning courses in Hyderabad. Why Henry Harvin is on our top list because of their team of faculty and the backup support to the students in Machine learning training. 


Henry Harvin provides two-way live training to the student and a hallmark Machine learning certificate, which means your machine learning certificate is not only valid for one city but it is recognizable across the globe. 

Apart from this, you get a chance to intern with them, which is also certified to add to your resume. Even after completing the machine learning course in Hyderabad, they provide full job support to the student and machine learning training. 

•Course Duration: The machine learning course is 32 hours of classroom training and 24 hours of live online machine learning training on any projects and 32 hours also get 50 hours of e-learning 24 hours of access. 

•Faculty/Trainer: Henry Harvin has the best and fine experienced trainer on the floor for machine learning training. They have more than 10yrs of experience in their respective field. 

•Trained Student: They have trained thousands of students under them in machine learning courses. All of them have given good reviews and ratings to Henry Harvin.

•Membership: You will get a 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin in Analytics Academy.

• One-year Accessibility: You can have accessibility for a year of the sessions. This will help in brushing up and collecting the machine learning course in Hyderabad.

4 module course: They have managed to bring up the complete machine learning course in 4 modules. Which is the good part.

To know more about the machine learning training and course details, kindly contact Henry Harvin Institute. They have some amazing offers on educational courses in this new year 2023.

Machine learning course Fees in Hyderabad: 21500/-


Meghna Ravi 

The machine learning python course taught by Henry Harvin is my favourite in the specialization and gets my high rating.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 


2. Excel R

Rating: 4.7/5

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They have a top-notch faculty team and back team to guide you and support you in the Machine learning course in Hyderabad. They provide lifetime access to self-paced learning and full support for job placement. Excel R yogurt the chance to work on 2 live projects. 

Review:Machine learning training centre in Hyderabad

Ashok Omkar

Very responsive ponds for the team I am happy to serve and be responsible for.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 24000/-

3. My Great Learning


They are affiliated with the University of Arizona. They have live interaction sessions with the faculty directly from Arizona for a Machine learning course in Hyderabad. They are well-experienced in the field of machine learning. 

They provide student support and career growth direction with a machine learning certificate in Hyderabad. They provide 11 projects and case studies to work on in their live session. 

The machine learning course duration is 21 months and it is completely online. So you can avail of this machine learning course in Hyderabad from anywhere.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 23000/-

4. Edology

Rating: 4.6/5

Edology provides a 10-month machine learning course. This course in Hyderabad will be completely online.

They have special weekend sessions where industry experts share their experiences for Machine learning training.

They provide 100℅ job placement assistance with a Machine learning certificate.

Every session is recorded, so students can easily refer to them even after completing the course.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 25000/-


Rating: 4.5/5

They provide both the facility online and offline for  machine learning course in Hyderabad. It is completely your call and comfort. They are well known for Machine learning course in Hyderabad and other courses. 

Apart from 24hrs machine learning training which will be, they give you 60 hrs projects or practical assignments.

They also give job assistance support to the student post completing the machine learning course. They provide a machine learning certificate on completing the course.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 27000/-

6. Caltech: 

Rating: 4.7/5

They are one of the renowned institutes for Machine learning courses in Hyderabad.

The machine learning training duration is 11 months, which will be completely online. 

The machine learning course fee is around 2, 69,000 for the course, which is approx 9000 a month. 

Caltech has earned 38 Nobel prizes and international recognition. A machine learning certificate has a credential in the industry.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 22000/-

7. Data mites: 

Rating: 4.5/5

In Data mites you have a lead mentor who is experienced in analytical and data science for more than 19yrs. They have a -month course. You will get 20 capstones and a live project in Machine learning course in Hyderabad. 

They provide internship facilities and job assistance too with a machine learning certificate.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 25000/-

8. inventateq: 


They have trained more than 8000 students under their roof for Machine learning course in Hyderabad. They provide free 100℅ job placement assistance and till now they received a good rating from their students.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 23000/-

9. Besant Technology:

Rating: 4.5/5

Besant technology has both the option for Machine learning course in Hyderabad. You can either opt for online classes or one-to-one offline for machine learning training.

Course: The course fees differ as per you choose the option. They have around 45 hrs training program which includes all 10 modules. 

You will get a chance to work on and experience 2 live projects.

They have already completed 800 batches for the same.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 24500/-

10. Great learning: 


Great learning-designed Machine learning course in Hyderabad especially for working professionals. 

Course and Duration: You will get 7 months of e-training with mentorship. 

A great learning brand ambassador is Virat Kohli, which is a credential in itself. They collaborated with great lakes. 

They have 20-plus professors in a team out of which 2 professors are award winners. 

You will get career support from more than 2000 industry-leading organizations.

Machine learning course fees in Hyderabad: 21000/-

Review:Machine learning training centre in Hyderabad

Dhwani Desai

15 Apr 2019

A batch of November 2018 | 

It Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services 

Good faculty. Was very patient in explaining the concepts as well as clearing doubts. Being a person from the industry gave me good insights into various companies applying ML and DL to solve their problems.

Scope and Benefits of the Machine learning Programme 

  1. Smart applications and growth of intelligent medium for self-driving automobiles 

2. One can start streaming assistance for media such as video games, music and video development.

3. With the help of Machine learning training you can do online advertisement web development and navigation.

4. The machine learning training and course helps you to grow in fields like finance, customer support, healthcare, analytics and prediction.

 5. Machine learning tools help to give online customer support persistently.

6. You can easily detect online fraud with the help of machine learning tools and techniques.


These are a few lists of the best institutes available for Machine learning courses in Hyderabad. I have mentioned a few faqs to answer your queries. If any is missed out, you can give me your feedback on it. You can visit their website or contact them on their numbers. I hope you found this article useful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does Machine Learning Course in Hyderabad include?

Machine learning comes under artificial intelligence. In this course, you will learn all three types: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. In this course, you will be trained and will be given practical knowledge and case study to work on. This will boost your confidence before entering the industry.

2. What will be the course duration?

The course duration differs for each institute. It’s from 3 months to 24 months. In a 3-month program, you will get sufficient knowledge to enter machine learning but in 4 months you will become a master of machine learning.

3. What are the fees?

As per the duration fees also change. Whether you are opting for a crash course or completing a professional-level course. Even it differs from one institute to the other. They also provide discounts on the fee structure. Fees structure also varies from online to offline classes.

4. Who can enrol for a Machine learning course?

The ideal eligibility for machine learning courses is 12th or bachelor or master’s degree in computer science.

5. Is it only for Hyderabad students or outsiders too?

Anyone can opt for a Machine learning program that has online classes, weekend classes, and flexible class timing. It is not bound only for Hyderabad.

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