There is no doubt that Six Sigma is the hottest career path of the 21st century”. To stay relevant in the coming years and grab new opportunities, you should upskill yourself with a Six Sigma certification.


Apply the DMAIC methodology in Virginia by taking a Six Sigma certification course.

Would you like to learn more about Six Sigma certification in Virginia? This is the place for you!

My only goal is to ascertain which Six Sigma certification is significantly better by comparing the top 10 Six Sigma certification courses.

The top 10 Six Sigma certification courses in Virginia

1. Henry Harvin Quality Management Academy

Henry Harvin is one of the most promising institutes in industrial training as well as many other types of aptitude development. Among the advantages of working with Henry Harvin is the fact that trainings360, the top-rated training institute in the world, highly respects Henry Harvin. Delloite, Fidelity Investments, and many other leading companies trust their products. 

Key Highlights:

The Six Sigma certification in Virginia at Henry Harvin is taught by master Black belts and black belts with experience executing projects at the Black Belt level and coaching Green Belts.

These specialists have extensive experience and have demonstrated success in a wide range of fields. In addition, these experts are serving as topic specialists with the Henry Harvin Management Academy. Henry Harvin offers Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt, and Master Black Belt courses.


  • Six Sigma Black Belt Course- Black belts are experts in defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling (DMAIC). People with Six Sigma black belts can understand the dynamics of teams.  

Obtaining an expert in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies is made easier by Henry Harvin. You need to complete 12 projects to obtain the black belt designation. Six Sigma black belts hold the most credentials in the industry.

Henry Harvin offers several formats for Six Sigma certification in Virginia. Training programs, interactive sessions, boot camps, and e-learning are all available. Industry-experienced trainers can help you analyze problems and develop solutions. You can also develop problem-solving and analytical skills with Henry Harvin’s facilitators.  

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Course- Green belts are skilled in analyzing and solving quality problems and suggesting ways to improve them. Having experience with twelve projects with Henry Harvin will help you gain precise knowledge.

Your skills will be quickly developed through hands-on training. Participants will work with professionals who have experience enhancing processes and improving quality. 

During the Six Sigma certification in Virginia, you will receive a complete overview of the tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma. Henry Harvin can help you master all aspects of Six Sigma green belt certification.

Henry Harvin offers internship and job placement opportunities for career advancement. By earning a Six Sigma green belt, you will be able to add value to your resume. 

Six Sigma Green Belt courses are offered in various ways, such as through e-learning, Bootcamp sessions, recorded sessions, and improved study materials.

  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course- A master black belt facilitates the strategic deployment of Six Sigma. These individuals are responsible for promoting improvement activities in the organization as a whole. Project planning is their primary responsibility.

Henry Harvin offers a platform to connect with worldwide experts to advance your knowledge. It is the leading institute in the Six Sigma master black belt field. It offers a gold membership with a wide range of facilities to clarify your concepts.

  • Six Sigma master black belt training is included with the gold membership to give you practical knowledge.
  • Video content, updated study materials, projects, games, etc. are available through e-learning.
  • 100 percent of the jobs are guaranteed.
  • During training, industry projects are presented.
  • You will acquire in-depth knowledge of the Six Sigma master black belt using analytical tools.

You will have a unique opportunity to participate in working sessions for creating new projects. Understand human dynamics for enhancing projects. 


Six Sigma Certification also visit in other states:


FloridaLouisianaArkansasNew JerseyColorado, Texas, California

Henry Harvin Virginia Address– 1701 Baltic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States

2. American Society for Quality

Founded in 1946, ASQ has members in over 130 countries. Additionally to Six Sigma, offers certifications and training in management, foundational quality, inspectors/technicians, engineering, and auditing. Considering its standards for quality, global recognition, and dedication to subject matter mastery, it is the best Six Sigma certification provider in the world. Since the American Society for Quality (ASQ) has a global reputation, provides rigorous training and preparation, focuses on subject mastery, and maintains a certification registry, it is the best Six Sigma Certification provider in the world.

Key highlights:

  • Quality recognized worldwide

  • Establishes a certification verification registry

  • Instead of simply passing an exam, the focus is on mastering the subject

  • A handbook, study guide, question bank, and certification preparation are included in the training materials. 

  • For the Yellow Belt, the certification preparation is offered online and self-paced. 

  • The certification prep for Green Belt and Black Belt can either be completed online, in a classroom or live online. Depending on how fast you go through the materials, you will take a certain amount of time to study for the test. The test will take between two and six weeks to complete. 

  • During a specific testing window, you must take your test at a proctored exam site with Prometric. Although you will be given an open-book exam, you must bring your reference materials. There is no limit to how many times you can take the test at a discount if you fail it after two years. It is just a matter of paying each time.

3. International Six Sigma Institute

The International Six Sigma Institute was founded in 2011 and has clients in 143 countries, offering affordable Six Sigma certifications and a money-back guarantee. Course materials and future updates are offered by the International Six Sigma Institute (ISSI) at a reasonable cost.

Key highlights:

  • Guaranteed 100% money back

  • A minimum score of 60% is required to pass the exam

  • All classes include lifetime access to the online education portal and future updates, and you will also have access to live monthly Q&A sessions.

  • After paying for the online program, you have one year to take the certification exam. 

  • After passing, there is no fee or requirement for recertification.

  • For any Belt, you do not need a project or an affidavit, nor do you need work experience to test. 

  • Some can digest the material in a couple of hours and pass the test, but most take one to four days to adequately prepare. 

  • It takes 60 minutes to complete each test. Each test includes 50 questions. Passing the exam requires a score of 60% or higher. 

  • The International Six Sigma Institute will refund your money if you do not pass after taking the test 10 times. 

  • It is not necessary to recertify once you have passed your exam.

4. Lean Six Sigma Institute

The Lean Six Sigma Institute was founded in 1998. Over 50% of the cost of instructor-led training can be saved by using self-paced materials provided by the Lean Six Sigma Institute (LSSI).

Key highlights

  • You can use the training materials for six months after starting the course

  • Self-paced courses with a discount

  • For a faster listening experience, videos can be sped up by two times

  • As part of this program, you can connect with a community of Lean Six Sigma practitioners for assistance, and you have the option of learning on a PC, tablet, or mobile device. 

  • In addition, you can hire a coach for additional help, as well as receive significant discounts over instructor-led training.

  • As little as 10 hours of self-paced training or as much as 15 hours of instructor-led training can be required for the Lean Champion Belt. 

  • It is estimated that you will need to study for approximately 68 hours on your own, or 160 hours for an instructor-led course. 

  • Approximately nine weeks are needed to complete self-paced training. 

  • Additionally, you will receive a discount if you hold certification at a lower belt level. 

  • There will be a six-month subscription to Minitab Workspace, video demonstrations, downloadable content, and an exam.

  •  You can receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the course material within two days of the purchase date, and you have two chances to pass the exam as part of the course fee. If you fail both times the course must be repurchased.  
  • You will receive your certificate if you pass the exam with 80%. For Lean International Certification, you must submit a Lean Six Sigma project to demonstrate Lean practices.

5. Villanova University (Six Sigma Certification in Virginia)

As a private institution founded in 1842, Villanova University is known for having one of the best business schools in the nation, lending credibility to its Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma certifications. Professor Marv Meissner focuses his 30 years of experience on skills that are highly applicable to managers like process mapping, problem analysis, and decision analysis. 

Key Highlights:

  • The entire process is entirely online

  • Fees for exams are included in the tuition

  • A belt from another organization can be applied to advanced belts

  • The time commitment varies from class to class. In contrast, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course takes 16 weeks while the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course takes 12 weeks. The rest of the courses last eight weeks. 

  • You need to have the previous tier certificate to take the advanced Belt courses. A Six Sigma Green Belt is required for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course, for example. You may be able to count your Belt with another institution toward this requirement with the University’s approval. 

  • The course fee includes the exam fee. 

  • Active-duty service members, National Guardsmen, National Reserves, Veterans, spouses, and dependents can take advantage of 15 percent savings on all courses. If you have five or more students in your group, your employer may reimburse you for the course cost.  

  • You will prepare for real-world applications with simulated projects and advanced animations offered by Villanova University’s online courses.

  • The course materials consist of video lectures, simulated projects, and online learning tools. Following the completion of the course and the required class project, you will receive a certificate and then you will be able to sit for the certification exam offered by Villanova.


GreyCampus is an IASSC-accredited training provider and the majority of students pass their certification exams thanks to its comprehensive coursework and supplemental boot camps.

Key highlights

  • Full-length practice exams

  • Gamified learning modules

  • Students have a 96.3% exam passing rate

  • GreyCampus is a Six Sigma training provider founded in 2014, and in addition to its Six Sigma certification in Virginia, it also offers Professional Development Units towards project management credentials. To ensure success on your real Lean Six Sigma exam, you will be able to take simulated exams and receive exam analytics.

  • Aside from Bootcamps, your coursework is self-paced and takes about 110 hours. A Bootcamp is a five-day or four-day live online class. When registering for a Bootcamp, you can attend as many as you want within six months as long as they are included in your package.

  • Courses in Lean Six Sigma do not have any prerequisites. Nevertheless, to qualify for the Six Sigma Green Belt, you must have three years of work experience, while the Six Sigma Black Belt requires either the Green Belt or two years of experience with process improvement projects. 

  • A website allows students to take exams from home that are proctored. Students have one year from the date of registration to take the exam.

  • In some courses, however, you are only allowed to access the material for six months, so make sure you finish your coursework and exam within that timeframe. 

  • Students can contact student support 24/7 if they have questions or technical difficulties.

7. Management & Strategy Institute (MSI)

The Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) represents the needs of experts in process improvement through its exchange association. With MSI, experts can gain professional advancement opportunities and credentialing opportunities, while organizations are encouraged to continuously improve. MSI has practical experience in Six Sigma certification.

Key highlights:

  • By achieving your Six Sigma Black Belt accreditation, you prove that you have the necessary knowledge to lead Six Sigma projects. 

  • To qualify for the Six Sigma Black Belt Professional (SSBBP) certification, you need to be able to demonstrate your mastery of key Six Sigma topics. This certification is only issued by the Management and Strategy Institute. DMAIC projects and procedures are the responsibility of the Black Belt at the hierarchical level.

  • In addition, the Black Belt should be skilled at project management, administrative duties, logical reasoning, grown-up learning styles, and hierarchy management. Their time is spent on running projects, assisting Green Belts, teaching, and doing analysis. Their role is to ensure the project objectives are communicated to the project partners in conjunction with the activities Champion.

  •  For those hoping to have a Lean Six Sigma component in their certification, MSI also offers a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

8. Lean Sigma Corporation (Six Sigma Certification in Virginia)

In addition to providing expert lean and Six Sigma training, Lean Sigma Corporation is an administration consulting firm. They are among the pioneers in online training and certification. Of the different items we offer, the most noticeable is our online Lean Six Sigma certification.

Key highlights:

  • This online Lean Six Sigma certification in Virginia will set you to effectively lead and execute Lean Six Sigma ventures, perform Six Sigma analysis, and utilize the D.M.A.I.C methodology.

  • Their program is 100% on the web and your certification can be accomplished at your own pace. It contains professionally described eLearning modules, interactive quizzes, tests, and exams. 

9. ExpertRating

TÜV SÜD America has certified ExpertRating to ISO 9001:2015. The main name in the sphere of e-learning and pre-business testing arrangements, ExpertRating has a database of online courses and tests that spans a huge range of ordinary and developing domains of learning and work.

Key highlights:

  • Six Sigma Black Belt is a 350-page online course developed by ExpertRating for individuals with an interest in learning about Six Sigma. The course leads to Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. 

  • The course has been structured with the goal that it is easily understood by the learners and individuals new to Six Sigma separated from seasoned project managers.

  • The Six Sigma Black Belt Course incorporates all the tools, strategies, and ideas related to Six Sigma and has been created keeping in mind the prerequisites of most modern-day industries.

10. Benchmark Six Sigma

Key highlights:

  • Students benefit from the expertise of multi-industry experts
  • A 40-hour online instructor-led course is scheduled for this course
  • A Minitab exercise was conducted during the workshop
  • Students can choose from two practice projects
  • Credentials for PMI require 40 PDUs
  • Exemplar Global certifications are globally recognized and valid for life
  • Join the world’s largest business improvement community
  • Online project assistance for free
  • Additional Projects Certificate of Completion
  • Training materials for pre-training
  • Best-in-class online training materials
  • Templates and analysis data
  • More than 200 practice questions are available
  • Analyzing black belts in Lean Six Sigma
  • Before training, the trial session

What is Six Sigma?

Process improvement is accomplished with Six Sigma methods, techniques, and tools. While working at Motorola in the year 1980, American engineer Bill Smith introduced Six Sigma as a central part of the business strategy. Jack Welch later incorporated this into General Electric’s business strategy in 1995.


The Six Sigma method encompasses all of the processes needed for process improvement, and it is also the most disciplined and quantitative method for improving the existing metrics in the manufacturing, financial, and service processes.

All project selections are based on the business goals of the company, utilizing Six Sigma. It is important to choose and train the right people as well as achieve the planned and expected results.


A Six Sigma improvement project follows a methodical and disciplined process, which can be categorized into four main macro phases. Measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling (MAIC) are the four main macrophages.

How Do Six Sigma Belts Work?

Six Sigma strategy uses a scale of colored belts as a certification system. Following a hierarchical process will help you obtain Six Sigma Certification.


You can achieve the following Six Sigma Belts and Certification Levels:


  • Six Sigma White Belt – This certification covers the fundamentals of Six Sigma in an introductory way.
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt – A Yellow Belt certificate signifies you have learned how Six Sigma works, how its controls are applied in the working environment, and where to put your efforts based on your understanding of how it works.
  • Green Belt Certification – Green Belt certification focuses on pinpointing and resolving quality-improvement issues. Six Sigma Green Belts oversee and lead projects while Black Belts offer assistance.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt – The Black Belt credential signifies that you have mastered Six Sigma standards and methods. A black belt is a problem solver who leads venture groups within an organization.
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – This is the highest level of achievement in the system. Master Black Belts have broad experience and are thought, leaders.

Final Verdict

You can earn a promotion and set yourself apart from your peers with a Six Sigma certification. Furthermore, if you are not employed, it can also help you get hired because it shows well on your resume. If your organization doesn’t already have an internal certification program, you may even be able to pay for it if you don’t currently have one. 

Even though there are several quality options for your Six Sigma certification in Virginia, I recommend starting with the Henry Harvin certificate because of its commitment to quality and the fact that it focuses on implementation rather than just passing your test. Choosing one depends on your goals, your budget, and the time you have available to study. Before selecting a program, make sure you conduct thorough research.

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Q.1 How Do I Get My Six Sigma Certification? 

Ans. A Six Sigma certification is obtained by taking a certification course and passing an exam. Sometimes employers offer certification directly through their organization. As an alternative, you can enroll in a course offered by an institution, a college, or a certification company.
You will learn how to apply Six Sigma in the real world during your course. As part of your training, you will also be required to complete a Six Sigma project before you can sit for your certification exam. 
After passing your exam, you earn a Belt designation. The belts work in a similar way to karate belts, in that you must pass one to advance to the next. The typical company offers Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belts.

Q.2 What is the cost of Six Sigma certification?

Ans. Some companies provide their employees with Six Sigma certifications in-house or through third parties. However, taking a course on one’s own is an option for those who do not wish to go through their employer. 
You should be aware that certification can cost anywhere from free to thousands of dollars if you choose to take a course on your own. There is typically a live teaching component, whether it be virtual or in-person, and a more in-depth project.  
Additionally, there might be a separate examination fee for the higher belts. Be sure to compare all course costs, including any possible discounts. 

Q.3 How long does it take to become Six Sigma certified?

Ans. Six Sigma certifications usually take about six months to complete, including classwork, project work, and studying for and taking the exam. There are some Six Sigma training and certification providers that do not require students to complete projects, allowing students to complete the course in a few hours and pass the test on their first attempt.   

Q.4. Is Six Sigma still a popular career choice?

Ans. Certainly, it is. Six Sigma is a certification that is recognized globally. It is a valuable credential for those involved in process improvement and quality management. Six Sigma certification is accepted across various industries and countries.

Q.5. Which can be said to be a better career option – PMP or Six Sigma?

Ans. PMP is for individuals who showcase abilities as a project manager across any industry, including in technology, business management, and sales and marketing.
Whereas Six Sigma is for those individuals involved in the manufacturing industry.

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