What are the valuable Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages?

This article has information on Social Media Essay Advantages and Disadvantages

While Social Media has become an integral part of our lives. In reality, seldom do we find individuals without social media accounts. 

Truly, studies show that 60% – 70% of the world population. In fact, spend their time either leisurely or entirely on social media platforms


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Social Media Essay Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction to Social Media

Truly, Social Media are interactive platforms. To create and share information. Including interests, ideas; as well as other forms of expression via – Virtual-communities and Virtual social networks. 

In general, social refers to platforms that are user-centric and also, allow communal activities. In short, Social Media can be fixt. As an online spur and builder of – human social networks. with social media topics like – the web of individuals; also intensifying social connectivity and more…

Significantly, Social media was a great reliever. Particularly, for social interactions during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown. While, social media facilitates virtual world interactions among the public – especially with the covid-19 victims.

Moreover, with a countrywide lockdown and quarantines; restricting people from stepping out of houses, let alone, meeting family and friends. The only means of communication were virtual communication through social media. Such are the advantages of social media. 

Importance of Social Media

In recent times, Social Media has become one of the most popular aspects of the internet. For instance businesses, organisations, e-commerce sites; also individual professionals – set up their presence on social media and serve clients from all around the world. Furthermore, social media offers highly secured financial transactions. So, most eCommerce websites, businesses and professionals avail the benefits and complete their financial transactions in exchange for their trading/services offering.

Especially, the covid-19 lockdown, lead to terrible circumstances. Being stuck in their houses and unable to interact with their family and friends, is quite a pity. Certainly, social media was the only means of communication to stay in touch with each other. As well as constantly cleave the whereabouts of loved ones and overcome overwhelming sorrows of isolation. 

Why Social Media Network is Popular Nowadays


Social Media is booming rapidly due to its fast global network. One can reach and connect with people rapidly irrespective of their geographical distance. A lot is happening on famous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp Groups. There are various advantages of social media networks which make people join various groups, and communities of their interest. Millions of people are on these platforms either for personal interest or business reasons. 


Social media in today’s world is multifaceted and spans various aspects of personal, social, cultural, and economic life. Here are several reasons why Social Media Networks are gaining popularity:

  • Connecting People – The connectivity aspect appeals to people seeking to maintain relationships and stay updated on each other’s lives. In addition to this, Social Media Networking gives people an opportunity to meet new people around the world. Users of these sites have access to millions of profiles from around the world. 

  • Time No Bar – Within no time you can reach people at long distances and start communicating with them.

  • Distance No Bar- Due to the global access you can immediately connect people. Hence, distance is never a concern while connecting with your friends or relatives or even Business chat.

  • Share Photos, and Videos in Groups- people nowadays like to update on groups. They also share their videos, and photos with friends and family groups.

  • Share official messages – People also connect officially on these social media platforms. You can use these platforms to promote products, and services and advertise through banners, posters, or reels. You can be aware, engage, and develop the interest of millions of people in your products or services.

  • Join communities of your interest – You can join groups and communities of personal interest like recipes, healthy food cookies,  fashion, hair styling, health tips, yoga and meditation, dance, music,  art and craft DIYs, rangoli, handicrafts, and many more.

Evolving significance of Social Media Essay Advantages and Disadvantages

Another evolving significance of Social Media in correlation to the covid-19 pandemic. Was, how people used social media. For instance, creating – funny videos and following social media challenges; other activities which helped people to constantly entertain each other in difficult times.

Certainly, the importance of social media in the expanding scope of digital marketing is exceptional. 

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Social media is also a great platform to learn knowledge and skills. Using information available on easily accessible topics we can ever imagine. Especially the advantages and disadvantages of social media for students.  

However, every advantage has its subsequent disadvantages, let’s take a look at both Social Media’s aspects. 

Advantages of Social Media 

Social Media is an Educational Tool

Social media also finds its uses in various means, especially as a tool for Education. Then again, People from all walks of life learn and get an education. From topics available in astronomical numbers – better again, with all the comforts of learning from their homes.

For Instance, Subject Matter Experts or industry experts conduct live sessions on social media. Educate people on topics from their subjects and anyone can join it for free.

Significantly, Social media groups are another avenue – which people use for learning and sharing knowledge and skills; notably, through discussions on numerous topics and through sharing experiences. Social media emerges as – one of the best platforms for education. and as Social Media Essay Advantages and Disadvantages

Overcome Communication Barriers 

Over the past decades, sharing information took place. Mainly through Newsletters both in reality and online. Truly giving very little space for human relationships. 

Notably, social media is truly bridging the gap. By helping people to stay connected 24/7. As well as, from anywhere and also across the world. Significantly, breaking all the barriers in communication and human connections.    

Brand Marketing/Promotions

Brands, Business and/or Professionals create their online presence – by setting up profiles on social media, websites etc… Many extensively use social media platforms. In order to reach out to their large target audiences and also engage with them effectively and efficiently. 

In fact, Social Media has evolved as one of the best platforms. Especially, for business advertisements, and truly, helping in apt estimation. Of the needs of their target audiences – benefiting businesses of all sizes; furthermore, also multiplying employment opportunities in many folds.

Empowering Opportunities 

Businesses and brands increase their use of social media. Especially, for their marketing, owing to increased demands for professionals; to manage their social media marketing services. 

Social media also creates opportunities for B2B, B2C and C2C on a massive scale, which certainly helps businesses grow multi-folds. 

Content Creation

Most social media use posts and/or pages in order to share information and create connections. So, to develop creative content which creates that buzz requires seeking help from content writers and/or digital marketers. Professionals, who are experts in creating posts and pages to achieve the desired outcome.

However, this is one of the means that content writers and digital marketers. To use social media in order to – monetise their knowledge and expertise about it.


In general, with Social media gaining popularity. Significantly, with phenomenal growth in the user base. Which is also directly proportional to the need for highly skilled professionals. Especially, those with expertise in brand promotion by creating content – ads, promotional posts, brand pages, etc…

Experts use creative content; images, and videos, to create engagement. Especially with the target audiences in large numbers; Also, Generate leads and monetise them in return.

Significantly, One of the most trending aspects of social media is Influencers. In fact, brands are always on the lookout. Particularly, for popular influencers with a large network of followers base. As a result – popular influencers make a fortune in attending to the demands and also monetising them.

In reality, social media are platforms with a sea of opportunities 

Disadvantages of Social Media

Despite the ample advantages, social media also has accompanying disadvantages that could lead to harmful outcomes. Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of social media, as a part of the Social Media Essay Advantages and Disadvantages

Need for Security

In contrast, alongside the massively growing social media, its vulnerability to hacking also goes high. 

On the whole, most users post and create profiles with personal contact information; Also, upload important photos, and videos. In order to, communicate with family and friends.

Similarly, businesses also use social media to promote. For instance, their products and services; as well as to communicate it through valuable information. Particularly, by sharing on social media. Truly, unaware of the dos and don’ts of social media. 

As a result, hackers exploit the vulnerability and misuse the information to their advantage.

Cues Addiction

In general, Social Media with features such as persistent interactions. For instance, with family and friends from anywhere and at any time; also, triggers the Social-Media-Addiction.

In recent times, virtual meetings are phenomenally gaining popularity; Including, uprisen usage in daily life. In fact, at the expense of physically meeting in real life. However, the results evoke loneliness; also complete disconnection in relationships; similarly, from the surroundings. 

So, people immersing themselves in persistently using social media. Absolutely – one of the most dangerous forms of addiction. 

Hazy Confidence

In reality, social media has become a tool to project a virtual image of oneself. Particularly, veiling the suffering, insecurities, fear; Also, and psychological traumas. 

We start comparing our negative aspects. In comparison to constantly expose to flashy news and success stories of celebrities; similarly, to the flashy projections of positive aspects of other people. Results in – lowering our positive aspects. For Instance, self-esteem, confidence, enthusiasm, etc…

Threatening Influence on Children

Many children from the latest generation perpetually. Involvement, in watching videos, attractive pictures, and peer posts. Indeed, is a demonstration of their plight of addiction.

In general, outdoor activities like – sports, games, etc… Including, academic activities. For instance – schoolwork and; also, hindering their extracurricular activities by the social media addiction. In addition, the adverse negative effects of social media. Also, hamper the well-being of students.

Significantly, children in today’s condition use social media; Significantly, virtually interact with others. To point that, lack socialising skills; Also, are comfortable talking over a telephonic conversation – rather than facing the person.

Case Study: Social media use linked to decline in mental health

Social media essay advantages and disadvantages

What is the need for the Case Study?

In fact, Researchers have found that there is an increase in the level of anxiety; also, depression. Particularly among Facebook users. Especially among college students. 

Facebook went live in 2004 at Harvard University. Under the guidance of the founder, Mark Zukerberg. To point out, 650 students create their accounts on Facebook. Notably, within a few days after its launch. However, in today’s scenario, over two billion new users register. Especially, every single day, with the explosion in its popularity; you can estimate its phenomenal growth. and also, Social Media Essay Advantages and Disadvantages

Studies from the Centers for Disease Control

Alongside its meteoric expansion, there is an alarming impact. Especially, on the mental well-being of teenagers and young adults. 

In brief, studies show that suicide alarming rates. Notably, among the age group of 10- to 24 years old. To point that, it was under control from 2000 to 2017. Significantly, it has risen by 57% between 2007 and 2017. Significantly, according to the census data from the Centers for Disease Control

In short, with these parallel trends – it is then crucial to understand. Especially, the correlation between mental health and technology usage and; most importantly, how youngsters use social media. However, there are only a few recordings of such causal studies.  

Correlation between Social Media and Users’ well-being

Alexey Makarin an assistant professor at MIT Sloan, Says: “There may be hundreds and thousands of papers. Indeed, they are highly informative; they also, present the correlations between social media and users’ well-being. But then, the paucity of information we are still unable to plot its effects.” 

He continues: People using social media may be driven to depression. On the Contrary – Depressed people may spend more time on social media. Nevertheless, it lacks supporting evidence.

The National College Health Assessment / Survey  

Makarin and colleagues Luca Braghieri of Bocconi University; Also, Ro’ee Levy of Tel Aviv University. In fact, use a newspaper, to reach out to colleges; Also, the researchers coupled the startled rollout of Facebook in colleges. In particular, with 430,000 responses from the National College Health Assessment; Including a semi-annual survey of mental health and well-being. Specifically, on campuses across the U.S. Then again, the survey focuses on confining students’ health, and well-being activities. For instance, using physical substances and exercise habits in real-life.

In summary, the researchers found a significant link. Uniquely, the presence of Facebook is weakening mental health among students. 

Facebook usage is a doorway to evoking anxiety and depression

7% Researchers found that College-wide Facebook access led to a 7% increase in grim depression among students.

During the initial stage of launching Facebook – there was a restriction for people with Harvard email addresses from accessing Facebook. In effect, Facebook began expanding to – Stanford, Columbia, and Yale. While this expansion opening lasts until September of 2006. Furthermore, later anybody over 13 years of age could create an account.

Makarin said – “We were able to use the fact that Facebook rolls out at different universities at different times. Along, with the fact that we have this huge survey already conducted at universities. To understand the causal impact of Facebook on student’s mental health.”

Most broadly, the researchers could identify a significant increase. Significantly, in the number of students reporting mental distress; Notably in the preceding year.  

College-wide access to Facebook. Markedly, leading to an increase in chronic depression by 7%; As well as an anxiety disorder by 20%. 

Moreover, these results, also lead to a greater percentage of gullible students. Particularly, those who have also undergone treatment. Especially, with symptoms relating to either psychotherapy or antidepressants.  

Negative Effects of Facebook on Mental-wellness

In addition, the negative effects of Facebook on mental wellness. Notably, is roughly over 20% in magnitude. Especially, impacting those who lose their jobs. 

The researchers posit or postulate that – “social comparison is the root cause for such results”; truly, its impacts are subjective to grow deeper and stronger among people who expose themselves to Facebook to greater lengths. 

Makarin Says – the effects seem to increase with time. While, around late 2004, a fresh student at Harvard had Facebook available for one semester. Similarly, Sophomore for two semesters; to point that, it appears as though the effect is stronger. Indeed, Sophomer, had a greater exposure.

Steps were taken to solve a “terrifying” situation

While, Makarin and his associate authors are in fact, examining Facebook’s beginning. Truly, had to face many questions from critics. Particularly, about the salience of their findings. 

Makarin said – People are in awe of how much the case studies tell us about; Facebook, or Instagram in the present scenario. Indeed, which is an honest criticism – but there are a few things on behalf of our defence. understanding Social Media Essay Advantages and Disadvantages

The two aspects defending our case study, for instance:

  1. Specifically, the degree that social comparison elicits these outcomes. Makarin explains – that there are compelling reasons to acknowledge that the effects persist. For instance – the fundamental operating principle of Facebook; is similarly, to other social media forums. Significantly, look at and interpret the laid-out posts of other people. Makarin, also points out that the ubiquity of smartphones may; also, intensify the influences of Facebook on people. 
  2. In Spite, of the study about a specific period. Significantly, the paucity of experimental information. Especially, on how social media acts out on its users. As a result, it implies that even a little contribution should also be worthwhile. So, “Shreds of evidence we furnish in particular on it are an extension of its true nature and its uses”. – He said.

Makarin and associate authors also widen their scope of the study. Especially, the mental health of Facebook users is only one aspect – to quantify the comprehensive effects of social media.

More than Half of the world’s population – Has a Social Media account

People may harvest the benefits of social media. Including, Connecting with old friends; also, joining groups of like-minded people, or great offers on products. 

Moreover, benefits overshadow the ill effects. Makarin vision that social media organisations and policymakers. Nevertheless, must work to alleviate the possibly harmful effects on mental health. Studies show that as of 2021, 4.5 billion people; more than half of the world’s population – had a social media account.

Makarin says – When I began my work on this, I came to realise; In fact, that mental health was the most important concern. But then, I thought of it as one more reason to study our social media agenda. He also said – When I began to study the trend of worsening mental health. Especially, among young adults and teenagers. 

I came to realise the severity of the situation and that hit me. Any perception that this article, or others, can furnish what’s behind this trend will be highly valuable to society.  

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Some facts

Social Media is the most trending word in the internet world, indeed. One can find the ubiquity of social media on the internet online. Social media began gaining popularity with the launch of Facebook as – Facemash earlier went live on October 2003, set up by founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

Facemash’s relaunching with a new name – “The Facebook” took place on 4 February 2003. 

The purpose of users, connecting to old friends; also, to create a network of communities of colleges. Most importantly, to share photos, and videos, and also, engage by playing games such as “hot or not” for Harvard Students. 

Interestingly, there were 12,000 – 15,000 registrations within the first 24 hours of the launch. 

Later, Facebook began to diversify by creating membership eligibility. Especially, to employees of many giant companies, including – Apple, Microsoft, and more… including Universities of Australia, and New Zealand adds to the Facebook network. In turn, Facebook grew in size to 2,000 colleges and 25,000 Highschool across – the UK, Canada, Mexico, and the US; also, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. 

However, on 26 September 2006 Facebook was open to anyone with age 13 and above who could register with a valid email. 

Later, many social media platforms such as – Instagram, Linked-In, Twitter, and Whatsapp, including – Youtube, Tik Tok and more… went live on the internet. In fact, these social media are also exceptionally gaining popularity. Especially, among students, professionals, Businesses, and other people. Particularly in their respective niche, in competition with Facebook.

In today’s situation, 4.5 billion people, which makes it more than half of the world’s population. Significantly, have a social media account. 

In fact, many businesses, service industries, and e-commerce portals; Including, including internet giants notably, create their presence; reach out to their potential clients; monetize the ubiquity of social media. 


Significantly, social media is advantageous though. Nevertheless, has its corresponding disadvantages. To point that, users must pay attention to it. Especially, when deciding to use social media.  In fact, studies have shown – how social media affects people who use them regularly. In fact, the results of the studies plot the core reasons. Which, cause distress, anxiety, and insecurity; also, factors which trouble mental health and; ultimately, drive users to depression. On the contrary, many depressed people spend a lot of their time using social media.

Due to users’ social media addiction. Certainly, spend most of their time watching videos, and peers’ posts; also, constantly chatting on messengers. Notably resulting in a lack of outdoor physical activities. For instance: sports activities, running, swimming etc… Ultimately, users have become physically weak. Implying their low immunity levels, and lack of stamina to carry out any physical labour work in their daily life. 

In general, social media websites, brands with products, game developers; software developmental firms; must conduct thorough research. Especially, on their websites, products or software; to figure out the reasons which evoke human addiction; also estimate the intensity.


Q. 01. What is the age limit to register on social media?

A. Most social media do not have an upper age limit however, the minimum age limit for creating a social media account is 13 and above.

Q. 02. I don’t have an email ID. Can I create a social media account?

A. No, You must have a valid email Id in order to create a social media account.

Q. 03. Do I need to pay to create a social media account?

A. No, Most social media offer basic account creation for free with basic functional features, so if you want a professional or the advanced version of social media account you may have to pay to avail of the advanced account type.

Q. 04. How secure is social media, is there a privacy breach?

A. It is subjective to social media platforms. In fact, there are claims that social media use – users’ personal information, for its benefits, under such circumstances  – security and privacy still remain a question – In Spite of all the technological advancements.

Q. 05. Are there any side effects of using social media?

A. Yes, continued uses of social media cause mental and physical health issues,  Studies have shown it with the support of experimental analytical data.

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