In short, the answer is a big YES! 

By going through this blog, we hope you will get the assaurance to trust Henry Harvin; moreover, The purpose to write this blog is to provide you with the best answer, which is flowing in your brain, about TEFL/TESOL Certification

When we intend to apply for a course of study, the first question is asked by our brain is 

“Is this course by mentioned platform legit or not”? The question should be answered; after all, we are going to spend our money, time, and comprehension (the most precious things of life) on it. The course we do is the initial steps towards executing our dream and somehow related to persuasions of our happiness by execution for ambition.

We go through many websites and platforms in order to get the best best-training-platform, To cede ourselves in a safe hand, which can deliver us the desired knowledge, direction, teaching and provides us a better opportunity after completing the course. 

So keep your worry aside and relax, because you have found safe hands, as Henry Harvin is the ‘awarded best training platform.’ 


Before moving to the traits and significance for pursuing the course from Henry Harvin, let us make you understand the TEFL/TESOL.

What is TEFL Course?

So, like many other millions of people of the World, If you also desire to explore and work across the World, then TEFL certification would be one of the best options to make your dream come true for teaching English overseas. Who does not want to expand themselves? Almost everyone. So let’s understand TEFL first. 

TEFL meant to teach English as a foreign/First language. It is also commonly known as:

  1. TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
  2. ELT – English Language Teaching and teaching 
  3. ELT – English Language Teaching and teaching 
  4. ESL – English as a Second Language. 

TEFL and TESOL has very little or we can say no difference; both courses are meant for the same purpose although, those are interchangeable. If you live in an English-speaking country, the course will be widely called TESOL; however, for the non-English speaking country, it will be appropriately known as TEFL. 

TEFL is an incredible way to reform you from an ordinary English language Teacher to an International teacher. 

Advantage and Benefits

  1. As this is clear from the certification name that, by the TEFL/TESOL certification, you have the power to teach the English language to all over the World or your desired country. By spending a small amount of money and time, you can become an international teacher. Isn’t it amaze you? 
  2. Because English is an international language hence, TEFL is the fastest growing and admirable education sector. it is worth forever to associate with it.
  3. A unique advantage of choosing to teach English abroad is that a new desired country’s people, food, new cities to explore, various cultures and amazing new World keeps you boost up and in high vibrations always. 
  4. Living in a foreign country makes it far easier to learn another language or local dialect. A new mode of life never lets you get bored of your work and life.
  5. The most beneficial facet of this course is that it improves your English speaking and writing skills moreover, it’s also develops teaching skills. Teaching is a profession and enlightenment that shows a path to people through the knowledge of the language and many other aspects. 
  6. After gaining the teaching experience, you can open your own language school.
  7. TEFL certification is beneficial to work in India as well, as an English language teacher. If you are desired or intended to work in your own country, in this case, this Certification definitely helps you to earn much more money than a local English language teacher at the same school.  
  8. Being TEFL certified will qualify you for higher-paying teaching positions. 
  9. The option is available for teaching English part-time or full-time. 
  1. Excellent command of the English language opens many more doors for you for choosing the other job roles as well, e.g.: 
  • Writer 
  • Editor
  • Academic librarian
  • Education consultant
  • Magazine journalist
  • Newspaper journalist
  • Private Tutor
  • Media Researcher
  • Marketing Executive
  1. As the demand for qualified English language teachers is high and supply is less across the globe, there is not much time to prepare professionals. A few months of training with the basic teaching guidelines is beneficial enough to create a certified English language teacher. 

TEFL Course Enrolment with Henry Harvin

Among the many education platforms in World, Henry Harvin has brought the TEFL Course program for you. People are so passionate about accomplishing their career in abroad; Henry Harvin has made it so easy and straightforward for you to achieve it. Your dream is now just a few pennies away from you. Are you looking to pursue the course and worried about the best platform to be secured with every term? Sit back and take a rest now!

Although many books are available for the course, however, only books cannot provide you the perfection in the study, after all, we are human beings and to get the perfection in any industry a good training, assistance, experienced coaches and the best education platform is required. Are you agree with this point? You will be agreed if, somehow, you have ever struggled with only books in order to get the fundamental knowledge and understanding about special education or study. It is the cherry on the cake when you get the opportunity to clear your quarries/concerns in your own language as well. It is also the biggest part of better understanding. 

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL Course

View Course

The saying is true that “Perfection comes by the great experience.” Henry Harvin does not only provides you with the Certification, but it takes the responsibility to make you Employable, As this is clear with the tagline of Henry Harvin that “We make educated employable.”

As we all know, that pandemic has hit so hard to almost every sector was left affected. Still, Henry Harvin managed to provide you the practical and valuable education through the online classes by the most interactive, positive, patient, and experienced faculty, to maintain the prestige of HH and give a better direction to secure your future. 

One more point needs to be added that HH’s TEFL course comes under the bestselling courses list. Total 12000+ participants are trained and have become the achiever of their goal. I feel so proud to say that it is the no. 1 ranked course by Henry Harvin with the 4.8 stars rating. 

So without wasting your extremely precious time, let’ began the tour of information for the mentioned course by Henry Harvin. 

About classes: a total of 120 hrs online classes will be conducted by the optimal faculty of Henry Harvin,  Breakdown of duration is; 40 hours would be conducted for Interactive Instructor-led Core Sessions. Post that, 24 hours would be of CommunitySessions that are valid for 12 months. 

Fifty-six hours are for E-Learning Access with abundant teaching tools and techniques, video content, assessments, etc, with the benefit of attending Unlimited Batches for the next one year from the date of enrolment without paying an extra fee.

12+ Webinars are also associated with Brush-up, as it is a Part of the AskHenry Series. In helping you to Brush-up, your concepts with HH’s Bootcamp sessions held every month, with the experts in the field specifically targeted to make you ready to execute for the industry. 

About modules: The entire course is formulated into 14 modules and two extra modules that act after completing the 14th module. After completing your learning, These two additional modules will majorly work on preparing and enhancing your soft skills. It will also train and guide you with compelling fundamentals of Resume Writing. This package feels like a complete prearranged guide to become a successful TEFL trainer.

About Fee: You can enrol with INR 23850/ for a self-paced course and INR 26500/ for a live online classroom. Doesn’t it sound like a fantastic deal with a meagre payable amount?

Tools for learning: Henry Harvin will come to introduce you to numerous tools, applications and websites which, gonna help you to increase and emphasize your quality of learning with reading, video lectures, exercise, and discussion forums.

About faculty: All training coaches and other faculties are packed with 10+ years of experience teaching English to Non-Native Speakers, with incredible teaching skills and awarded by established brands. Faculty is so interactive, helpful, patient, dedicated, cheerful, optimistic, and packed with full knowledge of their own field—teaching experience of training over 900+ students globally. I must say the faculty of HH has grabbed the best reviews. It has always been a part of appreciation by past and present students from ages.

They will always be connected with you through WhatsApp, email, and phone calls to help and for better assistance. The most satisfactory part is that you can attend multiple sessions with multiple trainers.

About Alumni: 

To keep you motivated, inspired, diffusion and to remove your dilemma, HH brings a golden opportunity of alumni for you. You will get a chance tobecome a part of the elite Henry Harvin Alumni Club and network with 300000+ distinguished alumni worldwide. 

I still remember how helpful and motivated my alumni been, while I was pursuing the course. It was like my head was almost clear about all the procedure terms of getting a job to increase work efficiency to get a good foothold in my desired industry. 

About Certification:

Like you guys, I, too, have been concerned about achieving Certification from a prestigious institution to work in desired industry. By Having achieved that, I could declare myself a valuable candidate to get the best opportunity globally.  

Henry Harvin hands over to you [1]AAEFL Certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Course Certification, [2]TEFL Certification from Cambridge after clearing the Cambridge TKT test. Moreover, TEFL Certification from Training Qualifications UK, after passing their exam. You can also become ‘Microsoft certified’ by taking the ‘MicrosoftCertifiedEducatorProgram.’ 

First, keep this thing in your mind that TEFL certification by HH is recognizable globally, which is, Qualify for more than 12,000 jobs from 6+ countries, where more than 100,000 English teaching positions open every year, immerse into the 2 Billion English learners market today.

Henry Harvin Education offers two more TEFL courses course:

  1. TEFL course in India
  2. TEFL Post Graduate Program in India.  

About Gold Membership:

 I am feeling really happy to share with you that there are several benefits are associated with HH’s  Gold membership. So, hold your breath go through the below benefits:

  1. You will get access to LMS (Learning management system) for one year.
  2. 100% support for placement will be provided to you by assisting and preparing you for the interview clearance procedure. HH team will send you emails for new job openings and opportunities. 
  3. After the course completion, an internship program will be held to helping you to get perfection in the industry. HH’s Internship program is one of the most helpful terms of perfection. 
  4. Complimentary Modules; Teaching Learners, Digital Technology, Business English, in Classroom 2021.

How to trust Henry Harvin?

After knowing about Henry Harvin, I can bet you can’t stop yourself from getting enrolled with it. So, before moving to the TEFL course by Henry Harvin, let’s know about it first.

Henry Harvin is a global education Organization that offers online and offline certification/diploma/degree programs to professional adults and students. It was founded in 2013 (8 years ago) by Founder Mr. Kunal Gupta. The Headquarters are situated in Noida (India) and San Francisco (USA). 

The purpose of establishing this organization is to make educated employees. We can find the Same tagline on Henry Harvin’s website page: ‘We make educated employable.’ The dream behind establishing ‘Henry Harvin’ is in line with the vision of Mr.Henry Dunster 400 years ago, which now resonates in the form of a prestigious and respected educational institution worldwide.

One of the most significant achievements of the Henry Harvin organization is that it was the first institute to launch a course on content writing in entire Asia. To reach out to a broader range of audiences in semi-urban and rural areas, later in 2017, the company started delivering classes in live online mode as well. With this, even remote students were able to upskill themselves. A year later, it started facilitating B2B Corporate Sales and US Sales. Gradually from 2018 to 2021, Henry Harvin launched over 12+ academies offering 200+ courses.

In other words! it is clear to say; Henry Harvin moves students and professionals from one dimension to the other to make them more capable and enlighten.  

I know it is so hard to trust something in this era of life, where fake statements, promises and pieces of information have cheated people. Not only with you but, it’s the apparent doubt with every intelligent creature across the World that how can we trust on an Organisation, teaching method and facilities?

In order to get patched up with the concern, Kindly go through the below-aligned achievements, traits, significances and facilities provided by Henry Harvin:

So far, the outstanding achievement of Henry Harvin Education is, receiving the title of ‘Best Corporate Training Platform’ by ‘Entrepreneur Education Innovation Awards.’ CEO Kunal Gupta was chosen as a ‘budding achiever’ in September 2020, under the list of ’40 under 40 in Education and EdTech’ by ‘BW Business World.’ In 2018, Henry Harvin was stated as part of its global education partnership expansion in the Globe Newswire in 2017.

  1. Recognized for being the 1st GST Course on 1st Page of Sunday Edition, Hindustan Times and Aaj Tak Channel.
  2. Henry Harvin has brought for you over 200+ online and classroom courses in more than 97 countries globally. These courses are spread across different academies such as: 
  • Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Finance 
  • Law Management
  • Digital Marketing & Sales
  • TEFL
  • Writing and much more. 
  1. With a massive number of 7,00,000+ trained students in 1100+ batches globally in 97 countries, its growth has increased in the last 18 months. 
  2. Henry Harvin group has registrations in San Francisco (United Stated), Beijing (China), Colombo (Sri Lanka), and Delhi NCR (India) to spread arms across the World.
  3. It Facilitates Customer Support to the aspirants and students with 100% resolution and feedback guarantee. The learners do not need to worry about getting any kind of resolution related courses, pay fees, Certification, internship, career support and much more. 
  4. The fee for the courses is bearable with lots of benefits. 
  5. One year access to the unique membership with perks like; access to the advanced online learning portal LMS – Learning Management System, with the latest updates, case studies projects recorded videos. 
  6. Opt for the lifetime membership program. You will get lifetime access to the class recordings and the LMS (Learning Management System), which is the online learning portal.
  7. Team and Mentors always prefer to mail you to provide you a better resolution if, they feel themselves to assist or guide you in sort of stages during the course of persuasion. 
  8. You will get access to the huge alumni network across the globe.
  9. Certification by Henry Harvin is recognizable across the globe in order to work and shine.  
  10. I00% certification and Job placement assistance guarantee by various associated organizations. 
  11. Moreover, We have tons of genuine reviews of past Students about their experience of learning with Herny Harvin and how they even get the best opportunity after the completion of the learning process. 1000+ reviews have been placed on Google,,, and 
  12. Most valuable, experienced and award-winning training coaches are associated with it. 

Let’s throw some light on rating for Henry Harvin by several trusted brands for education analysis across the globe; 

  • 4.5 stars ­– Best Course News (BCN)
  • 4.8 stars – Trust Pilot
  • 4.4 stars –
  • 4.6 stars – Review Reporter
  • 4.3 stars – EDU Gorilla
  • 4.5 stars – Go Overseas
  • 4.7 stars – Urban Pro

I hope the information as mentioned above is enough to satisfy you to consider Henry Harvin as one of the best platforms to rely on to get the best form of education and boost up the quality of professionals globally.  

Henry Harvin has spread to several cities in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and many more. Every branch has recommendations and specialties for several selected courses. There are 10000+ reviews of people who can help you get a clearer picture of HH’s prestige and overall value. 

“I am damn sure after reading above mentioned benefits and information about the TEFL, you cannot stop yourself from enrolling in this course. I have written this blog after researching a lot about Henry Harvin because, as a writer, I never intend to misguide someone and affect anyone. As a learner of Henry Harvin’s education, I assure you that this is really a trustworthy organization to get enrolled with. As earlier I said, this is not easy to trust on something in today’s World, but HH is the most reliable deal I have ever found in Very less fee.

…And eventually, I also want to share my own experience with Henry Harvin. I was also in doubt before enrolling in it; however, after registering and during the classes, I felt like I have boarded the right boat. If I talk about the trainers, there are not enough words to describe the beauty of trainers’ knowledge, behaviour, and Helping nature. You are never going to feel isolated in class and the internship program. “

Also Check the Review of TEFL/TESOL Course

Henry Harvin is highly recommended by me, for all types courses .

So, what are you waiting for? To enrol and shine globally like a star.”  

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  1. Yes, of course, Henry Harvin’s course is legit because they are giving the best learnings that no one is giving plus a gold membership like if we purchase a course then we can do it 2-3 times more in a year.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this article about Henry Harvin’s TEFL certification. This is all about the clearance of all the doubts related to whether should we do it or not.

  3. Thanks for making us transparent about Henry Harvin’s courses, policies, and certifications.

  4. A global education organization called Henry Harvin provides professional people, students, and educators with online and offline certifications, certificates, and degree programs. It is a great place to learn any course from 400+ courses.

  5. Yes, Henry Harvin’s TEFL certification is really a legit course as one of my friends has done this certification from here. And now he is doing well in his life through the skill that he has learned. Thanks for writing on this topic as many people will start their careers as English teachers.

  6. Hello! I have seen a lot of reviews claiming Henry Harvin is the best for TEFL certification who have done. And they are real reviews. They have been given many awards for their good performance.

  7. Yes! Henry Harvin’s TEFL certification is a very good course to do. Really it helps me a lot as a teaching English secondary language.

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