Do you want to add flavours of Romance to your Language skills? Are you a travel freak? Travel exposure, and learning new things make your journey memorable. It is only possible when you can communicate properly by speaking the native language.

Learn one of the beautiful languages of the World – French. French is regarded as the main second language in 55 countries worldwide. The ability to speak the French language will add more essence to your Journey and offers insights into their culture. Respecting traditions can be the best gift you can give to tourist destinations. To aid you in this process some there are some top French words you need to know before you travel. French Language course is the best option you can rely upon.

 Are you still scared of learning a new language?

 Benefits of Learning French language:

1. Widely spoken language of International Prominence- French is the official language used by 29 countries worldwide cutting across five continents. You can easily start by Learning French words.

2. Inspiring Career and Job opportunity- Students can make their careers more shine by learning a new language and turning into a French translator.

You can rank your business up if you are into international markets by adding the french language to boost your communication skills.


3. Travel enthusiasm- If you want to travel the French-speaking countries, it will make your trip easier. You can easily speak French Words.

4. Higher Education- With the curiosity to learn abroad, remove the obstacles to say the foreign language of the French-speaking countries.

5. Exciting Language- It is not easy to grasp a new language. French and English are closely related. Therefore it is fun for every age group to learn French through a variety of methods.

6. Language of art, culture, love & literature-This Language has won many literary awards in the world

Grab the opportunity to learn the French words you need before you Travel. With the bag of excitement, pack some new kinds of stuff in your suitcase i.e the French language to make your trip happier.

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Common French Words you will need to to talk with French Native speakers:


English French words Pronunciation

Hello Salut Sah-loo

Good Morning Bonjour bohn-jur

Good Evening Bohnsoir bohn-swah

Good Night Bonne nuit bohn-nwee


Please S’il vous plait sil voo pleh

ThankYou Merci mer-see

Yes Oui wee

No No noh

Days of the week:

Monday Lundi luhn-dee

Tuesday Mardi mahr-dee

Wednesday Mercredi mehr-kruh-dee

Thursday Jeudi zhuh-dee

Friday Vendredi vahn-druh-dee

Saturday Samedi sahm-dee

Sunday Dimanche dee-mahnsh


Help Al’aide! ah led

Fire Au Feul au fur

Eating out:

Water Eau oh

Wine Vin vahn


Left Gauche gawsh

Right Droite drwah

Straight ahead tout droite too drwat

Turn left tournez a gouche tor-ney ah gawsh

Turn right Tournez a droite tor-ney ah drwat

Bus stop Arret de bus ah-ret deh boos

Train station Gare gaar

Airport Aeroport ah-eh-ro-por

Dive into more common French words you will need

English French words

Girl Fille

Boy Garcon

Woman Femme

Man Homme

Love Amour

Time temps

Beautiful belle

Strong fort

Beau Handsome

excuse me Excusez-moi

mister Monsieur

thank you very much Merci beaucoup

day jour

cat chat

dog Chien

carrot la carotte

cauliflower le chou-fleur

cucumber le concombre

spinach l’épinard (m)

French is the most interesting language you will ever find. Did you talk with your friends? 

English French words

Have some chill pill time by relaxing your jaws muscles and reading the Funny French words:

Oops- Houl La!

Oh Dear- Ooh la la la

Sigh (with eye roll) -Pfffff!

Wow -Oula

Magical – Abracadabrantesque

Sleeping – ron-ron

Gun sound – pan-pan

quack(duck sound)- coin-coin

telephone ring – dring-dring

Did these words build confidence in you? Go Ahead

Bring more clarity by learning common French phrases:

English French Phrases

What is your name? Comment vous appelez-vous?

My name is Je m’appelle

Can you help me? Pouvez-vous m’aider?

Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais?

How much is this? Combien ça coûte?

See you later! À tout à l’heure!

What time is it? Quelle heure est-il?

I do not understand Je ne comprends pas

Speak slowly, please Parlez lentement, s’il vous plaît

Repeat, please Répétez, s’il vous plaît

I am searching for the metro J e cherche le métro

Where are the toilets? Où sont les toilettes?

Are you able to take my photo Pourriez-vous me/nous prendre en photo

 I love you Je t’aime

French Alphabets:

Indian to French-

A a

B bé /be/

C cé /se/

D dé /de/

E e /ə/

F effe /ɛf/

G gé /ʒe/

H ache /aʃ/

I i /i/

J ji /ʒi/

K ka /ka/

L elle /ɛl/

M emme /ɛm/

N enne /ɛn/

O o /o/

P pé /pe/

Q qu /ky/

R erre /ɛʁ/

S esse /ɛs/

T té /te/

U u /y/

V vé /ve/

W double vé /dubləve/

X ixe /iks/

Y i grec /iɡʁɛk/

Z zède /zɛd/

French Grammar rules:

As you have stepped into the French vocabulary, it’s very essential to know the Grammar rules to make the sentence and have fluency towards it. In French, 

  1. It is considered as either masculine or feminine if it’s a Noun.
  2. They agree with the grammatical gender of the noun they are describing if it’s an Adjective.
  3. If you are writing Pronouns (Les pronoms) replace it with a noun
  4. You have to conjugate verbs in up to six different ways to fit the pronoun. 

 French Pronunciation tips:

  1. Reading is not the solution for your Language skills. Listen to the French words before you speak. You are going to speak in your native language as your brain has fixed the sound of it.
  2. Learn from the native speakers and then say the word aloud.
  3. You can find a French conversation partner.
  4. Imagine yourself to be French and imagine speaking every French word 
  5. Make your tones such that nobody can identify you as a tourist.
  6. Take the French Language Courses from the nearby area /online mode.

French Language Courses:

After getting so demand, Institutes have started teaching French language courses. If you are keen to learn the French language, check out the Institutes which will make your work easy and you will never be afraid to say aloud before anyone.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the top educational hubs to provide French Language courses. It works with the “Focus on Value Creation”. It is a Global Edtech company. Many Multinational companies use French as a working language. So they designed the course in such a way that you will reach the heights.

French Course Details:

French Language Course is designed to comprehend topics and lexis and you will learn grammatical concepts. After completion of the French classes, you will get to know a variety of texts. Henry Harvin will assist you in speaking the French language. This language is also globally accepted.

The course is defined into various Levels.

A1: The Beginners LevelDeals with the Basic French Vocabulary, Greetings, Basic Grammar 

A2: The Upper Beginners LevelDeals with French Language upper Beginners level, Express a decision, make a comparison, indicate a chronology, express certitude, grammar rules

B1: The intermediate Level -Deals with the skills like writing, reading, and listening. You will be able to frame your sentences.

B2: The Upper Intermediate Level -Deals with extra learning about the French Dialects and Complex Texts. You can create long speeches in French and smoothly explain complex thoughts

C1: The Advanced Level You can create the French environment now as you will have an understanding of longer texts and their implicit meaning. You will learn to express yourself fluently.

C2: The Proficiency Level This is the milestone level where every candidate can understand everything that is virtually heard or read. They will be able to summarize information from different spoken and written sources can say it as they speak their mother tongue.

Why Henry Harvin?

  • Training-You will have online live interacting sessions. You can ask your doubts.

       A1: 30 hours

       A2: 30 hours

       B1: 40 hours

       B2: 40 hours

       C1: 40 hours

       C2: 40 hours 

  • Perks- Projects, Certification, Internship, Placement Support, LMS learning, Bootcamps, Hackathons, Gold Membership

Fee Structure:

LEVEL Duration Fees 

   A1 30 Hours USD 300

   A2 30 Hours USD 300

   B1 40 Hours USD 500

   B2 40 Hours USD 500

   C1 40 Hours USD 800

   C2 40 Hours USD 800

Cities – Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Other courses – Writing Courses, Language courses, Digital Marketing, Data Science, etc.


2. Oracle International Language Institute

Oracle International Language Institute will provide the best course as it brings together under one roof International professional and vocational qualifications. It offers something for everyone, from high school students to experienced practitioners. French Language courses are one of them which will give you the pathway. 

Course Details:

Duration- 3Months-18Months

Levels- A(A1,A2)



Why Oracle?

  • overall understanding of the French language
  • Quality Education – small batches of 10-12 students 
  • feedback sessions
  • Experienced Faculties
  • Interesting teaching styles-audio, video, role play for better understanding like French words 

City- Delhi( Connaught Palace,GTB Nagar)

Other Courses- English Speaking courses, IELTS, German language courses, Arabic language courses, etc

3. School of French

School of French aims to provide the best French language courses at affordable prices and help students to make their career in the field of the French language. They want to meet the demand of business as everyone is doing International trade and Language skills will act as the key. You can utter every French word easily.

Course Details


Why School of French?

  • Online classes
  • Financially savvy and spare time
  • Classes as per your schedule
  • Easy Interactions 

City- Indra Vihar, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi

4. World Languages Center

World Languages Center is one of the best hubs for excellent training in a foreign language. They provide comprehensive courses in various foreign languages in a friendly and aesthetic environment. Are you looking for one-stop destinations? World Languages Center French language course can be looked at first!


Levels – A(A1,A2)



Why World Languages Center?

  • Highly-Proficient Instructors
  • Interactive Media Room 
  • In-house training material
  • Flexible Timings
  • Metro Connectivity- Pitampura Metro

City- Pitampura, Delhi

5. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the world’s biggest platforms for overseas language learning. The interface is enormous, overlaying over 23 languages, and it does so interactively and engagingly. So if you are looking for French Language courses, you have stepped into the right one.


Cost – Free

Time – Varies (You can Learn French in just 5 minutes a day)

Certificate: No

Why Duolingo?

  • Excellent user experience
  • Good animation
  • French words

Courses – Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish language courses, etc.

6. Alison

Alison is one of the world’s biggest unfastened mastering structures for schooling and competencies training. It is a for-income social company devoted to creating it feasible for anyone, to examine anything, anywhere, at any time, totally free online, at any concern level. Ideal for beginners, travelers, and those who simply want to brush up on their conversational skills.

French language courses are one of the best, which can be learned easily from here.


Fee: Free

Certificate: Yes

Duration: Two to three hours

Curriculum: Introductory

User Experience (feedback): Excellent French words taught

Other courses – IT, Management, Sales & marketing, Language, etc

7. Udemy

Udemy has a tremendous collection of course structures with its global community. Everyone is a learner and instructor here which they believe.

French Language course is one of the sub-heads in it.



Cost – Free

Levels – French Language (Beginner, Intermediate & All levels )

Subtitles- Available(English,Spanish)

Why Udemy?

  • The course is available on both free and paid versions
  • Those who upgrade the course are eligible for a completion certificate.
  • You can learn the French words at the beginning
  • 644M+ Course Enrollments
  • Easy to learn & read platform

Other courses – Development,Business,Finance,IT,Health,Language,music,personality development,etc.

8. TV5 Monde

TV5Monde’s A1 French getting to know route capabilities 500 physical activities to assist college students to study French thru an in-depth video library. There aren’t any signups or certifications with the loose online route in French. When you go to the website, don’t forget to make use of google translate to transform it for your local language. You might also additionally want to maintain to try this on every web page you go to. You can’t read the French words so a translator would help.




Why TV5 Monde?

Vocabulary, cultural information, grammar, pronunciation aids, and extra make up this full-size repository of French language courses designed for beginners

  • The classes may be finished in any order, and people who have already got a few French languages getting to know might also additionally need to leap in with a number of the extra tough classes.
  • Various selections of lessons
  • Read at your own pace
  • Exercise & assessments

9. Skillshare

Skillshare is an internet mastering network with hundreds of lessons for innovative and curious people. on subjects that include illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. On Skillshare, contributors come collectively to discover suggestions and take the subsequent step of their innovative journey. French Language course will upgrade your skill.


Class Level-Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Duration- Varies

Why Skillshare?

  • Learn French words any time and anywhere
  • Experienced faculty
  • Free classes
  • Scholarships
  • No time bounding

10. Alliance française

The Alliance Française de Delhi is one of the reputed institutes. It has a team of 53 dedicated teachers and 36 administrative staff members, is now available online. It is one of the best institutes to provide French Language courses.


Intensive Batch-Beginning stage to learn French words

  • Classes are conducted 4 times a week for 2 hours on each weekday and 4 hours on weekends 
  • The total intensive covers a total of 8 hours per week.
  • To complete the whole Beginner’s (A1) level (Parts A1.1, A1.2 & A1.3) you need to attend 2sessions of 3.5months.

Extensive Batch

  • Classes will be 2 times a week for 2 hours and 2 hours on weekends (Sat & Sun), covering 4 hours per week.
  • One sub-level in a single session like Complete Beginner (A1.1) of 54 hours in a session of 3.5 months.
  •   To complete the whole Beginner’s (A1) level (Parts A1.1, A1.2 & A1.3) in the extensive method you need to attend 3 sessions of 3.5 months

Why Alliance française?

  • Once you complete each level, you can appear for the corresponding DELF or DALF exams
  • Now classes are conducted online
  • Proper Assessment
  • Orientation Test
  • Trained faculties


There is no stop to Learning. In the above, you read so many French words, French Phrases, Grammar, tips, etc. So You need to give a good start to your skills. There are so many Platforms you came across but I strongly recommend first checking out the Levels and your niche. You can’t be a Master in everything but Slow and steady, you can win the race. Give a good start to the French Language. Interesting Learning!

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Henry Harvin® French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World.


Q.1 Is there any French Language exam?

Ans. Yes. There is an exam as DELF/DALF which are conducted all over the world. You can get certificates after clearing them.

Q.2 How many Levels are there in the French Language?

Ans. Based on European education, There are 6Levels in the French Language – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Now, this is the standard that is widely accepted all over the world

Q.3 How can I choose between free and paid versions French course?

Ans. If you are serious about increasing your skills, take the paid versions. Interaction is a must. You need to speak the French words in front of someone to know the exact accent.

 Q.4 Can I rely upon the French Translator only?

Ans. In the long run, if you are working in MNC or you have an International Client or you are a student you can’t rely upon the Translator. You need to be fluent while communicating.

Q.5 What is the difference between Diploma and Advanced Diploma Program in French?

Ans. Advanced Diploma is the extra time given to undertake more advanced training which is usually less than the postgraduate programs. The duration of the program is one year which requires the eligibility of 10+2/Diploma

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