Learning a Foreign Language which is always beneficial especially if you are an Indian. Indeed ,we Indians are the most skillful and knowledgeable people in the world. So for Indians, there is a plenty of opportunities at the professional level outside India. Along with this learning a foreign language will enhance your travel experience also. Now question is “which are the best foreign languages to learn in India?” In this article, you will learn about the 10 best foreign languages to learn in India. 

It’s always a personal choice to learn a foreign language. People either learn a foreign language because of a professional need or because they want to enhance their travel experience. Few people learn just for fun. Whatever the reason everyone wants to learn the most useful language. Let’s have a look at the list of the top 10 best and most useful foreign languages to learn in India.

10 Useful Foreign languages to learn in India 

1. French

best foreign language to learn in India

French is the second language in many countries like Canada, and African nations. Hence it is also considered one of the best foreign languages to learn in India.


This makes it a useful language for international business and travel. Many Indian students choose to study in France for higher education. Hence knowledge of the French language can be beneficial for these students.


Benefits of Learning French 

  • French culture, literature, and art are also highly respected and widely studied. This makes it an interesting and rewarding language to learn for personal enrichment.
  • French is also recognised as a romance language. It shared many similarities with Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, romance languages. Hence people find it easy to learn French and have an interest in learning also. 

Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes to learn the French language among all other institutes.

2. German (Deutsch) 

Undoubtedly, German is another one of the best foreign languages to learn in India. It is also a “gateway” language, opening up opportunities to learn other languages such as Dutch, Swedish and Danish and also it is relatively easy to learn for speakers of other Indo-European languages.

Benefits of Learning Germany

  • Germany is the largest economy in the European Union and has a strong presence in industries such as engineering, technology, and research, making German a valuable language for international business and trade. This makes the German a best foreign language to learn in India.
  • Many students from India opt for the universities and institutes in Germany for further studies.  Learning German can be very beneficial for these candidates. For those who love travelling and want to explore local culture learning German can be very helpful. 

  • German is also a useful language for Indian students. Many leading research institutions and Universities in European countries uses German.

Henry Harvin offers India’s best institute to learn German. German language is the next best foreign language to learn for jobs in India. So if you want to learn a language which can help you professionally and otherwise also, German is the best language to learn in India. 

3. Spanish (Español)

Best foreign language to learn in India

One should consider learning Spanish if they want to learn a foreign language. In various countries like Spain, Mexico, and Central and South America majority of the people use Spanish as their common language. That’s why Learning Spanish can help you communicate with a large group of people from these countries. Moreover,  if you are planning for international travel or have any business purpose Knowing Spanish is undoubtedly beneficial.

Benefits of Learning Spanish  

  • Anyone who is from a political background must learn Spanish. It is a valuable language to learn as it is the official language of the UN. Knowing Spanish will help you in building international relations.
  • Culture and literature of Spain is highly respected and widely studied, making it an interesting and rewarding language to learn for personal enrichment.
  • If someone knows  French, Italian, and Portuguese, it becomes easy to learn Spanish. All these are Romance languages and have some similarities. 
  • In the USA, after English, people choose to speak So knowing Spanish can help businessmen or professionals working in the USA.
  • Learning Spanish can open doors to many opportunities in the fields of translation, teaching, healthcare and many more sectors. 

Henry Harvin’s Spanish Language course will make you learn Spanish in a  fun way and also you will get a strong command of this language. 

4. Japanese  (日本語 / Nihongo) 

Japanese is another foreign language to learn in India. Among all east Asian Languages, Japanese is the most demanding or popular language. However even on the internet also it is the most used language. 

Benefits of Learning Japanese

  • Indeed Japan is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to manufacturing electronics, infrastructure, automobiles etc.
  • Indeed the improved bilateral relationship of India with Japan is going to open doors of limitless opportunities. so learning Japanese is going to help you definitely in a certain way. 
  • In addition, if you opt for higher education in Japan there is no doubt that having the knowledge of Japanese will help you in many good ways. 
  • Even in India also, there are many Japanese companies that look for language specialists who can deal with their counterparts.
  • Japanese translator’s work jobs are also in demand nowadays. We can consider Japanese the next best foreign language to learn for jobs in India.

However there are multiple options in the market to learn Japanese, but if you are looking to learn Japanese in a very professional and deep way then enrolling on Henry Harvins’ Japanese Language course is the best option. 


5. Mandarin (普通话 / Pǔtōnghuà) Chinese 

best foreign language to learn in India

China is a rapidly growing economy and the world’s most populous country, knowing Mandarin can open up opportunities for business, trade and investment.  Learning Mandarin Chinese can be considered the next best foreign language to learn in India. 

Benefits of Learning Japanese

  • If you want to travel to China as a tourist place and you are a person who loves to have knowledge also on the culture of the country you visit then learning Chinese is the best way. China has a rich and ancient culture and learning the language can provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of it.
  • Many organizations and companies are doing business with China, and having Mandarin skills will give you an edge in the job market.
  • Mandarin is spoken by over one billion people, and it will be useful for travelling to China, Taiwan, Singapore and other Chinese-speaking communities.

Learning Chinese from a good institute can impart a good foundation in this foreign language. If you are an aspirant of learning the best foreign language in India and looking for the best foreign language to learn for jobs in India then choose the Mandarin Language course by Henry Harvin.

6. Russian (русский / Rússkiy)

Certainly, the next best and most useful foreign language to learn in India is Russian. The Russian language is one of the widely spoken languages. Over 250 million people uses Russian as their language. In  Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan it is the official language. 

Benefits of Learning Russian

  • Russia is also beneficial to learn if you are from a political language due to its major role in international politics. 
  • For people in the field of the art learning Russian gives access to Russian art, music and literature. Russia is the home of a rich artistic heritage. 
  • Furthermore,  to do further studies in Russia, it’s always better that you know the local language. Learn Russian and make your living there easier. 
  • The people who are from international politics should learn Russian. This will help you in building international relations and diplomacy.
  • Russia also plays a major player in the global economy and politics. Certainly, knowing Russian can open the doors of opportunities in the area of international business, diplomacy, finance and more.

  • Learning Russian increases the ability to communicate with Russian communities. 

Enroll in Henry Harvin’s Russian language course to learn Russian professionally.

7. Portuguese 

The next best foreign language we will talk about is Portuguese Learning this can also be very helpful in many ways. Portuguese is a very famous language in multiple countries and is being spoken by more than 220 million people. 


It is the official language of 9 countries spread among 4 continents. So learning Portuguese is definitely the best language to learn in India. 

Benefits of Learning Portuguese 

  • Brazil, in particular, is a major economic power and learning Portuguese can open up business and trade opportunities.
  • Portugal has a  rich cultural heritage, learning Portuguese will allow you to know in depth its literature, music, and art.
  • Similar to Spanish, French or Italian Portuguese is also a romance language. If you know the previously mentioned languages, it becomes easy to learn Portuguese. 
  • Portuguese is a popular tourist location. Hence learning Portuguese is helpful if you love travelling. 
  • Also, it is one of the official languages African and European Union. Certainly knowing Portuguese is beneficial for those working with these bodies. 

Henry Harvin’s Portuguese language course will help you learn this language in depth and make you proficient in Portuguese. It can be considered the best foreign language to learn for jobs in India.

8. Italian (Italiano)

Italian is the best foreign language to learn in India as Italians have a big presence in India. Indeed, they have been trading with India for centuries and have also established many businesses in India. So with the increase of trade and economic ties between the two countries, learning Italian can provide an advantage in the business world.

Benefits of Learning Italian 

  • Italy is a major player in international fashion, design, and architecture, so knowing Italian can be useful for those interested in those fields.
  • Italian cuisine is famous worldwide and learning Italian can provide access to traditional Italian recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Italy is full of cultural heritage. So if you want to have access to or understand its culture learning Italian can be very beneficial. It helps you understand literature, music, and art.

  • If you know other romance languages like Spanish, Portuguese or French, it’s easy to learn Italian too. All these languages are romance languages. 

  • Also, Italy is a popular tourist destination so if you are a traveler if good to know Italian. 

In India, some people have a connection with Italy in the form of Italian ancestry. So learning Italian can connect those people to their heritage.

Learning Italian can help you explore business opportunities outside India mainly in Italy and other countries where it is spoken as a second language. 

Check out Henry Harvin’s Post Graduate Program in the Italian Language if you want to learn Italian as a professional language. They offer a 100% job guarantee also along with this course. 

9. Arabic (عربى / Al-‘Arabiyyah)

Undoubtedly, anyone enjoys learning any new language. Moreover, if it is spoken by 20+ countries, it is more interesting. This makes Arabic the best foreign language to learn in India. Among many other languages, Arabic is one of the widely used languages at the global level. 

Benefits of learning Arabic

  • if you are aspiring or working in the area of international politics, you should learn Arabic.
  • Out of 6 official languages of the UN, Arabic is one of the languages. So, learning Arabic is useful for working in international organizations.
  • Millions of Muslims speak Arabic across the world. It is the language of the Quran. It’s important to learn Arabic if you are looking to study Islam. 
  • Arabic language can help you understand Arabic literature, poetry, and classical texts.
  • If you know Arabic you can work in the fields of translation, interpreting, teaching and many more. 
  • It can give you a business advantage also because there is an increase in trading between India and Arab countries. 

If you also want to learn Arabic Check out this course “Arabic Language Course” By one of the best EdTech companies Henry Harvin. 

10. Korean (한국어 / Hangugeo)

Best foreign language to learn in India

The next foreign language one should learn in today’s time is Korean.  It is a bit complex language but has unique features. Hence learning Korean can be a little bit challenging but it’s a good experience. India and Korea are shaking hands for better economic growth. Therefore, learning Korean can be very helpful concerning your business growth and better international relations. 

Benefits of learning Korean

  • Korea is considered to play a major role in the global economy and the field of technology. Hence if someone wants to deal in these sectors, knowing Korean is very beneficial. 
  • Nowadays in India K-pop and K-dramas have become very popular. If you learn the Korean language you can understand Korean Pop culture also. 
  • Korea is full of cultural heritage. To get access to their literature, music, and art learn Korean.
  • Many Korean companies are choosing India as their market. So learn Korean to increase your career scope. 
    • For those who are planning for higher studies in Korea, Learning Korean can be very helpful. Learning Korean can be beneficial for those interested in working in those companies.

Korean is the best foreign language to learn for jobs in India.

One can enroll in Henry Harvin’s Post Graduate Program in the Korean language.

Check out other courses offered by Henry Harvin’s Language academy 

Why one Should learn a Foreign Language?

There can be multiple reasons for someone to learn a foreign language in India. Ranging from fun and entertainment it can be for professional growth. A few main reasons to learn a foreign language are

1. Career Advancement

Knowing a foreign language can open up new job opportunities and can make you more valuable to employers.

2. Communication

If you know any foreign language you can communicate with people from different cultures.  This can be helpful on both personal and professional fronts.

3. Travel

Travelling to different countries becomes easy if you a foreign language. It will be more enjoyable.

4. Cultural understanding

With the help of a foreign language you can easily understand and value the culture of another country.

5. Mental health benefits

Learning a new language can help improve cognitive function, boost memory and delay age-related decline.

6. Personal growth

By learning a new language you can develop discipline and consistency in your life. Because learning a foreign or new language is always a challenging but rewarding experience.

Career Benefits of Leaning A Foreign Language 

Language courses provide a broad and versatile career scope, opening opportunities in various fields. Here are some potential career paths and sectors where language skills are highly valuable:

  • Translator: Translating content from one language to another.
  • Interpreter: Real-time translation services in meetings, conferences, or other events.
  • Language Teacher: Teaching a language in schools, colleges, or private institutions.
  • Language Tutor: Offering personalised language lessons, either in person or online.
  • Content Writer/Editor: Producing and editing content for target audiences.
  • Foreign Correspondent: Reporting news from different parts of the world.
  • Tour Guide: Leading tours for international visitors.
  • Travel Consultant: Assisting clients in planning trips and managing travel arrangements.
  • Hotel Manager/Staff: Providing hospitality services to visitors from various countries
  • Diplomat/Foreign Service Officer: Representing a country abroad.

How to choose the best foreign language to learn in India?

Do consider the following points before choosing the best foreign language to learn in India.

1. Purpose

Always have clarity on why you want to learn a particular language. Know the purpose like is it for travel or business purposes or is it for personal interest? For instance, languages like  Mandarin and Spanish, are useful if it is for business purpose. Compared to this French and German, are more commonly spoken in tourist destinations.


2. Job prospects

Second factor at the time of choosing best foreign languages to learn in India is that consider which languages are in demand in the job market. Learning a foreign language like Mandarin or German can open up job opportunities in international companies.


3. Cultural relevance

Learning a new foreign language helps you in getting a deep knowledge of that particular country and its culture. This is one of the critical points that need to be considered before choosing the best foreign languages to learn in India


4. Personal interest

Another important factor is your interest which matters when it comes to choosing a foreign language to learn in India.

The bottom line is do consider all these points and choose wisely a foreign language to learn that is as per your goals and interest. 


Learning a new language can be on everyone’s mind. Learning a new foreign language is fun but can be difficult.  One can have many reasons, purpose to learn a foreign language. For some, it could a professional reason and for someone others, it could be for travel purposes. Whatever the reason always check out what is the best foreign language to learn in India or what is the best language to learn in India. Then choose a good institute for learning and getting the grip on the foreign language.

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Ques1. What are the Job perspectives after learning a foreign language?

Ans. There are multiple job perspectives nowadays, it depends on your profile and education also. Nowadays you can work as a translator also after learning a foreign language.


Ques 2. What’s the fee for these courses?

Ans. However, course fee depends on the language or course, or institute you choose. 


Ques 3. Which is the best foreign language to learn in India?

Ans. Apart from English, which is nowadays a compulsory language in India also French, German and Spanish are the top three languages you can learn. Rest it depends on your interest and profile also. 


Ques 4. Can I get outside India also after doing these courses?

Ans. There is no guarantee for jobs outside India. It all depends on your previous qualification, and work profile. But yes, there are few courses which offer a 100% job guarantee in India. 


Ques 5. How much time it will take to learn a new Language?

Ans. Different courses have different duration of classes for example Spanish learning courses of 56 + hours. But one can become proficient in any language if one practices it more. 


Ques 6: What are the most effective methods for learning a foreign language?
Ans: Effective methods include immersive experiences, consistent practice, using language learning apps, taking formal classes, engaging with native speakers, and using multimedia resources like movies, music, and books.


Ques 7:  How important is grammar when learning a new language?
Ans: Understanding grammar is essential for constructing sentences correctly and effectively communicating. However, it’s also important to balance grammar study with practical usage and conversation practice.


Ques 8: Can I learn a language on my own, or do I need a teacher?
Ans: It is possible to learn a language on your own using various resources, but having a teacher or language partner can provide structured guidance, feedback, and motivation.


Ques 9:  How do I measure my progress?

Ans: Measure progress by setting benchmarks like learning a set number of new words each week, being able to hold a conversation, understanding media without subtitles, or passing language proficiency tests.


Ques 10:  How can technology help in learning a foreign language?

Ans: Technology can help through language learning apps, online dictionaries, virtual flashcards, speech recognition tools, language exchange platforms, and access to a wealth of online multimedia content for immersive learning.

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