Whether you are a beginner in learning German or an already progressive learner, you can bank on these simple tips any day and make learning faster. This blog will serve as a complete beginner guide to learning German fast and help you slide through some common tips to fasten your learning process and stay ahead of the game. 

The learning outline 

  1. When you begin learning German there will be a lot of information to keep you occupied for months. Hence, it will be harder to see any progress. Do not judge the process at the early stages. The progress you expect will come in its own time. 
  2. The second most important thing you must remember is not to compare. All learners are different. They have their speed of learning. Go inwards and compare your progress with yourself. This will not only boost your confidence but also show tremendous results in a short time. 
  3. Although these tips will speed up the learning, there is no simple way to learn German than to go through the grind. 

Before we move ahead, let’s talk about the most discussed online educational community Henry Harvin which provides high-end educational services. 

Henry Harvin 

  • Henry Harvin provides 66 Hrs of training that comprises 45 hrs training, 11 hrs group discussions and 10 hrs of exam preparation for each level. 
  • The German speaking course includes A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels of German language. 
  • Henry Harvin helps prepare for Goethe Institute, TestDaF, and DSH Exams. 
  • Candidates get access to T.C.P B.H.M features of the course and also get one-year gold membership with the language academy.
  • Candidates also access live projects, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, recorded videos, and monthly Bootcamp sessions. 

Why Henry Harvin? 

Henry Harvin has already bagged 3501+ reviews with a 4.7/5 rating. It has a global outreach across the USA, Australia, UK, Germany, and Dubai.

Henry Harvin allows you to join 3, 00,000+ highly trained Henry Harvin alumni. Henry Harvin Ranks#1 amongst Top 5 Upskilling Institute by The Tribune. 

Besides, a professional German-speaking course will help you guide you into learning the right method. A professional course will highlight all the important areas of learning. This not just highlights the area of focus but also helps students learning German faster. Henry Harvin’s German-speaking course enables the candidates to apply for Goethe Institute, TestDaF, and DSH Exams. These are demanding exams for German learners. 

Further with a Henry Harvin global certification, you can apply for jobs all over the world. After the completion of the course, candidates will receive weekly job support which is the best part of the institution. 

Henry Harvin’s professional certification is a step up in your career. 

The Beginner’s Guide 

A book and language course for German

1 Set your goal 

Learning a new language can be an extremely overwhelming process. Take it one day at a time. Set clear goals and try to achieve them. 

The best way is to get a curriculum that can provide step-by-step guidance. Before starting your journey you must get all the necessary information required. It is important to know what is expected from a German speaker. 

Further, adhere your learning to your professional requirements.

 Also, ask important questions like why you want to learn German. 

 Your answer will determine your goal. 

For instance, your learning goal as a student learning German will be different from a person taking a business trip to Germany. Once you know why you are learning German your final goal will be clear. 

Next, set a time frame considering your goals and try to accomplish them. 

2 . Study every day 

Allocate time to learn German every day. It will be fun at the beginning but the key is to maintain regularity after the initial enthusiasm rubs off. 

Learning German every day will help you take tiny steps today’s achieve your goals. 

3. Learn the keywords 

Learning the keywords is the easiest and fastest way to get a hang of the language. Pick simple words as per the end goal and practice using them.

For instance, your keywords as a student will be different from candidates using German for work. Find out the words and phrases that you can use daily. The more you practice using the words and phrases, the more exposure you build to the language. 

4. Be comfortable as a beginner 

The most difficult part is to start speaking the language. If anything can hinder the learning process is your fear and procrastination in beginning to use the language. 

Surely, you will not be perfect at using the language in the beginning. But the faster you start, the faster you will overcome fear. Moreover, it is better to begin your practice quickly to learn the correct words and grammar at an early stage. 

5. Enhance Vocabulary 

Apart from learning the basic words, learn more words to speak confidently. Devote time every day to expand your vocabulary. This will make it easier to talk about various topics and build enthusiasm to learn German. 

6. Use free Apps and Tools 

There are good free apps and tools to learn German. These apps have made it easy to learn at home. Some apps are dedicated to learning vocabulary and some to grammar. You can easily download these apps and learn anything you want. 

Having multiple apps also can make learning fun and easy. You can also track your progress. 

7. Develop your learning style 

Develop your learning method. No two learners are the same. Depending on your strength and weakness, tailor your learning method. You can also always ask mentors or search online for some good methods and see what works for you. 

8. Make mistakes your strength 

Mistakes are the best medium to learn. The more mistakes you make, the faster you learn. It is easy to remember something you have been corrected on. Be comfortable with the learning process and allow yourself to commit mistakes without fear. 

If you befriend your mistakes, it will instantly unburden the threat of learning a new language. 

9. Join a community of German speakers 

Joining a community of German speakers will help you feel part of the culture and accelerate your learning speed. There are several German learning communities available online that you can become a part of. These online portals connect people from all over the world with the same learning motive. 

10. Participate in language activities 

Joining language activities is fun and productive. Participate in German-speaking activities and make learning fun. These online learning communities frequently conduct online activities that help both active participation and learning. 

 How to start learning German right away? 

  1. Download the study material
  2. Download appropriate apps and tools
  3. Join a German-speaking community
  4. Write down clear goals
  5. Apply for professional certification
  6. Download German exam materials 
  7. Download German movies or series 

Why is second language learning important? 

The competition in every market is rising more than ever. Candidates are looking for better and broader opportunities. Learning a second language can unlock job choices and help enhance your credibility. 

For instance, learning German can open chances for joining German institutions for study and applying for jobs in Germany. 

Is it important to take professional certification? 

1) Taking a professional certification is highly recommended. Institutions providing German-speaking courses offer global certification that helps candidates to apply for jobs and institutions.

2) Furthermore, all leading Institutions discuss German Student visasGerman Student permits, and German student requirements.

3) As a student of a German-speaking course, a professional certification will add a feather to your resume. This enhances your chances of applying for jobs in companies that are looking for German speakers. 

4) Besides, learning online is the easiest and fastest way to bag a professional certification. Anyone can apply for the course sitting in the comfort of their home. 

5) All these courses are self-paced. You can easily learn at your own pace and get the best out of the course. 


Whether you are a beginner or an already learning candidate, these tips will be helpful to practice German better. Take a week to implement these tips and see the difference. As already mentioned earlier, we all are different learners. Consider this as a guideboard and find your learning style.

Take time to find appropriate apps, and learning tools to adhere to your learning style. 

Besides, joining a professional German learning course can give you the right direction. 

Learning a new language may seem daunting in the beginning but you will be accustomed to it after a couple of months of practice. 


1. Is online German certification useful?

Yes, online German certification is useful. Online certification is now in demand with the leading hiring companies. 

2. Is a German-speaking course budget-friendly?

Surely, you will find a couple of courses that can meet your demands. 

3. Does professional certification help in getting jobs overseas?

Yes surely. Professional certification greatly helps candidates to get jobs overseas. In fact, most learners apply for professional certification to enhance their chances to get a job abroad. 

4. Is Germany a good place to work?

Yes, Germany is a good place to work. There is an increase in candidates applying for jobs in Germany. 

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