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Spending time seeking out a well freelance content writing blogs or inventive journal cannot solely be entertaining or educational. But it will inspire you and energize those creative juices.

One of the wonderful things regarding the web is the indisputable fact that you’ll be able to notice something your heart needs like freelance Content writing Blogs anytime you would like it, day or night.

The challenge becomes finding the selection of freelance content writing blogs that may really inspire you. There square measure many reasons you ought to be reading wide from a range of blogs and resources.

1.Wired – Freelance Content Writing Blogs

Wired is as fast and numerous because of the trade it covers. It options articles on all aspects of technology and the way it shapes our lives, concerning politics, transport, security, and culture.

The tone is lightweight and snarky, creating it partaking yet as an informative freelance content writer.

2.MIT Technology Review

If you wish to understand everything regarding school, wherever higher to urge the news than the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

As you’d expect, this can be a significant website meant to coach and encourage freelance content writers.


3.Tech-Crunch – Freelance Content Writing Blogs

TechCrunch has the most recent news on gadgets and gizmos, apps, and school events. to create a positive you never miss associate degree transfer.

Transfer the Tech-Crunch app for your hand-held device, and luxuriate in the news at your fingertips.

4. Gizmodo

Gizmodo claims its worker’s members “come from the longer term,” which might make a case for why the positioning is often on the innovative side of school data.

With a history of chemical analysis back to 2002, Gizmodo could be a long-established and well-respected news supply to Freelance Content Writing Blogs.

5.Fast Company – Freelance Content Writing Blogs

Fast Company, which launched in Gregorian calendar month 1995, focuses on innovations in technology, leadership, and world-changing style, accenting their impact on business.

It’s a number one website for business leaders, and a subscription to the write-up provides a daily dose of all the vital news.

6.The Verge:

Founded in 2011, The Verge could be a transmission effort that explores how technology shapes our lives and futures.

Treating school as central to the lives of everybody, The Verge produces content for the thought audience, cutting through the jargon to create the news accessible to any or all.

7. NYT Bits – Freelance Content Writing Blogs

The Bits column from “The Big Apple Times” provides insight and analysis on the most recent activities in the geographic region.

Therefore the remainder of the technology trade and new content hebdomadally helps you to stay up with current events.

8. Mashable:

Mashable could be a large multi-platform media and amusement company providing in-depth news and opinion items on school and digital culture.

The corporate boasts forty-five million distinctive monthly users and twenty-eight million social media followers.

9.Business corporate executive – Freelance Content Writing Blogs

While a Business corporate executive doesn’t completely cowl school, its thoughtful and thorough coverage of all aspects of business and trendy culture build it a go-to place for valued content.


ZDNet provides 24/7 coverage thus you get the most recent school news because it happens. It caters primarily to that professionals and decision-makers United Nations agency have the confidence correct, up-to-date data to create sound business selections.

11.Futurism: is the business enterprise arm of a replacement House of York town freelance content writer media company that focuses on providing.

Most well-liked school scoops. the positioning is filled with content, and its good price subscribing to the write up too.


Recode could be a technology news web site that primarily deals with the most recent news from geographic regions.

It’s a relative newcomer, solely launching in Jan 2014, however, it offers a wealth of knowledge from freelance journalists.


Ars Technica (which interprets as Art of Technology, if you were wondering), could be a school website for IT professionals and super geeks since 1998, the positioning has provided for freelance content writing blogs.

Elaborated technical content and freelance content writer during a fun, accessible approach, with a reader-focused approach that puts quality content before clickbait.


Engadget works within the area wherever technology and amusement meet, providing news and reviews for tv, gadgets, and gaming. The diary network is owned by AOL and has been running since 2004.

15.Android Authority:

While some sites could cover all topics, others specialize in explicit niches. A decent example is the automaton Authority.

Which could be a valuable resource on the world’s most generally used software package. The workers include bloggers, reviewers, and even developers.


CNET reports on the most recent shopper Schoology breakthroughs and highlights however tech interacts with our daily lives. The corporation distributes data across its web site, apps, RSS feed, videos, all major social media platforms, and a quarterly print magazine.


Founded in 2006, VentureBeat could be a leading news supply for school innovations. It aims to supply a deep level of understanding needed by professionals like developers and business leaders.

The positioning hosts content for eight million monthly distinctive guests, accounting for eighteen million monthly page views.

18.Hacker time of day:

Hacker time of day is an associate degree freelance school diary that claims to be “how hackers begin their afternoons.” The site’s USP is associate degree honest, freelance approach to school news and opinions, with contributions.


For all the most recent on shopper natural philosophy and mobile technology, scrutinize BGR (Boy Genius Report). It’s a hot spot for early adopters and technophiles, due to its exclusive freelance content writer.

Breaking news within the mobile sector the positioning dates back to Gregorian calendar month 2006 and has accumulated an outsized following as a result of elaborated news articles.

Therefore the trust generated from in-depth product reviews.


Don’t wish to subscribe a dozen newsletters or pay hours winnowing through multiple sites for the knowledge you need? Redef could also be the solution.

The curated website brings along school and media news from several sources, compilation it into one feed for a convenient thanks to keeping familiar.

Copy and Freelance Content Writing Blogs:

Make a Living Writing Make a Living Writing may be a freelance writing weblog headed up by Carol Tice. Carol may be a prolific freelance author with years of expertise operating as a productive freelance author.

Nick Us-borne:

Nick Usborne’s weblog is all about serving freelancers to write higher copy and content for the net. With over thirty-five years of expertise as an employee and writing coach.

Nick Usborne is associate skilled within the house. With articles covering copywriting, storytelling, freelancing, and additional – this weblog may be a nice resource for each aspiring and older freelance writer.


Copyhacker is concentrated on serving freelancers and marketers author additional persuasive, plausible, and usable copy. Their content focuses on providing unjust and substantive insights that writers will scan so apply in their next piece.

Most topics coated on this weblog area unit content and copywriting, email copywriting, and general freelancing tips.

Ben Settle:

Author, Freelance Content Writing Blogs employee, and “anti-professional”, mountain Settle has created a career out of writing unbelievable email copy. His weblog may be a must-read for any freelance employee.

Creative Revolt:

Creative Revolt is directed by Jordan Roper and focuses on blogging, freelance, and beginning a YouTube channel.

Content Strategy Blogs:

Content selling Institute:

CMI was supported by Joe Pulizzi, associate bourgeois, speaker, and author on content selling. chemical analysis back to 2007, the weblog has one in every of the biggest assortment of articles concerning content creation, written by authors from numerous backgrounds.


Hubspot’s selling weblog is another nice resource for content writers. Not solely do their articles cover topics like seven Tips for Writing Content that Converts and six Traits of Wonderful Copy Readers can bear in mind, however, their selling and sales content helps writers keep up-to-date with the newest trends.

Convince & Convert

Led by Jay Baer, the convert & Convert weblog is one in every of the highest resources on content selling and social media.

Blogs concerning Blogging

Daily web log Tips

Whether you’re an older blogger or a novice, this weblog is packed with advanced tips and beginner-friendly content to up your writing game.

The founder, Daniel Scocco, has bought and sold over thirty blogs and websites since 2004, thus he is aware of what he’s talking about.

Nicole Dieker

Nicole Dieker may be a regular freelance writer WHO has been featured in giant publications everywhere the net.

Social Media selling Blogs

Buffer Social:

This is the weblog of Buffer, the social media app centered on social media optimization. It covers all aspects of social media, gazing content selling news and trends, and writing for social media.

Social Media Examiner:

Michael Stelzner, the author of the book Writing White Papers, supported Social Media Examiner in 2009. the website options many articles concerning content optimization and mistreatment of social media as a content selling tool.

Sprout Social:

If you are doing any social media Freelance Content Writing Blogs, then you’ll positively wish to envision the Sprout Social weblog (called Sprout Social Insights.)

Productivity and psychological feature Blogs for freelance content writer:

Positive author

Bryan settler, whose work has been revealed in newspapers and national magazines created a Positive author for fellow writers who feel “writer’s doubt.”

All the weblog posts are a unit encouraging and psychological feature, that includes quotes, interviews, and everyone sort of articles to inspire your ability as an author.

Write to Done:

Mary Jaksch, the chief editor of Write to Done, believes that anyone will learn to put in writing well with observation. The weblog includes writing exercises, tips, psychological feature posts, and more. though it’s typically meshed toward fiction writers, there’s lots of stuff for on-line freelance content writers too.

Blogs on piece of writing and also the Art of Writing

Grammar woman

This is an associate triumph website for writers that offers numberless tips about descriptive linguistics, punctuation, and usage. Mignon Fogarty posts many short tips hebdomadally in her friendly, approachable vogue.

Grammarly web log

Grammarly isn’t solely the foremost fashionable grammar-checking tool on the web, the location options immeasurable recommendation and tips for any content author.

Further, as descriptive linguistics and writing tips, there also are lots of fashion and productivity tips to assist you to become a stronger author.

List of prime twenty SEO Blogs That Pay Freelance Content Writers:

Business To Community:

The standard procedure to submit is prolonged and there are plenty of benchmarks to beat before turning into an author for this weblog. you wish to own a glance at it extensively.

One of the conditions is that everyone posts ought to be three hundred words. It will embrace footage and videos. It ought to even have links that area unit outward-bound in order that it will raise the entire power of the individual.

It mustn’t contain redundant hyperlinks. Keywords mustn’t be stuffed along otherwise the weblog posts are turned down. There can not be any affiliate links within the post.

It is helpful to scan previous write-ups on the weblog to own associate insight concerning posting for the SEO weblog.

Famous Bloggers:

The primary stage is to scan the directions given and follow them. later on, register for an associate account on their SEO weblog.

After this approach them for your login credentials. Think about usernames for this weblog. Finish giving your details on the shape that you are going to note.

On the directions, the page fills in your Full Name. Adding links to your diary or electronic computer is in addition permissible.

The next step is to form a username and countersign. Add a photograph to your personal details by uploading it.

It is required to feature a photograph to your personal details page. The image needs to alone be your own image.

You can even embrace your social media account like Twitter, Facebook, and Google and. In twitter, you can not use the computer address however you’ll be able to supply your twitter username. For Facebook, you’ll be able to add the computer address of your Facebook profile. you’ve got to be compelled to supply the username of your profile in Google+.

Lastly, you would like to be connected with them and provide them your credentials kind of like the username. They’re getting to feature your credentials to their system. They review the knowledge given to them therefore as that you are going to be able to post in their diary.

Search Engine Individuals:

Search Engine individuals are making SEO diaries that accept diary posts. Here the categories of submissions that unit approved unit away to write-ups, resource write-ups, in-depth analysis, and bit by bit technique.

This diary accepts write-ups with the help of a sort for freelance content writing blogs. That’s the only real technique by which they settle for the contribution.

The additional innovation in your write up is the additional likelihood is high that prime that of obtaining approved. If your write up is elaborate you’ve got a good larger likelihood of obtaining a choice.

When you state away to undertake and do one issue in your post you’ve got to be compelled to supply reasons and specify the points. Not doing therefore might end in rejection.

Matthew Woodward:

For this SEO diary, you bought to jot down articles on a wonderful custom. you will have to jot down comprehensive guides and analysis to suit the writing techniques and format of this diary.

Firstly the diary needs you to contribute articles giving first-hand knowledge and having wise worth.

It needs to be informative and/or depend on the case study. It needs to have considerable backing with data. The genre needs to be casual as if you’re having a spoken language with a lover.

Guest authors for this SEO diary need to be versed in SEO, link building, content promoting or traffic. They settle for write-ups that are brimful with helpful facts.

Write-ups or step by step guides needs to be helpful for the readers. The word limit for writing articles is 3000 to 4000 words. you can not write for this diary for the aim of gaining a backlink.

Bloggers needed:

This SEO diary needs you to post a minimum of five hundred words and a maximum of 1500 words. Posts need to be written in English.


The diary post needs to be partaking, high of the vary, and up to now. A low-quality post square measure rejected by the diary editors. merely simply just in case, your write-up isn’t denoted by them among seventy a pair of hours it’s getting to not be denoted.


You need to place applicable links within the article that ends up in connected resources. The editors can calculate inappropriate links.


The editors of this SEO diary retain the authority to rewrite and refine your diary post if they notice is acceptable. Once your diary post has been placed on the diary for public viewing you need to be compelled to advertise the diary post for a high quantity of views.

Agency Analytic:

Marketing consultants and agency employees unit the viewers of this diary. The aim of this diary is to extend productivity and provide outstanding solutions to their shoppers and earn an even bigger gain.


You have to put in writing tutorial posts that are worth reading. you’ve got to be compelled to supply information that is supported by actual facts and examples. you’re needed to supply valuable steering that brings a special perspective for freelance content writing blogs.


It has to be a simple going manner of writing. you’ll be able to add humor thereto. It needs to contain relevant photos and screenshots.


Consideration square measure given to 100% authentic posts. there’s no minimum word limit for a post.


Link spamming and affiliate links don’t seem to be accepted and in addition, a profile of the author together with your electronic computer link got to be sent to them.


 The viewers of this diary unit SEO specialists and digital agencies therefore your diary posts need to be compelled to be appealing.


This SEO diary viewers like valuable how-to information, tutorial content, analysis of an issue and perceptive content. They dislike posts on common and boring topics and posts that have little lists that square measure written in-numerous times.


The length of the post needs to be not but 2000 words. Take measures to steer the viewers to applicable photos and lists wherever necessary.


Long tail focus keywords need to be changed. Your profile, your image and every one the images that you simply simply have used need to be submitted.


You have to link one article from the diary to your post. Your post got to be uncommon and perceptive.

Blog warehouse:

Read the helpful recommendation on guest blogging tips. If you would like to jot down guest posts for this SEO web log then you wish to follow the rules.


You have to fill the contact kind rather than making an associate degree account for this SEO web log. a number of the fundamental tips to be followed square measure mentioned below.


The minimum word limit for this SEO web log is five hundred words for a post. The post or freelance content writing blogs ought to be important to the web log. Posts ought to be written on niche topics. Writers square measure asked to scan the web log and submit their posts.


It ought to provide valuable insight to the readers. The content ought to be recent and can’t be submitted elsewhere. The post mustn’t have affiliate links.


In case the photographs utilized in the post square measure have a license then you have got to grant credit by linking it to the supply. Write a line or 2 for your profile.


Daily SEOThis SEO web log needs you to be ready for writing long articles with the word limit of a thousand words. you must have a verified Google+ author profile. Having already revealed the second condition of this web log.


 A way to begin SEO Consulting Business

Local SEO listing:

Posting for this SEO web log needs recent, suitable, authentic, clear and exceptional content. once your web log post is completed for thought you’ll send it solely by a word or google document. it’s to satisfy the benchmark on the rules page.


The article must be innovative and fascinating. It ought to be distinctive and will suit the aim of their web site. just one link back to the writer’s web site is allowed. you wish to finish your profile and embody a link back to your own web log.


If you’re associated with a corporation or a business and you have quoted it in your article then it ought to be quoted to the viewers. you must mention the attributions for any info that you simply use in your post additionally however not restricted to info, quotations and third-party citation.


There is no word limit. The post is of any length. The post heading ought to be fascinating and appealing.


You cannot publish the post anyplace when they publish it on their web log. There ought to be minimum one image in your post.


They don’t enable advocating for your own web log since this web log is to the viewer’s advantage.


If you would like to feature one thing regarding yourself then you’ll within the profiles page. they need the authority to create changes in your post in order that it’s on par with the web log vogue and refresh for future use.

Smart Bloggerz:

If you have got a capability to jot down from a unique perspective regarding SEO that is undiscovered you’ll post on this web log of freelance content writing blogs. you’ll study the posts revealed on the web log.


This SEO web log needs writers to jot down a minimum of 600 words. The posts are going to be restricted to the current web log solely. you can’t publish on alternative blogs.


They do not approve of a guest author UN agency advocates affiliate merchandise. they permit outward-bound links to merchandise and services. Critique of any service isn’t accepted.


Linking to alternative websites or web log that is related to the post is accepted. an excessive amount of linking is unacceptable and then is linking with inappropriate neighborhood websites.


You have to establish your own personal Gravatar account connected to your email ID that may be your email ID which is able to be registered on this web log.


Very few list forms of post are accepted on this web log. For you, they will be straightforward to jot down however they will not create a good post with relation to awareness.


You have to jot down per the web log tips. A backlink is going to be given wherever your keywords are going to be coupled back to your web log or web site.

SEO Nick:

First, bear the revealed posts on this web site to grasp the literary genre. Next, you wish to place forward your concepts by writing an associate degree email. Write two to three lines regarding the topic in mind.


The post must be recent of the mill and not been revealed in the other web log. The minimum variety of words ought to be 1600. They encourage word count of quite 2500.


The posts ought to have info that is well researched, having external links and sources mentioned. Links or definitive analysis ought to be supplied with all claims. it’s obligatory to produce three legal pictures with the post.

SEO Hacker:

Descriptive and helpful posts for SEO consultants ought to be written in freelance content writing blogs. Reading the rules initial and so making AN account is better. Lastly, you’ll be able to submit your post for review.


Posts ought to be fresh and it ought to be your creation. knowledge of a few product or affiliate programs or a plug for a corporation isn’t accepted.


You cannot submit a post regarding general concepts. Your post ought to be informative so it provides information to the readers. They might create changes to the content wherever necessary before business.


They perceive your affinity for building links. they are doing not mind you linking the article to your diary. however links to affiliate merchandise isn’t tolerated.


Attaching pictures to your post is important. Image acknowledgment must be wherever needed. Internal links even have to be in our posts.


Posts ought to be written in correct English. It ought to be a minimum a thousand or it may be over a thousand words.


You should conjointly reply back to the comments that you simply receive for your posts. responding to the comments can result in discussions. Consequently, it’ll evoke additional sharing on social media, which is able to lead to additional traffic and exposure.

Tech Maish:

Firstly, to determine that you simply don’t write a post that has already been printed on this SEO diary you would like to appear through the SEO section. Send your planned post to them by email and expect their response.


At this moment school Maish isn’t taking in proposals for guest writers. and bloggers UN agencies write with the aim of link building.


However, they’re going to think about your freelance content writing blogs if you have got any info, news or a story. you’ll be able to send your article to their email address.

Grow Map:

Firstly, the Grow Map SEO diary needs you to send them your pitch of the title or topic. They even invite the links to your printed diary post.


You need to call the sites that you simply are going to be linking to. while not this knowledge, your diary post won’t be accepted.


You need to send your pitch to the subject or title. A minimum of three links of your current printed work must be sent to them.


Links to connected content that facilitate their readers is suitable. Any primary link that you simply wish to feature should be mentioned ahead.


You have to tell them your aim you would like to attain by writing a Grow Map. the rationale you would like to write down for the Grow Map must be mentioned.


An acceptance that you simply have a Gravatar account must be created. This may facilitate them to retrieve your image by victimizing your email address that you simply will work with as a guest author.


Grow Map shows the author’s profile and it is required that it ought to contain the writer’s image and little detail of the author’s profile. It ought to even have your name connected to your web site and every one links to big social media sites.

SEO peckish World:

SEO peckish World desires you to travel through the posts that square measure printed on their web site. This is a result of them not wishing you to repeat the articles in content writing blogs.


If you aim to be printed on this diary you need to be concerned in blogging. Causing a proposal for your topic or title of the post by email is needed. They require you to browse the rules ahead in content writing blogs.


Firstly you would like to make an account on their website. They’re going to be terribly grateful if you’re connected to Gravatar.


If they realize you appropriate to write down for his or her diary then they’re going to approach you by email. though to induce the approval you would like to be versed with WordPress.


You need to end your profile.Make clear regarding yourself and add facts regarding yourself and your social media profiles.


You have to grant thought to the two however they are extremely worth the heading of the post, SEO and remainder of the data formatting of the freelance content writing blogs.


An excerpt of your profile must be sent to them by email. You furthermore might ought to confirm to say the social media sites you’re related to.


After your diary post gets printed sharing it on social media platforms is anticipated. it’s necessary to comment and share different posts on this diary.


This, in turn, can assist you to grow into a collaborating member of their community on-line.

Search Editors:

This diary has two main functions. The primary one consists of a content strategy that includes designing and centers around web pages. The other includes copywriting that considerations making a replica that agrees with the content strategy.


This Seo diary is committed to the mobilization of copywriters with useful material to induce awareness of the simplest ways and manners for copywriting. With this, they educate them to be freelancer content writers regarding helpful content strategy.


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