Financial Modeling courses in Indore are for candidates interested in finance and wishing to pursue a career in finance. Many methods assist in understanding financial modeling, its concept, and its application. Therefore, the financial model is beneficial for business executives. It supports financial analysts examine, analyzing, and predicting how future events or selections affect a company’s performance. 

Financial modeling is preparing a summary of expenses and earnings using a spreadsheet. Help to analyze the effect of a future event or decision.  Financial modeling also prepares the cash flow, income statement, and supporting schedules. The advanced models cover discounted cash flow analysis (DCF), leveraged buyout (LBO), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), as well as sensitivity analysis.

The Modules of Financial Modeling Courses in Indore

1: Microsoft Excel

2: Financial Analysis Concepts and Techniques

3: Data Gathering and Analysis

4: Macroeconomic Analysis

5: Forecasting

6: Methodologies of Valuation

7:  Word processing And Report Writing

Top Financial Modeling Courses in Indore

1. Henry Harvin

Henry HarvinⓇ Finance Academy is a renowned institute providing professional skills through an action-oriented learning system. This institution is inspired by Mr. Henry Dunster’s service to the education industry. Its vision is Value Creation by offering skills-centric courses to students in different courses. Besides, the syllabus presented by Henry Harvin is handcrafted and based on the industry’s current requirements. 

The key heighlights of the Financial Modeling course are-

  •  Hands-on projects for practical training in a real industry environment
  • Internship opportunity to gain valuable exposure to financial modeling
  •  The institution guarantees placement assistance for one year after completing the course
  • Global accepted certificate as a certified financial modeling professional
  • Regular boot camps for one year for the students
  • E-access to advanced tools, assignments, video material, techniques, etc
  • One year gold membership in HENRY HARVINⓇ FINANCE ACADEMY includes weekly job alerts.
  • Grooming with soft skills courses that support increase your employability
  • Free participation in Hackathons
  • Live projects: enhance practical aspects of financial modeling
  • Unique pedagogy:  follow action-oriented programs and numerous activities like presentations, hands-on projects, brainstorming sessions, group activities, etc. 
  • Appointed by international brands like Delloite, TCS, Google, Amazon, and many more 
  • Also, improve your CV and Linkedin profile.
  •  Globally accepted certificate from the government-recognized institution

Duration:40 Hours

Fees: 29500, EMI starts with 3278/ month

2. Finoptions Institute of Financial Studies, Indore

Finoptions Institute of Financial Studies is one of the top institutions for financial modeling courses in Indore. Moreover, they offer certifications for CFA International, financial modeling, and project financing. 

This institution has partnered with NSE and award certificate programs such as NISM and NCFM. Moreover, provide tailored financial modeling courses as per the industry’s requirements. 

Their team of industry professionals assists students in accomplishing their goals in the finance industry. They also offer a Monetary Modelling Certification course to help one start or advance their career in value analysis, venture capital, corporate finance, project management, credit rating, etc. They also allow Budgetary modeling courses, a valuable skill in various settings, including the banking and finance industry and large corporations.

 A certified financial modeling professional can work in venture capital, equity research and trading, monetary KPOs that assist venture investors and value research firms, budgetary advisory firms, venture funds, and execution tracking and MIS businesses.  

Eligibility: Any graduates or students can enroll in basic or professional programs. Interested students must have two-year experience and practical knowledge before venturing into the financial world.

 3. Maheshwari Institute of Careers & Research

MICR (Maheshwari Organized of Careers and Investigate) provides Financial Modeling courses in Indore. It is run by a group of certified and skilled specialists (CFA, MBA’s, and CA’s) who have experience in working with top-notch companies or Investment Banks. They present expert knowledge to the students in every session.

Further, this institution has predominant global abilities like CFA (US), FRM, and others. They also offer short-period courses based on three columns; knowledge, competence, and development.

 4. Udemy

Udemy has various financial modeling courses in Indore. They offer various courses, from beginners to professional courses in financial modeling. It includes not only the educational aspects of financial modeling but also the practical aspects. Self-spaced courses permit you to complete the task more effectively and effectively. The trainer of the course also provides certificates that you pick.

 5. Coursera

Coursera offers Financial Modeling Courses in Indore. It is an open online course site that generates courses from the world’s leading academic institutions from higher education institutions. Participation in most courses is free, and self-paced lecture videos and presentations, interacting with other students, and completing assignments and tests are all you can get in one nutshell.

They provide different levels of financial modeling courses, and you can select what suits you best depending on your requirements. First, you need to register directly in your area of ​​expertise or browse through the courses and choose the method you want to start.

When you subscribe to a course that is part of the specialization, it automatically subscribes to the whole domain.You can take a subscription to any courses you want. You can learn at your pace or cancel your subscription at any time. Visit the student’s Dashboard to track course enrolment and progress.

 Each candidate can work on a hands-on project. After successfully completing the project, the student can receive the certificate. Get a certificate upon completing each course and hands-on assignment. You will get a certificate to share with a network of potential employers and professionals.

 The Courses Cover

  •   Fundamentals of Quantitative Modelling
  •    An Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models
  •    Risk and Reality Modelling
  •    Decision-Making and Scenarios
  •   Discounted Cash Flow Modelling
  •    Advanced Valuation and Strategy

6. EduPristine

 EduPristine is another best institution for the Financial Modeling courses in Indore. Here, you can gain knowledge of MS Excel from the very basics; by the end of the course, you will be able to develop financial models independently. The online Financial Modeling course presents discussion forums, pre-recorded videos, 24×7 support, access to online material, etc.

They have two options of training programs:

  • Classroom Training: It’s a traditional method of training for Financial Modeling
  • Corporate Training: It’s a tailored and specialized kind of training

       Fees: INR 12,60

7. CFI  Financial Modeling Courses

In their financial modeling courses, CFI imparts various financial models that nurture the students to understand all different types of financial models. It may be required by a firm where you might work in the future. The purpose here is to learn about accounting, MS excel, finance, forecasting, presentation, strategies, etc.

Students have permission to their course library for two years and over 120 downloadable templates to develop them to make better, self-explanatory, and more attractive models and charts. The course is six months long.  

Price: INR 13000

8. BSE

BSE presents Financial Modeling Courses in Indore to offer a practical management approach to enrich performance in related areas. 

In-depth knowledge of spreadsheets and Excel is not a prerequisite for their students, and the program begins with teaching the basics of spreadsheet modeling and is a two-day program. Here you will get a certificate from a renowned institution.

Fees: 6000

9. Proschool

Proschool is India’s leading Financial Modeling Course delivered in worldwide. It delivers training on weekends & weekdays, making it accessible for students and working professionals to enroll in the course.

 Here students get guidance from industry experts and get a certificate from NSE. The training duration lasts around 70 hours. Students are fed with live projects to give them real-life industry experience.

 Fees: INR 40,000 

10. EDUCBA   

Among various top-rated professional courses introduced by EDUCBA, the Financial Modeling Course is one program that has come up with a massive turnover for thousands of people who graduated from the institute. 

The financial modeling course syllabus covers all the basic and advanced topics that a professional must know. The faculty is highly experienced and cooperative with the students.

Fees: INR10000


 An excellent financial model must be simple yet detailed to handle complex situations and transactions. There are some standards followed for creating a financial model. It should be well structured, and the layout should be straightforward to understand. The driving factors and report need to be clearly stated.

 It’s always better to be roughly correct than to be precisely wrong. So accuracy is essential. The whole calculation must be accurate.

Financial Modeling is a vast field. If you are interested in this area, you can start your career in it. Hopefully, this article about financial modeling courses in Indore was purposeful and gave you some clarity regarding it. 


 1. What skills are required in financial modeling?

Ans: Skills needed for Financial modeling are accounting, excel skills, knowledge to link financial statements, build forecasts, problem-solving & precise presentation skills. Many beginner courses aid in improving these skills. 

 2. Why is financial modeling essential?

Ans: Financial modeling is essential for cost-effectively analyzing business ideas and risks. Financial modeling is an action that nurtures an attractive representation of a company’s financial position.

3. Is the concept of financial Modeling and investment banking the same?

Ans: Investment banks’ deals include the purchase or IPO prices. The financial model is developed based on various factors that influence decisions. Financial modeling covers editing historical financial data to understand past trends.

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