Is your digital marketing strategy effective? Your digital marketing efforts must be essential to reach and engage today’s consumers to avoid mistakes in digital marketing. 

People love to interact with their favorite brands on social media and remain informed about their new upcoming via email. Your digital marketing strategy must be effective enough to show up your customers and engage them in your business.

Yet, many businesses fail in digital marketing and end up in doing the biggest mistakes. They assume their digital marketing strategy is right but fails to get the desired results in traffic generation, lead conversions, and sales.


Here are some of the common and biggest digital marketing mistakes and how your business can avoid and correct them today.

1. No Clarity No Goals

You must have a clear understanding of your audience and the specific results you want to achieve.

Knowing who is your ideal customer will ensure that your content resonates with their interests, pains, and problems. Therefore, you’ll attract the right audience every time.

According to Geoff Hoesch, one of the biggest mistakes digital marketers make is “not establishing analytics goals prior to the start of a campaign”. You must define goals (like sales, form completions, calls, sign-ups, etc.) to track the success and make sure that the analytics tracking is properly set up for these goals.

Set SMART goals that give you direction and help you better gauge your digital marketing success and able to track your outcomes. Invest your time to develop buyer personas which will provide amazing value to your content creation team.

When beginning a campaign make sure that you set SMART goals. SMART goals are:

  • Specific: Goals must aim to achieve a precise action, whether it’s clicks or leads.
  • Measurable: You must set trackable goals. When you know what you want to accomplish, you can determine relevant data and metrics.
  • Achievable: Goals must-have digital marketing objectives that you can achieve. Think about what you want to accomplish and where you want to be at the end, and set milestones that are feasible to achieve.
  • Realistic: A good goal should stay within the means of your budget and resources. Don’t try and bite off more than your resources or your team can handle. Setting regular meetings to re-evaluate how you are doing with your milestones will help keep your goals realistic and achievable.
  • Time-sensitive: Goals need to have time limits. Setting deadlines will help keep your team on track and motivated.

Determine what key performance indicators (KPIs) best match your goal.

Use Google Analytics to keep track of your KPI’s throughout your whole campaign. Your KPIs will help you to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your campaign.

It gives you a clear knowledge such as their role in the buying process, what keeps them up at night, their intimate goals…all key ingredients to creating awesome content that attracts them to your brand!

Along with creative content, you must take the extra step to promote your brand with the right audience at the right time. According to Authority Labs, a provider of SEO software “Every digital communication channel is getting noisier, and it takes effort and investment to cut through the noise to get your content noticed”.

“Define targeted audiences not just on personal descriptions but on behaviors,” she advises. To reach out to people who have visited your site and joined your email list, make use of the tracking pixels and cookies. Target your audience beyond age, gender, education, and topic to avoid mistakes in digital marketing.

Without real and specific goals, your business will end up in failure and unrealistic goals are discouraging; Your campaign will have no focus and you won’t achieve your goals or if you’re achieving them in the right time frame.

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2. Unplanned and Undocumented Strategy

According to HubSpot, only 32% of B2B marketers say they have a documented content marketing strategy. Because of this, the majority of your competitors are not creating a well-planned digital marketing strategy.

It is important to establish your SMART goals and to clearly map out the activities your business will do in order to make them happen.

Do not focus on multiple strategies. Only focus on 2-3 digital strategies at a time. Create a documented strategy with the help of a small marketing team or leverage it to a digital marketing agency.

You can double-down your driving results and make adjustments to everything else by testing, and concentrating on your tactics. You can quickly discover what’s working and what isn’t.

3. Posting on Social Media without any Strategy

Focussing on meaningful interactions, Mark Zuckerberg states that, “we’re making a major change to how we build Facebook.” Now focusses on helping you find relevant content to help you have more meaningful social interactions.

Facebook users will only see now fewer posts from brands and businesses. Except, one thing: meaningful interactions between people.

The best practice for social media marketing is to create valuable content that engages your audience. It must have a strategy of connecting with your follower, adding value, and getting them to take a specific action through your content. Simply posting a post on social media does not make any sense, which does not give you any output.

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Here are a few tips to boost your social media marketing strategy:

  • Your post should educate, entertain, or inspire.
  • Spend time crafting great and creative headlines to stand out.

Questions, facts, and how-to… work well on social media. Also, use a tool like CoSchedule’s Social Message Optimizer to create better headlines that grab people’s attention.

  • Engage with your audience by responding to each comment.
  • Live videos are more popular, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Use them to your advantage to build authentic relationships with followers and move them to the action!

4. Not Honing your SEO Strategy

To increase visibility in search and help your business get found by your target audience improve your SEO strategy. There are tested SEO techniques that continue to help websites and blog posts show up in search engines.

Some of these include:

  • Include your primary keyword in the title tag, meta description, URL, and naturally and semantically throughout your post.
  • Add visuals and interactive content to improve reside-time.
  • Include authoritative backlinks.

However, search algorithms keep on changing. What works today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, build yourself with the latest SEO practices to remaining competitive.

A digital marketing agency uses its expertise to advance your online marketing efforts. Instead of having to stay abreast of what’s constantly changing, they’ll ensure your website is up-to-date to give your brand a slight edge in the industry.

5. Underutilizing Case Studies

Case studies are powerful tools for helping you convert leads into buying customers. According to the Source: Moz, “Case studies can boost your organic traffic, improve website-experience, and increase lead conversions.”

Publish your successful stories, people want to see how your business has successfully helped others to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for meeting their needs.

It builds trust in people and increases your credibility. Your success stories are your valuable assets in your digital marketing magazine.

Many brands fail by not using case studies to experience these amazing results.

They fail due to:

  • their results are not impressive enough
  • don’t have the time, 
  • don’t have the client’s permission.

Implement case studies in your content marketing. Build relationships with your clients and they too are interested to share their success with your company. Publish the success stories in your email, search, and social media marketing to catapult your overall digital marketing efforts!

#6) Being Anti-Social on Social Media

According to Jessica Riches, “Many marketers forget that social media is meant to be a space for dialogue and engagement, rather than simply broadcast.”

Social media strategist of LMW Labs which helps start-ups with social media states that “responding to your community, [answering] questions and sharing thoughts will help you build a deeper relationship that will positively impact business in the long run.”

#7) Buying Social Media Followers

According to Ceballos, “It often seems like the aim of the game is to have lots of followers and fans on your social media accounts. Having a lot of followers may feel you like reputable, popular and well-established. People, however, are becoming more aware of social media which helps to avoid mistakes in digital marketing.

They are now able to distinguish if you’ve bought fake followers. If they do find out, that you are untrustworthy they unfollow you. Instead, use social media to build a network of real people who can be your potential clients.

#8) Hiring a Third-Party to represent your Brand on Social Media.

According to Kent Lewis, president and founder, Anvil, an integrated marketing agency states that “The most common excuses for outsourcing social media management include a lack of internal resources and a lack of proficiency with social platforms.”

Nobody knows your brand better than you and your employees, this will help to avoid mistakes in digital marketing. Utilize them to promote your brand and be in charge of spreading the good word, not a low-paid college graduate working from home or a high-priced agency.

Many brands still feel the need to outsource their voice on social media rather than building the resources in-house and encouraging them.

#9) Sending Automated Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter

According to marketing consultant Donna Talarico states that “Nothing makes me cringe more in the digital marketing world than auto direct messages on Twitter.”

It’s a common practice followed by marketers. Customers unfollow your brand as they feel automated DMs are impersonal, tacky, and annoying.

She advises online marketers to stop doing it as it feels quite annoying to the customers.

#10) Ignoring Abandoned Carts

As consumers always look for the best deals on the Web, shoppers place something in their cart, get distracted, and leave it. Online marketers can avoid this by implementing a strong abandoned cart strategy and to re-engage those consumers at a later time either through reminders, coupons, or other promotions and offers.

For example, drop an e-mail to the customers and send them reminders that they left something in cart within 24 hours. Later you can attract them through deals, coupons, or offers for a limited time and make them complete their order without leaving your site and avoid mistakes in digital marketing.

#11) Not Communicating with the Sales Team

According to Jeremy Durant, business principal, Bop Design, a B2B digital marketing firm states that “The top mistake online marketers make is not communicating with their sales team — not asking for input from sales.”

Digital marketers must schedule at least a monthly meeting to make sure that they are getting qualified leads.

#12) Not Employing a Customer-Centric Mindset

According to Penny Wilson, CMO, Hootsuite, “Marketing plays a critical role in enticing, converting, engaging and retaining customers, and organizations slow to embrace a customer-centric mindset will be left behind,”.

Brands are now able to deliver a customized brand experience that provides value to customers and keeps them coming back for more through:

  • Personalization
  • Targeting
  • Journey Mapping, and
  • Data Analysis.

#13) Impersonal (or Incorrect) Personalization

The right product for the right person. It can easily be avoided by using insights technology, which makes it easy for marketers to correctly identify the right products and offers to engage customers for their next purchase.

#14) Overlooking Mobile

The most dominant digital platform consumers use is the MOBILE. It provides a platform for managing customer relationships with mobile apps. It is important to get your mobile strategy in place to be successful in digital marketing.

#15) Writing off e-mail Marketing

According to Eric Stahl, senior vice president, product marketing, Salesforce Marketing Cloud “There is a lot of buzz surrounding marketing channels like mobile and social. However, neglecting email marketing is a costly mistake.” Email remains the customer journey’s connective tissue and

According to a recent survey from MarketingSherpa found that “91 percent of U.S. adults say they are interested in promotional emails from companies they do business with. Out of which 86 percent like monthly emails and 61 percent like them at least weekly”.

Marketers can combine email with insights gained from customer data across channels and devices to build trust and confidence — for example, social media — to achieve the heightened level of personalization that today’s customer demands.

#16) Not Doing A/B or Split Testing

According to Adam Jwaskiewicz, director of interactive services at PHG, an advertising agency, “Use A/B testing to maximize the effectiveness of your email”. Use different subject lines and distribute the same email to a test group to check which headline attracts customers.

While sending e-mails to consumers, use the subject line that performed best, and attracted them to browse your site. Make decisions based on actual data, facts, and figures.


Most the experienced digital marketers have campaigns that don’t yield the desired results. You can ensure your next campaign doesn’t meet with failure; by using the above 16 tips to overcome mistakes in digital marketing that your business may have made in its digital marketing.

Be sure to measure your results to see what produces and what needs to be modified. You will experience greater results like follower engagement, traffic, lead conversions, and sales.

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  1. This blog was fantastic. I am no stranger to online learning and executive education, and this is one of the most well put together blogs that I have been lucky enough to experience.

  2. I had a preconceived notion that Digital marketing is not a good career option. But your blog changed my perspective.

  3. I had a preconceived notion that Digital marketing is not a good career option. But your blog changed my perspective.

  4. I had a preconceived notion that Digital marketing is not a good career option. But your blog changed my perspective.

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