Certainly, finance plays an important role in making business decisions. This financial analyst course helps raise the value of the firm through efficient decision-making by analyzing past events and current market trends. In fact, the financial analyst decides the share price of the company to increase the capital. However, these shares are put for sale to major investors like mutual funds, insurance companies, management companies, UHNI’s, etc.

Financial analyst course

Definition of Financial Analysis:

Many institutes provide this course with Financial Analyst Training. Let’s know about the core of this course. So, financial analysis is a process of examining financial statements and other finance-related data to determine the financial health and performance of the organization. Typically, this analysis is made to know whether the organization’s financial state is acceptable for making monetary investments.

Top 10 Financial Analyst Courses in Mumbai:

1. Henry Harvin-Financial Analyst Course

Financial Analyst Course

Henry Harvin is the oldest educational tech company. It was started in 2013. Henry Harvin has a wide variety of 1200 + courses with a team of 600 + employees. It has 1700 + consultants as a result of which there are offices in 13 plus cities in the US, UK, UAE, and India. Above all, they have trained more than 460000 + individuals.

Henry Harvin’s vision is to give a new form to the growth of individuals. It provides excellent training with many courses from diplomas to doctorates. In all honesty, their mission is to reach the ultimate customer value.

Course Highlights :

  • The financial analyst course offers Online sessions that are taken for 32 hours and are instructor-led.
  • Live interactive sessions are taken for 11 hours to clarify doubts.
  • 3 final projects that test the practical knowledge of what they have studied help in making the job-ready portfolio.
  • One can participate in mock interviews and eventually in the hackathons provided.
  • 1 one-year gold membership of Henry Harvest Data Science and Analytics Academy is provided.
  • Guaranteed internship is assured.
  • 3 in 1 placement support through placement drive, access to job portals, and personalized job Consulting is made available.

2. Udemy:

Udemy is an online learning platform that came into existence in 2010. It provides both free and paid courses. However, the course content is updated. Udemy provides a Certificate after completion of the course. Self-paced learning and skill development are the main features of this online platform.

Course Highlights:

Three levels CFA of exam:

  • First Level: This level focuses on basic knowledge and summation of investment tools, and ethical and professional standards.
  • Second Level: This level focuses on asset valuation and the application of investment tools
  • Third Level: Focuses on Portfolio Management and work planning.
  • They provide a comprehensive curriculum
  • The Certified analyst course of Udemy has Global recognition
  • A bachelor’s Degree in the final year of that degree program is a necessity needed in advance.

3. Coursera:

Coursera was founded in 2012. Its vision is to provide a life-transforming learning experience to learners across the globe. Its courses can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere. In sum, this received B-corp certification in Feb 2021. It partners with more than 275 leading Universities and companies. Finally, it has over 13 + million users have built new skills through this platform.

Course Highlights:

  • They have a comprehensive curriculum and expert instructors.
  • They provide access to resources like practice questions and mock exams.
  • By the way, Coursera’s certified analyst Course is affordable when compared to the traditional in-person courses.
  • Coursera provides trial periods through which they can explore the courses before joining.

4. Trigya:

Trigya School of Finance and Management has PG, diploma courses designed for banking aspirants. Faculties with in-depth knowledge and insight into banking and financial background here are praiseable. Hence, over 400 Aspirants have graduated and are placed in reputed banks and organizations. 

Course Highlights:

  • As a consequence, it is one of the best institutes that provides post-graduate diplomas in banking, Finance and Wealth Management with industrial exposure.
  • Here we can earn while learning through their internship
  • 100% placement is guaranteed by this Institute with multiple certifications.
  • Subsequently, it provides Bank software training and also training on Advanced Excel.

5. KPMG:

KPMG is present in 143 countries worldwide. Its main aim is to provide the best quality and service excellence. The certification program in corporate finance analytics is the best alternative Financial Analyst Course in Mumbai. After this, to pursue the KPMG’s Certified Financial Analyst course one must have a bachelor’s degree and 3 years of experience in the financial sector. Lastly and most importantly, studying this course leads to the usage of tools related to this course and gaining practical experience to face real-world problems.

Course Highlights:

  • They provide 100% live virtual sessions with no self-paced recorded sessions.
  • Here we get 70 + hours of hands-on industry assignments.
  • we come across training in industry-relevant tools like Tally, Power BI, and MS Excel.
  • However, they do provide opportunities to interns besides scholarships in KPMG with Limited seats in India.

6. CFI education:

CFI stands for Corporate Finance Institute. It was established in 2016. To resume, its educational programs include financial modeling, valuation measures and acquisitions, and other finance-related topics. That is to say, it has 200 + courses with 5000 + on-demand lessons.

Course Highlights:

  • CFI education provides live classroom training with doubt-clearing sessions.
  • 4 mock tests or question banks are also provided for practice.
  • Also, they provide 24 ×7 student learning support.
  • Eventually, they also provide placement support after completion of the program.

7. The Wall Street School India:

Financial Analyst Course

This Institute offers various study options in the first and second place, classroom-based instruction and online courses with self-study materials. Upon completion of the certified financial analyst course here, in short, there will be career advancement opportunities in finance investment banking, Asset Management, and related fields.

Course Highlights:

  • They provide 180 hours of intensive training.
  • And they offer100% placement assistance
  • They focus on Practical learning.
  • Recorded classes are also made available.

8. Upgrad:

Financial Analyst Course

Upgrad has a financial analyst course designed to train beginners and professionals in financial analysis and valuation. This program has modules on Excel proficiency, financial statement analysis, corporate finance, and investment banking. To conclude, upgrad joins with industry partners to keep the course content remain updated and aligned with industry standards.

Course Highlights:

  • It provides live online sessions of 80 + hours.
  • It provides 360-degree training in financial Modelling and analysis.
  • They also provide 60 + hours of placement training.
  • Thus, we learn budgeting, valuation, and financial statements with AI.
  • In addition, they provide three hands-on projects by PWC India.

9. Talent Edge:

Financial Analyst Course

Furthermore, the next name in the list of best Financial analysts courses is Talent Edge. It co-operates with the Xavier Institute of Management to offer Certified Financial Analyst courses. Talent Edge strives to prepare CFA aspirants as per CFA institute’s needs through its course curriculum. On the whole, it gives support to the aspirants by engaging with faculty, and peers by asking questions and clarifying doubts. As previously stated, this platform tracks the aspirant’s progress through assessment tools and tries to get optimum learning outcomes.

Course Highlights:

  • It is an institute with a 95% completion rate of the syllabus
  • It has a 92% satisfaction score.
  • They provide 78% referability.
  • It provides convenient schedules to suit working professionals.
  • They provide options for loan assistance.

10. Quint Edge:

Financial Analyst Course

It is a fintech company that makes investment strategies. Here, the strategies are by customization using AI tools. As a result, they aim for the client’s best usage of their services. They focus on transparency. Despite all these, even beginners can also take decisions through these tools.

Course Highlights:

  • They provide Certified Financial Analyst course coaching classes with an 88% success rate.
  • We can access 200 + hours of HD video content with detailed notes.
  • Sectional practice tests and full-length marks are also available..
  • They do provide video solutions for CFA Institute’s official material questions.


Finance, banking, and business can be opted as subjects by choosing the Financial Analyst Courses. That being the case, the significant decision to choose a financial analyst course should not be for making profits but only if it suits you. Generally speaking, we would suggest Henry Harvin’s financial analyst course with Python as the best for Financial Analyst job placements.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1. What is the duration for completion of the CFA program?

As a result, the average time duration taken to complete this CFA program is around 3 to 4 years. 

Q2.What is the scope of the Certified Financial Analyst course?;

The number of times of conducting the exams has increased from two times to four times in the recent period for several registrations for that course.

Q3. How tough is the CFA program?

Then, on a scale of 10, we can rate its difficulty as 7.

Q4. What is the pass percentage of the Certified Financial Analyst course?

To begin with, as per the CFA Institute’s reports, the level 1 pass rate is 40%, the level 2 pass rate is 50%, and level 3 has a slightly higher pass rate.

Q5. Does CFA Institute provide any installment options to pay its fees?

yes, the CFA Institute provides an EMI option, which is available up to 40 days before the registration through Eduvanz the third-party agency that the CFA Institute has partnered with to offer the option.

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