Part-time jobs are a good way to boost income, be busy, and do something productive in your leisure time. For few a part-time job is of interest because some of them are considered comparatively less demanding jobs. Also at times someone finds a good-fitting job as per the schedule and pays both. Therefore, skill set, convenience, pay, and work preferences all become the deciding factors for the part-time jobs we are going to discuss further.

Easy Part-time Jobs

Based on hourly working, home-based, contract-based, or shift based there are these 40 easy part-time jobs that can help to boost your income in the year 2022.

1. BookKeeper

Bookkeepers usually either work for a company or maintain their clientele by keeping a track of the ledger accounts, and simultaneously co=-ordinating with the bank and the finance houses. Individuals with accounts background can easily make INR 20,000/month in this job.

2. Library Assistant

If you have a love for books and reading interests you then this job is the best for you to make the extra income. Navigating through the vast collection of books, you would guide people in their reading journey and you would also be asked to maintain the library accounting. On an hourly basis, one can make around INR 1500 per hour in this job.

3. Personal Fitness Trainer

The responsibility of training someone for fitness and well-being is one of the most demanding jobs. The reason being you have to play multiple roles, from a guide, and trainer to a supporter. With challenges of its own this job also pays you well as a part-time job. As a fresher one can expect to make INR 15,000 per month as a trainer.

4. Daycare Teacher

For those who are passionate about teaching and grooming toddlers at an early age, the job of a daycare teacher can help them to earn INR 18,000 per month.

5. Freelancer

This one work area is variable as far as income is concerned. It depends on the kind of work, differs from project to project, and the services expected from the client.


6. Tutor

For all the difficult topics and subjects parents as well as kids look for a good tutor. If you are good in any subject and have the flair to teach then becoming a tutor would work well for you. With a good number of students, one can make INR 23,000-INR 25,000 as a part-time tutor.

7. Real Estate Agent

The big and small real estate brokers often require a good and smart staff to cater to the client base. Working in association with the real estate agent makes you also a potential agent for the future. As a part-time associate one can expect a salary of INR 15,000 which also offers you a lot of real-time experience in the property sector.

8. Graphic Designer

For those with creative thinking and an understanding of the trending market, Graphic designing is a good option for part-time work. With the flexibility to choose work as per convenience, this job can help you make a good income.

9. Exam Volunteers

This is a very interesting one. Many colleges conduct exams apart from regular academic tests. For all these exams they require manpower who can help them organize the exams without any hassle. This volunteering work is one-time and pays you on a per-day basis.

10. Barista 

The fragrance of coffee and soothing music attracts all. Team up with coffee beans and work in a coffee shop as a part-timer to make some extra money on an hourly basis.

11. Life Insurance Advisor

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Become a part of the insurance team of any leading insurance-providing company by assisting in the field job which is usually a rotational shift. As per your qualification and role you can later make a permanent career in the same if you do it well.

12. Soft skills Trainer

 Be it marketing, operations, or any other domain, become a soft skills trainer and get a well-paid income as a part-time job.

13. Bartender

As a gig, this suits those who are comfortable working late hours and are okay to work amongst a mixed crowd.

14. Kitchen Staff

For becoming a kitchen helper a quick formal training equips you well. Many offer the work on an hourly basis as well as contract basis.

15. Waiter

A tough one definitely because you need to stand most of the time. It may sound demanding but the job has a huge scope as far as income is concerned.

16. Delivery Person

With e-commerce booming and everything opting for door-to-door deliveries, delivery persons are in high demand. 

17. Share Driver

If you have a license for a four-wheel drive then you can also work on an hourly basis for ridesharing services in towns and big cities.

18. Valet Parking Driver

Many big hotels and shopping arcades employ valet parking drivers to attend to the coming guests and delegates. Though they prefer full-time employment they also have the provision of per-hour employment.

18. Data Typing

This works in remote setup, and hourly working structure too. Part-time work would provide a good income if you have a good laptop and internet connection.

19.  Warehouse Jobs

One can work as an associate at big warehouses and delivery stations. This comes under part-time work as it usually happens in shifts. The work involves handling big orders, using technology for bulkier items, and also doing hands-on sorting for smaller packages.

20. Brand Executive

In the retail sector, you would often see the requirement for a good Brand Executive. If you have that enthusiasm and can connect well with brands, products, and clients then working as a Brand Executive would fetch you a good part-time income

21. Merchandiser

A merchandiser’s job is to help a vendor in restocking, arranging, and planning for displaying the stock. The hourly basis f part-time work wells here.

22. HR Recruiter

As an HR recruiter, you are expected to source candidates for the mentioned position. You would be also asked to screen the resumes and forms. 

23. Cashier

Cashiers work in fixed hours setup, generally. The work involves maintaining the same money level for the entire day along with keeping a track of receipts and merchant copies.

24. Telephone Operator

As a telephone operator you would be asked to handle inbound and outbound calls, follow communication guidelines, keep a record of the conversations, and follow up if required. Apart from these, there are many roles expected from a telephone operator. The job is generally categorized as part-time work and is a good way to have a side income.

25. Accountant

The job primarily includes keeping financial records and keeping everything ready for audits. You can get work that pays you on an hourly basis and is a good source of side income.

26. Front Desk Operator

Not only calls but also greeting the guests, maintaining the log books, and the ability to multitask as the front desk operator gives a chance to have a good income if you choose it as a part-time job. As the responsibilities are many so the income bar is higher.

27. Transcriber

A very interesting workspace, as a transcriber you are expected to create written pieces of audio, and video recordings of conversations, events, meetings, etc. This work can be done as a freelancer which means you can choose your work time and hours of work too. Accordingly, the payment follows.

28. Digital Advertising Executive

The work involves using web analytic tools to create engaging content and get the marketing done with effective communication skills.

29. Call Centre 

As a representative in the call center, you would be handling a client base from a wide space and talk specifically about a similar range of products or solutions. This industry works well for part-time job lookers and gives a good income in return.

30. Tele Marketing Executive

If you have the skill to persuade someone of a particular service or product then this job is for you. These jobs are taken on per hour basis as well as a half-day shift basis too.

31. Guest Service Provider

If you have been ever to big hotels, events, or museums you would find people who help you through a smooth transition from one space to another and clear your doubts regarding the place or its service. They are constantly moving from one customer to another. On an hourly basis, you can easily expect a salary of INR 3000 in this job.

32. Web Developer

You know to code, and you understand how to keep a website running smoothly. As a web developer, you would be doing pretty much this work as per your time convenience and can expect a steady income.

33. Social Media Manager

Most companies are on a constant hunt for social media managers who understand how to convert a piece of content into lead-driven content. Also as a social media manager, you bring freshness to the promotional stints across all the social media platforms. This job can be done remotely, hourly, or on-site.

34. Writer

The same goes for writers. You get a project, you create the work and you move on to the next projects. It’s a fast-moving workspace with short-term and long-term associations with clients. You have the liberty to charge per word, per hour, or project. So as a freelance writer, you have all the time to compartmentalize your work based on the day’s priorities.

35. Babysitter

Many preschool setups and working individuals looking for babysitters for a few hours. Those who love being around kids and are compassionate can become a babysitter for boosting their income.

36. Parking Attendants

This job works on a shift basis. Generally in shopping malls and stand-alone parking spaces wherein you are responsible to charge the vehicles at the exit. 

37. Listener for Senior Citizen

It might sound weird or less heard term but with a growing population of working professionals and aging people, there is a dire need for listeners who would spend hours with the senior citizens and listen to them. That’s it. This is a highly heartwarming part-time job but agencies that hire pay you well.

38. Model

If you love cameras and have good features then you can also try your hands at modeling. Whether the work is small or big the fact remains that a modeling career pays you well and is a good source of income.

39. Lifeguard

If you are quick in judging and taking a call, plus you are a good swimmer then you can choose to be a lifeguard. Apart from this what you need to know is how to give CPR. And if you have all this, then this shifting job would give you a boost in your regular income.

40. Massage Therapist

As a masseuse or a masseur, you would get good pay in spas and hospitality industries. You can work a shift here to make a good side income.

Note to Remember

  • Understand your skills 
  • Calculate how much time can you stretch your work
  • Regulate your weekdays and weekends accordingly
  • Be adaptive to sudden changes
  • Be open to taking on challenges
  • Always aim for a bigger picture to avoid a short-term rush for a good job
  • Don’t fall for scams
  • Be ready to take a job but not desperate
  • Do your research well and charge for your skills, not for the final result


With a rise in inflation and needs, there is also a rise in opportunities and possibilities. Doing a part-time job helps you to work in different areas at the same time. It opens door to new possibilities and gives you an understanding of your skills. A little extra income is always a help to keep your finances intact. Hope the list above would help you to choose the right one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How to decide on the charges if my work is on an hourly basis?

Ans: First, do your research, and read a lot about the charges and the conditions. After that consider an amount that describes the monthly salary for a job. Now do some mathematics and break it into hourly charges. Understand how much your work is involved in terms of meetings, actual work, and post-work engagements. This would give you an idea about how many hours you are going to dedicate and thus the amount would be clear for you.

Q.2 Does experience only would help me to make more income?

Ans: Not exactly. Experience is a by-product of the pool of knowledge and skills you already have. When changing your jobs as a part-time employee, always put forth your knowledge first then your experience. Ultimately, that would help you to quote a higher salary and revive your income.

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