Right from ancient times, writing has been a means of communication. The invention of the printing press has been a stepping stone for writers since then we have had thousands of writers and authors. Only a handful of these authors have made it to the list of famous writers. The scenario is the same when it comes to modern digitalized writing in India. The thing that remains common is the art of effective writing. To make it to the list of famous article writers in India, writers have to master the art of human psychology as well as learn the science of getting their content right on the front page of the search engine.

How do the qualities of famous article writers in India differ from those of struggling content writers?

Believe it or not, to be a writer, you have got to be an avid reader. This is by far the most basic requirement to become a writer. Although the list of the qualities of extraordinary writers is way too long, just for the sake of summarizing, the best qualities of digital content writers are as follows:

  • Well-researched content
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Tonality of the content is adjusted according to the tone of the target audience.
  • Grammar is anything but accurate.

Well if you master the above four skills you will likely put eye hovering content on your reader’s screen. This is how the famous articles in India stand out amongst the rest.

How can one become one of the most famous article writers in India?

At the comfort of your home couch, the expertise of the experts is brought to you in the form of online courses. There are a plethora of courses available, but when it comes to content writing, the best in the field is none other than the content writing course from Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin’s content writing course has been recognized as the no. 1 course in this domain. They have experienced trainers and guarantee internship opportunities. This is what makes it a heaven-sent grace for budding writers.

Apart from that, the three rules for becoming an excellent writer are

  1. Read
  1. Read
  1. And Read

Content can only become thoroughly researched once it is well-read. Reading the articles of famous writers sets up your tone and gives you an idea of what an article should look like. So come let’s navigate our way to the famous article writers in India.

Famous article writers in India

1. Bhavik Sarkhedi


An entrepreneur, novelist and engineer. Bhavik has written 7 books recent being ‘The unproposed guy”. He is the founder of four writing organization which includes Write Right, Estorytellers, Taletel, KalamKagaz, and Bloggism. During his childhood, Bhavik had written about seven diaries, which to him are his gems. The journey of this writer started with writing diaries and now he tops the list of the world’s best content writers.

What makes him unique?

The very first line of his LinkedIn bio is “Me jine ke liye likhta Hu, Likhne ke Liye Jeeta Hu”. This guy has written millions of words in the form of blog posts, novels, and website content. He is unstoppable when it comes to weaving magic into words. He has helped people to make their sales soar to new heights. No doubt you will find his content hooking and plagiarism free. Bhavik has also mentored writers, and they have nothing to say about him, but he is the best. The writing was always a passion for him. This passion-driven entrepreneur is the living proof of the quote “Doing what makes your soul happy can help you achieve much more than you think.” This entrepreneur has achieved so much and yet is known for his humble and down-to-earth nature.


Things to learn from him

The only thing that has to be done to improve your writing is to write in the very first place. The second important thing you can figure out when you read his blogs is that the more relatable the content, the more your readers enjoy it.

Bhavik’s journey is indeed intriguing. To learn more about him and his write-ups, check out his profile on LinkedIn.

2. Aaina Chopra

Aaina Chopra Famous article writer in  India

A physiotherapist who has turned into a writer. She generally writes about health and wellness, but her content on social issues such as feminism and self-empowerment is a masterpiece in itself. Aaina is based in Germany and provides services mainly for freelance copywriting and branding strategy. Apart from the two pole-apart professions mentioned above, she is also a poet and a podcaster. Currently, she is freelancing with Vicco Laboratories as a copywriter.

What makes Aaina unique?

The content that Aaina creates is thoroughly engaging. She gives the reader a feel of everything she is talking about. Her content is evocative; it speaks for itself. As it is stated, a good marketer or copywriter never sells the product but sells the feeling of the product. The meticulous choice of words and placing them in a manner that evokes memories and feelings in the reader’s mind is nothing but sheer art. Aaina masters this art. She comes from a medical background, but her creative mind and passion can heal people with words. Her art of storytelling is what makes her copywriting game even stronger. She has helped various brands with increasing their visibility and soaring their turnover.

Aaina provides any kind of service that requires persuasive writing. Her blogs on feminism and self-empowerment are a must-read for women with ambition. She is an inspiration to many young girls who fear a change in careers. She is proof that passion is enough.

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Get to know more about her by following her professional journey on LinkedIn

3. Mukti Masih 

mukti masih famous article writer in india

Mukti has done journalism and served as a journalist for 2 years at the very start of her career. Then she quit, and now for almost 12 years, she has been writing top-notch quality content for her clients as a freelance content writer. She has been recognized as the best content writer on various platforms. In most of the articles and blogs discussing famous article writers in India, Mukti has secured her very well-deserved place.

What makes Mukti unique?

She has now written about a million words in the form of video scripts, blogs, articles, white papers, and a lot more. The thing that remains common in all of them is her extensive research that seeps deep into the minds of the target audience for her clients. She believes that content should be such that it remains with the reader. Mukti has a mind-blowing ability to connect with the audience not just with her words but also with her infographics.

She is the co-founder of AVM Productions, a company that creates marketing videos. This platform has helped many entrepreneurs and small business owners soar to the heights of their businesses. Her content is loved not just by humans but also by bots. The content she writes is SEO optimized and ranks very well. She is a creative writer whose love for poetry writing and fiction is evident on her website.

If you aspire to be a content writer and are searching for inspiration, there is no better place than Mukti’s blogs. 

4. Priyanka Desai

priyanka desai

A writer with an educational background in pharmaceuticals. Priyanka has experience of about 8 years now. She is the owner of iscribbler a writing agency based in Gujarat.

How does Priyanka stand out?

She has long-term experience in the domains of content writing and content marketing. Her ultimate aim is to increase the traffic to her client’s website by creating content that is SEO optimized. To make her website SEO optimized, she uses a combination of keyword research, guest posting, link building, and backlinking. She has a thorough knowledge of SaaS long form in digital marketing.

So if you are looking for content that will make it to the first page of the search engine, then Priyanka is your go-to person. Get to know more about her on LinkedIn.

5. Arti Agarawal

arti agrawal

Yet another journalist opted for freelance content writing. This Mumbai-based content writer makes a perfect addition to the list of famous article writers in India looking at her expertise in this field. Her clients, as well as herself, identify her as a wordsmith; indeed no better word could actually define her. 

What makes Arti a wordsmith?

Firstly, the skill that is appreciated by most of her clients is the natural flow of keywords in her SEO blogs, making them the highest ranked blogs. Secondly, her website is perfectly written copy. Her persuasion skills are clearly visible in the service section of her website portfolio. Starting from developing an urge in the potential client, then a promising service to meet their needs, to a perfectly tailored call to action.

She has now written more than 500+ blogs and has collaborated with international clients for their website content, SEO blogs, copywriting, ghostwriting, and many more such writing services. Each of her clients always has a positive response to her expertise in their niche, despite her writing for various niches. This suggests one thing for sure: her content is very well researched before putting it in place. Also, her skill in SEO writing, which we talked about before, is commendable. 

Her website is really worth a look. 

6. Protima Tiwary

protima tiwary

If you are a young girl looking to be an entrepreneur and live your life your way, then, Protima is one amongst the many you should take inspiration from. This 30-year-old lady is a creative entrepreneur with a myriad of experiences in marketing and content writing.

What makes her unique?

Protima always ensures the content is worth reading. This quality of her content has made her reach the heights that are the dream of every content writer. Her publication has made it to famous blogging sites including Mint Lounge, DNA Pune, Tribune, India Today, Millionaire Asia, DLF Emporio, Vogue India, Grazia India, Femina India, Goodhomes India, Cox and Kings, Makemytrip.com, Arre, LBB, Social Media Week 2015, Social Samosa and Whatfix. When it comes to content on lifestyle, work, and health, she is considered amongst the most famous article writers in India in the said domain.

She is a member of Google’s pixel committee. Apart from being a passionate writer, she is an avid reader and a wanderer. She has helped thousands of brands to create their own voice and generate revenue from their businesses. When it comes to content marketing, make her your go-to person and see your business flourish the way you always wanted it to be.

Check out her website, Dumbels and drama

7. Anshul Motwani

anshul motwani

This man was actually a technical person until he discovered his passion for marketing. He is the founder and co-founder of wittypen and bollymirchi. A marketer and an entrepreneur, Anshul has justified each role that he has taken up

How is Anshul unique?

The ability to recognize, understand and come up with an idea to solve a problem is what it takes to be an entrepreneur. While being a writer himself, he understands the plight of fellow writers as well as the gaps in the content creation industry. The platform of wittypen is indeed a blessing to the community of freelance writers. The opportunities to be a famous article writer in India are limited. This is because a writer finds it difficult to search for an interesting project in their respective niche. However, the clients face difficulty in finding a perfect writer for their content.

This is where wittypen comes into the picture. It has a pool of writers to pick up the best fit for a certain project and vice versa. This has helped many writers, especially because of the easy steps of enrolling as a writer. Anshul has also justified his role in bollymirch just like wittypen. Within a certain span in Bollymirchi, he was working with famous Bollywood industrial names such as Yashraj Chopra and Prakash Jha.

Anshul’s profile is indeed inspiring.

8. Preetika Dwivedi

Preetika Dwivedi

Preetika is an experienced and one of the most famous article writers in India from Dubai. She provides services such as blogging, copywriting, and web content writing. She is currently a content writer at UniquePens and has been appreciated several times for her up-to-the-mark delivery of content.

What makes Preetika unique?

Preetika specializes in the niches of cryptocurrency, healthcare, Saas and lifestyle. The four enlisted niches are growing very well in current times, and so is the demand for writers in these niches. What is even more compelling about Preetika’s writing is that she has the power to explain the most complex of concepts in a simple yet understandable manner. This quality makes her writing interesting and easy to understand. She is an excellent content writer with social media marketing skills she also writes apt social media captions to increase the visibility of her client’s social media.

She has written blogs in English as well as Hindi. This specific feature, combined with her complex niche choices, makes it easier for bilingual readers to understand the concept. If you are a freelance content writer trying to niche down in the fields that are in most demand right now but finding it difficult, then look no further for inspiration. The inspiration you require is in Preetika’s blog, so check out her profile. 

9. Mathew Joy Maniamkott

Mathew Joy Maniamkott

Mathew is a freelance content writer with a knack for marketing. As we have come so far in the blog, we have got one thing clear. Almost all the famous article writers in India have unmatchable persuasion skills. Mathew’s write-up is not an exception to it. If you want to know what I am talking about, go check out his about section on his LinkedIn profile.

Mathew and his writing talent

This writer in our list is unique in itself, as he is a B2B SaaS writer. Now, if you want to understand what Mathew writes and how it is unique, first you need to understand what B2B SaaS means. It is written for businesses on software best example of this is shopify wherein any small business owner can set up their own business. Now comes the role of the writer. Once the online store is ready, the writer is expected to study the business and the potential customers and put up useful content on the software.

What happens next is that the information that is provided on the blogs attracts readers, and this useful information makes readers realize the value of the product for them without asking them to buy it. Steady posting of interesting blogs makes the reader eventually hit the call to action button, and that is where your organic reader is converted into your paying customer. So basically, the point is that Mathew masters this art. 

10. Neel Vithalani

Neel Vithalani

In this listicle the second most popular professional background of famous article writers in India is engineering. This makes one thing clear for sure, and that is engineers are by far the most creative beings, and this current gentleman we will be talking about is strong proof of the same. Neel is a content writer and a copywriter.

What makes him unique?

The sarcastic humour of a young mind combined with thorough knowledge of the subject area is the writing tone of the said writer. The thing that makes him stand out amongst other writers is his ability to use extensive research not just to generate words but infographics, statistics, and analogies that keep Neel’s audience hooked to his write-ups. The niches he loves to explore are, you can probably guess it, technology, management philosophy, business practices, and innovations.

Neel entails his write-ups as commercial art, and he is completely devoted to it. The student of the year in the small town of Rajkot is now one of the most famous article writers in India. When it comes to deadlines, he does not miss even the tightest ones, just like a diligent student. The content he develops adds value to the readers, generates revenue for the clients and ranks better in the search engines.

Unravelling the qualities of the famous article writers of India

To become an article writer, the qualities one should build in oneself are:

  • Sticking to deadlines
  • Making your write-ups search engine friendly
  • Extensive research
  • Relating to the readers
  • Plagiarism-free content

If one has mastered all five of them, then none can stop, you from becoming one of the most famous article writers in India. If you are somebody who has come here to take inspiration, I highly recommend going and checking out their websites and LinkedIn profiles. It is indeed mesmerizing how words capture minds. If you are a newbie who is overwhelmed by the work of art of the writers, then the only pathway to making up this listicle one day is to learn it from professionals.

So go ahead and take up the course. Maybe the world is waiting for the best writer of all time to show up now. And if you are somebody who is looking for writers for your work, then do not hesitate to click on the links to get to know them more. You will receive absolutely more than you give. After all, the best amongst all are here. Where are you looking for them?

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Q1. Is it necessary to take up a course in content writing to be a content writer?

Not necessarily, but would you like your cab to be driven by someone who is not a licensed driver but knows how to drive?

Q2.What is the one thing required to become one of the most famous article writers in India?

Sheer dedication

Q3. What academic background do you require to take up a course on content writing?

Anyone and everyone with an enthusiasm to learn is welcome.

Q4. Why do famous content writers charge so much?

Becoming a content writer requires an investment of time. To become an absolutely famous article writer in India, you require the art of extensive research, the science of human psychology 

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