Businesses that work towards fulfilling the needs of the customers are the ones that become successful. Companies that provide customers with the best experiences will be the most preferred ones in today’s technological era. To provide the best experiences organisations are adopting a new program called Design Thinking. If you get yourself certified in Design Thinking, then it will be the best choice for your career. 

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking focuses on incorporating technology and human-centred design. It works towards creating products with the best process just to satisfy the needs of the customers. The best part about Design Thinking is you can apply it to any kind of organisation, irrespective of their stage of development or even their location. There are many successful organisations that employ Design Thinking which enables them to make decisions that are capable of becoming successful. Successful organisations like Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Accenture employ Design Thinking in their company to solve problems of the clients at the same time give the best output. 

Design Thinking can be implemented by startup owners, sales and marketing executive professionals working in product and business development, professionals in a senior management role and many other professions. Design Thinking will help you in solving technological, commercial, operational and HR problems. 

Design Thinking Courses 

Design Thinking Courses will help in boosting your career and the best way to get yourself equipped with Design Thinking is getting yourself into a Design Thinking Course. If the Design Thinking course comes with a certification, then it is an added advantage. So, people of Lucknow, we have made a list of Top 10 Design Thinking Programs in Lucknow. In the current pandemic situation, getting yourself Design Thinking certified online would be an easier choice. We have made a list of the best courses.


1. Henry Harvin

If you want to get yourself equipped with Design Thinking, the best choice would be the Design Thinking course by Henry Harvin Management Academy. The Design Thinking Course by Henry Harvin is a 24 hours live online interactive classroom course. The course is taken by experienced trainers who have multi-industry exposure. 

Henry Harvin’s Design Thinking Course comes up with enormous industry experience. The course will help you in evolving your ability to understand users, define problems and create solutions to prototype and test. You will be able to develop your problem- solving techniques with decision making. Most importantly, you will be able to upgrade your CV with CDTP credentials. 

You will be able to understand the 5 phase methodology improvement cycle which is the core of Design Thinking Techniques and tools. You will also be able to analyse and control business problems using Design Thinking techniques and tools like Empathize, define, ideate, prototype and Test. You will also be able to learn to solve problems in human-centric ways and also discover innovative solutions. 

You can also derive insights into your business by focusing on empathy, expansive thinking and also experimentation. You can also master the skill of adopting a structured approach for solving business challenges of all varieties.

You will also be provided with a guaranteed internship opportunity. You will also get regular email notifications and alerts for job opening regularly. You can also enhance your interview skills. 

You can also get thorough monthly brush up sessions over a period of 12 months. You can also get personalized feedback and support from our experienced business analytics expert.

Upcoming Batches 

The course is starting every week. So, you can enrol at any time. 

  • If you are going to take up the self-paced course, it will cost you 13500 INR. You will also get lifetime support and access. 
  • The live online classroom is also a self-paced course. This comes up with other benefits like mentoring by award-winning trainers. You will also get a 1-year gold membership with a flexible schedule. This course will cost you around 15000 INR. 

You will also be able to work on real-life projects. If all these come up with an acclaimed certification, then Henry Harvin’s Design Thinking course is the best choice. 

2. Mastering Design Thinking (MIT Management Executive Education)

This is a hands-on course that will help you in learning design thinking. It begins with the orientation module that will discuss what the curriculum consists of. Then the trainer will train you on foundational skills which will help you in recognising the requirements of the user and decide the specifications of the product. When you are done with the initial stages, you can move to the main topics. This is an online course so you can attend it from the comfort of your home. 

With this course, you will be able to get feedback on the ideas submitted by you. You will also be able to look into real-world applications in this field.  The course consists of 128 lectures, 3 live teaching sessions, group projects, assignments and capstone projects. You will also be able to earn a verified certification. This is a 3 months course which consists of 6 to 8 hours per week.

 3. Design Thinking Certification for Innovation (Coursera)

This course is offered by the University of Virginia. This course will provide you with an overview of Design Thinking and focuses on some of the crucial parts of Design Thinking.  This course is a beginner level course, so it will be very easy for you to understand. This course balances equally between theoretical and practical approaches. 

The lectures will be followed by a final assignment. It is mandatory for you to pass the final assignment to get certified. It is a 5 weeks course. 

4. Design Thinking and Creativity for Business (INSEAD Executive Education)

This program focuses on senior executives, team leaders and executives to help them to understand and transform their mindset into one with strategic capabilities of a business person. In this course, you will learn to solve problems creatively by collaborating with design coaches and also to equip a methodology to put design thinking into action.

This course will help you in learning new problem-solving methods. You will also be able to learn new ways to identify concrete ideas for applying design thinking in practice. You will be able to identify creative strategies that can help you develop solutions.

The duration of the course is 5 weeks and it will take up 4-6 hours of your time in a week. 

5. Managing Innovation and Design Thinking by HEC Paris (Coursera)

Coursera is one of the best platforms for you to learn anything online. This Managing Innovation and Design Thinking course is offered by HEC Paris. This course focuses on structure models and techniques used by CEOs and entrepreneurs. You will be able to understand innovation at any stage of business development.

Post Graduate Program And our courses

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You will be able to build your own prototype for a product, service or business design. You will have to complete all the graded assignments in order for you to earn the completion certificate.

The duration of the course is 6 months. It will be 6 hours per week. 

6. Design Thinking Certification Program by Rochester Institute (edX)

This Design Thinking Certification program is created by Rochester Institute and you can access this course in edX. This is a micro masters program. It covers all the techniques and methods by which you will be able to solve problems creatively, collaboratively and emphatically.

These lectures will focus on improving user-centred research skills. 

The program will cover all the topics in an elaborate manner. You will have to work at least 8 to 12 hours per week. The best part of the course is, the instructors are some of the most renowned professors at Rochester Institute of Technology. The course enhances some of the most important skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and analytical skills.     

The program consists of 5 courses. The duration of the course is 6 weeks per course. 

7. MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking (MIT Management Executive Education)

This program is specially designed to help you improve your design thinking skills. This course will help in blending the perspectives of marketing, design, research, and engineering into a systematic approach for delivering innovation. 

The course consists of six different parts, each of which focuses on different aspects of Design Thinking like identifying the needs of the customer, financial analysis, design of service and customer experience. 

The course includes video lectures, 9 peer learning discussions, case studies and many more which will help you in learning better. You can work with 4 real-world applications and 1 capstone project. The duration of the course is 2 months. 

8. Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking (Columbia Business School)

This is a post-graduate diploma program. This is one of the best postgraduates diploma programs that will help you in learning to create innovative ideas for your business. You can also learn about different design thinking skills and identify customer needs. You will also be introduced to creativity and closed word innovation. You can also be introduced to learn tools for generating innovative ideas. 

You can also learn to use subtraction template, division template, multiplication template, and dependency template. You will also get an opportunity to work on a capstone project to analyse what you have learned so far in the program. This is a self-paced program.

9. Design Thinking Certification for Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship (Coursera)

This course is created by the University of Sydney. Its aim is to help the entrepreneurs as well as managers of different organisations. It covers all the concepts of design thinking. The main concept discussed here is how to develop an advanced business strategy using the basic idea of Design Thinking. 

This is a great course to understand business strategies and handle organisational challenges. Here the practical applications and the impacts of the strategies are thoroughly covered here. The lectures, in the beginning, will help the student to learn easily before starting with complicated details. 

Lectures like prototyping and product ideation will help the students in gaining practical experiences. The lessons will include an abundant amount of worksheets and corporate case studies.  This is a 5-week course. 

10. Design Thinking and Innovation for Business ( National University of Singapore)

This program is suitable for every individual who is willing to use innovation to solve business problems. You will be introduced to design thinking and learn to identify the journey of the customer. You can also adopt design thinking as a strategy in your organization and you can learn to apply design thinking frameworks and strategies. 

This course is included with a prerecorded role play and discussion boards which makes it easy for the learners to brush up whatever they have learnt so far in the course. This is a 2 months course. You will be expected to spend 4-6 hours per week in this course.

All these courses are the best choices to learn Design Thinking in 2021. Hope you find this list useful if you wish to learn design thinking. 

All the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why join a Design Thinking Course?

A Design Thinking course will help you in analysing a problem from different perspectives. It will also enable you to find the root cause of an issue. The methods of design thinking will help you in developing the concepts and implementing them in business. Design thinking will help in providing extensive knowledge which will help in solving problems and develop business strategies. A certification course will boost your resume and career. 

2. How will a Design Thinking course prove beneficial for an organisation? 

The design Thinking course will be able to provide you with a structured approach to understanding and solving different problems in an organization. A person equipped with Design Thinking will be able to find creative solutions for problems which in turns will make the business work smoothly. The Design Thinking Certificate will give you the credibility that clients wish to see in an organisation. 

3. Are there any eligibility criteria to enrol in a Design thinking Course?

There is no specified set of eligibility criteria to enrol in a Design Thinking Course. But we would advise you to at least have an undergraduate degree. For some courses, it is even mandatory to have an undergraduate degree. 

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