Are you also among the aspirants looking for the best UI UX designer courses in Chennai? If yes, read this blog to get an answer. We have listed the best 5 institutes offering UI UX designer courses in Chennai. Chennai, the biggest city in India, is the home of opportunities for people from every industry. This city hosts the maximum number of Fortune 500 companies after Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. It is the hub of many industries like manufacturing, electronics, IT etc. Hence the demand for UI UX designers is huge in Chennai which ultimately increases the demand for UI UX courses.



Certainly, the world is becoming increasingly digitized, businesses of all types are investing in digital products to reach their customers and improve efficiency. Hence this results in an emphasis on designing products centered around the needs and wants of the user. UI/UX designers play an essential role in this process. As competition in the digital world continues to grow, companies realize the importance of providing a positive user experience. This has led to a greater demand for UI/UX designers who can create products that are not only functional but also enjoyable to use. So If you want to pursue your career in UI UX design and searching for the best UI UX designer courses in Chennai then look at the best institutes below. 



Best UI UX Designer courses in Chennai


1. Henry Harvin- UI UX Designer courses in Chennai


 (Rating 4.9/5)


UI UX designer courses in Chennai


Incepted in 2013, Henry Harvin is one of the leading ed-tech companies across the globe. Henry Harvin is known for its online courses covering the majority of the education area. When it comes to the favorites ed tech institute, not only students but even the trainers and staff also vouch for that. More than 600 courses covering 27+ categories are available at Henry Harvin. Every month there are more than 7000 classes. Certainly, it’s an excellent benchmark for any institute. However their courses are not only limited to India, people across  97 countries can also take benefit from this outstanding institute to upgrade their skills or to pursue careers in new fields. 



There are many options for UI UX designer courses in Chennai but Henry Harvin offers the best UI UX designer course. Nowadays people prefer online courses that can be done with their present profession. Henry Harvin offers 100% online courses, even UI UX designer courses are also online with two-way interaction. Let’s have a look at the details of the UI UX designer course.


Highlights of the course 


  • Duration of the Course-  32 hours of classes
  • Mode of Classes- Online (Two-way interaction)
  • Internships- Get training and have practical knowledge of UI/UX designing.
  • Placements- Get 100% placement support along with access to boot camps for the following year. 
  • Course Fee- ₹ 59500
  • In particular develop a good understanding of working HTML, and CSS. 
  • Understand the difference between UI and UX.
  • Further learn to develop your e-commerce app. 
  • Address- Gate-.1 Whites Road No.49/50L, Spaces Express Ave Building, 7th Floor, EA Chambers Tower II, Royapettah Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600014.  Ph- +91-9891953953  


Also check media link – Insight Success


Sallybus of the UI UX designer course


  • Understand The “U” of UX/UI
  • Also get knowledge of Interface Design
  • Further have a deep understanding of Visual Design Theory
  • At the same time get to know Interaction Design


Skills you will learn in the UI UX designer course


  • Guerilla Testing
  •  Wireframing
  • Iconography
  •  Wire flow
  • Prototyping


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2. Intellipaat- UI UX Designer courses in Chennai


UI UX designer courses in Chennai


(Rating 4.8/9)


In fact you can get one of the best UI UX designer courses in Chennai at Intellipat. To illustrate, this ed tech company started in 2011 and is a pioneer in providing training in Hadoop, big data, cloud computing, data science, salesforce and more in partnership with IT company IBM. They started Intellipat with one course, training on Hadoop, but now they offer multiple courses in different fields, including degree and certification courses. Until now more than 60,000 learners have benefited from intellipat’s best services. However ,it offers the best UI/UX design course in the industry. Let’s check out the details of the course. 


Details of the UI UX designer course


Duration of the course- 4.5 months in 38+ Live sessions 


Mode of Classes – Online classes


Training- You will learn designing by working on case studies and Industry Projects.


Internship-  Get 2 Days of campus immersion at IIT Guwahati.


Course Fee-₹100,035


Address- Ground Floor, AMR Tech Park 3, Tower B Hongasandra Village, Bommanahalli, Hosur Rd, Bangalore, Karnataka 560068


Ph- +91-7022374614




  • Preparatory Sessions and User-Centered Design Process
  • User Research and Designing Interactions
  • Fundamentals of UI, heuristics, and interaction design
  •  Elementary Sketching & Wireframing
  • Low-High Fidelity Design and Product Design
  • Understand Style guides, elements, prototyping
  • Usability Evaluation along with Interaction with Development Team


3. Uxmint –UI UX Designer courses in Chennai


UI UX designer courses


(Rating 4.8/5)


Uxmint is a design research academy started in 2104 in Chennai. This institute has made its name a leading name when it comes to UI UX designer courses in Chennai. Moreover, they have UX courses, UI courses, college freshers program and accelerated programmes. Certainly, they work with the belief that their services should be within the reach of the whole world without any restriction. They do offer effective design solutions for different products. 


Details of the UI UX designer course



  • Duration of the course- 4 months (UX)and 2 months (UI)
  • Mode of classes- Classroom(UX) and Online(UI)
  • Course Fee- 33,898/-( Plus tax -6,102)
  • Learn from the research-based UI design program
  • Make your roots in UI/UX program’s strong so that you can pass on the correct information
  • Also get individual guidance from expert trainers
  • Get a chance to convert your ideas into visual themes.




  • Learn different visual Communication Design
  • Know about Branding and  Brand Value
  • Interface Design like Web Application Design, Mobile Application Design, Material Design Guidelines, and Style Guide Creation.
  • Further get knowledge of different  tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Xd, Illustrator, Figma


4. Simplilearn- UI UX Designer courses in Chennai



(Rating 4.7/5.0)


The Next one of the best UI UX designer courses in Chennai is Simplilearn. It’s an online learning platform providing certification programmes in more than 400 courses. Till now they have trained more than 5,000,000  professionals as they have the strength of 2000 plus skilled and expert trainers with them. To illustrate, It’s one of the leading names for online education started in 2010 and has 40+ accreditations. They do offer individual training and corporate training. Moreover, you can find a variety of courses in UI/UX designing like UI/UX design expert, UI/UX Bootcamp, Caltech-UI/UX Bootcamp and Advanced certification in IUI/UX design. 


Details of the UI UX designer course


  • Duration of the course- 5 months
  • Mode of Classes- Online Bootcamp
  • Course Fee- ₹ 1,29,800 (Incl. taxes)
  • Certificate- Moreover after completing the course, get a certificate from IIIT Bangalore. 
  • Moreover, attend masterclasses delivered by the top faculty of IIIT Bangalore. 
  • In addition, attend live masterclasses taken by design experts from companies like Amazon, Adobe, Microsoft
  • Also get practical hand experience with the designer toolkit. 
  • Lastly get assistance in resume building, job, and mentoring. 


Skills covered


  • UI and Visual Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Designing
  • Prototyping
  • User Experience Design and many more.


5. Designers Academy-UI UX Designer courses in Chennai



(Rating 4.7/5.0)


The next institute for UI UX designer courses in Chennai is  Designer academy started in 2018 in Bangalore later they spread their arms to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. Since then they have been working to provide training from scratch in designing to everyone irrespective of their background and level. They provide online and flexible training in UI /UX design and kept on adding new courses to their platter of systems. They launched designers talk UX, a meet-up platform specifically for professionals from Ui/UX designers. Today they have both offline and online classes for their courses. You can find several UI/UX courses but let’s have a look at the details of the UI/UX Design from the Scratch course. 


Details of the UI UX designer course



  • Duration of the course- 13 weeks(6 hours/week)
  • Mode of Classes- Online/Offline
  • Level of course- its for beginner level
  • In addition have in-depth knowledge of how to follow the design thinking process to solve real-world issues and work on improving user’s life.
  • Also get access to job portals and the Detaux community. 
  • Get a certificate after completion briefing about your performance also.
  • Avail a chance to work  in detail on one case study at the end of the design course and add that to your portfolio 




  • Introduction of UI/UX design and Design thinking process
  • Research
  • Analyze and Define 
  • User Flows and sitemaps
  • Navigation and interaction design
  • Grid and UI components and many more.


 Why do UI UX designer  course 


 Indeed ,design is a highly in-demand field, and taking a course can help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to start or advance your career. The field of UI/UX design is constantly evolving, and this course will provide you with up-to-date information and best practices. It can also be a great way to meet other designers and build a professional network in the industry. Hence it will help open the door for big opportunities in the UI/UX designing field. It’s a very highly demanding field so one can get a high-paying, lucrative job.  You can get a job as a UX designer, Product designer and user researcher.




Undoubtedly, the future of UX/UI design looks promising. As technology continues to advance and become an increasingly important part of our daily lives, the demand for well-designed, user-friendly websites and applications will only continue to grow. Additionally, with the rise of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality (VR), there will be even more opportunities for UX/UI designers. So going for UI UX designer courses is a good decision for having a good career path ahead.


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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q 1- What’s the prerequisite needed for UI UX designer courses in Chennai?

Ans- Graduate in any field can pursue a UI XU designer course but surely experience or knowledge in  Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Figma, or other industry-standard software can be beneficial in growing in this field. 


Q 2- What kind of jobs are available after doing the UI UX designer course?

Ans-  One can work as UI/UX designer, UX manager, senior UX designer, UI/UX consultant and many more. You can do freelancing work also. 


Q 3-  Do we get a certificate after completing the course?

Ans- Yes, a certificate of completion will be provided which will help in getting the job.


Q 4- what if I miss any class during the course duration?

Ans- No worries, if you miss any class you can go through the recorded sessions and the second option is you can attend multiple sessions.


Q5-  What is the full form of UI and UX?

Ans- The full form of UI is “User Interface.” whereas the full form of UX is “User Experience.”

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