What is Data Analysis?

Data Analysis is a process of modeling data by inspecting, cleaning, and transforming them into useful information. This information can be about informing any conclusions or supporting any decision-making. In today’s business, data analysis plays an important role in making decisions more scientific and operating the business more effectively.

While the data analysis course is to take the analyzed collected data and work on them to make a well-laid business.

What is in the Data Analysis course?

The data analysis course is a simple introduction to the concepts of data analysis and the tools used to perform business tasks as a Data Analyst. 

Data analysis is a good career path to help you get multiple skills in business functions. They help to show critical data, strategic analysis, and cross-functional communication skills to know a strong sense of focus and determination. Professionals working on data analysis gather key information, ask questions and provide insights as needed.

Let us have a look at the top 10 Data Analysis Courses in the USA

1. Henry Harvin: Best Data Analysis Course in USA

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry-Harvin logo

The data analysis course is designed to launch you into the Data Science world to build a strong foundation in data science. You will learn to handle data by using the analytical thinking and decision-making skills of a data analyst.

Henry Harvin is ranked amongst the top 3 Data Analysis course in India. This course provides the data analysis certification to help you gain a better understanding of data analytics, business analytics, data aggregation, graphs, charts, etc.

Awards and recognition

  • Winner of the Top Corporate Training Award, 40 Under 40 Business World Award, and Game-Based Learning Company of the Year
  • Affiliation with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI), and certification to ISO 29990:2010
  • Reviews: 1100+ YouTube Testimonials with a 4.8+ Rating, 3452+ Google Reviews. Rated on Trustpilot, GoAbroad, GoOverseasand other sites

Data analysis course details at “Henry Harvin”

  • Data analysis training with 15 hours of online interactive sessions. Along with placement support from the support team and the industry experts involved in the data analysis certification program.
  • Multiple projects as part of the course internship to help you gain practical access to real-world scenarios.
  • Get data analysis certification from Henry Harvin, recognized by Govt of India and an Award- winning institute. This certification will help you land your desired job dream job.
  • More than 1000 students have been given the data analysis course with successful placement in the MNC.

Related Courses

  • Junior MBA Data Analytics Course
  • Post Graduate Program in ML and Data Analytics
  • Data Analytics Using R Course
  • Post Graduate Data analysis program
  • Big Data Analytics course

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

Details of Data Analysis Course by Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin TEMPhas strategically constructed 26 different course modules for their Data Analysis Courses.
  • However, teh overall duration of teh course is 90 hours here.
  • Lastly, teh fee for Data Analysis Courses in Henry Harvin is INR 44,500/- only.

Indian Cities Henry Harvin provides Data Analysis Courses physically


Also, Check This Video:

2. Coursera : Data Analysis Course Institute in USA

Online Learning for Organizations | Coursera for Business

Learn an in-demand data analysis course at Coursera from a professional expert in the subject from Google. You will understand the process of analyzing data using key analysis tools using R programming to create visualizations to inform major business decisions.

Data analysis course details at “Coursera”

  • You will earn data analysis certification within six months of joining the data analysis course. The Google professionals in the USA who deliver this course report a good improvement in their career trajectory(e.g., a new job or career, promotion, or raise2).
  • Get professional training designed by Google professionals and connect to the top employers in the world.
  • The course content is highly-interactive and involves practical-based assessments and exercises.

3. The Knowledge Academy : Data Analysis Course Training in USA

Contact No. = +1 866-272-8822

The Knowledge Academy (Fees & Reviews) Dubai, UAE - Al Rigga Street, 29499, Deira

The Knowledge Academy is globally recognized among the industries for providing data analysis certification course. The Data analysis course is designed coherently to help professionals and organizations to maintain the data efficiently. They have carefully organized the Data analysis course to provide individuals with multiple innovative techniques and technologies.

Data analysis course details at “The Knowledge Academy”

  • The Data analysis course will help you to learn in making better business decisions and assessing clients’ patterns and satisfaction. This can lead to the development of the organization’s services and products.
  • Get help from well-qualified trainers to set specific goals for your organization to achieve business goals and insights towards marketing, sales, finance, and product development.
  • Learn about the tools and technologies to analyze huge volumes of data and make appropriate data-driven choices.

Course Fees: $995

Address- Seminar and Conference Center, 71 W 23rd St Suite, 515, New York, NY 10010, United States

Location- United States

Website- https://www.theknowledgeacademy.com/

4. Intellipaat : Data Analysis Course Classes in USA

Contact Number- 070223 74614


The Data Analysis course at Intellipaat is designed in association with IBM and Microsoft covering the skills needed for Data analysis certification. They involve a variety of data analysis courses like R programming, Data Science, MS Excel, Tableau and SQL database, etc. This Data analysis certification course will help you master the necessary tools and technologies included in Data Analysis.

Data analysis course details at “Intellipaat”

  • Learn about Tableau, R, and Power BI along with the sessions on data visualization, data mining, Tableau integration with R, regression models, and many more. 
  • The data analysis training helps you to up-skill your knowledge and make you proficient through hands-on experience on projects and related case studies.
  • Get help in job placements, with excessive access to the Intellipaat job portal to apply for relevant jobs.

Course Duration- 7 months 

Course Fees-  ₹8,000/month

Address – Ground Floor, Indiqube Building, AMR TECH PARK, Bommanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068

Location – Bengaluru, Karnataka

Website- https://intellipaat.com/

5. Mygreatlearning : Data Analysis Course Learning in USA

Contact Number – 080 4711 1120

Great Learning Logo

The data analysis course curriculum is designed to cover all the industry-related knowledge and skills needed to start a successful career. The course consists of a Basics of Excel, SQL, Python programming, Tableau, etc.

Data analysis course details at “Mygreatlearning”

  • The data analysis training includes a data analysis certification program involving job-oriented programs to help you get placed in desired MNC.
  • Along with the data analysis course, you will get help with the interview preparation from the subject expertise to help you achieve your dream job.
  • You will get online and classroom learning opportunities that will go for 4months along with the placement.

Course Duration- 4 Months

Course Fees- ₹ 97,000 + GST

Address – Orchid Centre, 2nd Floor, Golf Course Rd, Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Location- Gurugram, Haryana

Website – https://www.mygreatlearning.com/

6. Careerfoundry

Contact No. – +49 30 48492016

CareerFoundry | University Info | 13 Online Courses in English - Distancelearningportal.com


It is a student-centric institute striving to innovate better educational opportunities. The data analysis course at Careerfoundry is designed to help you enhance your skills and technologies.

Data analysis course details at “Careerfoundry”

  • 1:1 tutors are allocated to each student for personalized learning and to make the data analysis training more interactive and exciting.
  • You will learn to solve complex problems and turn up with the data analysis certification relevant to you to uphold your skills.
  • After the completion of the data analysis course, you will land your dream job career.

Online Classes

Website – https://careerfoundry.com/

7. Udemy

udemy logo

You can prepare for the growing profession in IT with the data analysis training offered by the experts at Udemy. This course is the complete package of data analysis certification with hands-on experience in Python, Excel, Power BI, PivotTables, and SQL.

Data analysis course details at “Udemy”

  • This data analysis course is perfect for those who are looking to start their profession in the Data analysis field as a newcomer.
  • Multiple assignments, assessments, and projects are part of the course to help you get a good grip on the subject discover more information and support decision-making.
  • Learn about standard deviations and percentiles, color bars and scales, interactive dashboards, linear regression, etc in Excel.

Course fee: Rs. 1043/-

Course Duration:  22.5 hours on-demand video

Website link- https://www.udemy.com/

8. Springboard

Contact Number – +1 415 966 2533

Brand Logo

The Data analysis course is a four-week program offered to candidates who have yet to gain experience in fundamental concepts and skills of data analysis concepts. Well-qualified mentor to help you get hands-on experience and technical knowledge throughout the course curriculum.

Data analysis course details at “Springboard”

  • Personal mentorship offering 1-to-1 calls with mentors working in the industry for a minimum of 2-3years.
  • The data analysis training helps you understand your career opportunities and potential pathways as per the trending industry requirements.
  • Student advisory teams, support teams, teaching assistance staff, and career coach guidance are available for each student.

Address- Ste 110022 Battery Street,San Francisco, CA 94111

Website – https://www.springboard.com/

9. edX

edX Online

The Data Analysis course at edX is designed for students, and professionals to help them understand the data literature in their professions. You can come up with a good data analysis culture. The Data analysis certification prepares you to know the business analytics to become a business leader. Hence, the data analysis training classes teach you the scientific process of transforming data into appropriate insights for a better business future.

Data analysis course details at “edX”

  • Learn to understand using data visualization, data collection, big data, and analytical tools. Through this, you can know the business challenge and information about the decision-making process.
  • This data analysis training course is valuable for students and professionals to learn data analysis software with a proficient ability to read, write and communicate using data involving data-related context to understand the data source. 

Online Classes 

Website –  https://www.edx.org/

10. ExcelR

Contact Number – 096321 56744


ExcelR in collaboration with IBM provides quality data analysis training classes for students and professionals. The data analysis course is well crafted to meet market needs and build your career in the technology industry.

The data analysis course consists of Excel, Advanced Excel, SQL, Power BI, Basics of R, and Python. There are multiple assignments and assessments to help you learn the concepts of ExcelR.

Data analysis course details at “ExcelR”

  • You will get access to the recorded sessions of the classes so that you can revise and learn the concepts clearly with a better understanding.
  • The data analysis training classes are designed with the help of subject matter experts to complete the given tasks and projects.

Course Duration- 6 Months 

Course Fees- ₹ 54999

Address: M 130-131, Inside ABL Work Space,Second Floor, Connaught Cir, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Website – https://www.excelr.com/

Four levels of data analysis

1. Descriptive analysis 

Descriptive( also referred to as observation and reporting) is the basic level of analysis. Many organizations are looking to build reports and make better decisions on data.

2. Diagnostic analysis

The diagnostic analysis is to get the observation about what is making it happen. This gives the ability to ask questions about data and questions about objectives and business details.

3. Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis is to predict different decisions to make business and predictions to flow the organization to a better level. 

4. Prescriptive analysis

The prescriptive analysis is the advanced level and final phase to encompass the data. It describes the data to tie predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Advantages of learning Data analysis course

  • Data analytics is important for top organizations 

There is a huge demand for data in transforming business. Big or small industries expect business decisions based on data strategies and marketing tactics. 

  • With the rise of Job opportunities 

The huge demand for data is increasing job opportunities in the industry. The future of the business is dependent on the rise of data. Thus the emerging need for data is increasing the job opportunities for data analysis.

  • Increase in salary

According to the statistics, there is a huge increase in the salary for data analytics. High-level professionals and consultants are always in demand for industry growth.

  • Multiple work opportunities

Many industries are in the need of data, like – Business Intelligence, marketing, sales, finance, data assurance, data quality, higher education, etc.

  • Data analysis decision influences the company

As there are many companies employing data analysis professionals. The decision-making influences the quality details of the company.

  • Better decision-making

Extensive data analysis is always recommended for the long run of a business. Instead of only relying on knowledge and expertise, companies look for the data for decision-making.

For the big data, it is combined with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to get accurate data.

  • Personalizing customer experience

Many companies collect sales data from multiple channels, like physical purchases, e-commerce, and social media to gain much information about custom behavior. This creates detailed information about the customer to get a unique experience.

  • Loyalty and retention

As per studies, data-driven marketing like social media marketing, email marketing, and behavioral analysis increases sales and customer loyalty.

  • Potential risk identification

Today companies are thriving in high-risk environments to get critical risk processes and extensive data to contribute to new risk management solutions. Big data improves the effectiveness of required simulations predicting future risk and better planning.

  • Enhance the work efficiency

Data analysis course helps you analyze a large data set much more quickly and present them in a structured way. This enables the promotion of efficiency and teamwork by allowing you to share detailed information. 

Improvements and opportunities within the company reflect the action to increase work efficiency and productivity.

  • Streamlining of operations

Organizations use data mining to meet their requirements. Collection and analysis of data is the reason for production delays to determine problems arising in the future.

Additionally, companies like retail are struggling to meet the record standards of the business.

  • Deliver relevant products

Products are the blood of every business and organization. This often includes investment companies identifying the trends driving strategic innovation and action plans for any services.

Career roles revolving around the Data analysis course 

  • Business Consulting/Finance/Sales 

There are many ranked consulting firms needing candidates for managing the operations, finance, and business development process of business. To provide these operations and management consulting data is needed to review the facts and make appropriate strategies, which is part of the data analysis course you enroll in.

  • IT

Many IT tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have strong data analysis teams to make crucial decisions about the data. They focus on data and customer analytics to increase their revenue and make huge profits.

  • Communications / Marketing 

Communication and marketing agencies need good data analysis to keep flowing in traffic, engagement, and consumers. Proper data analysis and strategies can help in making smart decisions to keep good track of the information.

  • Insurance 

Data analysis is much needed when it comes to life insurance, home insurance, and care insurance. The industry can make the best financial profile and market interests by optimizing the necessary data by following proper guidelines.

  • Startups 

Many startups are emerging in every industry like beauty, healthcare, fashion, and many more. Data analysis is an important role in these firms to uphold the business and operations of the industry. 


The process of cleansing, transforming, inspecting, and modeling the data to discover useful information to get help for decision-making. It involves the systematic application of analytical and statistical techniques to illustrate and describe, recap and condense and evaluate the respective data. Hence, the data analysis course decides our work to evaluate what has happened and make a decision accordingly based on that analysis.


Q.1 Who is eligible to apply for the Data analysis course?

Ans. Non-IT professionals including finance, marketing, sales, and human resources.

  • BI Specialists
  • Data Analytics Specialists
  • Project Directors
  • Software Professionals
  • Architects of information
  • Undergraduates and recent graduates may apply for the course.

Q.2 What is the difference between a data analyst and a data analytics specialist?

Ans. Data analyst – creates the predictive models to grasp the customer’s lifetime value,  and implement them accordingly.

Data analytics specialist – Maintains the data engineering specifications to meet the objective for online data visualization platforms like Tableau.


Q.3 What are the four basic questions of data analysis?

Ans. The four basic questions of data analysis are description, interference, homogeneity, and probability. As a data analyst needs to understand how to organize and make use of these questions to get the correct and meaningful results.


Q.4 How do typical data analysis projects look like?

Ans. Broadly, data analysis follows 6 steps, these vary depending on the questions asked in the business and the data available.

Below are the steps followed-

  • Problem Definition
  • Data Exploration
  • Data Preparation
  • Modeling
  • Validation
  • Implementation and Tracking

Q.5 What is the role of a data analyst in a business?

Ans. The business can get benefitted from the data analyst in the below ways –

The target for better customer acquisition

Add more value to the clients by predicting customer trends and behaviors

Analyzing, interpreting, and delivering data in a meaningful way

Improve your business performance and drive better decision-making


  1. The data analysis courses in the USA mentioned in the blog offer valuable skills for today’s data-driven world. It’s essential to choose courses that align with your career goals and provide practical insights into data manipulation and interpretation.

  2. This data analysis course was a transformative experience. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on projects provided an in-depth understanding of crucial concepts. The instructors’ expertise and engaging teaching style made complex topics feel accessible. This course undoubtedly enhanced my analytical skills and boosted my confidence.

  3. me believe it will provide more information on data analysis programmes in teh USA. me appreciate you’re work. me appreciate you sharing this important information. It will prove to be very beneficial in teh future. Continue posting and doing good work.

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  5. I appreciate your effort to take the time to describe these popular data analysis courses in the USA, the institutes are very popular and the course fee mentioned under some institutions is feasible I would like to attend the online session and you did a great job in mentioning both offline and online mode course in this blog by reducing my time to search for institutions individually.

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