As we know, Saudi Arabia is frequently ranked among the top economies in the world. With the government’s effort to digitalize all sectors to diversify income sources from the oil industry, there is an increase in cyber use. Cyber-attack rates have drastically multiplied in recent years. This leads to a high demand for certified professionals in cyber security courses. According to a report, millions of cybercrime victims in Saudi Arabia have suffered high losses. To protect the network systems from cyber risks and threats, these companies need skilled cyber security professionals.

Before explaining the courses in Saudi Arabia, let’s have a glance at what cyber security is all about.

What is Cyber – Security?

It is a practice or, you can say, technology to protect the systems, devices, and different networks from various cyber-attacks, thefts, or their consequent damages. There are three major types of cyber security:

  1. Network- security
  2. Cloud- Security
  3. Physical -security

What are Cyber – Threats?

Hackers or Attacker carry out cyber attacks in different ways:

Malware attack

Phishing attack

Password attack

Man in the middle attack

SQL injection attack

Denial of service attack

Identity attacks and many more.

After, knowing so many ways of theft and hacking, the increase in demand for cybersecurity experts is clearly justified. Only they can prevent these cybercrimes. Now, Let’s analyze the top cyber security course in Saudi Arabia.

Top 5 Cyber Security Courses in Saudi Arabia

1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional – (CISSP)

This cyber security course is a globally recognized certification that provides expertise in security and risk management. It helps you understand cyber security, hacking ethics, and framework control. It trains you to use the OECD, GDPR, and data principles, enhancing your learning about security principles.

Who Can Apply For The Course :

  • IT- Engineer
  • Security – System Engineer
  • IT Directors / Managers
  • Security – Architect
  • cyber – Cyber-security consultant
  • Security Managers
  • CIOs

Skills Covered:

  1. Security and Risk management
  2. Network security
  3. Information testing approach
  4. Asset security, architecture, and design
  5. Identity and asset management
  6. Data collection
  7. IP addresses
  8. Security assessment and testing
  9. Data loss prediction

2. Certified Ethical Hacker -(CEH)

This cyber security course provides learning in ethical hacking techniques and tools. It helps in identifying and addressing system susceptibilities.

Skills Covered:

  • Booting process
  • Detect wireless network attacks
  • Password cracking techniques
  • Malware analysis
  • Network traffic investigation
  • File carving techniques

3. Certified Information Security Manager(CISM)

This cyber security course is all about managing, administrating, and assessing information security programs in an organization. It will upskill you into an adept, aware, and talented cybersecurity manager. This course will provide industry-relevant knowledge about information security incidents and their solutions. It upskills the risk and threat management quality.

Skills Covered:

  • Malware and bug detection
  • Secure network addressing
  • Identify and manage security incidents
  • Installing and configuring a fireball
  • Crack passwords
  • Installing and configuring intrusion detection system
  • Risk management, incident management, information security management

4. CompTIA Security+

This course suits newcomers to cyber security. As this covers the basic components of the cyber-security course it is called a foundation course. This certification is widely recognized in the industry and is highly recommended if you are seeking job opportunities at the administrator level in cybersecurity.

Skills Covered:

  • Network security
  • Operational and compliance security
  • Threats and vulnerabilities
  • Data, application, and host security
  • Access control and identity management
  • Cryptography

5. Offensive Security Certified Professional(OSCP)

This cybersecurity course prepares professionals for real-life cybersecurity scenarios, making you think it differs from other courses. It’s a highly rewarding role. It focuses on penetration testing skills. In this course, professionals must demonstrate their skills to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. It leads to a simulated environment to pass the assessment.

Skills Covered:

  • Identifying cyber security risks and lessening their impact
  • Network penetration testing
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Buffer overflow attacks
  • Privilege escalation
  • Report writing

The above-mentioned are the top courses in demand in Saudi Arabia. They are best o if you are looking for job opportunities in the cyber security stream. For every aspiring candidate, finding. Henry Harvin has been in that work for a decade, and it’s training professionals all over the globe.

Henry Harvin’s Cyber Security Academy

Establishing this academy aims to upskill current technology and management people with in-demand skills through various cyber security courses. This academy aims to function in its outreach geographies and create 3+ million successful cyber security personnel.

Here are the Certification Programs provided by the Academy:

  1. Information security manager course
  2. Information Systems Security Professional course
  3. Cyber security professional course
  4. Cyber security fundamental course
  5. Certified application security engineer JAVA course
  6. Ethical hacking course
  7. Cyber security audit course
  8. Post-graduate program in cyber security and many more value-adding courses.

Let us see the unique features of Henry Harvin:

  • Mentoring by Award Winning Trainers
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 1 Year Gold Membership
  • Weekly Bootcamp Sessions
  • Attend Unlimited Sessions in Membership
  • Get recordings of all batches

Join and benefit from these action-oriented learning solutions.


As the demand for cyber security is very high in Saudi Arabia, these courses can prove to be a milestone in getting their dream job. As the government is emphasizing digitalization, there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals who are experts in preventing cyber threats and risks. Various training providers are good options for certifications online and offline in Saudi Arabia, ideally for every aspiring candidate.

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Frequently asked questions

Ques: Is cyber security in high demand in Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Many factors increase the demand for cyber security solutions in Saudi Arabia. The government is trying to reduce dependency on oil industries as an income source and diversify it through digital transformation. This has increased the demand for proactive professionals who can analyze cyber risks. They should be skilled to prevent companies from cyber theft.

Ques: What are my career opportunities after I complete the cybersecurity course?

Ans: There are surplus career options after completing cyber security courses. These are some of the job opportunities :

  1. Security analyst
  2. Penetration tester
  3. Security consultant
  4. Security Engineer
  5. Incident responder, and many more.

Ques: What is the duration of the cyber security course?

Ans: The course duration depends on the format, learning schedule, extensive training required for the program, and preparation time for certification exams. It can take a few weeks to a few months for completion.

Ques: What are the eligibility requirements for a cybersecurity course?

Ans: The ideal requirements for a course depend on your chosen course. All qualifications required to apply for a course must be checked carefully. Candidates with an IT background are mostly asked. The freshers have many cyber security course options to join.

Ques: Where can I find cyber security training in Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Many colleges, universities, and academies offer cybersecurity courses and training online or offline. online courses and training. Henry Harvin’s Cyber Security Academy has numerous courses to help you achieve your dream job.

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