Creative writing is a popular hobby that many people are passionate about. People are becoming more aware of the benefits of creativity in their personal and professional lives. Creative writing is a very competitive and in-demand field right now. These best Creative writing Courses in Pune in this field open up many opportunities and challenges. There have been writing programs in India for a long time. But as Pune has grown, so has the number of people interested in creative writing.


Ever wanted to unlock your true creative potential? Ever wanted to learn what creative writing is all about and experiment with it?

According to Google search results, creative writing is: “Any form of writing that goes beyond the bounds of normal professional, academic, journalistic, or technical forms of textbook material”. This definition is rather vague and doesn’t truly explain what exactly comprises of creative writing. So, what exactly is creative writing?

Best Creative Writing certifications in Pune


There are a variety of creative writing courses available with different sorts of perks and benefits in Pune which are available for both online and offline mode of study, depending on what a student would prefer. Here’s a list of the best 9 creative writing certification courses available in Pune:

1. Henry Harvin – Best creative writing course in Pune

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You can master the skills of creative writing by learning to compose engaging Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, and drama that will engulf the reader’s curiosity from your write-ups. Learn how to craft unique stories and become a flourishing writer.

This Creative writing course Writing Academy earns you a prestigious Certified Creative Writing Specialist certification which is recognized by American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, Content Writing Association in India, MSME, and the Government of India.

They offer one of the best Creative Writing certifications that are out there as Henry Harvin’s Certified Creative Writing Specialist (CCWS) certification is ranked as number 1 in the industry by Trainings360 and South Asia. They offer 100% practical training which focuses on experimental learning by using the popular GCAO Pedagogy.

Henry Harvin is trusted by 150+ leading Corporates such as Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, etc., and 60+ leading Colleges and Institutes such as IIMs, IITs, etc.

About the course: the course offers access to 32 hours of training, 24 hours of brush up sessions, and 50 hours of e-Learning, taught by trainers and authors who have 10+ years of experience, love projects which give real-world experience, and alumni status and a 1-year membership with exclusive benefits of an internship with Henry Harvin or partnered firms and job opportunity notifications send every week directly to your mailbox! The Objectives of this training course are to enhance and empower your skills and abilities in the four genres – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, and Drama of creative writing by using techniques that improve your vocabulary, inculcate usage of idioms, metaphors, dialogues, similies, etc.

This course is targeted towards people of any age group, mainly students, writers, bloggers, digital marketers, professors/trainers/teachers, etc.

Their active curriculum which provides so many learning opportunities alongside 1-year membership access and internship and job opportunities is what makes them the best choice for study.

Henry Harvin creative writing course fees:

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Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by India TodayThe Statesman

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2. Living Bridge’s Creative Writing Workshop

This workshop offers innovative exercises and radical techniques for fiction writing. This workshop teaches you how to build a story, develop a plot for it, practical solutions to writer’s block, methods for characterization and focuses on enhancing the imaginative side of the mind. The workshop is mentored by Mr. Chetan Joshii who is a Pune-based author with a penchant for creative writing experiments and thus he has written in almost every genre.

The workshop includes a certification of completion, offers interactive lectures, teaches the elements of writing, story designing, story matrix, character designing, introduction to plot theory, etc through writing exercises and assignments.

With a small batch, the workshop is offered at just Rs. 3750/-

Mode of Study: Offline

3. Grammar Grip and Creative Writing Senior by Cedarwood

Offering creative thinking, verbal skills, grammar, and syntax; this course by Cedarwood’s module puts an emphasis on improving a child’s overall written grip on the English language and enhances their ability to construct better words and longer sentences. Best Content Writing Course in Indore

The program offers activities that help in improving grammar and written words through imaginative techniques. Creative writing techniques that frame a child’s creative thoughts into clear and neat sentences. The course lays foundations of grammar which includes – fundamentals, common errors in grammar and sentence construction etc.

The course stimulates imagination and creativity, improves grip over the English language, develops and enhances vocabulary, spelling and grammar rules, paragraph and sentence construction alongside essay writing through idea generation with the help of creativity, organization of thoughts, different parts of speech, grammar and punctuation.

This course targets kids of different age groups, but Cedarwood offers classes to different age groups. Some of the teachers who teach this course are Roshni Admulwar, Neha Bhosale, Janhavi Patankar, Vandana Ahuja, etc.

Mode of Study: Offline

4. Complete Creative Writing – ALL Genres – The FULL Course by Trace Crawford on Udemy

Become a successful writer by learning to write engaging Fiction, Drama, Creative Non-fiction and Poetry. This course by Trace Crawford is rated as 4.5 from 956 reviews. This course will teach you a practical and fun way to create your own work. It offers authentic assignments which are targeted to provide you with the skills that you need. It will teach you how to discover your own writing voice, how to devise literary devices and techniques and how to become a confident and successful writer.

Requirements? It only asks you to have the willingness to write. Anyone with a creative streak can join this course.

Over a course of 43 video lessons which amount to 12 hours, you will learn with guided lectures and assignments on a day-to-day basis on how to write creatively. The course provides graphics, notes, assignment sheets and outside resources as well.

The goal of this course is to develop and perfect your writer’s voice, become familiar with the four genres of writing, apply writing techniques to achieve success, examine a multitude of writing concepts related to your own style of writing, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of writing projects, create examples of a variety of writing. You will also learn beginning playwriting, poetry writing styles, etc.

This Udemy course offers a certificate of completion with lifetime access to this course on their app and TV.

Mode of Study: Online

Price: 1,290/-

5. Aksharswaroop, Creative Writing Classes

Aksharswaroop located in Pune is one of the options to learn Handwriting and Calligraphy Classes. They don’t only offer handwriting and calligraphy classes but also classes in Creative Writing, Calligraphy for kids, English Handwriting Classes, Marathi Handwriting classes, Speed Writing Classes, etc. Aksharswaroop in Kothrud, Pune is a well-known establishment that offers services to not just the locals but also people from other parts of Pune. 

6. Creative Writing Classes by Madhuri Ma’am

One of the offline creative writing courses is offered by teacher Mrs. Maduri, an educator with around 32 years of experience in English language teaching. Her teaching methodology varies from the lecture, role-play to using multimedia. She encourages her students to think outside the box.

Due to the current pandemic situation, Mrs. Madhuri also offers Online Classes charging Rs. 864 per hour while she charges Rs 700 for 5 hours of classes and 600 for 10 hours of classes.

She teaches subjects such as grammar, writing, phonetics, reading, and Creative Writing to all levels of students.

Mode of study: Offline and Online

Content Writing Course in Bangalore

7. Creative Writing Classes by Neena K. Ma’am

Mrs. Neena K. offers classes in Spoken English, communication skills, and creative writing in Pahan – Sus Road, Pune, Maharashtra. She has experience of over 12 years in teaching all subjects to primary and English to secondary classes. She’s a passionate educator who wants to cultivate confidence in her students and make them overcome their fear of the English language. She has helped hundreds of students to come out of their comfort zone to gather fluency in speaking English confidently.

She is a verified English teacher who offers Creative Writing classes online and has 10 years of experience in teaching creative writing with detail. Her main focus is on improving vocabulary and correct usage of grammar through various strategized activities.

Mode of study: Online

8. Comprehensive Creative Writing Course by The Writers Bureau

This creative writing course teaches you how to become a successful Writer with their Online Home-Study Course. They teach you by providing advice on presentation, style, and copyright; guide you on how to sell your writing to various markets, freelancing by writing stories, articles, scripts, and books with printed course materials sent to the student along with an online to study wherever and whenever you wish.

The Writers Bureau has been providing this course since 1989 and their methods are successful and proven through their previous students. The Writers Bureau is based in Manchester. It is an excellent course based on the reviews of 263 reviews. It is an ideal course for beginners and you can earn while you’re still learning.

They offer a full guarantee refund if their teaching isn’t successful with a 15-day trial. They guarantee you to write and become published.  

Mode of Study: Online

9. Certificate in Creative Writing by Penn LPS Online

This Online Creative Writing Certification course offers a collaborative and innovative course of study for those who always wanted to unlock their creativity. The online creative writing course is designed as a workshop in which you explore new ideas, generate original insights, tackles new writing tools, and discover your power of expression. You create, discuss and revise your original writing with feedback help from your instructors and peers. You engage with a wide range of assigned readings and multimedia which inform and grow your innovative practice.

Mode of Study: Online

There are many Creative writing courses available in Pune, offering you various perks and benefits of their own. The online courses seem to have more perks compared to the offline tutor modes, except for the creative writing workshop by a Living bridge. If you’re going to pursue a certification course then it ought to provide benefits and perks that take you further in the field and give you a real-life experience of what it’s like. One can get real-time experience through specially designed assignments and practically implying what they have learned in those assignments. Choose your classes, mentor, and mode of study wisely. Hope this article helps in your venture to tackle the big intimidating fish that creative writing is.

10. The British Council in India

The British Council of India’s rigorous Creative Writing courses in Pune are considered among the best in the country. The training is extensive, and you must attend lessons twice a week. You can select your lessons and schedule them according to your tastes.

The timings are all before 6 p.m. and on weekdays. Thus, the functioning portion of this course would be somewhat challenging. It is suitable for aspiring authors interested in learning more about self-publishing.

The overall price of the Creative writing courses is approximately 10,000 INR.

11. CreativeLive

CreativeLive delivers the resources necessary to write a successful blog post or book. These writing workshops are taped live studio sessions in which teachers guide students or introduce them to various essayists. It is an exciting way to study because you can monitor the crowd’s responses and draw inspiration from their queries for the writing teachers.

These creative writing courses in Pune include taped studio sessions in which instructors guide students or introduce them to various essayists. The content is easily digestible. The workouts typically last between five and fifteen minutes, with a few exceptions.

Additionally, the CreativeLive writing sessions include worksheets, activities, and downloadable PDFs. You can view the resources at your workspace or on your phone using the CreativeLive app. CreativeLive provides seminars for bloggers and fiction and nonfiction authors.

The fee for the Creative writing courses starts at INR 1500 for each class.

12. Leads

The LEADS Academy, or Learning and Development Solutions Academy, is one of the most prestigious institutes that offer creative writing courses in Pune. The organization was created in 2006 by its founders, who were involved in management, the content business, and human resources training.

The content writing classes offered by The Leads Academy in Pune are designed for writers, advertising, and content writers from various businesses. It greatly benefits new authors, educators, management consultants, freelancers, and businesses. LEADS also develops online training and development modules for corporations and groups. These are the best book writing classes near me.

The LEADS online platform is utilized for the content writing course at the LEADS academy. Candidates will review the basic curriculum supplied and complete weekly online tasks. All learning, communication, task completion, and submissions are conducted via the online platform.

This 12-week course costs $9,750 and covers the following topics: Essentials of Writing, Planning Your Writing, Writing Properly, Proofreading Your Material, Formatting and Communicating, Writing for the Internet, and Professional Development Skills. You will receive a physical copy of the printed certificate upon course completion.

13. Anita’s Attic

Anita’s Attic is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known institution that offers creative writing courses in Pune. It is a collaboration between the digital company Conditions apply and the author Anita Nair, in conjunction with Penguin Random House India. At this organization, Anita Nair curates and oversees the curriculum, which is offered annually rather than continuously.

Participants have the opportunity to learn from and interact with a renowned author. Numerous courses include instruction in poetry, novels, essays, travelogues, screenplays, short stories, content writing, and children’s fiction. This course is distinguished because it facilitates the promotion of deserving talent via agent networking, publication, and internet media.

Essential parts of the program include presenting the best authors to international literary agencies and publishing their work as an anthology under Anita’s Attic Imprint. The duration of the course is eleven weeks, or rather, every Saturday for eleven consecutive weeks. The only prerequisite is that applicants must be at least 18 years old.

14. Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab is a company that specializes in training and services. It has offices in India, Canada, and the United States. They have locations in six Indian cities. Moreover, It is one of the premier colleges offering creative writing courses in Pune. They provide more than 15 courses in digital marketing, more than 15 courses in Amazon Web Services, and more than 10 courses in content development.

In addition to their twelve or more existing Python programming courses, they are introducing several new ones. They have multiple sites in Pune. You have access to fifty real-world projects and over twenty resources for skill development.

Moreover, you have access for two years to all live batches, lecture notes, question-and-answer sessions, and examinations designed to help you gain a deeper grasp of content development. This course is for aspiring bloggers, authors, and content writers who seek to understand the more complicated concepts in content writing. These are the best book writing classes near me.

They outline how to create content that attracts and converts the intended audience. In addition, you have access to a professional set of tools for content creation, which simplifies the process of developing material for different formats. Course material provides candidates with a large amount of practical experience. Alums receive ongoing support from trained professionals.

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