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In the modern world, there has been an exponential interest to learn Chinese language courses in Mumbai.


Mandarin Chinese language courses are useful in clearing competitive exams to study and live in China. 

Chinese Language courses are also helpful in making new friends and exploring China!! 

These are a few top Chinese language courses in Mumbai listed and compiled for AskHenry, Henry Harvin Blog. 


Chinese Language Courses have been in heavy demand over the past couple of years.

Benefits of Chinese language courses

Learning Mandarin Chinese is beneficial for people of all ages. China is one of the most prosperous and populous countries in the world, Chinese Industries and MNCs have their branches all over the world.

Therefore, Learning Chinese is proving to be a great option to impress your seniors and peers and secure on-site privileges to Chinese cities.

Now let us learn Mandarin Chinese!

Firstly for Beginners, It is always beneficial to know about Mandarin Chinese and China, Its country of Origin.

About Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the most common style of Chinese spoken in China and worldwide.

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by around 900 million people in China(2017), effectively making it the latest spoken Language system in the world!

Origins of Mandarin Chinese Language

Mandarin Chinese has borrowed from the Middle and Old Chinese.

It was originally spoken in Beijing and has since spread throughout China and the world.

Spread of Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the Official Language of China, the People’s Republic(PRC) and one of the 4 official languages used in Singapore and also in the UN.

Who can Learn from Chinese Language Courses?

Anyone with an interest in Mandarin Chinese and aspirations to connect with Chinese clients or to make friends in Chinese communities can learn Chinese.

Uses of Learning Chinese language course

Learning Chinese has never been easier. One can now learn Chinese from Chinese Language courses in Mumbai.

Styles of Learning Mandarin Chinese courses Mumbai.

Classes are available both live in person by qualified trainers and via recorded sessions.

Chinese Language courses are more fun! Due to the introduction of lesson plans with fun games and competitions among learners worldwide.

Now, let us begin. 

The following is a list of Chinese Language courses in Mumbai.

Chinese Language Courses- Classes and Tutorials

Classes and Tutorials have been one of the best ways to receive personalized training

Classes also help in developing your mastery of the Chinese language courses available.

1. Muzzy BBC

Muzzy BBC is an Award-winning platform for kids and Beginner learners to learn Chinese Language courses online!

About Muzzy BBC

Muzzy BBC is an award-winning programme that allows children to learn second, and third language courses with ease. 

Who owns Muzzy BBC?

It is owned by Growing Minds Co. and is created with assistance from the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC), a noted name for informational and educational content worldwide.

How does Muzzy work?

Muzzy is an interactive tool, providing audio tracks, games and challenges for kids and teens.


Muzzy BBC has tales associated around Muzzy and friends, with morals and key concepts a the end of each exercise!

Who is Muzzy BBC aimed for?

Muzzy BBC is aimed at kids, providing an early fun start to learning a new language.

Teens and Adults too can benefit!

Pros of Muzzy BBC

It is stress-relieving, helps reinforce existing concepts and acts as a wonderful refresher to a learned language!

Muzzy BBC’s Chinese language course

Muzzy BBC Chinese language course is an effective method to learn Mandarin Chinese language.

Course features

An online subscription allows access to content in Muzzy, including their award-winning productions; Muzzy in Gondoland and Muzzy comes back

With 400+ online games for all!

Other Benefits from Muzzy BBC Chinese language course in Mumbai

Muzzy BBC also gives options for printable worksheets and flashcards, so you can assess your performance.

There are 28+ vocabulary builder videos as well as 24 sing-along videos too.


Try Muzzy BBC now! The prices are available in the form of monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription. 

Details of which are available on the Muzzy BBC website.


Muzzy BBC has its dedicated website and app in the play store and AppStore so that learning never goes uninterrupted!

CDs Shops

Parents can also invest in CD collections by Muzzy BBC, available on their website and on online shopping platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart among others.   

2. Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU)

The IGNOU offers a Chinese language course focusing on the Mandarin Chinese language and modern culture in China.


The Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) established around 1985, has long sought to promote open and distance-based education in India.


IGNOU now offers numerous courses spread across its 21 departments, from Post-graduate, graduate and Diploma to Short Certificate programmes.

Chinese language courses in IGNOU

The IGNOU offers Chinese language courses for all interested students.

Course features

It is for 6 months, post which a recognized certificate is issued in your name. 

The course aims to teach its participants the basics of the Chinese language and culture


Students can aim to be able to write comfortably 300 characters and interpret 500 more with relative ease.

They will also gain a detailed overview of the Socio-political, Geological and Geographical facts about China too!

Who is the Course for?

Anyone over the age of 18 can enter the course.


Costs are revised regularly, kindly check the website for further details.


Do check out the Certificate for Chinese language course in IGNOU and enjoy learning the Chinese language!

3. Pimsleur

Pimsleur has a Chinese language course! Here are more details.

About Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a method of learning foreign languages developed by Dr Paul Pimsleur.


This method now has over 70+ languages courses and is used by participants worldwide.

About Pimsleur Chinese language courses

Pimsleur offers Chinese language courses through the Pimsleur app.

The Pimsleur method focuses on language retention via repeated exercises and reminders to help you learn the Chinese language faster.

How does the Pimsleur method work?

The Pimsleur method is a revolutionary method to learn a new language.

It helps in speaking too!

Languages and Pronunciation are repeated frequently, to better grasp a language. 

Improving languages by positive reinforcement, anticipation and limits learning to help learn a new language.


Pimsleur’s Chinese language courses online are available in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Prices vary for the US, Canada Citizens and International Clients.


Visit the Pimsleur website for further information on the Chinese language courses online.

4. Foreign Service Institute

Foreign Service Institute is one of the leading centres to learn Chinese language courses in Mumbai.

About FSI

Foreign Service Institute based in the USA, offers foreign language courses for interested candidates.

Who are the clients?

Foreign Language Institute offers online classes, used professionally by Companies and Diplomats to refresh and train their skills easily.

FSI Chinese language courses online

The FSI Chinese language course is divided into two sections- the basic course, and the Professional Course.

Overview on Basic Chinese language course

The Basic course is aimed at individuals with individual interest to learn Chinese language courses. 

How does FSI train its students?

FSI offers its students 120+ hours of personalized video about the modules taught.

Live recorded sessions are under core modules with optional modules, and regular assignments.

The course also offers assistance in finding guides and references to boost your Chinese language studies.

Who is FSI aimed for?

FSI offers its courses for both beginners and intermediate participants.

Large MNCs and Advanced reviewers also benefit greatly from the course.


FSI content such as COurse materials, worksheets and module data are available free on the internet.


Contact your nearest FSI centre for further details on the Chinese language courses.  

5. Transparent language

Transparent language offers Chinese language courses !

About Transparent language

Transparent language is a leading service to help you learn a foreign language.

Courses offered

It has over 100+ languages with assistance from experienced trainers to help you learn a language seamlessly.

Transparent Chinese language courses

 Transparent has Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese language courses available.

Classes are divided according to personal/ Institutional needs.

Course Features

However, all classes are taught by professional trainers.

Guidebooks along with personal feedback is also provided.

How does the Transparent language methodology differ from its competitors?

At Transparent Learning, Classes are organized according to user convenience, and you can meet your trainer before the course begins!

Courses are organized systematically by the trainer and detailed feedback is provided.


The Chinese language courses in Mumbai offered by Transparent Language, vary according to Circumstance.

Prices are available on the transparent website.


Transparent Language is now in ioS and Android devices.

Practice Guides to learn Chinese language Courses

These free and paid services offer you resources to learn Chinese language courses.

6. Duolingo

Chinese language courses are now available in Duolingo, a popular platform to learn and enjoy a language!

About Duolingo

Duolingo is a company to learn a language for free, to make language education accessible for everyone irrespective of circumstance.

Languages offered in Duolingo

They offer 38 languages for free, from popular languages such as Spanish, and French to fictional fantasy languages such as Klingon, High Valyrian and Yiddish, with new ones ‘hatching’ soon.

Chinese language course in Duolingo

Duolingo Application allows you to learn Chinese easily, every day; day by day.

Course Features

They offer free Bite-size lessons, where general skills and phrases are taught.


On successful completion of the lesson of the day, you also have the chance to be featured in the leaderboards for the day/week.

Top winners get exciting in-application rewards!

Who is Duolingo aimed for?

Students who have mastered the Chinese language course in Duolingo can reasonably sit for their Chinese language examinations.

Competitive preparedness

They are proficient up to a B2 in the CEFR grading system, making them eligible to work in Chinese Companies.


It is completely free!

Contact details

Download the Duolingo app in the App Store(on Apple devices) and Google Playstore( for all android devices)

7. Rosetta

Rosetta is another popular site to learn Chinese language courses.

About Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a popular platform to learn a language.


The team of Rosetta Stone has been an ideal name for American clients for 25+ years to learn and immerse in a new language.

The Rosetta Stone Chinese language courses

Rosetta stone Chinese language courses are on your ios and Android as well as in PCs.

Course Features

You begin by learning how to speak and pronounce common Chinese phrases via lessons in the Rosseta stone app.

Rosseta then proceeds to teach you more advanced vocabulary, making you proficient in learning Chinese.


The prices of the Rosseta stone Chinese language course are on their website.

There are attractive discounts for students and military personnel too!


Check out the rosetta website, or download the rosetta stone app to learn more.

8. Earworms

Earworms offer Chinese language courses , through music and vocabulary.

About Earworms

Earworms MBT(Musical Brain Trainer) is an effective method to memorize languages through the application of music.

About Earworms Chinese Language courses

Earworms MBT has two offerings for students who wish to learn a Chinese language course.

Additional Courses

They offer Chinese ln its two popular dialects- Mandarin and Cantonese.

They also offer Chinese for Business Etiquette courses.

How does Earworms MBT teach Chinese language courses?

Earworms MBT teaches Chinese language courses, by their novel approach to using music in the teaching process.


Alongside their Expansive Audio library, they have a dictionary and clavis, for learners’ assistance.


Prices are available in the Earworms App. 

Bundle prices for volumes 1&2 of the Mandarin Chinese language courses are also listed.


Earworms are available on Smartphones and websites.


They also have CD bundles and collections in Audible and Spotify.

Visit the website to know more.

9. Book2 50 Languages

Book2, 50 languages is a quick method to learn a Chinese language course.

How do 50 languages work?

50 languages work both online and offline. 

Course overview

You can learn Chinese language courses online or offline via its structured lessons, which also help you practice your pronunciation.

50 languages Chinese language course in Mumbain

50 languages Chinese language courses are perfect for beginners of Chinese!

For Mobiles

Learners can learn in-app, now available on iPhone and Android devices yay!!

Learn more via their dedicated Chinese language coursebook- available on their website.

Who is 50 languages for?

50 Languages is for beginners wanting to learn a new language.

Courses are structured keeping in mind the language ability of their students.


The 50 languages and book 2 application are free on supported devices.


A supplementary book on the Chinese language courses online in the portal is available via their website.


Download the 50 languages and book2 applications on your mobile devices now!

10. Rocket Chinese

Rocket Chinese has Chinese language courses online.

About Rocket Chinese

Rocket Chinese aims to teach you Chinese in a fun way!

Course overview

It uses podcasts and learning aids to better reach out to students.

Rocket Mandarin Chinese language course

Rocket Chinese available on your smartphones, is a quick way to learn Chinese language courses in Mumbai.

Course features

It uses podcasts and has hours of listening activities to boost your listening skills.

Fun activities are also there in the Rocket Chinese app!


Rocket languages have detailed subscription plans for their Chinese language courses.

Lifetime access

They offer lifetime access to their courses after subscription so that learning never stops.


Check out the Rocket languages website and apps to learn more.

Books and Reference materials

You also have Books and reference materials which are essential to help you learn a language easily.

The Books provide a solid grammatical and lexical framework on which your studies from Chinese language courses stand firmly upon.

11. Teach Yourself

Teach yourself, has Complete Chinese language courses for beginner learners.

About Teach Yourself 

Teach Yourself has 75+ years of experience teaching foreign languages.

It offers CD, Mp3 and Guide books to help you progress in your language studies.

About Teach Yourself Chinese language course

Teach Yourself offers Chinese language courses in leading retailers such as Amazon, and eBay among others.


The edition by Elizabeth Scourfield has detailed guides on the grammar and syntax of the course.

It also has the option of Audio cassettes or CDs for the audio experience.

How does the Teach Yourself Chinese language course work?

Teach yourself aims to teach you Chinese language courses by audio CDs, Mp3 and guide books.

Their Content

The guide books are detailed and provide information on the Chinese language clearly.

Cds and Mp3 improve your language retention and understanding too.


Teach yourself Chinese language course is available on the Amazon website.


Contact the customer helpline in Teach Yourself for assistance in your Chinese language courses.

12. Langenscheidt

Langenscheidt, a popular german language platform offers Chinese language courses.

About Langenscheidt

Langenscheidt provides solutions for people interested to learn a new language.


They have books, Online Dictionaries and guides to help you improve your language.

Chinese language courses by Langenscheidt

Mandarin Chinese language courses are now available in Langenscheidt.

Their content

They offer tour books and common phrasebooks to make your tour to China smooth.

The Langenscheidt also offer other books for candidates with varying levels of experience.

Online Dictionary by Langenscheidt

An Online dictionary for most common words is offered on the Langenscheidt website.

German results

The results are shown in german, with detailed information on its synonyms and antonyms.


Prices for all Langenscheidt are available on their website


To learn more about Chinese language courses offered by Langenscheidt

Please check out their website

About China

China is the Third Largest Country by total landmass, bordering 14 countries.

It has the largest population worldwide, with many Chinese descendants and migrants living worldwide!

China has a beautiful and deep history stretching to tens of thousands of years, spanning numerous rulers, dynasties and forms of government.


Thus, This concludes our ride to the top 12 Mandarin Chinese language courses online.

Our thoughts

Learning Chinese is an essential asset in the developing world,

Knowing Chinese is beneficial both for individuals to impress their peers and score big employment opportunities.


We hope this guide was beneficial to your efforts in learning the Chinese language.

Let us know what you think!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 What is the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese?

Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese differ in their places of Origin.
Mandarin originates from Beijing whereas Cantonese comes from Canton( Guangzhou).

Q.2 Is Mandarin Chinese easy to learn?

Yes, it is! Unlike popular belief, learning Mandarin Chinese is easy😁. 
The spoken section of Chinese is similar to English in numerous ways, thus making it easy to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Q.3 Can I learn Mandarin Chinese?

As they say, language has no age bar, It only depends on your dedication and perseverance to succeed.
Mandarin Chinese can be learnt by anyone from baby toddlers to adults, It only depends on you and the effort you put into learning Mandarin Chinese.

Q.4 I am a housewife for 5+ years now, Can I learn Mandarin Chinese for employment?

Of course, you can! You can learn Mandarin Chinese to get high paying corporate jobs and private clients easily.
(PS: It is also useful as a skill to impress your SO & family)

Q.5 Can I use Mandarin Chinese, If I am frequently travelling?

Yes. Due to the massive Chinese Diaspora worldwide, you will always find a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese anywhere in the world.
Plus by using your Mandarin Chinese skills, you are improving your command of the Mandarin Chinese tongue.

Q.6 As a person in the military, how will Mandarin Chinese be of use to me/ my mates?

Mandarin Chinese is especially useful in the Modern military, especially in Peacekeeping and official duty.
The entire team knowing mandarin Chinese also serves as a star for superiors to add them to senior jobs.
Many courses in the list offer Mandarin Chinese language courses for Military professionals, thus helping your long term goals.
Do check it out!

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