Imagine breaking down characters in the English language into pieces to make newfangled characters. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  Well, the Character in the Modern Chinese language is a broken-down form of traditional Chinese script. Plus, the Japanese language adopted a few Chinese characters in their writing system.  This is just a snippet of how Chinese is an idiosyncratic language. Many more distinctive features conduce to the poise in the Chinese language. Apart from these facts, more than 950 million people speak Chinese, and just think of how much it would benefit you if you learned the Chinese language. In this blog, I’ll familiarize you, readers, with the 10 main and great benefits of Learning the Chinese language in India.

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Before we indulge in the list, let us have an overview of the Chinese language.

A short description of the Chinese language


The Chinese language is the formal language of China. But, more than 15% of the world’s population speaks Chinese, and mind you, it is one of the toughest languages in the world. A few of the hallmarked features of Chinese words and Language as such are:

  • Chinese words share similar sounds. Distinct sounds for different words make the Chinese language a tough one for non-native speakers.
  • Most of us have heard of the Oracle Bones found at archeological sites. These steered to the discovery of the Chinese language. The Chinese characters were written on the earliest oracle bones dating back to the Shang Dynasty. Hence the Chinese language is considered one of the primeval languages in the world.
  • Another interesting thing about Mandarin Chinese is that Mandarin term has its roots in Sanskrit. In other words, the term Mandarin is transmogrified from the Sanskrit word Mantrin.
  • There are more than 100 dialects in the Chinese language. And, Mandarin is one of them very close to the capital city Beijing.
  • Chinese writing is very exotic having relevance for the sequence and the number of strokes taken to complete a single Chinese Character. By and large, the Chinese use 1 to 64 strokes for a character episodically. On top of this, the stroke sequence is left to right and top to bottom.
  • No Plurals, no articles, and no verb inflections are used in this pictographic language i.e the Chinese language. This means that the Chinese people may find it roaringly difficult to master English.
  • Above all, Chinese is one of the formal languages among the UN languages.

Now that we know the features and some facts of the Chinese language and writing, let us plow on to the benefits of learning Chinese in India.

10 Great  Benefits of learning the Chinese language in India

1. Jack up your CV

Learning Chinese in India can hike up your career prospects to new dimensions. It also aids you in probing new career domains as well. This is a very crucial point among the great benefits of learning Chinese in India. As such learning, a foreign language is a plus in widening the prospective career spectrum. Additionally, learning the Chinese language fans out the new and improvised career opportunities in this arena. The much-in-demand career options after learning the Chinese language are:

Chinese Translator:

Chinese Translators are required in significant numbers in India. They Translate documents from English to Chinese and vice versa. Moreover, Chinese translators also help in end-to-end communication with clients and companies.

Chinese Interpreter:-10 great benefits of learning the Chinese language in India.

As we all know, there is a bond between the Indian language and the Chinese language. Also, since the Chinese language is tonal, it is easier for Indians to master the language. Hence, Chinese interpreters in India are in great demand.


More and more people become aware of the benefits of learning the Chinese language in India, which in turn elevates the exigency of Chinese tutors.

Content Writer:

The Chinese language is one of the 10 popular languages used online. This call for more content creators in the Chinese language or Mandarin, to be specific. Content writing in the Chinese language is picking up its pace every year and it is a lucrative post for those proficient in the Chinese language.

2. Communicate with more than 15% of the world’s population

Every 1 in 6 people in the world speaks Chinese. So, mastering this language promotes your communication with so many people around the world. Most Indians are well-versed in Hindi as well as English. Some may even know Spanish and other foreign languages as well. This paves way for conversing with the majority of the world’s population. This not only helps you grow professionally but personally as well. China, Singapore, and Taiwan are the few other countries where Chinese is spoken and understood. Furthermore, this also facilitates understanding more people at a personal level.

3. Cultural Benefits:

Chinese Culture is not a newbie to Indians, or any other nationalities, for that matter. Who doesn’t love Kung Pao chicken and dumplings? Also, Chinese drama is quite popular among Indians. Learning to speak and write Chinese not only opens up to their culture but also helps in understanding the history and heritage of this nation as well. In addition, our love for Chinese movies especially those starring Jackie Chan is profound.

Another important aspect of the Chinese language is Calligraphy. As mentioned before, Chinese follows a specific stroke sequence and emphasizes the pictographic beauty in Chinese scripts. Calligraphy in the Chinese language is regarded as one of the most satisfying art forms worldwide.

4. Tourism and Travel: 10 great benefits of learning the Chinese language in India

China is a beautiful country with picturesque landscapes and topography. Added to this are the rich culture and heritage. If you wish to travel to China or any place where Chinese is spoken like Singapore, Taiwan, etc then learning Chinese would prove to be a nifty choice as this would help enjoy the trip surprisingly well.

Also, there are career opportunities in this line of work in India, like a travel guide or an escort to tourists from Chinese-speaking nations. These kinds of jobs are lucrative since they provide an opportunity to mingle with people outside of our country, thereby aiding in the professional growth of the individual.

5. Global Economy:

China has an indelible influence on the global economy. Be it in agriculture or the manufacturing industry, the Chinese play a pivotal role in contributing on a large scale to the world economy. There has been a strain in the relationship between China and the world, but this doesn’t cut the benefits of learning the Chinese language in India. China is still and will remain the greatest exporter in the world. So, learning the Chinese language will always be a plus in any domain.

6. Intellectual growth: 10 great benefits of learning the Chinese language in India

Chinese language learning utilizes both t sides of the brain to master the language. Unlike Chinese, other foreign languages need only the temporal lobe of the brain. Hence, learning and mastering the Chinese language consumes more brain power than any other language, which is a remarkable intellectual achievement. On top of that, knowing more languages help in multitasking compared unilingual persons.

 7. Being able to Outsmart:

Learning a foreign language, in itself is a smart move. Above that, the Chinese language is one of the few languages that not many masters. So, learning Chinese proves to be an asset to your career prospect. As mentioned above, there is a huge demand and scarceness for Chinese language masters in India. This is one of the few overlooked benefits among the 10 great benefits of learning the Chinese language in India.

8. Chinese is not incomprehensible

The Chinese language may be tough, but not incomprehensible. The language has its share of intricacies like any other foreign language and it may take more time to master as compared to other languages, yet it is worth the time and effort put to master the language. If you gauge the benefits with time and effort, definitely the benefits would be heavier.

9. Higher studies

Statistics show that education in China is improving teaching-vise and research-vise. There are many scholarship opportunities to get admission to Chinese universities as well. As we know, Indians are always keen on seeking higher education from foreign universities. Hence mastering the Chinese language can take them a long way in their career as well as academic path.

 10. A career in NGOs and International Agencies

Since learning a foreign language helps you secure a position in international agencies like the world bank, UNO, IMF, etc, learning Chinese, which is an official language in the UN as well is considered a bonus. In addition to this, many NGOs hire Chinese translators and Interpreters in India.

How to learn Chinese in India- Chinese language Institutes and courses

It is not a surprising fact that Chinese experts are heavily-paid compared to 10 other foreign languages. Many  Chinese language courses are available in India to master the language at various levels. A few of these courses are :

  • Henry Harvin’s Mandarin language course: This is a cyclopedic course to easily learn the Chinese words and become career-ready in this domain.
  • Meiyu Chinese Language Center. 
  • Langma School of languages.
  • Oracle International Language Institute.
  • Confucius Institute
  • YMCA New Delhi.
  • Mandarin School, Chennai.
  • Yellow River Chinese Academy.
  • HanYou Chinese School, and many more.

These Institutes provide Chinese language courses at Certificate level and Diploma levels. The courses are designed to get a broad spectrum understanding of the language Grammar, lexis, reading, writing, etc.

Course fees:  

The course fee for the Chinese language in India ranges from INR 10000 to 50000. In addition to these courses, there are many colleges in India offering Graduate/ post Graduate level Chinese Language courses like the Jawarharlal University, BHU, etc.


The 10 great benefits of learning the Chinese language in India affirms the fact that mastering the language is not just career-friendly but promotes personal growth and intellectual augmentation. So, if you are still wondering whether or not to learn the Chinese language in India- surf through this blog to ascertain the plus points of learning this language. Also, here I have included a few names of the institutes offering Chinese language courses in India for reference purposes. You can easily check the websites to get more info. Happy learning!

FAQ- 10 Great benefits of Learning the Chinese language in India

Is it possible to learn Chinese in two months?

ANS:  There are many proficiency levels in the Chinese language. Mastering all the levels in two months is not possible. If you are new to the turf, start from the basic level course and advance further. Check for the best Chinese language courses in India.

Is learning Chinese good for an IT Career?  

ANS: Yes, learning Chinese is good for an IT career. There is an escalating demand for professionals in the Chinese language in the IT domain. The above list of 10 great benefits of learning the Chinese language in India would help you get an idea about this.

Why is the Chinese language hard to learn?

ANS: The Chinese language is one of the oldest languages in the world. Consequently, the language has its complexities and challenges. Moreover, this is a pictographic language with many strokes to complete a character per se. For more, read the section A short description of the Chinese language in the above post.

Is it true that Mark Zuckerberg learned Chinese?

Ans:  Yes, it is true that Mark Zuckerberg learned Chinese with help from a Chinese tutor.

Are there online Chinese language courses in India? And what is the course fee?

ANS: Yes, there are online Chinese language courses in India. A few of them are listed above. The course fees for online Chinese language courses in India differ for different institutes offering the courses. Please check the websites to get a clear pictu

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