What is Creative Writing?

There is no clear cut definition of Creative writing because it is an art crafted in a way to self-expression. Different forms of writing can be taken as creative which depends on what an individual thinks a creative piece of writing is to him or her. 

The most notable pieces of creative works are novels (fiction and nonfiction) epics, short stories, poetry, and plays. And when it comes to writing for screen and stage then screenwriting and playwriting are creative writing. 

Journalistic writing is also a part of creative writing. However, it is not expressing any ideas or feelings to anyone but is more into presenting facts to inform the readers.

Creative Writing is bound by no rules to Academic or Technical writing. It is free-flow of expression and is original. It is written to convey ideas and entertain readers. Writers write to share their life experiences and use their imagination to present them beautifully and effectively. 

The 11 Best Creative Writing Certification Courses in Indore

1. Henry Harvin: As a competent and career development organization, Henry Harvin’s Education has continuously been enhancing and developing its course studies to meet the needs according to the change in time. The Creative Writing course is designed to fit with the needs of learners to enhance and develop the skills and help them become professional creative writers. 

The Creative Writing course will help students to develop their imagination, devise new ideas, and create that piece of work conforming to no notion but using all the techniques of writing such as idioms, similes, metaphors, dialogues, etc. to creatively express themselves in their writings. The trainers are themselves passionate writers with 10+ years of experience. 


Henry Harvin will bring out the best and the creative side in you, and make you that proficient writer you always wanted to be. After the course is complete and you receive your certificate, you will get an internship opportunity with Henry Harvin. It is 100% guaranteed that you will get placement assistance and Project Support exclusively entitled to CCWS Professionals.

  • Location: Indore
  • Mode: Online with E-learning access
  • Duration: 16 hours of training, 24 hours of brush-up sessions, and 50 hours of e-Learning access
  • Ratings: 4.5/5

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Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by India TodayThe Statesman

2. Digimark: Digimark: This institute is primarily into Digital Marketing and Content Writing courses and also specializes in Creative Writing. You can say it is a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing training and writing needs. 

This institution started 4 years ago with workshops which later evolved into establishing a well-developed institute offering Digital Marketing courses. 

The trainers are all experienced and qualified and have been training students both in India and abroad via online mode. 

  • Location: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 
  • Mode: Online and Offline training
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Fee: INR 8000/-
  • Ratings: 4.7/5 

3. Living Bridge: Living bridge is one of those platforms that helps creative people to bring out the best in them with their training and mentoring workshops that they provide. If you have the talent that you would like to express better in words, be rest assured that you will get the support you need be it Creative Writing, Story Writing, Blog and Content Writing, Food & Traveling Writing, and mentor kids as well in Creative writing. 

You will be in touch with the finest professionals from diverse professions, who are passionate about teaching, to mentor participants. You will be introduced to acting, filmmaking, screenwriting, creative and feature writing, photography, and theatre, etc.

The module of the Creative Writing workshop covers both intensively and extensively focusing on core skill sets required to succeed in the profession. 

So if you want to start with the Basic level of Creative writing and further move to the advanced level, you certainly have the option. The training conducted is to facilitate training and skill enhancement on an ongoing basis by organizing workshops in all segments of Media, Creativity, and Entertainment.

One of the mentors is novelist and columnist, Gouri Dange and the other mentors are prominent professionals in their varied fields: Film and Photography, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Video Editing, Sound Photography, Creative Writing, and Journalism. 

  • Location: Aundh, Pune
  • Mode: Online classes
  • Duration: Basic level – 12 hours or 4 days
  • Course Fee: INR 3000/- 
  • Ratings: 4.9/5

4. Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) Mumbai: Himali Kothari a writer and creative editor have been conducting her creative writing workshop at XIC since 2012, and XIC is a unit of St. Xavier’s College, autonomous. The course module includes both fiction and non-fiction writings and she trains participants to apply all the elements of creative writing to construct compelling narratives. 

  • Location: Mumbai
  • Mode: Online training 
  • Duration: 8 days (Tuesday and Saturday)
  • Course Fee: INR 8000/- including GST 
  • Ratings: 4.3/5

5. British Council: The Introduction to Creative Writing course at The British Council of India is considered to be one of the best programs in the country. It starts with the Beginner A1 level followed by the Elementary A2 level, Intermediate B1 level, Upper Intermediate B2 level, and finally the Advanced C1 level. 

The Creative Writing course will help you realize your dream to be a writer. You will be able to find your unique writer’s voice, enhance your artistic expression, develop a critical appreciation of other styles of writing, express thoughts, etc., and improve your creative writing ability.

To be eligible to apply for admission, you have to pass an English Language level test which costs INR 600, and have to share the screenshot with the British Council staff. And if you are already a British Council library member, you get a special discount of 10% on the course fee.

  • Location: New Delhi and Kolkata
  • Mode: Virtual classes
  • Duration: 50 hours or 9 weeks (Weekend classes) 4:00 Pm – 6:00 Pm
  • Course Fee: INR 9000/- 
  • Ratings: No ratings

6. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL): SCDL is one of the largest autonomous distance learning education institutes in India. Since 2001 it has been providing high-class education to many students. Its Diploma course in Creative Writing will enable you to foster your creative writing skills and hone your writing ability to polish you to become a professional writer. 

You will be acquainted with different genres of writings, including poetry, screenwriting, and memoir. However, the eligibility criteria are to secure a minimum of 50% in XII standard. 

The course structure is quite thorough. You have 2 academic years to complete the Creative Writing course. Since it’s a distance learning course so your course materials will be mailed to you at your address.  

  • Location: No center
  • Mode of training: Distance Learning
  • Duration: 1 year (2 semesters) 
  • Course Fee: Installments: INR 25,00/- and INR 15,000/- One time: INR 35,000/- + INR 1200 for the application form
  • Ratings: 3.6/5

7. The Indira Gandhi National Open School (IGNOU): IGNOU’s distance learning Creative Writing course will help you with the basic learning skills of creative writing as you develop your creative ability to pursue a career in the field of writing.

It is self-paced and materials would be provided by the institute. General Principles of writing, Feature Writing, Short Story Writing, Writing for media, Radio & Television, Writing poetry are what will cover in the Creative Writing course ensuring that you can assimilate this knowledge into implementing them in your creative writings.    

  • Location: Jabalpur Regional center
  • Mode: Distance learning
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Minimum age: 20 years and must pass 10+2 before taking admission
  • Course Fee: INR 3800/- 
  • Ratings: No ratings

8. Writer’s Bureau: With 31 years of success in providing courses in creative writing has helped a lot of the students in getting their writings published and are earning well. A Comprehensive Creative Writing course is available and is advisable for every beginner to enroll in. However, it is ideal for all levels of writers.  

Other types of Creative writing courses are also available that will be of interest to you and they are:

  • Proofreading and Copy Editing Course
  • The Complete Copywriter Course
  • Freelance Journalism Course
  • Writing for Children Course
  • Novel and Short Story Writing Course
  • Non-Fiction and Fiction Writing Course
  • Article Writing Course
  • Biographies, Memoirs and Family Histories Writing Course
  • The Art of Writing Poetry Course
  • Report Writing

You sign up for the course and they will send a prospectus with the details of the course fees. Once the payment is made then you will get all the books delivered home. It is a home-study course with online access that you can study anywhere and whenever you like. 

You have assignments to complete which are assessed by professional writers. They will give their advice on style, presentation, and copyright and guide you on how to sell your writing.  

  • Location: Manchester, UK
  • Ratings: 4.6/5

9. Universal Class Inc: This is another platform for learning Creative Writing and other types of courses that are accredited by the International Association For Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Any short-term certification courses you want they have it all. You have assignments to complete and a quiz to give at the end of every course. And certificates are provided after you completed each course. Other available courses are:

Business Writing $95.00 (19 hours) Proofreading and Copyediting $80.00 (11 hours)
Advertising, Marketing and Sales Writing $90.00 (12 hours) Creative Writing $90.00 (19 hours) 
Creative Writing Workshop $90.00 (14 hours) English Composition $85.00 (11 hours)
ESL Basic Writing Skills $75.00 (11 hours) Essay Writing $90.00 (11 hours)
Freelance Writing $90.00 (6 hours) Historical Fiction $90.00 (23 hours)
How to Write a Short Story $90.00 (11 hours) How to Write Case Studies $ 95.00 (12 hours)
How to Write Short Stories for Children $90.00 (11 hours) Humor Writing $90.00 (11 hours) 
Journaling and Memoir Writing $90.00 (11 hours) Mystery Writing $90.00 (9 hours)
Non-Fiction Writing $90.00 (9 hours) Novel Writing $90.00 (22 hours)
Paranormal Romance $90.00 (12 hours) Poetry Writing $90.00 (17 hours)
Report Writing $75.00 (14 hours) Resume Writing $75.00 (9 hours)
Romance Writing $90.00 (12 hours) Screenwriting $90.00 (12 hours)
Travel Writing $ 90.00 (10 hours) Writing Women’s Fiction $90.00 (7 hours) 
  • Location: No Center
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Mode: Online learning with an instructor
  • Ratings: 4.6/5

10. Lead Academy (Learn Today and Lead Tomorrow): Lead Academy is a leading e-learning provider of varying professional courses that include everything from software expertise, business administration to creative writing. You get materials that are easily accessible from anywhere and everywhere using a phone, laptop, or tablet.  

The Creative Writing course certification are conformed to the globally accepted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards which are recognized globally and nationally across the UK. You get 24×7 email support and lifetime access to the course and have access to a tutor whenever in need. It is self-paced and you can learn at your convenience.

  • Location: UK
  • Duration: No schedule
  • Fee: INR 1905/- 
  • Mode: E-learning with videos
  • Ratings: 4.7/5 

11. University of British Columbia (UBC): edX.org is partnering with UBC and other universities around the globe to create a course for everyone across the world. So UBC’s professors of the Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) are Nancy Lee, Annabel Lyon, and Course Director, Abigail Docherty, and they are the instructors who are conducting the Creative Writing courses for students online to give opportunities to everyone who wants to learn from established writers. 

Two prominent Creative Writing courses that are conducting online are:

  1. How to Write a Novel Structure & Outline 6 weeks (4-6 hours per week) Fees: INR 21,745/- 
  2. How to Write a Novel: Writing the Draft 6 weeks (4-6 hours per week) Fees: INR 21,745/-
  • Mode: Instructor-led training
  • Ratings: 4.6/5 

12. IIM Skills

13 Skills Upgrader

14 Tech Forest’s

The types of Creative writing are:

  • Poetry
  • Plays
  • Travelogues
  • Movie and Television scripts
  • Memoirs
  • Fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories)
  • Songs
  • Speeches
  • Personal essays

How do writers start their creative writing journey?

Here is a fact, not every voracious reader is a writer or a good writer, as it all depends on the interests of an individual. However, if one aspires to become a better writer for the love of playing with words and self-expression, then reading is the best way to become good at it. 

Basic Tips for writers

  • Patience
  • Excellent Grammar knowledge
  • Diversify your reading materials
  • Strong vocabularies
  • Practice writing
  • Determination and Discipline

How do readers read?

Avid readers read to comprehend the subject matter and retain all the information that they have acquired from it; they don’t read just to consume. This is an important constituent of the learning process, and reading improves vocabulary and critical thinking.

Reading Process and how it helps?

Source: https://www.wikihow.com/

If you are interested in literary writing the process will be to further analyze a literary book to understand how the book was written and why that particular book was so amazing to read or maybe why it is less superior than the other books.

In the analysis phase, the reader breaks each section of the book to understand why the story began in such a way? What each page of the book made you feel? Why did the author add such a character trait in the story? What did those dialogues in the book accomplish line by line? And after analyzing stage by stage you will learn to incorporate a similar style into your piece of writing and create something incredible like those masterpieces of renowned writers of the world. 

So for every aspiring literary writer, I suggest that you read the genre of books you are more interested in and read more. In that way, you learn how to tell your stories in the books that you will write.

While for other writers I suggest that you read every piece of writing that you can get hold of to improve your writing skills and style of writing. 

You will come across topics that you are already aware of and some topics would be new to you and that’s perfectly all right. It will be difficult to comprehend at first but you can research more on the topic and get more relevant topics to read and that will help you to conceptualize the topic and make it better for you to comprehend the basic essences of the topics even quicker each time.

You can explore one topic at a time and delve into it and expand your learning and knowledge. But if you have been experiencing some writer’s block and are running out of ideas to write on. Don’t worry! Don’t stress yourself but take it easy. 

How to de-stress yourself before writing?

Before writing anything you need to be without stress. One of the finest ways to de-stress yourself is to do gibberish writing. This type of writing needs no form or rules of any writings. You can start writing anything that is there in your heart and mind.

All that is bothering you all day or all night – you can let it flow from your system. And you will find that what remains in your mind is mental peace. You need mental peace to be able to write. This you can do whenever you feel the need to express yourself. “You write because you feel the need to free yourself of something.” T. S. Elliot. What’s surprising is that it is from this free-flow writing that you can actually find some tips for writing.

Secondly, you can listen to some instrumental music for 10 minutes whenever you need to, to have mind control. So these two practices can help you to come up with ideas to write.

How to develop your voice in writing?

Source: https://www.lingualbox.com/

Creative writing is all about storytelling. You have your vocabularies, tone, and perspective to use to convey your message to people in the written form and that is how you can build your unique style which becomes your voice. P.D. James rightly said that you need to write to develop your style of writing. 

How to draft an excellent piece of writing?

1. Imagination: It is that faculty of the mind that not everyone has rightly used or have not used to its full potential. Writers use imagination in their pieces of writing. Fictions are all written from imagination. What I have learned is that most writers have written their best selling books with no idea in mind. 

They randomly write with a vague idea in mind, and gradually let imagination step in to form new ideas and perceptions. A mental picture is created in the mind which further leads from one scene to the next. 

Don’t worry if you have no idea to write on, just start and that faculty of the mind will lead your way. It’s a resource that is available to everyone and is in-built in everyone’s mind– you just need to trust and tap into it and words will find you. 

2. Creative use of metaphors and smilies: Observe how writers use metaphors to describe different feelings and emotions and look closely at how they use them in paragraphs and sentences. Use them in your writings too to make your piece of writing more colorful and easier to understand. 

3. Immerse yourself completely: When you immerse yourself into the story you can plan the plots carefully, develop characters to engage the readers, use effective figures of speech, write good dialogues and create anecdotes to have that effect you want in the story with vivid settings. 

Recommended Reads:


1. Don’t know how to start?

Find your interest and start writing daily. Read everything that you can get hold of to improve your vocabulary and sentence construction.

2. Which genre interests you the most?

Read as much as you can and whatever genre interests you more, do more reading on it, and start building your creativity and style on that particular genre.

3. How to get ideas to write?

Ideas can come at anytime and anywhere. If you have started writing already you just need to open your eyes to observe everything around you; you can get ideas and inspirations from any place and keep a notebook with you at all times.

No one can become a writer in one day or a week – it takes months and years of practice. It also depends on person to person and how desirous you are to become one.

It is not difficult at all. It just needs one who is interested in wordplay, and who wants to express oneself more creatively. You can develop the skill which will come only with practice and the key is persistence! You can be what you want to become. All that is needed of you is your burning desire!

{ “@context”: “https://schema.org/”, “@type”: “Product”, “name”: “The 14 Best Creative Writing Certification Courses in Indore: 2023”, “image”: “https://hh-certificates.sgp1.digitaloceanspaces.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/19054543/ask-henry-10.png”, “description”: “The 14 Best Creative Writing Certification Courses in Indore in 2023 [Updated] Learn More About Creative writing If you have always wanted to write but don’t know how to go about it -but you do know you have the interest and the zeal to learn how to write! Gladly, you are in the right place where you can earn from the best and get all the guidance you need from the best in class of institutes.”, “brand”: { “@type”: “Brand”, “name”: “Henry Harvin” }, “aggregateRating”: { “@type”: “AggregateRating”, “ratingValue”: “4.7”, “bestRating”: “5”, “worstRating”: “1”, “ratingCount”: “81239” } }


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