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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an evolving field that involves the development of intelligent machines. If you are thinking of a career in AI, then it will best choice. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for an AI engineer in the United States is around $114,000 per year. Machines formed by AI can perform various tasks that require human intelligence. These can perform tasks such as data analysis, fraud detection and problem-solving. AI has already transformed many industries, including healthcare, finance, and transportation. It has the potential to revolutionize many more industries.


One of the most exciting aspects of AI is that it can learn from data and improve over time. Hence, it is a powerful tool for solving complex problems and making predictions.

You must have come across an advertisement, or might have used Alexa that-

Hey, Alexa, play this song. These are AI that can understand natural language and perform tasks for users. Also, AI is being used in self-driving cars to help them navigate the roads safely and efficiently. As AI continues to advance- it holds promising careers for AI engineers. As the field grows so will the increment in the AI engineer’s salary will be noticed.

Who is an AI engineer?

Artificial intelligence career

An AI engineer is a professional trained in the field of artificial intelligence. 

AI engineer handles designing, developing, and implementing AI-based systems and technologies. The role of an AI engineer involves working with a team of experts to develop AI algorithms and models.

Skills that AI engineers must have

  1. Understanding of various programming languages, such as Python, Java, and C++.
  2. Have a sound knowledge of machine learning and other AI technologies.
  3. Must be familiar with various AI frameworks, tools, and libraries.
  4. AI engineers need to have strong problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities.
  5. Analyze complex data sets and develop innovative solutions that can solve real-world problems.

Understanding the Role of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer develops and implements AI-based solutions. These solutions can automate and optimize various business processes. As an AI engineer, you will handle a range of important tasks, which may include:

  1. Designing and Developing AI-based Systems: AI engineers design and develop complex AI-based systems and applications. These can process large volumes of data and perform complex tasks. They use various AI tools and techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing to develop these systems.
  2. Data Analysis and Modeling: AI engineers are responsible for analyzing data. They use statistical analysis and other data modelling techniques to create predictive models. These are used for accurate predictions and decisions.
  3. Integration with Existing Systems: AI engineers work with other teams to integrate AI-based systems and applications. They also ensure that these systems are compatible with different devices and platforms.
  4. Testing and Validation: AI engineers are responsible for testing and validating AI-based systems. They also ensure its smooth functioning. In case of any trouble-shooting, they work to resolve them as quickly as possible.
  5. Continuous Improvement: AI engineers are responsible for continuously improving AI-based systems and applications to ensure that they are always up to date with the latest trends and technologies. They also monitor performance metrics and make necessary adjustments to optimize system performance.

Roadmap to become an AI engineer

  1. Degree or certification in computer science, engineering, or a related field.
  2. Knowledge of machine learning and programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++.
  3. Work on AI-related projects.
  4. Have hands-on experience in AI topics.
  5. Gain experience through internships or research positions.
  6. Have a hold of the latest advancements in AI.

AI engineer salary

AI engineers’ salaries can vary depending on various factors such as location, experience, industry, and demand. Here are some approximate figures for entry-level AI engineer salaries across the globe:

AI engineer salary

What Are the Factors that Influence an AI Engineer’s Salary?

United States$80,000 to $200,000 per year.
India7 to 10 lakhs per year.
Canada80,000 to CAD 120,000 per year.
Australia100,000 to AUD 150,000 per year.
United Kingdom100,000 to AUD 150,000 per year.
AI engineer salary in different countries

Factors that can affect the salary of an AI engineer:

1. Location

The cost of living and the demand for AI talent can vary from region to region. These factors can affect AI engineer salary levels. For example, If you are looking for an AI engineer job in Silicon Valley, California or New York City. These countries will have higher salaries because of booming AI career opportunities. Also, these places have a high cost of living.

2. Experience and Education

Experienced AI engineers with advanced degrees such as PhDs or Masters can command higher salaries. Similarly, those who have worked on high-profile projects or have expertise in certain areas can command higher salaries.

3. Industry

The industry in which an AI engineer works can also have an impact on salary levels. For example, AI engineers working in finance or healthcare earn higher salaries.

4. Company Size

The size of the company an AI engineer works for can also impact their salary. Companies such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft pay higher salaries than smaller startups.

5. Technical Skills

AI engineers with expertise in deep learning or reinforcement learning can command higher salaries due to the high demand for these skills.

Countries for Artificial Intelligence Jobs 

A career in AI is a lucrative decision. Artificial intelligence jobs are available in many countries around the world. Below, are the names of the countries that are having a strong presence in the AI industry. 

1. United States:

The US is a global leader in AI research and development, with many tech companies based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and other cities. The US is the right choice for people thinking to start a career in AI. Some of the top companies hiring AI professionals in the US include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM.

2. Canada:

Canada has a growing AI industry and is home to several leading research institutions, including the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Toronto. Some of the top companies hiring AI professionals in Canada include Google, Microsoft, and Shopify.

3. United Kingdom:

The UK has a thriving tech sector and is home to many AI startups. Thus making it the right choice to start a career in AI here. The UK has many well-established tech companies such as DeepMind and SwiftKey. 

4. Germany:

Germany has a strong reputation for engineering and is home to many AI startups and research institutions. Some top companies hiring AI professionals in Germany include Bosch, Siemens, and SAP.

5. China:

China is investing heavily in AI research and development. Tech companies focused on AI in China are  Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. Beijing and Shanghai are major hubs for AI jobs in China.

6. India:

India has a growing AI industry and is home to several startups and research institutions focused on AI. Some of the top companies hiring AI professionals in India include Accenture, IBM, and Infosys.

7. Israel:

Israel has a strong reputation for innovation and is home to many startups and research institutions focused on AI. Some of the top companies hiring AI professionals in Israel include Intel, Microsoft, and Mobileye.

8. Japan:

Japan has a strong reputation for robotics and is investing heavily in AI research and development. Some top companies hiring AI professionals in Japan include Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi.

These are just a few examples of countries offering promising career opportunities in AI. Other countries such as France, South Korea, and Australia also have growing AI industries and offer many AI job opportunities.

Top Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  1. Machine Learning Engineer: Machine Learning Engineer is a professional who specializes in designing and implementing machine Learning algorithms and models: They develop software applications that use these models to solve real-world problems.
  2. Data Scientist: Collect and analyze large and complex data sets to identify insights and solve problems.
  3. Research Scientist: Conduct research and develop new AI technologies and applications.
  4. AI Product Manager: Define and manage AI-based products and services.
  5. Computer Vision Engineer: Develop computer vision models and algorithms to enable machines to understand visual information.
  6. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer: Develop NLP models and algorithms to enable machines to understand human language.
  7. Robotics Engineer: Design, build, and program robots for various applications.
  8. Ethicist: AI ethicists develop ethical guidelines and principles for AI development and use.
  9. Business Development Manager: Identify and pursue business opportunities related to AI.
  10. Technical Sales Engineer: Sell and support AI products and services for customers.
  11. Systems Analyst: Analyze and optimize AI systems and processes.
  12. Technical Writer: Create technical documentation for AI-based products and services.
  13. Project Manager: Manage the development and implementation of AI projects.
  14. Instructor: Teach and train individuals or teams in AI-related topics and skills.

These are a few examples of the many AI-related jobs available. The field of AI is continually expanding and changing, with new developments and advancements emerging regularly. Thus, providing a promising career in AI. 

Still have a doubt:

Here are some examples of recent AI applications:
  1. GPT-3 Language Generation: You, have definitely heard of GPT-3. It is a  language generation model. From writing articles, composing poetry, and even code writing. It is being used by companies to automate content creation and improve customer service.
  2. Facial Recognition: Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone. You must have locked your phone using Face id. Facial recognition technology is being used by law enforcement agencies to identify suspects, and by companies to provide personalized customer experiences.
  3. Self-Driving Cars: You, must have heard about self-driving cars developed by companies such as Tesla and Google. These cars use artificial intelligence to interpret data from sensors and make decisions about how to navigate the road.
  4. Healthcare Diagnosis: AI is being used to improve the accuracy of medical diagnoses. For example, machine learning algorithms can analyze medical images and identify patterns that are difficult for human doctors to detect.
  5. Fraud Detection: AI is being used by financial institutions to detect and prevent fraud. Machine learning algorithms can analyze transactions and identify patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity.

Knowing all these latest trends. You must get a fair idea. Scope of a career in AI  in the near future.

Best AI Courses:

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Henry Harvin is a reputable institution that offers a variety of courses in different areas, including artificial intelligence. Their AI course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a career in this exciting field.

Course Content:

  1. Covers a wide range of topics including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.
  2. Provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes both theory and practical application.
  3. Offers hands-on learning opportunities through real-world projects and problem-solving exercises.
  4. Experienced Instructors and dedicated instructors
  5. Flexible Learning Options:
  6. Offers both online and in-person classes to accommodate different learning styles and schedules.
  7. Allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  8. Practical Approach to Learning

Course Duration: 32 hours of training.

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Overall, the Henry Harvin AI course is a great option for anyone looking to learn about artificial intelligence and develop the skills they need to succeed in this field. With its comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, flexible learning options, and practical approach to learning, this course provides a strong foundation for a successful career in AI.

Similar courses offered by Henry Harvin:

Online Courses: 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field, and many people are interested in learning more about it. 

Fortunately, numerous free resources are available online that can help individuals learn about AI without spending a lot of money. There are many free resources available to learn about AI. Here are some options:

  1. Online courses: Platforms like Coursera, edX and Udemy offer free courses on AI and machine learning.
  2. YouTube: There are many channels dedicated to AI and machine learning, such as “3Blue1Brown” and “Two Minute Papers.”
  3. Books: Many books on AI and machine learning are available for free in online libraries like Project Gutenberg or Open Library.
  4. Online communities: Joining online communities like Reddit/MachineLearning or GitHub can provide access to helpful resources and discussion forums.
  5. AI software tools: Some AI software tools like TensorFlow and Keras provide free tutorials and documentation on their websites to help users learn how to use their tools effectively.

The cons of these resources are that they lack practical hands-on training experience.


As an AI language model, I firmly believe that there are tremendous future opportunities for AI engineers. Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology, and it has the potential to transform virtually every industry.

AI engineers are at the forefront of this transformation, driving innovation and creating new solutions that have the potential to change the world. As businesses continue to embrace AI technologies to improve their processes, products, and services, the demand for skilled AI engineers is only going to increase.

If you have a passion for technology and want to work on projects that have the potential to change the world, then becoming an AI engineer is an excellent career choice. With the growing demand for AI engineers and the exciting opportunities available in the field, there has never been a better time to pursue a career in AI.

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What are the benefits of AI?

AI can enhance efficiency and accuracy in decision-making, automate repetitive and dangerous tasks, improve healthcare outcomes, and provide personalized experiences to customers.

What are the risks associated with AI?

The risks associated with AI include loss of privacy, job displacement, biases in decision-making, and potential misuse of the technology.

What measures can we take to guarantee the ethical and responsible application of AI?

Responsible use of AI can be ensured through transparency in data usage, the development of ethical guidelines, the inclusion of diverse perspectives, regular monitoring and auditing of systems, and collaboration between governments, industry, and society.

Is it wise to pursue a career in AI?

Pursuing a career in AI can be a smart move. AI is a rapidly growing and evolving industry, with a wide range of applications in various sectors. As companies continue to adopt AI technologies, the demand for skilled AI professionals is expected to rise. 
AI professionals typically enjoy lucrative salaries and have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and solve complex problems. 

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