Content planning can take up a lot of time that you would rather devote to actual writing work. Even if you have great ideas popping inside your head, it is when it comes to executing them that you start feeling the pain. 

“Your content marketing campaigns will suffer if you fail to implement writing ideas correctly. However, when you use helpful planning tools, content marketing can ensure booming success.”

– Neha Mondal, Content Writer.

Here is a list of top content planning tools to streamline your writing:

Tool#1: ContentCal

This is a mapping tool that allows you to visualize and plan your future content writing campaigns. ContentCal not only just keeps you in the right direction, but also helps you to present a social media plan across various platforms. 

ContentCal automates posting from within the platform, and stores all your social networking information including visuals, schedules, and correspondence in one place.

Tool#2: Trello

This is an easy-to-use content planning tool with extremely rich and attractive features.

The tool allows you to get work done by inviting and collaborating with other people. Use Trello’s lists, cards, and boards to prioritize and plan your writing projects in an enjoyable way. 

Tool#3: TextOptimizer

TextOptimizer enables you to optimize content according to search queries using semantic analysis. Google matches queries with results based on search intent. 

When you enter a query into the tool, it retrieves several affiliated terms and ideas. It then aligns your content with Google expectations and helps you create content that the search engine can find easily.

Tool#4: Google Calendar

Google Calendar can be used for the daily planning of your blog publications. The tools allow you to decide the exact time and date for posting content and store topic ideas for future posts. 

You can also schedule events and prepare to-do lists and sync them with your mobile device.

Tool#5: Monday

Monday helps content marketers to schedule content and collaborate with others. You can manage your team members and marketing campaigns with this tool.

“The tools offer several DIY calendar-format planning options that can be integrated into WordPress. You can create a calendar in Google Spreadsheets using Monday for future planning.”

  • Vidhushi Gupta, Blogger.

Tool#6: Gather Content

It is a useful planning tool that stores content and invites others to collaborate on every project. You can create, organize, and store your content in one place with this tool.

Besides, Gather Content provides you with guidelines to share particular information so that any issues generated do not affect your business.

Tool#7: Wrike

Wrike helps in generating highly-detailed plans. Use its drop-down menus to plan and forecast project timelines and actionable tasks.

The tools offer complex functions that can increase usability to run marketing campaigns.

Tool#8: Wunderlist

It is crucial to plan your content writing activities in advance. Digital tools like Wunderlist can help you manage several many tasks easily by keeping your ideas well organized and reminding you of tasks-to-do. 

With Wunderlist, you can transform your emails into to-do lists that you can print or share with others in one click.

Tool#9: Dropbox

Forgot to save your piece on Google Drive for easy access? No problem. This an online file storage tool that allows you to access your documents from any device. Moreover, you can exchange big video files and collaborate on a post.


There are several accessible tools to manage workflow, organize content, and share your files. These tools not only leaves enough time for editing but also make sure you post fresh content well-before deadlines.

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