Don’t be an Industry, Be a Brand!!

Please don’t greet me with the phrase “You’re here too!” I know I’m a management concept and according to you I shouldn’t be here but I’m helpless! I’m Six Sigma and if my ears hear even the inch of the word ‘waste’, I walk straight away and rescue people from the unnecessary investments they’re going through.


It is true that the core Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries and Six Sigma are poles apart BUT only in your heads. The pillars of Biotech industries are Research and Development departments. The Research department can individually be credited for the success of any P&B company. And since research has very strong ties with Six Sigma so its role cannot be denied in the field of biotechnology.

Since only numbers with facts do the magic so I would directly jump to some key points now as to how Six Sigma’s presence and its effective implementation can revolutionalize the biotech sector. The major issues that occur are:


Launching the product alone is not sufficient today, being the first one to launch it is the key. Competitors are many and being ahead of them is all what counts, and amidst all of this you cannot afford to lag behind. But the key to be your customer’s trusted choice lies not just in the quality rather sometimes its all about being the only one present. Six Sigma training gives you an extra edge with

  1. Value Stream Mapping
  2. Process Modelling

How it helps?

Value Stream Mapping examines all aspects of the product in detail which you might miss otherwise and hence results into low operational costs while process modeling covers its span over the minute details of not just the products but even the entire project thus leading to improved operational efficiencies.

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Long Term Result:

Reduced cycle time -> Fast Delivery of Product -> No1 P&B Industry


Had you been in any other industry I would not have stressed on this aspect but the make or break for P&B lies entirely in the % of defects. Even small variations can impact the final outcome of the product in substantial amounts. Unless standardized tools and techniques are not used, desired drugs and clinical products cannot be developed.

How it helps?

Six sigma implements statistical and time tested tools, since mathematically tested tools always reduce the possibility of human as well as process errors therefore it results in finished products with zero errors.

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Long Term Result:

Reduced defects -> Zero Error Product -> Customer’s Trusted Brand

No 1 P&B Industry and Customer’s trusted brand, do you real think you need more than this? Yes?? Well then not a problem for at least us because Yes is the only word that we’re never afraid of, Six Sigma might have some limitations but Six Sigma, not at all. We are all set with our perfection shoes on us to assist you in your journey from being a company to a brand.

What is Biotechnology?

It is the branch of the biology that uses the different scientific applications on the living organisms and systems for production of the various products by applying various tools and application.

What is the relationship between Six Sigma and Biotechnology?

An effective implementation of Six Sigma in the field of biotechnology provides a strong opportunity to increase customer satisfaction. Six Sigma strategy realizes a reduction in the errors and defects in the finished products. It thus reduces the cost and cycle time and results in the fast delivery of the finished products with no errors

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