Understand the leaks. Yes, this is the core concept to make any initiative profitable. But what is a leak? A leak is any defect in a process, pushing your productivity or profitability down drastically. A leak in the entire production process which is hard to notice prima facie is the game changer. It is a strict discipline for in-depth scrutiny of a production process and fulfilling zero defect production or services.

For a fruitful business, the resources available should be utilized to their maximum brim. Six sigma is developed to nullify wastage. It is effective enough to find out even the least possible leak and also resolves as well.

If you are in e-commerce you must go through a six sigma course. If you experience the things are getting messy and hard to supervise as so many processes are involved or despite generating revenue still the growth is stagnating and the things are not leveraging up. Then you need to support your system with six sigma process.

You might be wondering how the six sigma process helps an e-commerce professional. It helps you to:

Define the standard of the deliverables. In this process, a benchmark of quality is set.
Products and pre-sale & after sales services go with this set.

Measure the whole production process which is needed to be in harmony to achieve the defined benchmark. It is to define all different bodies of a production pipeline

Analyze the key factors posing a hindrance to come up with the desired quality. For example- the problem behind high count of number of goods return could be mishandling of packaging by shipping partner or poor quality packing rather than malfunctioned manufacturing.

Improve different bodies of the unit to eliminate the defects you just came to know about in during the “Analyze” step. If it’s really the packing issue, as per our example, set strict rules for packing goods.

Control the amendments we made to eliminate poor quality goods or services.

I reiterate to all e-commerce professionals for opting a six sigma program to take their individual skills and productivity to the whole new level. Things might take a bit of time before showing results as it takes time to analyze data and making improvements in place but in long run it is sure to be worth time and hard work you put into it.

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