Preface to Six Sigma 

Six Sigma is defined as the set of techniques and tools for process improvement which was originally developed by Motorola. Six Sigma allows improving the quality of process output by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business process improvement. Six Sigma became a part of the culture and six sigma established itself as the right of the industry.

ASQ, The American society of quality was the first biggest provider of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Meanwhile,’ Lean’ the Japanese-inspired concept began to gain popularity. Six Sigma allows to control the process and get the desired results, every time Six Sigma level is a metric used to indicate the quality level of a product, process, or service. The higher performance levels indicate with the higher sigma levelsThis Lean Green Sigma  Certification is going to occupy a valuable position in the future corporate. 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

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and industrial world.

Six Sigma aims to reduce the defects, flaws, roadblocks that are present in the business environment preventing the business to reach its ultimate goal. Lean Six Sigma experts is a master training program to enrich the process management, analytical, and leadership skills of the learners. It is better to learn from widely respected industry experts to explore, analyze, and solve management problems using 20 + management tools. Six Sigma Certification courses delivered in online and class mode.

  1. Henry Harvin Education

 Henry Harvin is a leading career development organization. It focuses on value creation. This prestigious Educational  Institution, respected worldwide for its business of training, skill development, and assessment centres. Their vision is to reshape the growth of individuals and organizations. Globally by delivering excellent training. Itconsultantshave on to innovate in products, process people to build the highest levels of operational efficiencies. Henry Harvin  Six Sigma Certification ranked 1 in the industry by India Today and Business standards.

Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green Belt Certification 

Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green Belts Certification Course is aligned to the IASSC book of knowledge. It imparts the key skills by combining Lean and DMAIC  Methodology. The learners who enroll for this course can gain experience of 12 + projects.

Benefits of  Henry Harvin Course

 Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green Belt Course has 28 hours of live online interactive classroom sessions. It provides the facility to undergo projects in DMACphrases, Lean Six Sigma, and more.

Henry Harvin provides internship assistance to gain practical experience of the learnings, After the completion of the course, the learners were rewarded with HallmarkCertificate of CSSE-Gb with 100.%placement support with Six Sigma Green Belt  Course the learner can benefit from boot camps. and E-Learning access. They can get I year of Gold membership of Henry Harvin’s Management Academy for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt  Course.

 Trainer at Henry Harvin

 The trainers of Henry Harvin were carefully selected and recognized by numerous organizations over the years for their work. The trainer has delivered 350+ lectures and is currently a select domain expert withHenry Harvin management academy. 

Course, Duration and fee structure 

The learners can enroll in the self-paced course for Rs 42300/  and the duration of the course is 4 days/ 32hours. for a live virtual classroom, the fee structure is RS47000/Read

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Six Sigma Courses are provided:

2. Skillogic

 Skillogic is an IT consulting and professional certification training provider which leads its services globally across 30 + countries including Netherlands, UAE, UK, USA, India, etc. It adopts skills of the new age to accelerate the learners.

About the course

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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Six Sigma is the quality management certification course.  Globally, it is recognized by industries. When we speak of course objectives after completion of the Six SigmaGreen Belt Certification Course. The learner can be able to participate and able to improve the initiatives in their organization. They can create a system to identify an opportunity for improvement. They can create hypotheses for testing and analyze phones. They can use a mini tab for data analysis. They provide a statistical technique for data-driven analysis.

The highlight of the course 

All the content of the training program is based on the latest Six Sigma. The course earns 16 hours of PDU training. It also provides a complimentary 180 days of high-quality E-Learning access. It also provides premium access to six sigma resources and the six sigma job portal Instructor-led The highest light of the course is its trainers. All of them were best-certified instructors with decades of experience in the subject matter.

Fee Structure of the course

The learner who wishes to enroll for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification  Training Course with payment of RS15,900/+ GST. The learning mode of the course is 5 days skillogic study kit includes the courseware soft copies of study materials, sample questions.

Why skillogic?

All the course content of skillogic are accredited globally to ensure a high-quality consistent training service. Its case study approach improves the learner’s learning experience and encourages immediate use of newly acquired skills. Its blending learning model is designed to fit the learner’s requirements.

Class Training Location in India

Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Agra.

3. Grey Campus

 Grey Campus helps people to grow their careers through skills and certification. The key to success in the career is continuous upskilling and certification. Grey Campus offers an online instructor-led program that is interactive, engaging, and effective. Their programs provide lectures from experts, study plans, hands-on projects, mentorship, continuous assessments.

Added benefits  of the course

 The five aspects of the DMAIC ( Define, Measure, Analyse, improve, and control). The LSSGB exam tests optimize the score of the learner with this training and by knowing where to emphasizes their efforts and scale up that accordingly.

Through the grey campusLSSGB training, the learners can earn every module of six sigma topics in depth. The mentorship sessions and simulated exams pave the path to keep practicing and identifying the weakness area of the learner.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a universally recognized credential for quality management professionals. This course polishes your ability to interpret

Some of the featured programs

  • Data science career Program
  • Web development career pr program
  • Lean Six Sigma yellow belt training course

4. Benchmark 6ix Sigma

Benchmark offers a complete range of online lean six sigma programs. They are pioneers of this program. Global member of ASQ family. Benchmark 6ix Sigma utilizes effective methodologies which lead to scope for improvement and this is measured through business result. They are among the top three in the world. It is an accredited training provider of exemplar.

About the benchmark six Sigma 

The first Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program in India was initiated by BenchMark in 2001. This program was offered in both corporate and public training 

Who can benefit

The Professionals who have the willingness to solve business problems by using a structured approach can get benefit from Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. The professionals who are in progressive management want to make a change for the betterment. The professional who wants to build competence in domain independence.

Salient features 

 The program was facilitated by Multi-Industry Experts. They are corporate coaches and consultants. They have significant training experience in manufacturing aswellas services. This program provides 36 hours of Instructor-Led classroom training. This program contains 2   simulation projects with 36 PDU s for DMI credentials. 

Training packages with Duration    

Along with the course material, it for Green Belt body of knowledge the provide training preparatory.  Training material contains data and templates for analysis. The duration course is 4 days of Instructor-led classroom training with 200+practice questions. Their certificates are globally recognized with lifetime.

  • Some of their online training program
  • Master Black Belt Certification
  • Business modeling
  • Lean Practioner and Lean guide 
  • Business Analytics practitioner 
  • Business value Analyst
  • Design thinking practioner

5. Six Sigma us, India

Six Sigma.Us provides a virtual Instructor-led Training program schedule. They do Lean events. They provide lean six sigma online certification training. Lean focused Six Sigma Green Belt webinarSix Sigma .us was the first training certification provider to offer the fast two weeks of Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt Certification together.

Specialization of the course 

This program is conducted online or on-site to min tab training at introductory and advanced levels.

  • DESS
  • Champion
  • Minitab
  • Lean
  • Green process management

Six Sigma Green Belts

This program covers the important aspects of the statistical methods needed to complete the Six Sigma road map. The class time is received with two weeks. The learns will be tasked with improving existing processes by the green belt certification which is ideal .6 Sigma.us offers an internationally recognized Six SigmaGreen Belt training and certification.

 Benefits of the Course

By the master black belt  Instructor with real-world knowledge and extensive project experience, every course was taught. It provides valuable data files and templates that may be kept by the student and used for certification projects and other projects in the future. The students will receive two certificates for the completion of the Six SigmaGreen Belt. Students

Will receive two certificates one certificate for completing the training and another certificate for completing a live project.

Their  trending course

Lean focused Green Belt Webinar

Lean Root Cause analysis specialized training

6. Intelligence Quality

Business Management Consultant in Chennai is Intelligence quality. It is specialized in Lean and Six Sigma strategies. It Is an organization where we get the ability to learn and translate the learning into action instructor-led action instructors mate competitive advantage.

They motivate, train,  create and maintain a code of ethics as a formal standard of business which leads to the growth of the business industry.

Some of the trending course

Yellow Belt, Black Belt, Statistical process control, Lean workshop, Managerial statistics.

IQ Six Sigma Green Belt Certification online training

Six Sigma Belt is the second level of Six Sigma, the learner can execute process-level improvement projects. They can collect process data and develop a process map. The learners can enable the improvement in a process by collecting, analyzing, and qualifying the data. By learning to execute the Six Sigma methodology, they can work with confidence to ensure process gains with process owners.

Impact of the training

 Learning the importance and significance of Six Sigma methodology, the learners can become team players. By the successful implementation of Six Sigma, the learner can get clarity in concepts regarding, identifying, and prioritizing various projects. Learners can analyze using Minitab 17software and device solutions for a business problem using statistical tools and techniques. They can very well excel in project management techniques.

7. Path Maker .360

Pathmaker. 360 is a business consultancy and training company. It is a leader and trainer business improvement and. Passion process improvement.

Duration of the program

10 days integrated certification program

4 days training and 6 days project work. Including 2 free foundation courses. They charge Rs 12000/ for this course. 

Benefits of the course

The learners who attend the program can gain enhancing productivity, sales improvement, innovation, training and development, process improvement and management, inventory management, and control.

Rank # 8 ITech Gurus

ITech Gurus is a professional coaching and training solution provider for a project-driven organization.

Deliverable course

  1. DMAIC approach and DFSS tools
  2. 21PDU- contact hours
  3. Study materials with four days of class and hands-on projects
  4. Content aligned to ASQ, IASSC, and their application assistance.
  5. Certified trainer support with placement assistance.
  6. LSSGB certification with exam
  7. Learn mini tab

The fee and duration of the course

The duration of the course is 4 days with the fee of  Rs 11,999 classroom or online.   

Rank # 9  Expert Ranking

This institute is offering online certification to individuals.

About the course

 The cost of the course is $ 99.99. The cost of the course is revised shortly. 

Benefits of the course

 The course comes with 3 PDU

200 practice Questions

100% money-back guarantee

A free trial offer

10. MSI Certified Six Sigma Training Course 

Management and strategy institute ( MSI) provides online certified courses that are flexible 

MSI Course

Every course includes  400 practice questions covering all the topics with the addition of 3 PDU.

 Cost of the course

The fee structure for a certified Six Sigma training course is $ 199.95. It is a self-paced course. They are the best value providers. They focus on the satisfaction of the learner. If the learner were not satisfied, they will refund 100% money back within 30 days.

Career Benefits of SixSigma Certification

The certified Six Sigma professionals are eligible for jobs demanding analytical backgrounds. The certified Six Sigma professional can improve their CV and link in profile with a globally recognized certification. 

The learners can cultivate capabilities for statistical inference-based decision making and data-driven problem-solving skills. The learners can gain the skill to explore, analyze and solve management problems using 20 + management tools. 

Why do we want to be a Six Sigma Green Belt?

With a six sigma green belt certification, the professionals will be able to position themselves as a change agent within any organization. More than all, the professional can spearhead quality improvement throughout the team or organization will boost their leadership skill set, and making themselves even more valuable.

Who should aiming for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate 

The certificate in Six SigmaGreen Be;lt is most relevant for quality managers, quality-related roles in the organization, professionals in project roles. Professionals in the operation process. This course is gaining popularity not only in manufacturing but also in other industries including IT.

Difference between ASQ and IASSC




 1.It does not accredit training provider

2.ASQ requires at least 3 years of full-time experience with one or more areas mentioned in the SSGB  body of knowledge.

3.The duration of the exam is 4 hours with 100 multiple choices

4. By.eleminating defects six sigma uses techniques to improve operational performances.


1.IASSC is an accredited training provider

2. IT does not require any pre-requisite to get the lean six sigma green belt exam.

3. The duration of the exam is 3 hours which contains100 multiple choices with true or false questions.

4.It focuses on improving operational performance by reducing waste and improving the

Methodology of six sigma quality

The Elements of Six Sigma Methodology

The Six Sigma Champions defines the Six Sigma methodology by five DMAIC steps and a preceding step zero known as ‘Six Sigma Leadership”.

DMAIC  is the acronym for, Define – what is important?

Measure – How are we doing?

Analyze – What is wrong?

Improve – What needs to be done?

Control- How do we guarantee performance.


Now it is time to make a decision, where to pursue the Course? The factor depending on the pursuing the course is the validity of the certificate, Brand name of the institute, and duration and fee. Choose by enjoying the implementation of Six Sigma. The Management team of organizations who intend to implement and practice Six Sigma would become quality controllers, project managers, software quality engineers, practitioners, and professionals who want to learn and implement the Six Sigma methodology would become senior-level management, researcher innovations, or consulting in process improvement practice.

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Q.1 Name some companies that hire individuals for Six Sigma position

Ans: The hershey company
Abbot laboratories
Honey well

Q.2 Career opportunities for Six SigmaGreen Belt holder

Ans: Lean Six Sigma consultant
Quality control management
Reliability Engineer
Business process analyst

Q.3 Average salary of Lean six sigma green belt holder

Ans: India – Rs 10,12,781 annually
Us-$ 97,900 annually
Australia- $93,762 to 133,742 annually
Canada- CA$62,475 to$83,700 annually

Q.4 Some of the Industries relies onLean SixSigma

Health care

Q.5 Does Six Sigma helps the career?

Ans:Yes, Six Sigma methodologies helps the learner to improve his/her career.This certification indicates the commitment to improve the business anaytical skills`and out put.

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