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QDIP Sheets: A Daily Process Management Tool

QDIP Sheets: A Daily Process Management Tool

QDIP Sheets: A Daily Process Management Tool

QDIP Sheets: A Daily Process Management Tool

It can be a daunting task to assess different parameters every day in your department to understand how processes are performing. QDIP is a daily process management tool that can make this task much easier. 

Instead of getting swamped with data overload, you can simply use the QDIP tool to find out the real problem and act on it. Using this daily process management tool, you can instantly assess the working of processes on various parameters for every day of the month. 

“QDIP quickly provides a visual assessment of daily processes, based on 5 parameters: Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, Productivity and (newly added) Environment. We can instantly assess the performance of a process using this tool.”
-Anubhav Roy, Quality Control Manager.
This is how the QDIP sheet looks like:

SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost/Customer) can also be used instead of QDIP. However, you have to use the plus sign (+) for safety and the letter C represents cost here. The tool is ideal for management walk-around reviews.

Why managers need QDIP?

Many production units have a message board near the work area. However, it is cumbersome to look at so many charts and review so much information. Management should be able to quickly examine one sheet per parameter and assess the status in a matter of seconds. QDIP (or SQDC) sheets help in expediting the assessment through simple red and green colour coding.
If the entire sheet for a given parameter is green, then the indicator should be changed to a more challenging one. If the entire sheet is red, then either the indicator is too hard or additional resources or prioritization is required to deal with those issues.

How to use QDIP/SQDC?
  • Step#1: Define key performance indicators. Some examples of indicators FOR each parameter include:
-No missed days
-No injuries
-No safety violations

-Less than 5 defects per day
-Test Yield greater than 95%
-DPMO less than 50

-Completed 10 units per day
-100% on-time to customers, plan, next process, etc

-No wastage
-No late fees 
-Within 10% of the designated time
-No overtime

-No more than 3 pieces at each station
-WIP less than 10 units

-Less than 10 minutes of downtime
-The team met daily goals

-All equipment turned off at the end of shift
-100% Hazardous waste regulation adherence
-No recyclables in the trash
  • Step#2: Put up new QDIP/SQDC sheets at the start of each month
Display sheets in a location where they are visible to employees and management. You can either reuse laminated sheets by cleaning off the previous month or print out fresh sheets each month to keep records.
  • Step#3: After each day, colour the day with RED (did not meet goal) or GREEN (met goal) on each sheet.
The managers can look at the sheet after each day to assess whether or not each indicator was achieved. They should discuss the red areas on the sheets. At the end of each month, the managers can determine how often issues occurred and what should be done in the next month to rectify these issues.

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