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We are aware that COVID-19 created a lot of disturbance in this world, many people got coronavirus infection, their health got affected and also many people lost their jobs due to Economic Collapse that is happening all around the world. Therefore, there is need to have key skills for jobs in order to land yourself in the best company.


The fact is that COVID-19 Pandemic situation has made us understand that how health is important is for each and everyone for us. After all, Health is Wealth. It is important to be socially, physically and mentally healthy in order to perform excellently in various companies. 

After keeping the track of your Health, Next important thing is to build a particular skill set to stand out from the rest of the professionals.

Social Distancing may have lead to a hindrance to social gatherings, physical professional meetings and classroom learnings but it cannot stop us from learning some useful skills at home!

Job Skills are the utmost important thing to land yourself into the right job. Inculcating Best Job skills is essential in today’s world as the world is becoming more competitive day by day.


Skills are the talent which is required to a particular task, project, assignment or a job within a given amount of time, energy and efforts.

Skills - Key Skills for Jobs

There are two types of skills: 

Life skills:- 

Life skills are those skills which help us to complete day to day tasks. Any skills which are useful in your life is a life skill. For example, cooking food, driving a car, writing something, reading books, using a computer are some of the life skills which are used to complete daily tasks.

Life skills- Key skills for JObs
Life Skills

Job skills

Job skills are those skills which are required to perform a particular job at a company.

Job Skills- Key Skills for Jobs
Job Skills

The Job skills are classified into various types:

Learnable Skills

Learnable skills are those skills which can be learned during school times, educational classroom training and jobs.

Learnable Skills- Key skills for Jobs
Learnable Skills

Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are those skills which can be transferred from one job to another that is the skills that were used in one job can be used in other jobs as well. For Example, Communication skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership, Teamwork and Time Management.

Transferable Skills- Key skills for Jobs
Transferable Skills

Transferable Best Job skills are as follows:

  • Active Listening
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Interpersonal Communication.
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork.

Hard Skills:

Hard Skills are those skills which can be learned and measured over a lifetime.

Hard Skills- Key Skills for JObs
Hard Skills

For Example- Managerial skills, Marketing Skills and Information Technology Skills.

Soft Skills:

Soft Skills- Key skills for JObs
Soft Skills

Soft skills are those skills which cannot be measured and include person’s personality, traits, communication skills, attitude, social intelligence, emotional intelligence which helps the person to tackle personal life challenges, work-life challenges, perform well and achieve their goals.

Technical Skills:

Technical Skills are those skills which include knowledge and abilities to perform a job or task or project. These skills are related to scientific, mathematical, information technology statistical tasks.

Technical Skills- Key skills for Jobs
Technical Skills

There are various types of Technical Skills which are as follows:

Big Data Analysis
  • Compiling statistics
  • Database Design
  • Data Mining
  • Modification
  • Documentation
  • Big Data
  • Analytical Skills
  • Algorithms
  • Quantitative Research
  • Quantitative Reports
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Quantitative Reports
  • Calculating
Coding and Programming
  • Computing
  • Configuration
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Structures
  • Training
  • Testing
  • Tools
  • Usability
  • New Technologies
  • Technical Support
  • HTML
  • Operation Systems
Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Scheduling
  • BenchMarking
  • Task delegation
  • Task management
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Budget Planning
  • Following Specifications
Digital Marketing
  • Digital Photography
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Analytics.
  • Automated Marketing Software.
  • Social Media Platforms.
  • Content Management Systems.
  • Automated Marketing Software
Technical Writing
  • Email
  • Research writing
  • Subject matter experts
  • Technical documentation
  • Client Relations
Other Technical Skills
  • Database Management
  • Video creation
  • Customer Relationship management
  • Structural Analysis
  • Inventory Management 
  • Information Management
  • Medical billing
  • Medical Coding

Why is it Important to Develop New Job Skills?

Acquiring new Job skills is important because the business environment changes at a very fast pace. Technologies get upgraded very quickly. So, To keep up with the fast-paced dynamic business environment it is necessary to acquire new best job skills from time to time.

20 Key Skills for Jobs to enhance your Career Post COVID-19

1. Social Media Marketing:-

These skills are very important as most people interact with each other through social media platforms. Videos, images, infographics are shared over social media platforms to create awareness and reach a wide audience. Some of the famous Social Media Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These skills can help in driving sales faster than usual and you can help the company to generate revenue!

Social Media Marketing skills- Key skills for Jobs
Social Media Marketing Skills

Some of the  key skills for Jobs related to Social Media Marketing are as follows:

Excellent Communication –  

Communication Skills are very important because it helps in building bond, trust and relationships with the audience. It helps in attracting the audience towards the product or service.

Writing Ability- 

Writing Skills are very important to catch the attention of the audience. Attractive, eye-opening, informative slogans can help in gaining views, comments and shares from the Audience


Creativity is a must when it comes to social media marketing skills. Social Media marketing campaign cannot go a long way without any creativity. Every new content with different slogans, taglines and dialogues creates a positive impact on the audience and increases customer engagement

Content Creation:

Creating content in such a way that it appeals to the audience is one of the key skills for jobs related to Social Media Marketing.

Aptitude to Learn:

Learning new things and implementing them in the right way on social media platform is one of the important key skills for jobs related to Social Media Marketing.

Relationship Building: 

Replying to the comments of the audience, answering the question and clearing the doubts of the people regarding the product or service facilitates the building of relationships with the people

Analytical Skills:

Analytical Skills are also important to use the software which depicts whether the social media marketing campaigns are running well or not. If social media marketing campaigns are not working well, then analytics can help to understand the weak points which need improvement and based on that Social Media Marketing Campaigns can be improved.

Analytical skills are one of the most important key skills for jobs related to Digital Marketing.

2. Data Science/Data Analytics-

Data Analyst and and Data Scientist- key skills fo jobs
Data Analyst and Data Scientist

Large Amounts of Data gets generated on the computer these days which becomes difficult to sort, arrange, visualize and handle it. Data Scientists and Data Analysts have skills to sort, arrange and visualize the data in the most effective way.

There is a high demand for both Data Scientists and Data Analysts as more and more data gets generated in many organizations. Solving complex problems through data interpretation is one of the key skills for jobs related to Data Science and Data analytics

The  key skills for jobs related to Data Science/ Data Analyst:

Statistical Skills:

These skills help in the collection, analysis, interpretation and organization of data. Data scientists have knowledge about descriptive statistics and probability theory. So, Knowledge about descriptive statistics and probability theory is necessary to be a Data Scientist.

Programming Skills –

R/Python– Programming skills are important to make use of algorithms and get meaningful information from data. Python and R are the most common programming languages that are in demand. SQL(Structured Query Language) is also an important programming language which is required for Data Analytics and Data Science

Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading- 

There are multiple data sources such as MySQL, MongoDB, Google Analytics and DB. In this, you have to extract the data from these sources, convert into the format for easy access, interpretation and analysis. Finally, you have to load the data in the Data Warehouse where you can analyze the data 

Data Wrangling and Data Exploration- 

Data is stored in a warehouse but that data is not properly sorted and arranged. The process of cleaning the data, sorting, arranging and converting the raw data into the format which can be useful for analytics is known as Data Wrangling.

Data Exploration is all about exploring data.  Visual exploration is used to understand the characteristics of data and data sets rather than traditional data management systems

Machine Learning and Advanced Machine Learning(Deep Learning):-

Immense Knowledge about Machine Learning and Advanced Machine Learning is one of the essential key skills for jobs related to Data Science and Data Analysts. Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence which involves making machines to work intelligently and Deep Learning involves mimicking human brain artificially

The artificial neurons are generated which are called deep neural networks which are used to mimic the human brain. 

Big Data Processing Frameworks- 

Lots of Data gets generated these days like structured, semi-structured and totally unstructured data. This data is known as big data. This data cannot be handled with the help of traditional database management systems, So these days Big Data Processing Frameworks like Hadoop and Spark are used to handle Big Data.

3. Artificial Intelligence and MaChine Learning:

 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- Key skills for jobs
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is all about using algorithms and software to imitate the human intelligence for the systematic collection, analysis, interpretation and comprehension of data. Machine learning is an application of AI in which robots get access to information and instruct themselves automatically. Machine Learning mainly focuses on Computer Development. There is a high demand for individuals who have in-depth knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

4. Emotional Intelligence-

The Skills related to Emotional Intelligence include the ability to monitor and analyze one’s and other’s emotions, categorizing these emotions appropriately and using this information to direct the behaviour and thinking correctly.

Emotional Intelligence- Key skills for Jos
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Skills include:

Self -Awareness: 

Self- awareness as the name suggests that you are aware of your feelings and emotions and its effects on your business environment.

Self- confidence and Emotional Awareness are part of Self- Awareness.


Self- Regulation involves regulating our emotions on a regular basis so that our emotions do not go out of control and to alleviate negative feelings like anxiety, depression, anger and disappointment. Self- Control, Trustworthiness, Adaptability, Conscientiousness and Innovation are part of Self -Regulation.


Motivation involves having the zeal to learn something new and always performing the work with a positive attitude. Optimism, Initiative, commitment and Achievement drive are some of the aspects of Motivation.

5. Problem-Solving –

Problem Solving Skills- Key skills for Jobs
Problem Solving Skills

 Problem Solving skills are those skills which allow the person to identify a particular problem, analyze it and find a particular solution to it. Lots of problems arise during different business processes which pose a hindrance to achieve the business goal. So, If you have problem-solving skills you can be a gem to your company! Problem Solving Skills is one of the best job skills since a problem solver can save the company from going into crisis!

6. Leadership – 

Leadership skills are those skills that allow the candidate to assess the business processes and guide employees, teams, and organizations towards achieving a particular goal.

These skills are one of the best job skills since these skills are required everywhere and it also helps in running the business.

Leadership Skills- key Skills for Jobs
Leadership Skills

4 Leadership skills are as follows:


Communication Skills are very important for Leadership because a leader’s words can provoke the team or group members of the company to work towards the company’s goals


Honesty/ integrity is a must for a leader. If the leader is not honest with his/her followers then it will not be beneficial for the company or any organization. Honesty builds trust and trust builds relationships. So, building relationships is important to guide followers on the right path.

Relationship Building: 

Building Relationships is a must since followers only follow the leader when they have a strong relationship with the leader. Relationships are built upon sincerity, commitment, diligence and loyalty towards achieving the final target.


Innovative ideas shared by the leaders create a spark of motivation within the followers to work towards achieving goals. It encourages followers to share their views, opinions, ideas, thoughts over a task, project, business flow to make necessary improvements which can help to reach small targets and ultimately achieve the bigger goal 

7. Active Listening – 

Active Listening skills are those skills that allow the individual to recall the details, get a big picture, evaluate the content, pay attention to subtle cues and finally listen with empathy.

Active Listening Skills- Key skills for Jobs
Active Listening Skills

These skills are important in the professional world as it is the key to most of the business problems.

Active Listener makes an individual a good communicator and can establish the bond and trust with another person who can be either customer or a company employee.

8.  UX design –

UX design skills- key skills for Jobs
UX Design Skills

UX Design – User Experience Design is the most trending job skill required these days. User Experience Design focuses on the interaction of the users with everyday services or products like websites, applications and even machines. The key skills for jobs related to UX Design are Empathy, UX writing, wireframing and UI prototyping and UX research

9. Time Management – 

Time Management Skills- Key Skills for Jobs
Time Management Skills

Time Management skills are very essential in the workplace as it means to complete a specific task, project or assignment within a specified time period. Achieving targets, delivering the work/projects, assignments, entering the office and attending seminars on time indicates time management skills which are one of the most essential key skills for jobs post COVID-19.

10. Teamwork: 

Teamwork- Key Skills for Jobs

Teamwork skills involve those skills which makes candidate capable of working in teams. Coordination with other team members is an important aspect of teamwork. Coordination helps in the easy flow of business processes and gives fruitful results. Teamwork is one of the best job skills that is required in every organization.

11. Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate Marketing Skills- Key Skills for Jobs
Affiliate Marketing skills

These skills allow the individual to earn a commission by promoting the company’s product or service.

An affiliate is an intermediate person between the company and the customers.

This professional captures the customer’s interests and choices and recommends the products on the basis of their choice and earns a commission on every qualifying purchase

An Affiliate Marketer requires social Skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills, technical skills and creativity.

12. Video Creation:- 

Video Creation skills- Key Skills for Jobs
Video Creation skills

Most of the people like watching videos. Educational Videos, Health and Fitness Videos, Inspirational Videos are some of the videos which people watch mostly these days. Creating a video is also an art as it requires Video Editing, Graphics and unique content to depict a message to inspire and motivate the audience.

Anyone with Video creation skills can upload videos on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. This skill is one of the best job skills related to Digital Marketing Jobs

13. Account Management:-

Account management Skills- Key Skills For jobs
Account Management Skills

 Account Management involves a post-sales role wherein you have to maintain relationships with customers or clients. The main aim of this role is to keep the best clients and continue the business opportunities with them. The key skills for jobs related to Account management include- Good Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, negotiation skills and logical thinking. This skill is also really important and it can be considered as of the best job skills related to after-sales service Jobs.

14. Business Development -: 

Business Development Skills
Business Development Skills

Business gets developed when revenue is generated. Revenue gets generated through sales. It is very important to have key skills for jobs related to Business development so to make yourself competent enough to drive business for the company.

The key skills for jobs related to Business Development  are as follows:


Empathy is the most important skill in business development.

Keeping Empathetic nature with customers is the key to understand the needs and wants of the customers and help them serve the best product or services as per their requirement.

Communication – 

Communication is very important for business development as what you say affects the minds of the customers directly.  Speaking with clarity and precisely choosing the words can help you to gain the trust of the customer.

Self- Confidence-

Confidence is the key to make people understand that you have adequate knowledge about the product or service. Any hesitation in your speech or explanation results in the depiction of under-confident nature and inadequate knowledge about that particular service or product.

Optimistic Nature

Optimistic nature can really help you inculcate positivity in customers as well. More you talk to your customers in a cheerful, joyful, and positive manner, the more you will grab the attention of the customers towards the product or service of the organization.

#15 Project Management : 

Project management Skills- Key skills for Jobs
Project Management Skills

 Project Management skills are those skills which allow the candidate to handle the project in an efficient way. A project manager has to manage the project from the beginning to the end. The key skills for jobs related to project management include good communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills and should be a multi-tasker.

16. Empathy- 

Empathy means trying to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It is a skill which helps us to understand the person’s experience and connect us with their feelings. This skill is highly important for sales professionals to understand the customer’s needs and demands.

Empathy- key skills for jobs

This skill also helps senior employees in the company to understand the difficulties faced by the sales professionals while performing at the company during certain circumstances, eventually, this can help senior employees to guide their subordinates in such a manner that they perform well while doing sales.

Empathy is one of the key skills for jobs which is related to customer service.

17. Cloud Computing – 

Cloud- Computing Skills- Key skills for Jobs
Cloud- Computing Skills

Cloud Computing skills are the most demanding key skills for jobs related to Cloud Engineering in today’s generation.

Cloud Computing refers to on-demand  Information technology services over the Internet with direct active management by the users. It refers to data centres available to many users over the Internet.

The key skills for jobs related to Cloud computing jobs are Knowledge about Linux, Cloud computing service providers, Cloud Storage, Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks. Knowledge about Cloud storage and cloud computing service providers is one of the essential key skills for jobs related to cloud computing or cloud engineering.

18. Creativity – 

Creativity Skills- Key Skils for Jobs
Creativity Skills

Creativity means thinking out of the box.  This skill helps to create new content, generate new ideas and helps to grab the attention of the audience. It is one of the best job skills. It is the creativity that helps any working professional stand out from the rest of the professionals.

19. Decision-Making :

Decision Making Skills - Key skills for Jobs
Decision Makign Skills

Decision Making Skills are those skills which allow the candidate to make the right decisions at the right point of time so that it becomes beneficial for achieving the goals of the company.

There comes a point where there are many alternatives in front of you and you have to select the best of those alternatives in a short period of time so that it can be beneficial for the company.

This problem can be solved if you have decision-making skills. This skill is one of the best job skills as it not only helps you professionally but personally as well.

20. Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing:- 

SEO/SEM SKills- Key skills for jobs
SEO/SEM Skills

Search Engine Optimization/ Search Engine Marketing skills are those skills which help in the promotion of a website of a particular company or organization. Using appropriate keywords, inserting inbound and outbound links is important for ranking the page on the search engine.

These skills are called search engine optimization skills. Promoting page on search engines through paid ads is called Search Engine Marketing skills. 

These skills help you to stand from other professionals as you can create brand awareness for the company you are working for. Therefore, Knowledge of SEM/SEO is one of the important skills for jobs related to content writing.


These are 20 key skills for jobs required to land yourself in your dream job! So, What are you waiting for? Go now and start learning one of these skills to make yourself competent enough to grab the job of your dreams!

Enhancing your Career- Key skills for jobs
Enhancing your Career

Make sure you work on your skills with pure dedication, determination and devotion and leave no stone unturned to grab the best job in a big company! All the best!

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