Environmental engineering is an application of engineering to produce good environment for healthy living, it includes pollution free air, zero noise pollution, fresh water with adequate sewage and drainage system. All in all it balances ecology for survival of human beings, plants and animal.

Six Sigma techniques are quite transparent and most frequently utilized by bigger organisation. Six Sigma approach can assist on reducing conditions that can result in accidents, spills and malfunctioning which can eradicate gaseous, solid and liquid contaminated waste. Six Sigma application focuses on product longevity and viability. It increases the lifespan of products which can reduce the turnaround time of product replacement thus eliminating the overall environmental impacts to consumers.

Six Sigma tools can effectively erase undesirable waste if it is correctly implicated.

Below are the top 10 benefits of Six Sigma in Environmental engineering:

  1. Six Sigma tools specialises in dealing with Wastewater, storm water and water treatment etc..
  2. Its assists in effective demolition of solid waste material.
  3. It develops technologies to solve environmental problems like minimisation of pollution , Air pollution control
  4. Its methodology helps in improving the quality of life by conserving resources
  5. improving efficiency for industry through recycling initiatives
  6. It Improves agro-ecosystem and forest ecosystem
  7. It induces use of renewable energy and decreased use of fossil energy resources
  8. It helps in fewer defects and wastages thus reducing scarp
  9. Six Sigma approach gives a booster to reduce global warming
  10. It improves timely deployment of procedures into action to attain profitability

The engineers, students , managers who are certfied with Six Sigma,for them six sigma is extremely beneficial in the sense that it helps them breaking down task into much simplifier form thus reducing re-work and wastages. It is believed that environmentalist is the best benefitted from Six Sigma training as they learn to cope up with complex devices in this competitive high-tech arena.

Six Sigma certification assists professionals in staging various job levels and deciding various competitive compensation arrangements in the same roles or at various tricky levels. Deciding how the team should be rewarded and recognized and who should get credit for what is not easy and ignoring these issues can result in resentment, now with application in Six Sigma it becomes easy in defining rewards and recognition as per satisfaction of work force easily.

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