What is writing?

Writing is the process of using symbols (letters of the alphabet, punctuation and spaces) to communicate thoughts and ideas in a form which renders it readable. Invariably, we write using a pen/pencil or a keyboard. Writing is the act of process of one who writes such as:

  • The act or art of forming visible letters or characters specifically: handwriting sense.
  • The act or practice of literary or musical composition

Writing someone else’s words in your own language which is also called as paraphrasing is an essential skill as it prevents you from plagiarizing the author’s original work. Simply put, paraphrasing means that when sharing someone else’s ideas and information, you do so using your own words.

Top 25 writing courses online

1. Henry Harvin’s Certified digital content writing course

You can now learn from South Asia’s oldest content writing course which offers a number of writing courses. This course is recognized by American Association of EFL, Content writing association of India, UK cert, UKAF and MSME. This course is ranked among the top content writing courses. in the industry by Trainings 360. This course which is a part of the bouquet of writing courses online offered by the institute, gives you monthly boot camps to brush up your concepts. Experts from the industry are a part of these boot camps. These boot camps make you industry ready. By doing this course, you can cultivate the skill of writing 30+ content types to earn online.


You can develop skills for doing creative writing, business writing, technical writing, medical writing, social media writing, SEO writing, Book writing, copywriting and much more. After this course, you can transform yourself into a content strategist and start earning online with projects from the USA and UK. With this course, you will get 1 year membership of writing academy and 24×7 lifetime support. Doing this course ensures that you get live projects, guaranteed internship, weekly job support, recorded videos, monthly brush-up sessions, interview skills and career services. A unique feature of this course is that one you enroll for the course, you have the facility to attend different batches with different trainers.

Also Henry Harvin Provides these Courses-


2. Media writing and editing

This writing course is an excellent self-paced course offered by the Ohio State University, through the Canvas platform. It is a comprehensive, thorough and ideal course for students who are looking to pursue a writing course online for an overview of what it takes to be a newsroom reporter. This course is taught by Nicole Kraft, assistant professor and journalist for the Associated Press and the Columbus dispatch. This course is administered in 11 modules. It also includes a final class project where you will write an actual news story that is of interest to a particular community group. This is a free writing course which is taught online.

3. How to do a literature review

This writing courses is designed for research students in any discipline to help them develop the necessary skills to write a critical review of academic literature. This free online course walks you through the complex process of step-by-step writing courses online as you plan, draft and refine your chosen topic. By the end of this free online writing course students will be able to:

  • Explore and identify different types of literature reviews
  • Develop annotated bibliographies
  • Develop questions that will drive any literature review
  • Collaborate with other research writers
  • Improve their research skills

4. Writing in sciences

This free online writing course is offered by Stanford University via Coursera platform has been utilized by over 100,000 students already. This writing course online comprises of eight units altogether, with several video lectures to teach scientists how to become better writers. Using examples paired with practical exercises, students will learn the fundamentals of good writing as well as:

  • How to write quicker and more efficiently with less stress
  • Formatted scientific manuscripts
  • Peer review
  • Grant writing
  • Scientific publication
  • Writing for general audiences

This course is taught by top instructor Doctor Kristin Sainani and it takes approximately eight weeks to complete.

5. Perfect tenses and modals

Over 60000 students have enrolled for this University of California writing course, which is offered through the coursera platform. This writing course online teaches students the most important intermediate verb tenses like present perfect, past perfect, present perfect progressive, and past perfect progressive. Students will also learn the most common modal verbs used in English. This course is free to take, it gives a certificate if you pay a nominal fee for the same. It will take 19 hours to complete. This course is interesting and practical, subtitled in English, Vietnamese and Arabic. It has an excellent user interface.

6. Academic English: Writing specialization

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This writing course offered by the University of California, Irvine, through the Coursera platform is administered through UCI. This course consists of four courses including

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Getting started with essay writing
  • Advanced writing
  • Introduction to research for essay writing

This is a free course which will take three months to complete. The student can also get a certificate for doing this writing course online if he pays a nominal fee for the same. This course is taught by three experienced UCI instructors and it is subtitled in 10 different languages.

7. Academic and business writing

This free writing course online is offered by the University Berkeley via edX. Although this introductory writing course in academic and business writing is geared towards English language learners, it can be useful for anyone who wants a better grasp on structure, grammar, vocabulary, publication and editing. The edX platform offers some of the best free online writing courses you can find, and this offering from Berkeley ranks as one of their top choices. This course is free to take, however, if you want a certificate, you will have to pay a nominal fee. It takes five weeks to complete. It is taught by Maggie Sokolik, director of college writing programs at Berkeley.



8. Academic writing for clarity and meaning

This short two-week writing course online is offered by Wits University via edX. It focuses on academic writing and it teaches students how to express complex ideas in a clear and meaningful way for their readers. The first week of the course covers how to structure your writing, with an overview of abstract patterns, the importance of a golden thread, and the principles of drafting a research report. During the second week of this free writing course students will work on sentence and grammar construction as they learn how to write in ways that are engaging for readers. A verified certificate is available for $49, for this course; however, it is not mandatory.

9. Ancient masterpieces of world literature

This writing course online offered by Harvard University via edX platform, is a six-week course presented by two distinguished Harvard professors. This course is for students who are less interested in the practical applications of writing and more inclined towards its theory and history. It is a fascinating free online writing course, which can be taken at your own pace and it covers the history of world literature as well as how to analyze literary works. In this course, you will also learn about the impact of technological advances on writing as a whole.  


10. Write your first novel

This writing course offered by Michigan State University through the coursera platform, is ideal for those writers who have a whole novel in their head just waiting to come alive on paper. This writing course online is taught by David Wheeler, the director of Media Sandbox at Michigan State University, you can view a trailer of the free online writing course online before you can sign up for it. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to write a 50,000 word novel in English, complete with a finished manuscript. This course is approximately 26 weeks long and it is suggested that you spend at least five hours a week on the writing portion.

11. Business writing

Over 70 businesses and 20,000 students have used the contents of this writing course to do everything from launch their ideas to improve their business communication. This course is aimed towards any student who wants to dramatically improve their business writing skills. In this course, you will learn

  • How to use simple tools to improve your writing
  • How to apply the top ten principles of good writing to your work
  • How to execute structure, organization and revision to make your message more effective than ever before

This free writing course online in writing also provides a great foundation for moving forward into presentation and graphic design.

12. Storytelling in the work place

This writing course offered by Rochester Institute of Technology via edX teaches you how to spin a yarn. Story telling has become a major buzzword in the writing industry over the past couple of years. It involves the narratives that we bring into our emails, presentations, proposals, product launches and other forms of communication within an organization. This writing course online teach students:

  • The elements of effective storytelling and how to use them in your organization
  • How to tailor your message in front of a targeted audience
  • How to structure your written communication to create a maximum impact
  • How to use different platforms to convey specific messages differently within a professional setting.


13. Creative writing: The craft of plot

This writing course offered by Wesleyan University via coursera platform, one out of five in a creative writing course online specialization.  It introduces students to the most challenging aspects of storytelling: crafting a plot. You will learn how to plot a course, structure the events of your story, build scenes and edit and revise your work. For a nominal fee, a student may also obtain a certificate for the course and also participate in any projects or capstone assignments given by the instructor. The certificate can be shared on social media. However, it is not necessary to pay to access the lectures and course materials.


14. Grammar: Usage and style

This writing course offered by Khan academy is a one of a kind of course. Khan Academy may be a platform for k-12 students, there is a bit of advanced learning on the site for all ages. Writers who need a refresher on commonly confused words and phrases will find this writing course online short, sweet and helpful. This free online class covers frequently confused words such as effect and affect, their and there and they’re, and others which most people struggle with in their daily writing tasks. It also covers common expressions, alliteration, irony and more. Along the way, you will complete practice exercises and quizzes to self-test your knowledge.


15. Craft your cover letter

This free writing course online offered by Udacity, may be short, but it can create a huge impact when you are looking to land your dream job. In it, you will learn how to craft your applications and CVs to specific career opportunities, write an introduction, body, and conclusion, and learn the importance of a CV. You will target your pitch and story so that it becomes custom-made for your intended audience, giving you the best possible chances of getting hired. The mission at Udacity, which has brought out this writing course, is to help power careers through education, and leverage their robust platform to help you achieve some of your goals.


16. Copywriting quick start: top free writing tools and hacks

Offered by Udemy, this writing course is a one of a kind of specimen among the plethora of courses available online. Udemy’s learning platform offers a variety of paid courses. They also offer some exceptionally short free courses. This 36 minute class on tools of copywriting is one of them. This writing course online has been created by professional writer and blogger Tyler Speegle. The course covers:

  • How to generate new blog ideas
  • How to create eye-catching headlines
  • How to find the perfect word in any situation
  • How to write persuasive copy for marketing

17. Make your writing stand out in eight easy steps

This writing course is offered by the Udemy platform. In this three-hour writing course online, you will learn how to be a very effective writer and you will also be able to further hone your craft by learning actionable and practical skills like:

  • Effective word usage, economy, word order and sentence flow
  • Using proactive sentence structure
  • Crafting intros, conclusions, paragraphs and variety
  • Planning your course for maximum effect
  • Convincing your audience through logic and strong presentation
  • Learning the habits and attitudes that will give you an edge

Udemy’s online learning platform allows students to take classes from the comfort of their homes.

18. Copywriting: Fundamentals for beginners

This course offered on the Udemy platform is a two hour free online copywriting course. In this, students will learn the basics of copywriting. The course content has topics like what it means to be a copywriter, why is it so vital in marketing and sales, and how to start a copywriting career from scratch. This writing course online is taught by industry expert Mason Komay. This free online writing course is intended for writers who are inclined to break into this genre. It is also an excellent introduction to a new career path.  This course is free, but it does not offer a certificate even on payment of a nominal fee. It can be accessed on your mobile.

19. Learn how to write blog posts that earn real passive income

In this two-hour writing course offered by Udemy platform, there are seven sections and 25 lectures. These are intended to guide students through the process of writing revenue generating blog posts. This writing course online is taught by David Lee, and it will teach you:

  • How to write blog posts that generate a following
  • Keywords that are specific to your target audience and how to center blog posts around these keywords
  • How to write posts that people want to read and that will generate a following
  • How to turn your traffic into paying customers
  • How bloggers make money by writing
  • How to structure posts that are user-friendly
  • The best formats to use

20. Finishing a manuscript in 60 days

This writing course offered on the Udemy platform will teach you how to finish up the first draft of your novel in 60 days using key project management techniques. Using a customized workbook, you will keep track of your plot, character, and word count. You will also identify how to determine the right length for publication and organize your manuscript into three acts. The free writing course online ends by teaching you the next steps in the publication process, including formatting, editing and designing your cover. This course is free to administer in that there are no fees.

Check For:- Content Writing Course

21. Secret sauce of great writing

This one hour lecture is offered on the Udemy platform. It is taught by ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Shani Raja. This writing course will introduce students to the four ingredients of any good writing: elegance, clarify, simplicity and evocativeness. This free writing course online will help you become more skillful at your craft so that your work becomes unique among a plethora of writing pieces. By the end of this course, you will be able to recognize weaknesses in your writing and take steps to dramatically improve upon them. This course is free to administer, in that it does not charge a fee.

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22. Writing for online engagement: Fiction in a digital world

This writing course offered by the Skillshare platform, walks users through 11 lessons of this free course, which is intended to teach students the basic frameworks, strategies and techniques for digital writing. The short lessons in this writing course online cover the current writing landscape, how to serialize your fiction, and how to market your work, and build your own brand. Students will also get an opportunity to share their own story, cover, and blurb as well as read other students’ work. The Skillshare platform carries some of the best free online courses in writing available, and they are presented in a user-friendly format in a very easy-to-use interface.

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23. Beginners creative writing class (short story)

Offered on the Skillshare platform, this writing course is taught by Hannah and Alecz. They walk students through the process of creating their own short story. There are 10 short lessons that take just a little over an hour to get through. They include how to introduce your story and characters, how to use dialect and dialogue, and how to end your story. The free writing course online writing class also covers some basic grammar and punctuation to make sure your writing is smooth and error-free. This course is free and there is no certificate given even on payment of a nominal fee.

24. Sharpened visions: A poetry workshop

This writing course is offered by CalArts through the coursera platform. This offering is for a 13- hour poetry course designed to take your poetry from good to great. Taught by Douglas Kearny, assistant professor at CalArts, this free writing course online takes you through six weeks of lessons that include videos, quizzes, and readings and encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of poetry writing. This course will certainly get your creative juices over=flowing. If you opt for the paid version of this course, you will have a final peer-reviewed project to complete. Otherwise, you can simply assess your work on your own and see how far you’ve come.

25. Learning to write for the web

This writing course is offered by Linkedin learning. If you are already a premium Linkedin member, you will be able to access hundreds of industry-recognized courses for free, including some exceptional free online writing courses online This course taught by UX Consultant Chris Nodder, teaches students the fundamentals of writing digital copy.  This free writing course online shows users how to write for the fast-moving pace of online audiences. These people scan content in short bursts rather than read whole paragraphs. This course will also teach students how to write for an eighth-grade audience, front-loading your content, and removing sales-type of language.

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