Adobe Captivate software has been produced by a techie ie Mr. “Adobe”.He is the ultimate solution for the E-learning platform. With the help of adobe captivate, you may do the simulation of videos, convert presentations into videos, curate more advanced learning methods, and much more.

This new tool can do wonders and is capable of very interesting things such as-

  • It helps to design beautiful and user-friendly courses in a jiffy. The quick-start projects,ready-to-go slides are like blessings in disguise.
  • It allows you to edit SVGs and convert them into buttons, add multiple no. of slides at any point of your interactive videos.
  • Record your presentations and convert them into videos to create a long-lasting impact. You can make it more user-friendly and attractive by adding cool interactions along with some questions as an overlay on top of your video. know-how.
  • Makes the learning more experiential via- virtual tours, safety drills, crisis management, and much more. It creates a virtual reality walkthrough along with attractive and mobile-friendly courses.
  • It is capable of creating a screencast while recording web-cam and on-screen content. Moreover, this simulation module helps you to capture all your on-screen actions be it mouse movements, keyboard activity, etc.
  • The audio captivate software comprises some out-of-the-box assets. such as-
    • Quiz slides
    • Text-to-speech
    • Plug and play interaction or you may be called it as drag and drop
    • Customization by just swapping images and placement of text.

Now, Let’s Focus Upon The Top 10 Best Adobe Captivate Training Courses Online:-

Here, is the list of best adobe captivate training courses. These institutes provide online sessions many of them include both instructor-led and LMS-based. By enrolling yourself in this course it could be the next step in building up your knowledge.

Moreover, in today’s time where there is the existence of pandemic and lockdown. It is the best time to gain maximum skill and knowledge that too hassle-free and according to your time.

These adobe captivate training courses are provided by many training institutes by both live sessions and recorded one’s in LMS. The top 10 Adobe captivate training courses online are mentioned as follows:-

1.Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a leading career partner and competency development organization. Its major focus is upon value creation. It reshapes the growth of individuals and organizations globally.

They provide 100+ courses that are delivered online globally US and India are its major markets offering 9+ key deliverables. They provide business training, content services, assessment centres, higher education, and much more. Its mission is to bring innovation in products, processes, markets, people to build the highest level of operational efficiency, and maximize customer value. Henry Harvin is a trusted training partner of 60+ colleges in Pan India and 150+ corporates.

Benefits of applying for Adobe Captivate Training Courses at Henry Harvin Institute:-

  • It provides you with 16 hours of intensive training
  • They give 100% placement assistance, internship opportunity, along with project support which is exclusively entitled to the advanced adobe captivate certification course professional.
  • They provide supplements to deliver the project effectively such as logo software, E-books, question-making software, project guides/workbooks,
  • They provide you with 24×7 support
  • Sessions are delivered to us from the most respected industry experts with 17+ yrs of experience
  • Its certificate will have Hallmark of certified adobe captivate training against your name.
  • It includes industry-acclaimed certified adobe captivate training credentials.
  • One-stop solution with complete knowledge of Adobe Captivate training course

Course fee of adobe captivate training courses online by Henry Harvin:-

  • Self-paced course – ₹ 11250/-
    • Provides lifetime support and access
    • Gives a 24×7 lifetime free upgrade
  • Live online classroom – ₹ 1250/-
  • Provides 1 yr gold membership
  • Flexible schedules
  • Provides recording for all batches for a lifetime
  • Provides mentoring by award-winning trainers

The presence of Henry Harvin training courses is existing in many cities such as-

  • Delhi
  • Gurgaon
  • Noida
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Banglore
  • Kolkata
  • Ahmedabad and many more

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Strengthscape is a pioneering company that conducts virtual live sessions. They have crossed over 100+ live sessions in the past 5 years. Moreover, at Strengthscape you get a toolkit that consists of many interesting activities and instructional design strategies.

They also give assurance that the live sessions delivered by them would be interactive and engaging. Along with the virtual live sessions, participants are also provided with access to a digital library.

The digital library provided to them comprises whitepapers, videos, podcasts, and much more to support their learning. Strengthscape aims to bring business and psychology together. This will create an appropriate environment for both organizational and employee growth. They have a rich and diverse background which helps you to identify and bridge your capability gaps.

Benefits of applying for the Adobe Captivate training courses at Strengthscape:-

  • It provides 24hours of live virtual session
  • 6months of access to strengthscape Learning Management System(LMS)
  • Provides one-hour coaching on a one-to-one basis by the faculty
  • Experiential learning by practice through a six-hour guided project work
  • Access to 90 minutes of interactive assessment in form of module-end assessment
  • Ensures retention of learning and assist participants through 60 minutes of interactions between the facilitator and each participant when required
  • Its certification is widely recognized

Course delivered in 2 modes- 

  • In-person classroom
  • Virtual live program

Check out- Adobe Captivate Training Course in Bangalore

3. Udemy

Udemy connects with students all over the world with its best helps individuals to reach their goals and pursue what they aspire to become in the future. It states that with access to online learning, resources, and instructions anyone can gain advanced knowledge and skills from anywhere around the world.

This way Udemy has transformed many lives in meaningful ways and connects with millions of new aspirants and learners who want to learn new skills and succeed in them. Udemy could be a great platform to grow in your life and learn all kinds of advanced courses in which you want to excel in the future.

Benefits of learning adobe captivate training courses online via Udemy-

  • The content uploaded upon Udemy is updated from time to time by instructors this way it makes the teaching way more productive, consistent and relevant
  • Udemy also provides self-paced training courses along with live sessions. Which is a beneficial thing for working adults who want to learn new things in their spare time. This way users can pause and replay as many times as they want to grab knowledge in smaller chunks.
  • They also have an amazing facility called chat rooms. This way if you are unable to understand any part of the content course or anything else you may connect with the instructor in the chat room.
  • The best thing about Udemy is that you can learn many new skills and courses which you majorly don’t get to learn in colleges such as C++, JAVA, adobe captivate training courses, and much more. These skills enhance the quality of your CV and make it more presentable and attractive when you go and apply for certain jobs which you had a desire for.

Course fee of adobe captivate training courses online at Udemy is-

  • Udemy provides a list of modules or categories under adobe captivate such as:-
    • Beginner
    • Fundamentals
    • Demonstrations
    • Essentials much more 

Each module of this course has a different price ranging from 1100-3000 and advanced modules may even go further.

The course is majorly designed for:-

  • E-learning professionals
  • Trainers
  • Teacher’s
  • Content creators
  • Software makers

Note- Few modules or categories of this course are customized and designed specifically for software makers and for that it would require certain skills and expertise.

4. LinkedIn

It is an online educational platform that helps you in discovering technology-related and creative skills through expert-led courses and videos. The LinkedIn learning platform has access to across 5,000 courses along with a personal recommendation.

With the help of this application, you can add the courses and related skills you have learned to your LinkedIn profile after completing the course. Once you’ve subscribed to LinkedIn learning, you will have access to the entire digital library of content. Moreover, here many courses include exercise files, assessments, and transcripts for videos. 

Benefits of learning adobe captivate training courses online from LinkedIn Learning

  • You have access to 16,000+ expert-led courses
  • You earn a certification that holds lots of credibility and importance after completion of the course
  •  The application is quite user-friendly which means you may open your course anytime on your mobile or computer
  • The first month is free for many courses and you may cancel anytime if you don’t find the course is beneficial to you.
  • Provides high-quality courses
  • LinkedIn Learning have instructors who are industry experts in the field of business, technology, and creative
  • It provides you with course recommendations based on your roles and profession.

Skills covered under adobe captivate training courses-

  • Educational technology
  • Learning management system
  • Instructional design
  • Captivate much more


Adobe brings great experiences that have the power to inspire, transform and move ahead in terms of technological development in the world. Adobe states, “Creativity is in our DNA”.Along with that adobe came up with its game-changing innovativeness which redefined the possibilities of digital experience.

They aim to connect content and data along with that to propose technological advancements which will democratize creativity, shape the next generation and inspire new categories of business.

Adobe came up with a paper-digital world transformation along with the invention of PDF. Moreover, PDF is the culmination of new technologies and innovations which is created for its customers year after year.

Benefits of registering for adobe captivate training courses online at

  • Students may access their courses anytime, anywhere virtually on any device.
  • It makes the learning interactive. They allow their students to experiment and learn things on their own.
  • They can meet the learning needs of every student
  • Adobe tries to make e-learning content more effective which further improves the percentage of successful outcomes. They try to make sure that concepts delivered to students are appropriate and understandable.
  • Provide online help support and 24×7 phone support to its students
  • Adobe is best in class safety and security
  • Provides world-class content streaming 
  • Adobe has its top-notch enterprise support 

The pricing policy of adobe captivate training courses online at

  • Registered user pricing

In this, you sign up for a fixed no. of registered learners within your account. They provide you with licenses assigned to individuals and have continuous access to the system. This model is majorly recommended for the fixed users.

  • Monthly active user pricing

They offer active user pricing for organizations that don’t acquire continuous access to the system. Moreover, in this, the licenses are not to an individual instead users get access to the platform on demand.

  • It also provides access to a free trial of 30 days
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Post Graduate Program in Adobe Captivate Training Course

Ranked Amongst Top 3 Courses | India Today

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7. American graphics Institute

American Graphics Institute provides immense training and support for design, development, marketing, and publishing technology. At AGI you get a scheduled course with a live instructor based on online training. Its mission is to increase clients’ capacity, which can be done once they can fulfil their unmet needs and desires.

AGI provides high professional development training to its individuals so that they can attain their career potential.AGI clients belong to the most prominent companies in tech, financial services, advertising retail, etc.

Course detailings and fee registration of adobe captivate training courses online at AGI:-

  • Adobe captivate training course teaches you how you can quickly set up and run with this application with the help of e-learning content, simulations, screen capture, and video presentation. This course also teaches you how to integrate materials from Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • The course comprises of two levels ie-
  • Beginner– It is a 2-day program in which you will be taught all the basic skills. After completion of this course, you will be able to create your e-learning presentation using captivate. Its course fee is $695 for registration.
  • Advanced-It is a 2-day course program and provides training beyond basics for creating product demonstration, training, simulation, etc. In this course, you may discover more sophisticated captivate projects, more advanced testing options, including HTML5 and multiple fonts. All classes are held by a live instructor online and the registration fee is $795.

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8.The Knowledge Academy

This institute is the world’s largest and most established provider of training courses. It has extensive experience in providing quality-infused learning solutions. They can deliver over 30,000 courses in around 1000+ locations.

This institute is accredited by many renowned exam institutions. Moreover, they deliver training solutions to government agencies, the public sector, multinational companies, and private industries.

The trainers of the knowledge academy have a plentiful amount of knowledge and expertise and they are known for making their topics engaging, memorable, and providing valuable experience.

Course information of adobe captivate training courses online at the knowledge academy:-

  • This course is open to everyone regardless of experience in adobe captivate
  • Their highly interactive aspect of learning results in an engaging and immersive experience for the users of e-learning this course
  • You may opt for this course by an online-led instructor or self-paced. This way you will be able to interact with many delegates and trainers.
  • This is a one day course and highly suitable for users with minimal to advanced experience
  • The course is quite expensive ranging from ₹77,000 and above.

9. New Horizons

The emergence of technological advancement has created an urgency in the people to master this new technology to be more productive. Those employees who optimize, invent solutions grow companies of their own.

For around 35 years New Horizons has delivered relevant and intuitive computer courses and certifications to over 30 million students. This institute is also the world’s largest Cisco-authorized training partner. They provide certifications to both students and businesses.

For students, they make sure to deliver the highest quality source materials, latest products, and technology. Whereas, for business institutions, they assure to provide the highest return on their investment on their training investment.

At New Horizons adobe captivate training courses online is ideal for:-

  • Educators
  • Students
  • Institutions and businesses with in-house training

10. Future Media Concepts

Future media concepts,INC(FMC) was established in 1994. It is the nation’s premier digital media training organization that provides manufactured-authorized training to professionals. This institute is a leading producer of education for today’s leading electronic entertainment trade both in the US and internationally. Its courses are available and can be attended according to one’s convenience while sitting in any corner of the world. The courses are interactive with the live instructor.

The adobe captivate training courses online provided by Future media concepts are as follows along with price listing-

  • Introduction to captivate- 3 days $1,495
  • Beyond essentials-2 days $1,195
  • Creating responsive project and captivate-2 days $1295


The top 10 adobe captivate training courses online will surely clarify which institute will be the best fit for you. Among all these institutes I found Henry Harvin to be one of the best institutions to learn adobe captivate training courses online.

The reason why Henry Harvin is one of the best institutions?

  • Provides you with 100% placement assistance
  • Provides internship for training purposes
  • Highly experienced industry instructors
  • They make the educated one’s employable
  • They are the best award corporate training platform awardee
  • They give support with brushup sessions
  • They have an advanced E-learning Portal

Others too are great institutions to apply for adobe captivate training courses online. I hope my recommendations will help you to decide which one will suit you the best accordingly. Just grab some quick information from the above article this will help you to identify the perfect institute according to your needs and desires. For more detailed information on adobe captivate, training courses online don’t forget to check our website, Henry Harvin.

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Q.1)What is Adobe Captivate?

Ans. It is a software created by Adobe that gives allowance to its users to create responsive and e-learning courses.

Q.2)What are the prerequisites of adobe captivate training courses?

Ans. Delegates should have basic pc and mac skills, along with a fundamental understanding of a computer’s operating system. Moreover, they should also know how to launch an application, create and save files as well as know-how to copy files from CDs and other media.

Q.3)Is there any exam after the masterclass of adobe captivate training courses online?

Ans. It depends on the institute, some may have some may not have any examination for this course. But it is important to have full attendance for a guaranteed certification of this course.

Q.4)How many days do Adobe captivate training courses online for?

Ans. For some institutes, the course may last for 2 days or a week at max.

Q.5)Is adobe captivate training courses easy to learn and apply?

Ans. Yes, it is easy to learn. Also, individuals with minimal knowledge can learn and apply to this course. This software is user-friendly.

Q.6)Which is the best institute for adobe captivate training courses online?

Ans. Henry Harvin is a pioneering educational institute that provides both technical and professional course certificates.

Q.7 Which are the best adobe captivate training courses in India?

Ans. Check our adobe captivate courses available in India on online mode with both live instructor and self-paced training.

Henry Harvin® Ranks No.1 for GST Practitioner Course in the industry by Tribune India

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    • Dear Hardik, thank you so much for your valuable feedback. We wish you all the best in all your endeavors!

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