Let me take you through a brief explanation of what Six Sigma is. Six Sigma skills are a set of techniques and tools which help for improving the process. Six Sigma may be a method that gives organizations tools to enhance their business processes’ potential. This helps increase performance and also a decrease in process variation. This helps cause defect reduction and improvement in profits, employee morale, and quality of products or services. Six Sigma quality” may be a term generally wont to indicate a process is well controlled. 

When you decide on going through a course or doing a course keeping in mind your future aspects then it is very necessary to get guidance from the best institutes. And when I mean the best then I always refer to Henry Harvin.

I will give you a very short description of the institute and then we would move towards our main topic.


Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the most leading organizations that focus on value creation. They specialize in training, skill development, content services, and all sorts of higher levels of education. The institute is ranked 1 among the Six Sigma courses all over and well-versed with all the academic courses and the requirements of the students. Henry Harvin has always focused on offering courses that can add much value to the growing career development for students and working professionals.

About the course

Training– The training in Henry Harvin is for 28 hours of live interactive classroom sessions. 

Projects– The facility helps to undergo projects in DMAIC phases.

Internship– Henry Harvin arranges for an internship to gain practical experience in the pieces of training which the students go through. 

Placement– The institute gives 100% placement guarantee support for the 1-year post you complete the course. 

E-Learning Access– The institute provides you with all the e-learning access facilities. 

Bootcamps– It arranges for boot camps over the next 12 months.

Membership– You get 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin management academy for the Six Sigma course. 

These were some of the detailed descriptions of the course from Henry Harvin and the institute itself.

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Learning Benefits of Six Sigma

  • The course cultivates capabilities for statistical inference-based decision-making and data-driven problem-solving skills.
  • It also sharpens business acumen and commitment to improving processes.
  • You get to learn essential project management and leadership skills.
  • The course also helps to gain the skill to make customer-centric actions at every stage.
  • Six Sigma skills learning to gain the skill to explore, analyze and solve management problems using 20+ management tools.
  • The course helps derive useful information from data using various statistical and analytical tools.
  • The course offers a bigger impact through projects tied to bottom-line results.
  • You can utilize the tools in a more focused and productive way.
  • It facilitates a detailed understanding of critical business processes.
  • The course allows Black Belts to receive feedback on their project approach during training.
  • Six Sigma skills course provides a process/strategy for project management that can be studied and improved.

These were some of the benefits explained above and now let me give you a detailed explanation about some of the principles meta-skills you would learn.

Analytical Thinking and Innovation

When it comes to learning Six Sigma there is always a crucial focus on two key elements. If we think from an analytical thinking point of view, lean and six sigma methodologies provide a toolbox to help break down complex problems into manageable components. This approach enables clear identification of root causes which lead to focused improvements resulting in improved business processes and performance.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

One of the most important benefits is Critical Thinking and Analysis. The DMAIC project management structure has been proved to be a problem-solving approach and methodology. The methodology has always focused on the core analysis and evaluation of data to identify the root cause before jumping to any solution.

Complex Problem-Solving

At the guts of Lean Six Sigma may be a mindset that pushes us to repeatedly find better ways to make more customer value through continuous improvement. The only thanks to doing that are thru continuous problem-solving.

One of the core benefits of the simplest Lean Six Sigma Certification programs may be a structured learning approach that maps out the way to become lean certified with a mixture of both theory and real-world practice.

Leadership and Social Influence

The next comes the most vital benefit that is leadership and social influence. With any project management role, leading your team and managing so many stakeholders will be critical to your success. I would like to inform you that lean is not just about tools and methods but it is also the ability to manage change and a skill that everyone needs to practice to learn.

It is not easy to build your understanding of change management and team dynamics that will help build your leadership capability and the influence you have on your team and the wider business.

Reasoning, Problem-Solving, and Ideation

This is the last point that I will be explaining. Combining Lean & Innovation is a very unique point to LeanScape as we all believe that customer value creation is going to be the important future differentiators across the business.

Our workshops combine these two important concepts as we believe it’s very important for career-minded professionals who will at some point within the career develop new services, new products, or just innovative ideas for customer-focused solutions to problems.

Is it worth getting Lean Six Sigma certified?

Every business today is continuously trying to transform itself and optimize what it does overall. Lean Six Sigma is taken into account to be a bedrock of transformation programs today with Black Belts and Master Black Belts at the guts of driving that transformation program.

The biggest benefit of Lean Six Sigma training and certification is that it helps you to be better placed to help drive, support, and lead strategic projects. This further helps to form both a local level to helping restructure entire organizations. From a business perspective, it drives bottom-line improvement, employee engagement and helps you better serve your customers in all possible ways.

If you want to be relevant and grow your career then you need to focus on meta-skills such as the ability to be critical in your business thought processes and be continually on the outlook for ways to deliver more value to companies and customers.

One of the vital meta-skills out there’s the power to problem-solve and the way to be operationally excellent in everything you are doing. Problems won’t get away, especially as change only accelerates.

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Benefits Of Utilizing Six Sigma

Here goes the first benefit of your career. The most common motive to have a certification is to grow in your career. Having that certification helps employers that you have an explicit skillset. Competition for employment can be severe. Having proof that you simply have awareness and you’ll apply to lean six sigma, can set you aside from the crowd.

The second is about how you nurture your abilities. Once you have achieved the Six Sigma certification, you will then have a better understanding and knowledge of measuring financial benefits. Six Sigma skills make you get ready for any leadership role. With knowing all the techniques you become a good leader. You also come across different ways to improve the efficiency of the business process. 

Financial management and risk assessment are desirable skills for all middle and top-level management.

Then comes the benefit of standardization. There is no authorized organization or company that manages all of the Six Sigma certification processes. What helps you to achieve a culture of importance is the actual certification and training. All those who are trained in Six Sigma better understand the steps that are required to take to fix a process and reduce wastes.

Salary is the thing for which we all are working hard and explore new courses that bring growth in our salary. As per a recent survey that has been carried out it was seen that Six Sigma certified professionals are getting in the $100 000+ pay bracket. They seem to be the highest-paid professionals globally. 

Once you get the Six Sigma skills certification, you’ll be ready to prove that you simply know. Knowledge to spot the characteristics of an organization’s business processes. You will be ready to measure, analyze, control, and improve them. You will even have the potential to conduct a review of current processes. You will gain a really clear knowledge of their impact on quality performance.

You’ll also mature within the ability to realize the extent of continual quality improvement that the organization needs. You will be ready to observe processes closely to verify there’s no deviation from the mean. You will be ready to take corrective measures during a project.

Whatever we learn be it any course it is very important to have a better and the best understanding of it. There are many professionals who have skills and do the job as someone who is certified. Proper formal training and certification provide a better understanding. People who are not familiar with Lean or Six Sigma may not focus on fixing the right issues. When teams are skilled in lean, they can be effective by focusing on the best way to enhance their processes. 

With the rigorous quality standards of Six Sigma, process errors are reduced to insignificant numbers. This has meant that many organizations apply Six Sigma when evaluating products or services. As a certified Six Sigma professional, you will be able to help organizations conform with international standards, as well as maintain a profitable business.

Gaining hands-on experience is one of the most vital parts. Six Sigma certification process comprises hands-on work on business projects. It gives experience with the implementation of principles in real-life situations. As a certified Six Sigma skills professional, you will achieve valuable experience even before you enter the industry.

Applying lean six sigma may be a recognized thanks to improving a corporation. The company must have an outsized majority of individuals who are trained and understand the methodology. In such a corporation, it’s easier to drive initiatives and new projects that are designed to enhance processes. Team members should be trained to possess better analytical skills which will help to measure causes and analyze them before working on them. This is one way via which professionals attack problems and fix them efficiently.

From an enterprise’s perspective, attaining a Six Sigma certification enables a private to become important. Individual attains the power to spot and cut repeated errors.

With a Six Sigma certification, individuals would be ready to transform a corporation to extend revenue. You will be ready to identify and reduce errors. These errors would have brought low customer satisfaction and damages to the business. Certified Six Sigma skills professionals can help decrease complaint resolution time, customer complaints, spending, and price overruns.

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Six Sigma Certification

The Six Sigma certification has three levels as Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt. It is not necessary to be certified altogether three levels. You can select the extent which is most appropriate to your career objectives.

Yellow Belt certification– It’s efficient thanks to learning the fundamentals of Six Sigma. it’s ideal for those that lead limited improvement projects. those that are supporting improvement projects during a limited role during a Six Sigma team.

Green Belt – Green Belt certification is right for those that are a part of a Six Sigma skills Management Team. Those who are helping with data collection and root analysis for improvement projects. This certification training will permit you to implement Lean Six Sigma very efficiently.

Black Belt– Black Belt certification is for team managers who manage for big improvement. It also helps in problem-solving projects. At this level, you will have a good understanding of all aspects of Lean Six Sigma


Many customer pulse surveys have suggested the various reasons for their dissatisfaction. These are given by most customers who do not come back to a business. It often happens that customers simply take their businesses somewhere else. Many companies do not even know they have dissatisfied customers. Implementing Six Sigma reduces the risk of your organization having dissatisfied customers.

All the professionals are requested to set SMART goals and once the goals are set then apply the principles of Six Sigma to those goals. All these are completed by observing three key areas- learning, performance, and execution.

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Q-1. Is Six Sigma training worth it?

Ans. Yes, it is definitely worth it. However, that worth comes when you start applying it to solve real-world problems for the company. If you think that just doing certification and not applying its practical essence will do, it is impossible. The reason being that everyone does certification.

Q-2. Does Six Sigma help get a job?

Ans. No course comes with a job guarantee until and unless you give your inputs and work hard. As you progress through the process of certification and gain more relevant work experience you will become an attractive candidate for various career openings.

Q-3. Who needs Six Sigma training?

Ans. The one who is planning a future career in Quality Management in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical sectors, healthcare, technology, or service industries will often look for Six Sigma qualifications. Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma are two separate tracks, each comes with three levels of certification.

Q-4. How many months does it take to learn Six Sigma?

Ans. It takes between two to seven weeks to complete a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program on average.

Q-5. Do we need a degree for Six Sigma?

Ans. It would seem unusual for somebody without a degree to carry a Six Sigma Black Belt or Supply Chain Management certification. That is unless they hold a considerable amount of practical experience in those roles.

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