There is an enormous demand for professions requiring a foreign language in today’s competitive, changing, and ever-shrinking globe. The value of learning a foreign language has never been higher than it is now. Thanks to the multiple career options available in languages. As a matter of fact, learning a language is now seen as a legitimate career goal, which is not surprising. Today, the most popular question is which foreign language to learn and why? 

Which Foreign Language To Learn?

It’s no longer just a mere hobby or passion to learn a foreign language. Those days are long gone. Although, choosing the best language to learn might be difficult. Naturally, the answer to this question will vary depending on your objective and the situation. The range of language selections will narrow after you decide that you want to learn a certain language. However, there are several factors that one should consider when deciding which foreign language to learn.

You need to consider several reasons and plans from the viewpoint of a student. All businesses now, in some way, are worldwide. Thanks to globalisation, having foreign language skills really helps your resume stand out.


Some factors that one should consider are personal preference, difficulty level, future goals, possible immigration etc. Regardless of whether you want to expand your job options or look for work abroad. Or perhaps you’re boosting your motivation for business, seeking adventure, or simply trying to cross things off your bucket list.

There are numerous reasons to learn foreign languages.
Check out the list below to know about which foreign language to learn and why? 

Which foreign language to learn

7 Best Foreign Languages to Learn


The most widely used foreign language in India is French. Around 300 million people speak French worldwide. By 2050, there will be 750 million French speakers globally according to Forbes. As a result, at the high school and university levels, Indian students continue to prioritise learning French.

The advantages are quite remarkable because there are many jobs available in French. Additionally, the language offers a wide range of job options.

France is the third most popular country for overseas students to study in Europe. Additionally, if we talk about Canada, which is a highly popular destination among Indian students for studying, French is one of the two official languages. 

Additionally, let’s say you’re considering a career in the export-import industry, embassy work, or as a language teacher then, learning French will definitely enhance your CV.

The UNO, AU, EU, NATO, FIFA, ISA, and many other international organisations all have French as their official language, making it a language of excellence on the global stage.


German is India’s second most popular foreign language after French. With 185 million speakers worldwide. It has over 100 million native speakers. As a matter of fact, Europe’s most widely used native tongue is German.

People use German as the second most widely used language online. Many Indian schools and colleges list German as an optional or required subject to study. Moreover, Given the rising demand and the need to be more competitive, it is crucial to think about learning German. 

German is an essential language to study because it is the second-biggest exporter in the world, the largest economy in Europe, and the fourth-largest by nominal GDP worldwide. The scope of learning German is full of lucrative salaries and immense job opportunities. All these factors should be considered when deciding which foreign language to learn. 


Spanish is the dominant language in most of Central and South America and is the official language of 20 nations.There are approximately 572 million Spanish speakers worldwide, according to Cervantes’ research.

The USA is presently the second-largest Hispanic-speaking country after Mexico, with more than 50 million Spanish speakers. For Indians, learning Spanish is definitely one of the easiest languages to do. Spanish has a vocabulary that is quite similar to English due to its basic syntax and grammar. Spanish words are generally easy to pronounce.

There is an increase in demand for Spanish in India as a result of the developing diplomatic and bilateral ties between India and Latin American nations. While there are many employment alternatives available in Spanish, jobs in call centres, KPOs, and BPOs that require foreign language skills are among the most in demand. Hence, it is highly beneficial to learn foreign languages. 


One of the most popular markets for the goods and services exported from Korea is India. Moreover, Korean businesses are active in practically every field. It includes information technology, business research, consumer electronics, R&D, media, life sciences, transportation, tourism, building materials, trading, finance, and services.

As a result of K-Pop, K-Dramas, and K-Movies, the majority of people in India are studying Korean. K-pop performers like BTS and Girls Generation have fascinated young people worldwide. The Hallyu (Korean Wave) has spread globally and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Therefore, whatever your reason might be, you won’t regret picking up Korean as a foreign language to learn. 


Japanese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with approximately 130 million native speakers. The majority of Japanese people are shy to speak other languages, so they constantly seek out dependable Japanese interpreters and translators.

Speaking Japanese fluently could help you advance in your career both domestically and internationally. Japanese has a reputation for being challenging to learn. But If you practise regularly, it’s not that difficult.

Japanese is also one of the highest paying foreign language jobs. The demand for the language will rise even more in the future. The Indian government has already decided to include Japanese in the secondary school curriculum.


Russian is the most widely spoken native language in Europe and Eurasia. Approximately 150 million native speakers in Russia, Ukraine, and surrounding nations. Russian is also used extensively online and is widely spoken in 26 countries. Additionally, it is one of the six official languages of the UNO. You can explore many engineering, science and technology, oil and gas, and defence areas by learning Russian. 

It used to be one of the most widely used foreign languages in India. After the fall of the USSR, it eventually lost some of its appeal. However, the Russian government has introduced several measures to improve the situation. 


Italian is most frequently learned for its strength and richness in culture. In addition, Italy is one of the richest nations in the world, with the eighth-best economy in the world.

In India, well-known MNCs from Italy like Fiat, Diesel, Gucci, Pinnacle, Benetton, and Lloyd are active. These businesses are actively seeking Italian-speaking employees.

If you work in the fields of graphic design, cooking, interior design, furniture design, manufacturing tools, shipbuilding, fashion, or transportation equipment. Then, at the top of their resume, you will see Italian as a career asset.

Many MNC, IT, KPO and BPO, and KPO job openings are now available as a result of globalisation, outsourcing, and offshore business. 

Therefore, individuals should realise why it’s beneficial to learn foreign languages. With the help of this list your question of which foreign language to learn? must have been answered. 

If you’ve made it till here, your question of which foreign language to learn must have been answered. And many individuals have learned why it is important to learn foreign languages. 

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