In this blog, you will come to know about NFT. Now the question may arise in your mind What is an NFT? NFT can be called a ‘non-fungible token’. Non-fungible can be called something which is unique and can’t be replaced. Now you might think that how does it work? In this blog, you will learn the working and every knowhow about it. It is based on blockchain technology. NFT is something that cannot be copied like Digital artwork, music, games etc. It provides you with ownership of the work.

What is an NFT

What Is an NFT?

Real-world money as well as cryptocurrencies are fungible. Moreover, they can be traded or exchanged for one another. But NFT can be understood as non-fungible tokens. They are not exchangeable or tradeable like other cryptographic assets can. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well as cryptocurrencies use the same type of coding. Also, NFTs are designed to give you something that can’t be copied which is the ownership of the work. If you want to imagine it physically, then you can say that anyone can buy a print, but only one person can possess the original. As Bitcoin has replaced currency, NFTs are on the verge to replace collectables. Digitally, imagine an artwork on the internet for sale at an affordable price. For that, you will get a unique digital token and you will have ownership of that artwork. This all is possible with NFT. This is what makes an NFT Valuable.

How Does NFT Work?

As you are now educated about what is an NFT, it will be easy to understand how does NFT works. NFTs are swirling the digital art and collectables world. Each NFT work as a digital signature. So, they can’t be exchanged for other things. Finally, the lives of digital artists have changed. This all is possible due to the massive interest of the crypto audience.  The maximum part of NFT is found on the Ethereum cryptocurrency’s blockchain. It is a distributed public ledger and it records transactions. NFTs have valuable information stored in them. They are individual tokens. Also, they hold a value, which is set by the market. You can buy and sell them, just like other physical types of art. It has unique data which is easy to verify. It confirms the ownership and the transfer of tokens between owners.

Let’s take a case study of Open sea, a marketplace for NFT. It is an American online marketplace. Here users interact directly with other users to buy or sell an NFT or a group of NFTs.


When you put an item on Ethereum for the first time, you’ll also need to pay gas to allow Seaport to interact with your item This has to be done once per collection.


Secondly,  you will also need to approve WETH for use. It is an ERC-20 token. It is equal in value to ETH as well as it allows users to make pre-authorized bids to be fulfilled at a later date without any further action from the bidder. 


Finally, you’ll see a signature request to finalize your listing. In the future, you won’t have any additional transactions to list that NFT at all, as long as the item was approved in the steps above only a signature.

Creator Earnings:

If you are selling on Opensea and if the collection does not use an on-chain enforcement method, then the minimum creator earnings will be 0.5%. Sellers can also add additional creator earnings to any transaction. Moreover, those collections that are available online instantly, ready to buy or sell, may have higher earnings, equal to or more than 10%. Creator fees for other EVM chains besides ETH will be the same as per the previously communicated policy but will be subject to change per market conditions.

How does NFT work


Source: Image by Pikisuperstar on Freepik

What makes an NFT Valuable?

Generally, art is what makes an NFT valuable. If we speak in terms of economics then it can be said that the wants and desires of humans are unlimited in a world with finite resources. Moreover,  balancing the forces of supply and demand is also necessary. In order to understand this in simple terms, if the demand is high in a certain market and the supply is also high, then it will result in low prices in that particular market. However, if the demand is high and the products are fewer, then it will result in a high price for that particular commodity.


Suppose you’re buying an NFT, then you’re not just buying the image itself. Along with it, you’re about to get a  permanent token scratched on a blockchain. It denotes that specific image or digital asset. Along with NFT art, NFT music, in-game assets, virtual land, and all sorts of other digital goods are commonly bought and sold on NFT marketplaces. In the case of art, the piece may be valuable because it may be the only painting of its kind in existence, and because it may be made by one of the 20th century’s most brilliant artists.

Highlights of NFT:

  • NFT cannot be moulded or otherwise changed.
  • It represents Internet collectables such as art, music, and games.
  • The exchange of NFT takes place with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • It comes with an authentic certificate provided by blockchain technology.
  • Also, it underpins cryptocurrency.
  • The most famous example of NFT is cryptopunks. 
  • You can buy, sell, and store 10,000 collectables along with proof of ownership on Cryptopunks.
  • NFTs generate profits for creators eventually leading to a powerful economy.
  • Creators create a code of ownership for their content as well as for the platforms that publicise it.
  • It is a digital asset.
  • Fake collectables cannot be circulated in NFTs.
  • NFTS has entered the mainstream fields in the digital world.
  • Several celebrities are transacting in NFT.
  • NFTs have evolved in the public consciousness and they are here to stay.

What is an NFT


Source: Image by story set on Freepik

Uses of NFT:

  • NFTS are used in online games to buy items for characters of Games. It gives numerous advantages to players. You can reclaim your money by selling the same items. It has elated the confidence of game developers. 
  • Your domain gets an easier-to-remember name with NFT. It is based on length and relevance. It works like a website domain name, making its IP address more memorable and valuable.
  • Another important use of NFTs nowadays is in digital content. NFTS has increased the profit of Content creators. Here creators claim ownership of their content with respect to the platforms they use to generalise it.
  • Both NFT and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) have the same build. DeFi applications help you to borrow money by using collateral. They work together using NFTs as collateral instead.

Marketplaces to trade NFT:

If you want to invest in  NFT then an NFT marketplace is your gateway to purchasing and selling these digital assets — from art to music to entire virtual worlds. It may be said as the Amazon of the digital world. There are many NFT marketplaces in the digital world. Many of these have a specific focus or niche. Decide properly the best NFT marketplaces and which one to use. Moreover investing in crypto can be extremely risky. But investors should approach these assets like any other technology investment also, with a long-term mindset and bearing the consequences of ups and downs. Actively select cryptocurrencies as well as encourage everyone to be well versed before investing to better know the potential risks and rewards.

Once you’ve got your wallet ready, all you need to do is to buy NFT. Currently, the largest NFT marketplaces are:


Binance takes responsibility for user protection with strict protocols and industry-leading technical measures. Although, it has a Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU)

  • Also, it saves 10% of all trading fees in a secure asset fund as well as protects a share of user funds.
  • It has personalized access control which allows you to restrict devices and addresses that can access your account, for greater ease of mind.
  • Moreover, it provides advanced Data Encryption
  • Your transaction data is secured with encryption, and only you have access to your personal information.
  • It gives support with friendly customer service and agents at your service.


Opensea is an American marketplace for non-fungible tokens. It is an online marketplace. It allows a marketplace for non-fungible tokens to be sold directly at a fixed price, or through an auction. Here users can buy, sell, or create NFTs. It allows users full control and access to their cryptocurrency wallets. The users of this application communicate directly with other users. They purchase or sell an NFT or maybe a  bundle of NFTs.

what is an NFT


Source: Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik


Rarible is a democratic marketplace. It helps every new and old artist as well as creators to issue and sell NFTs. It allows sellers to put weight on their preferences like fees and community rules etc.  Also, it is a fast and safe way to send crypto to your friends and family, all with a single tap. It is a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment technology. 


It is a web3 destination. Artists need to receive or send an invitation here from fellow creators to post their art. This community has a standard which boasts higher-calibre artwork, assuming the demand for NFTs will be the same as at current levels or can increase over time.

Ebisu’s Bay:

Discover rare digital art and collect NFTs at Ebisu’s Bay. It is the first and largest NFT marketplace on Cronos. Create, buy, sell, trade and enjoy the  NFT community here.

SeaShrine is a new marketplace raised by the same team behind the Cronos success, Ebisu’s Bay. With upcoming features, the team is working hard to recreate a Gold Standard for marketplaces on the new Aptos blockchain.

NBA Top Shot:

It is a Hot NFT Use Case. NBA Top Shot is the most famous non-fungible token nowadays. It is a partnership between Dapper Labs (makers of the CryptoKitties game) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). The NBA provides individual ownership on video reels, to Dapper Labs, and they digitize the footage as well as provide the same for sale to consumers. Each reel shows a video clip. It can be such a famous player’s basketball dunk, with different angles and digital artwork to make them unique. Copy of the video will be easily recognised. They together have already generated $230 million in sales. The NBA moments are minted and released into the marketplace. The price of the reels is only nine dollars, but more exclusive packs can sell for more. 

Penguin Communities:

It is a popular non-fungible token community, as well as a cryptocurrency subcategory representing ownership. They have 8,888 penguins on the Ethereum blockchain, organized into one collection. It is one of many communities that give benefits and other advantages to members, like having a membership on a shared Discord server or gaining access to a private channel that helps you to interact with other owners. Many NFT projects have their own communities to collaborate, share ideas, and support or buy each other’s projects or art. Therefore it is easy to trade in it.

The reason behind the popularity of NFT:

The normalization and excitement of cryptocurrencies and blockchain have opened the doors for NFTs as well. NFT has been there since 2015. But they are now experiencing a boost in popularity due to several factors. Consumers are collecting unique digital content for investment purposes. When a collector purchases a non-fungible token, they gain ownership of the content. Although, by other means, it can appear over the Internet. So by this method, an NFT can gain popularity. If it is viewed more online, its value will develop more. When the content is sold, the original creator gets 10 per cent out of it. The platform will get a small percentage and the owner of the content will get the rest of that revenue. So, the possibility of good revenue from popular digital assets is good. Because they are bought and sold over time.


NFTs are real and authentic. These pieces contain information that differentiates them from any other NFT. This all is due to the blockchain. If someone creates or circulates fake content then it will not work. Because each item is created to trace back to the original creator or issuer. So, they can’t be directly exchanged with one another as well as cryptocurrencies can. Therefore, they are not the same. 

Need of Ethereum for NFTs:

 NFTs are working properly due to the Ethereum blockchain.  While trading NFTs, the creator can take a proportion of the price as compensation. All products of Ethereum share the same “backend”, making NFTs portable to buy on one product and sell it on another effortlessly. As soon as a transaction is done, it’s not possible to overwrite the data and forge the ownership. Ethereum will never fall, as well as your tokens will always be available to sell.

What is an NFT


Source: Image by Freepik

Scope and Future of NFT with a Magnified View:

NFT has big fat media highlights and special perks for aspiring artists on social media. Recently, Vignesh Sundaresan purchased 69.3 million dollars worth of NFT. As it’s becoming increasingly popular, many buyers are now ready to pay tremendous money for NFTs. In near future, a tremendous amount of new crypto users will use NFTs as their starting point. As a result of its growing popularity, NFT could represent a more important part of the digital economy in the future. This is what makes an NFT valuable. 


From the above article, we now know What is an NFT and How does NFT Work? If you want to go deeper in blockchains, etereum and NFTs you can opt for courses in blockchain technology on Henry Harvin. Taking reference from this article, you can now create your own account and start trading in NFTs. With lightning-fast payments, one can instantly send crypto to friends and family worldwide. Taking the help of these cryptos one can easily invest in NFTs. As the digital market is growing, NFTs are growing tremendously as well. This is what makes an NFT valuable. 

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Ques 1. What is an NFT?

Ans. NFT means non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is generally created using the same technology used for cryptocurrencies. In short, they can be said are to rely on blockchain technology. They cannot be exchanged like other cryptographic assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Ques 2. How does NFT work?

Ans. NFTs are individual tokens which have valuable information stored in them. Their unique data makes it easy to verify and validate the ownership and the transfer of tokens between owners. Because they hold a value which is set by the authority as per demand, they can be traded just like other physical types of art.


Ques 3. What are the examples of NFT?

Ans. Digital artwork, Essays and articles, Virtual fashion items, Digital collectables, Domain names, Tickets and coupons and  In-game items.


Ques 4.  What are NFTs used for?

Ans. NFTs can be called digital files. They can be a jpeg type of art or a video. They can also be used for real estate and evaluation. Changing files into NFTs helps them to secure via blockchain. It helps to make buying, selling and trading efficient and reduces fraud simultaneously.


Ques 5. What makes an NFT Valuable?

Ans.  NFT art is valuable because it is rare. They are sold as 1-of-1 assets. No one else will ever have that same NFT again. It can happen only if the purchaser decides to sell it. That creates value for NFT. This is what makes an NFT Valuable.


Ques 6.  Why do people buy NFTs?

Ans. NFTs are said to be a safe investment option. These tokenized assets are accessible to everyone. They provide you with all the usage rights. Moreover, many believe that the assets will hold value in the future as well as they will provide good returns.

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