About ACCA

ACCA is abbreviated as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This institute was created in the year 1904 for qualification. It is considered to be a fast-growing organization across the globe. Since this course is spread across the globe it has more than 180 countries getting benefitted each year.

Students can begin this course after finishing their graduation. Once this course is completed by the students, they would be able to gain enough knowledge. This knowledge helps them start a career in the field of Accounts and Finance.

Why Choose ACCA?

  • ACCA consists of more than 80 international accountancy alliances that are globally renowned along with 78 markets.
  • The expertise at this ACCA course is judged with the help of 13 tough assessments. This provides good credibility to one’s career.
  • This institute provides up-to-date trending industry-based knowledge and skills for its students.
  • The curriculum of the ACCA course has been cleverly designed to meet the needs and improve the perception of students.
  • Training that is provided in this institution helps students to achieve their long-term career goals.
  • It makes the students get trained in the senior-most level of management that assures a better future.

Now let us discuss in detail one of the best online training academies that provide ACCA courses for students.

It is none other than Henry Harvin Academy. Before we get into it, let us know more about this academy.


Henry Harvin offers one of the highly in-demand courses, the ACCA course among the other courses. The faculty members present currently are well experienced in their respective fields.

Their Elite Healthcare Academy is one of the strongest alumni networks in the whole society of education. They are the winner of the top corporate training award nationwide. It is associated with the American Association of EFL.

Please refer to the below given YouTube video for a review,


  • HH provides training in the field of Accounts and Finance to make them understand ACCA.
  • The learning techniques are done with the help of Business Mathematics and computer spreadsheets.
  • Their cost accounting techniques help students discover in-depth knowledge in the CA field.
  • Students are also educated in financial performances that provide a variety of knowledge.
  • They make sure that their students are good at managing their assigned team members.
  • In the end, they train students to become an effective employee who helps in developing their respective companies.

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To know more details about the ACCA course that Henry Harvin provides, please click on the above link and get to know.

Eligibility of ACCA course in India:

  • The person who would like to become a member of the ACCA should clear 13 exams in one attempt.
  • They need to have a minimum of 36 months of experience in the field and it applies to both before and during completion. The completion of their respective fields of qualification.
  • Candidates must have completed their Ethics and Professional skills module during their graduation.
  • Their exams are based on 3 levels, the first one is applied knowledge, the second one has applied skills and the third one is strategic professional.

Levels of Knowledge:

  • There are 4 levels of knowledge applicable to the study of ACCA.
  • These levels include skills level, professional level, Ethics, and professional skills and professional experience.
  • The applied knowledge level is the combination of Business and Technology, Management Accounting, and Financial Accounting.
  • Once the completion of this ACCA course, the ACCA diploma is provided to RFQ level 4 of Business and Technology.
  • The need of passing Financial Accounting and completing the Foundations in professionalism is mandatory.

Roles of ACCA members:

  • Accountants: they are the ones who perform accounting operations by analyzing financial statements for their company.
  • Internal auditor: the one who independently takes care of the company’s operations and financial activities.
  • Forensic Accountant: an experienced auditing group that is involved in the investigation of fraudulent documents and files.
  • Governance Officer: a governance officer provides efficient support to report to the chief executive officer.
  • Management Accountant: their main job is to prepare data files and crunch some numbers to track the target.
  • Chief Financial Officer: also known as CFO is the one who is directly below a CEO in a company. They invest some funds and have a business relationship with top officers in the said industry.
  • Group Accountant: the world’s largest industries or companies always have a group accountant. They help in solving the most complex finances of the whole company group.
  • Business Analyst: they are the people who work very close to higher officials to grow business. With the help of their ideas, they look forward to bringing some changes to the business.
  • Business Adviser: they are used mainly for teaching more knowledge to the existing employees. The updates and financial records are all prepared by them to provide to the other employees.
  • Tax Accountant: As a tax accountant, they would prepare the laws, rules, and regulations for businesses and other individuals. Filing tax returns is one of their main roles.
  • Risk Manager: the Risk Managers help an organization by managing its assets. Reputations, employees, customers, etc. Common threats would be identified by them.
  • Treasurer: The complete overall finances are managed by a treasurer for a company. Deposits, budgets, collecting, etc. are their activities.
  • Credit Control Manager: their main task is to oversee the finances that a company brings inside. Controlling the payment process is their goal.
  • Insolvency Practitioner: the person who works in the accounting department that contains authorization to each individual and the company.
  • Fund Manager: by creating new and easy strategies for managing funds for trading activities. Pensions are part of their job.
  • Financial Analyst: an investment that gives such a profit is managed and checked by the financial analyst.

Tips & Tricks to complete ACCA:

ACCA course contains a syllabus that is not so common and is considered quite tough for most members.

Below is a link that contains a few shortcuts that help in acing this course.

Click this link to know more about the best tips to clear ACCA.

Exemptions of ACCA course:

  • If the qualification of the student is school graduation only then he/she needs to attend all the 13 exams.
  • The students who have completed up to commerce education can attend 9 exams.
  • If they had completed their CA IPCC then 8 exams would be required for the ACCA course.
  • The course CA is completed by the students then all they have to do is to write 4 more exams.
  • The above-given details are tentative and it purely corresponds to each student and their education.
  • Candidates are required to have a basic minimum qualification to acquire a knowledge base level.
  • Students who score 65% of marks on subjects such as mathematics, accounts, English, etc would be considered.
  • Other students with higher qualifications are also given a chance.
  • A CA student who scores more than 40 in their final examinations is eligible for the ACCA course.
  • The same applies to CA IPCC students with the same score level eligibility.

Exam Pattern of ACCA course:

Duration2 hours
Passing threshold marks50%
  • The questions would usually be multi-tasked and the answers are expected to be done using spreadsheets.
  • The duration may vary based on exemptions and the knowledge of some comprehensive rules.
  • At a strategic level, exams duration is the longest for up to 4 hours with the same marks and 50% passing scores.
  • Study materials are provided based on the number of details required to attain the whole package.
  • Most of the examinations are held in March, June, September, and December.

ACCA course fee structure:

Exam feesINR 11,800
Registration feeINR 2520
Subscription feeINR 9,400
Study Material feeINR 2, 52,000
  • The examination fee for the ACCA course includes mock exams and tests conducted regularly in their facility.
  • They provide placement assistance, registration assistance, etc.

Most people at this point would want to know the details that differentiate CA and ACCA. Let us get to know by viewing the below table.

RecognitionOnly in IndiaIndia & Overseas
Duration of course5 years2.5 years
Exam patternGroup of papersOne paper at a time
Attempts of papers6 months once3 months once
SalaryINR 5 – 8 lacs.p.aINR 5-8 lacs.p.a
Hiring companiesAllBig 4, MNCs
CountriesIndia180+ countries

From the above table, it is clear that the ACCA course could be so much better in comparison with just CA.

ACCA has been given recognition in more than 180 countries.

Syllabus of ACCA course

The ACCA course syllabus includes Chartered Accountancy topics like Financial Reporting, Business, Finance, Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Management. It contains 13 examinations with three levels of the split being provided based on the consumption of each individuality.

The three levels include,

  • Knowledge level
  • Skill level
  • Professional Level essential

1. Knowledge level:

It consists of the combination of AB, MA & FA.

AB – Accountant in Business

MA – Management Accounting

FA – Financial Accounting

By acquiring the knowledge of the entire above, one can attain a knowledge level based wisdom of the ACCA.

This prepared the candidate for the skills needed to start and complete the next level of the syllabus.

2. Skill Level:

The skill level is produced by combining LW, PM, TX, FR, AA & FM.

LW – Corporate and Business Law

PM – Performance Management

TX – Taxation

FR – Financial Reporting

AA – Audit & Assurance

FM – Financial Management

In the corporate business world in which we live, there are many types of skills required to maintain to give in. Each module in the skill level provides the candidates to become an expert in the field of CA.

The combination of corporate law along with the best performances and reporting makes it perfect. Taxation reports filing is vital for a future CA.

3. Professional Level Essential:

This level consists of strategy-based modules that keep the course intact.

SBR – Strategic Business Reporting

SBL – Strategic Business Leader

Every business deal ever made in the world would not be without a strategic plan that would have taken place.  Real leader is born out of their strategic ideologies and report analyzing skills acquired by their predecessors.

If you do not show professionalism, then it would be difficult to move into a society of highly knowledged people. People who help you expand and grow in business.

Candidates who would want to know more details about the ACCA course and strategies can also refer to this link below,

Click here for more info.

Use of ACCA in India:

  • The scope of ACCA courses in India has been increasing largely in the last few years counted.
  • Candidates who have completed their ACCA course have been selected to work in the top companies like Deloitte, EY, Grant Thornton, and PwC.
  • The salary package provided by each company varies based on experience and knowledge.
  • Various job designations are provided for ACCA members such as Internal Audit, Forensic Auditing, etc.
  • ACCA facility has so many of its students currently working for companies across nations in all departments.
  • Nearly 200 companies across the globe have hired students who have completed their ACCA courses.
  • The countries like the UK, Canada, Singapore, etc are all giving their authority to hire more students from ACCA.


ACCA has been proven to be one of the best courses for students who are interested in Accounts and Finance. This course is available all across the world and people are wildly anticipating it.

The salary packages are the same all over the world and hence it doesn’t matter where they pursue this career. Students are nowadays analyzing everything life gives them.

When it comes to doing CA as a major, most parents do not encourage their children to follow their dreams. This is because parents think engineering might be the best bet.

Show them all the details about this course and make them believe that no matter how tough, you will achieve flying colors.

Hope the details that are provided above help them in choosing the right career path in the future.

Please refer to the link given at certain points to get a clear description of nook and corner details before jumping to conclusions.


Q1. What is the role of the Governance Office?

A governance officer provides efficient support to report to the chief executive officer.

Q2. Name the three levels included in an ACCA Syllabus.

The three levels are,
1. Knowledge Level
2. Skill Level
3. Professional Level Essential

Q3. When was ACCA created?

ACCA was created and founded in the year 1904.

Q4. Approximately how many countries use ACCA?

More than 180 companies use ACCA.

Q5. What is the passing mark for completing ACCA?

50% is the average mark needed to complete ACCA.

Q6. What is the salary package?

The salary package would be 5 – 8 lacs per annum.


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