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No more wondering about ACCA courses in Mumbai:

Global CA or ACCA is an internationally recognized qualification. It has 3 levels to pass through – knowledge, Skills, and Professional. By conquering all 3 levels you’ll get the ACCA certification for yourself to be recognized in financial firms worldwide.

The ACCA Courses are provided by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Institutes which offers the qualifications for Chartered Certified Accountants. ACCA certification opens up countless scopes for your career in the finance and accounting industries. The minimum eligibility criteria to apply to the ACCA courses is to pass the Higher Secondary Examination from any recognized board in India.

In India, the salary offered to ACCA freshers or ACCA members is between INR 3,00,000 to INR 8,00,000.

Master ACCA

Availability of ACCA courses in Mumbai:

Mumbai is the fastest growing business hub along with India’s biggest fashion and entertainment industries. This is creating a lot of job opportunities for ACCA candidates here. To serve this need, the availability of the ACCA courses in Mumbai is increasing as well. Educational Institutes these days have launched both online and offline modes of ACCA courses in Mumbai. The online institutes help you attend the ACCA courses from the comfort of your home.

Let’s dive right into the top 10 ACCA courses in Mumbai.

TOP 10 ACCA courses Mumbai

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Logo

About Henry Harvin ERP Academy:

Henry Harvin ERP Academy is set with an objective to upskill the professionals and nubies for their white-collared journey ahead. Here, the technical and non-technical skills are mentored through action-based learning. This unique pedagogy is carefully moduled by subject experts with substantial industry experience. Using a unique goal-centric method these learning solutions are delivered to the learners.

Henry Harvin ERP Academy aims to tutor learners all over India and across the world. To serve this objective they provide you with both online and online sessions.

About the ACCA Course of Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin offers Elaborate Training sessions and In-depth Practical Knowledge in the Finance field through the ACCA Course to boost your skillset up and expose you to Finance firms worldwide.

Key Features of the course:

Henry Harvin Offers you a 9-in-1 program for the ACCA course which include:

  • 100% Practical Training Curriculum
  • On-hand Projects 
  • Internship 
  • Hallmarked Certification 
  • Weekly Job Support and Guaranteed Placement 
  • E-Learning efficiency  
  • Bootcamp sessions
  • Hackathons 
  • 1 year Gold Membership of Finance Academy

ACCA Course modules:

There will be 4 levels to learn through during the entire course, which are further divided into several papers that includes a wide range of chapters covering the whole syllabus of the ACCA course.

The course module for ACCA in Henry Harvin is as follows:

  1.  Knowledge Level- 3 papers
  • 1: Business and Technology
  • 2: Management Accounting
  • 3: Financial Accounting
  1. Skill Level- 6 papers
  • 4: Corporate and Bussiness Law
  • 5: Performance Management
  • 6: Taxation
  • 7: Financial Reporting
  • 8: Audit and Assurance
  • 9: Financial Management
  1. Professional Level (essential)- 2 papers

Paper 10: Strategic Business Leader

Paper 11: Strategic Bussiness Reporting

  1. Professional Level (advanced)- any 2 of 4 papers
  • 12: Advanced Financial Management
  • 13: Advanced Performance Management
  • 14: Advanced Taxation
  • 15: Advanced Audit and Assurance

Under the above-mentioned course modules, there are topics covering the entire syllabus elaborately.

Process of Certification:

The process of getting certified for the ACCA course in Henry Harvin involves 4 simple steps:

  1. Consult with a counselor or customer executive to fit into the right batch for yourself. And register for the ACCA course at Henry Harvin
  2. Complete the allotted ACCA training sessions in your course, follow the guidance of the instructor, and go through the recorded sessions if you miss any live ones.
  3.  Submit all the Projects assigned for the entire course. Then apply for assessments and certification.
  4. Complete the training process and apply for the certificate.

Why choose Henry Harvin Education?

Henry Harvin is an authorized and fastest-growing education platform. It has already earned the position of the top-ranked portal with 1500+ google reviews and 300+ YouTube video testimonials.

Henry Harvin selects the subject experts very carefully from top-ranking organizations so that they can offer their practical knowledge to the learners and guide them to the professional field properly.

Henry Harvin Training Pedagogy:

Live Projects Henry Harvin provides Live Projects during the training period for the participants to gain experience along with theoretical learning. Live projects help you to understand the topics better and gain in-depth practical knowledge.
Unique Teaching Method Henry Harvin uses a blend of techniques aligned with their unique G.C.A.O. pedagogy which allows you to derive focused-action-oriented outcomes from the courses. 
Engagement Throughout The Courses Participants will be engaged all through the training period via reverse, brainstorming, presentations, and group activities. 
Henry Harvin Unique Pedagogy

Hallmark Certification:

Most importantly, Henry Harvin provides globally valued hallmarked certification on completing each course and internship training they offer. This will help you to get recognition for the skills you opt to learn here as well as a better placement in the respective industries professionally.

Benefits of learning at Henry Harvin:

  • In-depth knowledge of the specific functions of Internal Finance Order and Accounting will be gained.
  • Team management and leadership protocols will be experienced.
  • Knowledge regarding Recruitment and development of effective employees will be gathered.
  • Business Mathematics and Computer Spreadsheets will be learned.
  • Various Cost Accounting Techniques will be discovered.
  • Legal Implications for companies sunk in difficulties will be learned.
  • Get to learn how to Perform Budgeting & Forecasting, Standard Costing, and Variable Analysis.
  • How to Report the Financial Performance of a various range of business entities will be learned During this course.

Career Benefits with Henry Harvin Certification:

Here’s how ACCA Certification by Henry Harvin will be benefitting your Career:

  • You’ll be eligible for ACCA Jobs which require background knowledge for the job role.
  • You’ll get exposure to the opportunities Worldwide, which demand Specialization in Finance fields.
  • You’ll be able to support any startups with ROI knowledge.
  • Your Business Card will be upgraded with a Hallmark of Global Credential- ACCA next to your name on the card.
  • You’ll get esteemed among others in Job Interviews.
  • Promotions will be easier even in your current job role with the in-demand skills you’ll master here.
  • Your CV & LinkedIn Profile will be improved with Technical and Professional Development; and will be Ornamented with the ACCA Certification by Henry Harvin.

And last but not the least; Henry Harvin provides an enormous source of job opportunities for the learners as their job portals are enriched with the big shot clients, precisely, 171+ corporate clients and 109+ colleges. Also, Henry Harvin Exposes you to its 2100+ hiring partners with 80% of average salary hikes.

Acca course Duration and fees in mumbai from Henry Harvin 

  Levels  Paper+ Duration  Fees
Knowledge Level  Business & Technology              40 hours
Management Accounting           40 hours
Financial Accounting                  40 hours
 Skill Level Corporate & Business Law         50 hours
Performance Management         50 hours
Taxation                                      50 hours
Financial Reporting                     50 hours
Auditing & Assurance                 50 hours
Financial Management               50 hours
 Professional Level Strategic Business Leader           60 hours
Strategic Business Reporting      50 hours
Adv. Financial Management        50 hours
Adv.Performance Management   50 hours
Adv.Taxation                                50 hours
Adv. Audit & Assurance               50 hours
Henry Harvin ACCA course duration with Fee structure
ACCA Courses in Mumbai
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Cities where Henry Harvin provides ACCA courses:

Henry Harvin is coming up with more and more online courses for you to be able to attend these courses at the comfort of your home.

However, Henry Harvin ERP Academy is physically present to serve your need in the following cities where you can join the offline courses:

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
  • Bhopal
  • Kolkata

Contact Henry Harvin Academy:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: 
  • WhatsApp: +91 9891953953
  • Customer Help Desk: +91 9015266266

Henry Harvin ACCA Course fees:

Cities where Henry Harvin courses are provided:

AgraBangaloreChennaiCochinGurgaonMumbaiJaipurHyderabad etc…

Other Henry Harvin courses:

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2. Zell Education:

About Zell Education:

Zell Education is a globally recognized training and educational institute. It provides Finance and Accounting industry’s top-rated training to the eligible participants. Zell Education has both online and classroom modes for all the courses they offer. And also conduct regular mock test sessions for better assessment while learning. They also provide 24×7 Whatsapp assistance.

About the ACCA Course in Zell Education:

Zell Education offers ACCA certifications along with the benefits below:

  1. The faculty members at Zell Education are ACCA qualified themselves.
  2. Zell has platinum approved learning partnership with F2F Mumbai.
  3. A 100% placement assistance is provided along with the course.
  4. With an average passing rate of 80%
  5. Fees can be paid with no-cost EMI options.
  6. There are cost-friendly variants of the program available.
  7. Zell also ensures in-house learning management for you.

Why Zell Education?

Zell Education collaborates with OBU- Oxford Brookes University to provide:

  •  An internationally valued Dual degree provided by Oxford Brookes University
  • No more struggle for attending classes as Zell Education Offers Online courses
  • By submitting 1 project, get a Bachelor’s degree with ACCA Certification
  • Get Professional Guidance in projects with a highest passing rate
  • 24×7 guidance available by Zell In-house mentors
  • At Zell Education, you’ll get 9 sessions of 16 hours of mentorship throughout the ACCA course 

6-24 months depending upon the course you choose.

Acca course Duration and fees in mumbai from Zell Education

Average fees paid to Zell are 50,000 + GST. The fees are variable for each course.



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3. IMS Pro-School:

About IMS Pro-School:

Pro-School is an IMS (Institute of Management Study) initiative to focus on the Finance, Accounting, and Digital fields.

Pro-School offers you a unique active-learning methodology and focuses on your personal career goals. They also take care of your Mentoring and test preparations along with placements beyond learning. 

IMS Pro-School is the gold-approved learning partner of ACCA.

About the ACCA Course provided by Pro-School:

IMS Pro-School offers an ACCA curriculum for Global Professional Accountant- GPA. It possesses all the 3 levels of ACCA courses distributed in up to 9 paper exemptions. They provide their GPA sessions for both Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Undergraduate Program:

  • This program allows you to qualify for ACCA by the time you graduate.
  • They upskill you from day one in this course and allow you to be ready for jobs.
  • They offer you live training sessions of 1000+ hours.
  • They focus on the top global and top Indian ranks for ACCA.
  • It includes GPA and GPA Comprehensive program for you to choose the suitable one for yourself.

Graduate Program:

  • This Gateway GPA course is a fast-track program from IMS Pro-School that guides you to get ACCA Certification, preparation for jobs, and Guaranteed placements based on Financial modeling skills, soft skills, and the ACCA certification.
  • This is a kickstart for the graduates to enhance their careers.
  • 500+hours of live sessions are allotted for this course.
  • This course assures you of 100% placement assistance.
  • The ranking is focused both on top global and top Indian ranks.
  • It includes GPA Gateway and GPA Professional programs for you to choose the suitable one for yourself.

Why Pro-School?

Reasons to choose Pro-School over other ACCA course-offering institutes in Mumbai are as follows:

  1. They provide Industry relevant certifications for ACCA, CIMA, Comtia+, NSDC, and other courses.
  2. Their Faculties are all practicing experts in their respective fields from whom you’ll be getting 1:1 learning sessions during the courses.
  3. Each learner will be assigned a mentor throughout the courses to guide them to follow their personal success goals.
  4. Pro-School’s unique active-learning method will be helping you to get an awareness that’ll lead you to understand the results of your learnings in practical applications. This is important to upgrade the demonstrable skills you acquire in the courses.
  5. You’ll get strong placement assistance that provides you with curated job opportunities that match your preferences. Also, they’ll guide you through the processes of resume building, mock interviews, soft skills, and much more.
  6. Lastly, they have flexible learning modes, i.e., they offer classroom, online, and direct learning methods for you to satisfy your comfort of learning.

Acca course Duration and fees in mumbai 

GPA Undergraduate program:

Course GPA GPA comprehensive
Fees (INR) 1,80,000/- 2,50,000/-
Duration 2 years 3 years

GPA Graduate program:

Course GPA Gateway GPA Professional
Fees (INR) 1,00,000/- 1,00,000/-
Duration 1 year 1 year


4. The Wall Street School, India:

About The Wall Street School:

The Wall Street School is one of the top listed training institutes in the Finance domain. In their Finance Modeling and Valuation programs, they prepare their students for the increasing demand for investment banking and corporate finance via their e-learning sessions and instructor-led boot camps. They conduct ACCA preparation programs and CFA training programs with an 85-91% success rate.

About the ACCA Course provided by The Wall Street School:

Essential features:

  • Placement assistance
  • Exhaustive preparation material
  • An official learning partnership with ACCA Global
  • Training by rank holders
  • 100% pass assurance
  • High passing rate
  • Both LMS and App access to your portals

AFP- Accounting and Finance Professional:

Under the AFP program, The Wall Street offers-

  • ACCA coaching
  • Practical skill training
  • Placement support,

However, the course curriculum includes all the 3 levels of ACCA you have to pass through, distributed into several papers and topics along with respective exams and project presentations.

Why The Wall Street School? 

There are the following reasons to choose The Wall Street School for your ACCA course in Mumbai.

  • You’ll be trained by rank holder Instructors with 20+ years of Corporate experience.
  • They provide skill-based training.
  • 100% placement assistance is provided here.
  • The pass success rate is 85% in ACCA Coaching Classes.
  • 1000+ hours of live training sessions provided, with exam and Interview preparations.
  • You’ll get detailed study materials and presentations for each topic of each subject allotted to the ACCA course.
  • 3 mock tests will be held for each exam and a detailed evaluation with individual feedback sessions will be provided.
  • You’ll be presented with transparent placement offers and contact details of previously placed candidates to grow your professional connection in the industry.
  • Unlimited doubt sessions will be taken care of by the customer helpdesk executives over a phone call or Whatsapp chats.

Duration and Fees:

Durations and Course Modules:

Courses Undergraduates and Below Graduates and Above Graduate +CA Inter CA, CMA
Exam PrepIncluded 13 ACCA Exams 9 ACCA Exams 7 ACCA Exams 4 ACCA Exams
additional benefits ● Financial Modeling & Excel Training
● Stock Market Training
● Financial Modeling & Excel Training
● Stock Market Training
● Financial Modeling & Excel Training
● Stock Market Training
● Financial Modeling & Excel Training
● Stock Market Training
Duration 2.5 to 3 Years 2 to 2.5 Years 1.5 to 2 Years 1 to 1.5 Years
Course Curriculum and Duration


Fees for the courses are variable for the candidates along with their choice of opting for the courses mentioned above.

5. Grant Thornton, GT Academy:

About GT Academy:

Grant Thornton is a globally recognized Learning & Development Academy in India. They are one of the most recognized learning entities that offer their courses across Tax, Transactions, Assurance, Risk management, Consulting, and Technology. 

Learning & Development Academy serves learners by upskilling them by Grant Thornton in India. They provide result-oriented training programs to professionals and students. their impactful programs can be customized according to your requirements to help you get the most out of them.

Modes of training in GT Academy are classroom sessions, online live sessions, and e-learning.

About the ACCA Course in GT Academy:

Grant Thornton Bharat has launched their ACCA qualification training program, where you can learn from the enriched experience & professional skill-based knowledge of Grant Thornton Bharat in different domains across various industries. You can also gather your experience with their practical insights for a better understanding of the subject matter.

ACCA course at GT Academy offers you:

  • Globally recognized education degree.
  • 2,33,000 members.
  • 5,36,000 future members based in 179 countries.
  • Stand out to 17,000+ employers.

Why GT Academy?

In today’s modern digital era of machine learning, there are advantages of a classroom environment in making the most out of group studies while focusing on resolving individual queries. 

Thus the trainers at GT Academy are experts who share their experiences along with the best practical application of skills that are professionally practiced in the industry.

Learning & Development Academy by Grant Thornton, India provides you with the Finance firm’s richest experiences in different domains among various industries and their knowledge-base to share the most practical insights, helping you to understand and implement complex concepts better.

Fee Structure:

Live Sessions Fee Recorded Videos Fee
Knowledge Level INR 12000 plus taxes Knowledge Level INR 8000 plus taxes
Skill Level INR 15500 plus taxes Skill Level INR 9500 plus taxes
Professional INR 18500 plus taxes Professional INR 11000 plus taxes
Course curriculum with Fee Structure
Develop Skills

6. FPA- Financial Planning Academy:

About FPA:

Financial Planning Academy is one of India’s leading training companies in the business and finance sector. They provide their students with the knowledge and skills worldwide through their E-Learning sessions which can help them propel their careers to the professional level.

FPA is ACCA’s Gold Approved Learning Partner, training students globally. They provide ACCA courses in Mumbai through classroom sessions and worldwide through their online live sessions. 

Also, FPA provides the CFPCM program. It is also one of the few Authorised Education Partners with FPSB USA that provide CFP training all over India. FPA is also one of the top trainers to provide the CMA USA program in India.

About the ACCA Course offered by FPA:

The course curriculum of ACCA in FPA:

Content Knowledge Level Skills Level Professional Level
Syllabus /

Business and Technology (BT)

Management Accounting (MA)

Financial Accounting (FA)

Corporate & Business Law (LW)

Management (PM)

Taxation (TX)

Financial Reporting (FR)

Audit & Assurance (AA)

Financial Management (FM)
Strategic Business Leader (SBL – Essential)

Strategic Business Reporting (SBR – Essential)

Advanced Financial Management (AF)

Advanced Performance Management (APM)

Advanced Taxation (ATX)

Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA)
ACCA Certification Diploma in Accounting & Business Advance Diploma in Accounting & Business Professional Level Certificate & ACCA Affiliate Status
Optional Degrees   B.Sc. in Applied Accounting awarded by Oxford Brookes University (Optional) M.Sc. in Professional Accountancy awarded by University of London
Experience Criteria for membership     36 months of practical experience gained before, during, or after the ACCA exams
FPA ACCA Course Curriculum

Why ACCA course by FPA in Mumbai? 

Following are the reasons for you to go for ACCA courses in FPA, Mumbai:

  • FPA is the top ACCA institute located in Mumbai.
  • They have decades of expertise in providing training for Banking & Financial Services and have trained 6,00,000+ professionals across 58 countries
  • All faculties and founders are ACCA and CA, certified experienced professionals.
  • Authorized ACCA course Books & Test Papers are provided for the learners.
  • Comprehensive support by the FPA helpdesk team and trainers until ACCA exams are cleared by the students.
  • 100% placement support provided.
  • Weekend Classes are conducted for ACCA courses in Mumbai as well as ACCA courses provided via online sessions.
  • Oxford Brookes University Approved Mentors are here to help you out.

Fee Structure:

ACCA Body Fee
Initial Registration variable  
Examination Fee variable  
ACCA Coaching Fees / ACCA Course Fees INR 18000 + GST  
Fee structure
ACCA Classrooms

7. Global FTI:

About Global FTI:

Financial Training Institute (FTI) was first established in Bangalore, in 2007. Their motto is to provide high-quality training for finance-related courses. They conduct courses on CA, ACCA, MBA, CMA, etc., domains. They have extensive industry-based knowledge and experience along with recognized correspondence within India and abroad. Hence, students do not just get the best coaching in academics, they also get career counseling in Global FTI. 

Global FTI has partnerships with top educational institutes in India. So, FTI students can choose to study with any of Global FTI’s partner institutes. The extensive connections and network of FTI with the industry allow them to offer practical skillsets within their courses. This makes their students’ industry ready. They also provide placement opportunities after their students get qualified in subsequent courses. 

Corporate training and customized skill development programs are also part of FTI course curriculums for professionals.

About the ACCA Course Global FTI offers:

Global FTI is well known for its ACCA training in India. They have 12+ years of experience in training students for the ACCA courses in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, and 20+ other cities in India.

They are also a Platinum-approved ACCA learning platform for face-to-face delivery in Bangalore and a Gold-approved ACCA learning entity for face-to-face training in Chennai.

The training pedagogy FTI offer has been skillfully hand-crafted and mastered by experienced trainers. Therefore, the ACCA pass rate is higher among FTI students.

ACCA course module in Global FTI follows all 3 levels of ACCA learning strategy.

The entire ACCA course is divided accordingly among the 3 levels. Theoretical learning here is followed by practical on-hand projects and exams. This helps the learners to get a better understanding of the complex topics with industrial insights.

Why Global FTI?

Global FTI is one of the best learning institutes for students as well as professionals who want to build their careers in finance firms. Their results and credentials state their quality of training:

  •  Platinum approved Learning provider for ACCA (UK).
  • First and only approved tuition provider for CPA Australia in India.
  • Tuition provider for CMA (US) program provider in India.
  • Consistently higher student pass rate.
  • Producing industry-ready affiliated candidates per year
  • Knowledge-enriched and experienced faculties selected from the Finance industry to provide the learners practical and skillful understanding of the professional industry.
  • Teaching methodology involves periodic tests, mock exams, doubt clearing sessions, and revision classes before the exams.
  • A wide range of professional courses to choose from.
  • Collaboration with the trusted learning partner for top educational institutes and corporates in India.
  • Lastly, Global FTI proved to be a preferred platform for global recruiters to hire affiliated candidates.

Duration and Fees:

Course duration and fee structures are variable along with the course curriculums offered by Global FTI.

8. EduPristine:

About EduPristine:

EduPristine was established in 2008. The founding members of EduPristine were four industry professionals from Multi-National Companies like Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, S & P, and Accenture. In a very short period, EduPristine became one of the primer finance training providers around the world. Over the decades, the institute grew from offering tuition on one domain to 5 domains namely Finance, Accounting, Analytics, Marketing, and Healthcare.

Self-Paced Study Online

EduPristine has built an online platform and network of classrooms across India. This way EduPristine promotes self-paced learning, online learning, and classroom mode of learning. Now you can even attend ACCA courses in Mumbai or other places in India with EduPristine, a name trusted by Fortune 500 companies, professionals, and students around India and abroad.

About the ACCA Course in EduPristine:

ACCA is an internationally recognized and one of the most demanded credentials by recruiters worldwide in the finance and accounting domain. EduPristine possesses ACCA Gold Partnership. Their practice-oriented training methodology is moduled skillfully to provide experiential training under the supervision and guidance of the industry’s top-ranked professional faculties. 

The content partner of EduPristine is Kaplan, Inc., one of the world’s largest educational institutes with 80+ years of rich professional history. 

Career services by EduPristine also include soft skills training and 100% placement assistance to induce exponential career growth of the EduPristine learners.

Why EduPristine? 

Reasons why one should choose Edupristine are:

  • They are one of the biggest employers of ACCA in India.
  • Provide an Indicative salary in India.
  • They are one of the oldest, and leading training institutes for the Accounting, Finance, Analytics, and Marketing fields.
  • Provide multiple modes of training including classrooms, online live sessions, and self-study.
  • They’ve built modern and well-located centers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune to reach you physically.
  • Recruited a highly qualified group of 250+ faculty members. They have an industry-based professional background. The faculties are experienced in teaching theoretical concepts. They skillfully demonstrate the applicability of those concepts.
  • Provide experiential & practical learning through exclusive training sessions, video recordings of the sessions, exam-oriented content and guidance, mock tests, etc. 
  • EduPristine conduct supplementary classes for supporting and guiding students. If they face difficulties understanding complex topics, they provide them with doubt-clearing sessions as well.

Duration and Fees   


It takes 2-3 years to complete all the exams of the ACCA course and 3 years of work experience.

Fee Structure:

Determined by ACCA Global as per the variability of the ACCA course curriculum.

9. LSBF, London School of Bussiness & Finances, Singapore:

About LSBF:

With our flexible learning options, you are welcome to study in the classroom or attend the Live Broadcast of classes from the comfort of your home. Access to recorded videos will be available for students choosing the Premium Package, so we recommend you to sign up for it today. Get the best resources to make the most out of your studies. 

Your classes will be Live Broadcasted as per your class timetable, and you are required to attend them as attendance will be marked. 

At LSBF Singapore, your ACCA classes never stop.

Start Calculating your Investments for ACCA Certified Future

About the ACCA Course, LSBF provides:

LSBF provides ACCA tuitions with a globally recognized certification process. The course includes all the 3 levels to get qualified for ACCA. Each of the 3 levels is divided into many papers that are further elaborated by several corresponding topics. LSBF conducts a bunch of exams and regular mock tests for each level as per the distributed papers to provide a better assessment of your learning.

The certificate you get after completing the ACCA course here is internationally recognized by Global ACCA and the London School of Bussiness and Finance. Hence, it glitters you up to get noticed among the candidate crowd in the Finance industry.

Why LSBF Singapore?

The reasons to study ACCA with LSBF Singapore are-

  • Award-winning tutors:

Their experienced tutors provide exceptional guidance to the preparatory courses to achieve high pass rates.

  • Prize winners: 

229 LSBF prizes won between Dec 2011 – Mar 2022 by the institute.

  • Geographical location: 

LSBF Singapore is located in the heart of Singapore, in the Central Business District.

  • Passing guarantee: 

In case get unsuccessful in your papers, they’ll provide you with a complimentary revision plus class for the immediate next attempt at the exam.

Duration and Fees:

The fee structure is variable along with the course curriculum and facilities provided. Whereas the duration of the courses depends upon the course curriculum as well.

10. VG Learning Destination:

About VG Learning Destination:

VG Learning Destination is a leading coaching institute in India that was founded in 1991. VGLD has progressed ever since by continuously improving and maintaining its quality of education, training, and guiding students for finance and accountancy-based professions. VG Learning has a great reach across India. VG Learning destination is an Authorized Silver Gold Partner of ACCA Global.

The prime objective of VGLD is to help students get advanced, skillful, and customized coaching in the comfort of their homes via online sessions.

Advantages of VG Learning Destination:

  • High-end faculty, author of several books.
  • Personalized coaching through satellite technology.
  • Backup sessions.
  • Free demo classes.
  • Small classroom size.
  • No extra cost for books.
  • Web-centric support.
  • Schedule Flexibility.

About the ACCA Course in VG Learning Destination:

Course curriculum:

ACCA course module in VG Learning Destination covers all 3 levels of ACCA and the topics are distributed in respective papers for each level. Exams and mock tests are taken by the institute for each paper to provide a better assessment to the learners. 

Benefits included in the fee structure:

  •  Get registration for ACCA.
  • Live online classes and recorded lectures (6 views per lecture, valid for 3 months).
  • 100% placement assistance provided.
  • Access to BPP Enhanced classroom.
  • CBE practice platform facilities.
  • Regular webinars that add extra value to the course.
  • Study materials were prepared and provided by the trainers.
  • Build a connection with alumni & mentors for better exposure to the professional industry.
  • Zero-cost EMI for payment methods available.

Why VG Learning Destination?

  • 2,33,000 members and 5,36,000 possible future members.
  • Worldwide recognition in 170+ countries.
  • 100+-year-old experienced accounting body
  • Become an ACCA Certified candidate in 12 months of average time.

Duration and Fees


12 months on average.


To be discussed with their customer support.

The Opportunities that ACCA courses serve:

Founded in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the oldest international professional finance and accounting body that offers the Chartered Certified Accountant or ACCA qualification. ACCA has 200,000 members and approximately 486,000 students in 180 countries; of which 15,000 are flaunting their careers in India. These ACCA affiliates are making it the largest accounting body around the world. ACCA has its headquarters in London.

ACCA courses provide a globally recognized qualification with which the students and the graduates get the opportunity to build their careers worldwide. ACCA secures a job in the fields like taxation, fund management, advising, consulting, etc. The basic need for financial accountants, business consultants, financial advisors, fund management, etc. is everywhere in the 21st-century era of business. So, the endless opportunities for ACCA-qualified people are spread across the world, especially abroad, such as the UK, the USA, Dubai, and Singapore.

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Q1. How many subjects get covered in ACCA courses?

Ans. Depending upon your current qualification, the examinations you are aspiring for, and the course you are opting for the subjects that’ll be covered in the ACCA course will be determined.

Q2. What type of jobs will I be able to get after I qualify for ACCA?

Ans. ACCA-certified candidates are offered jobs for various profiles such as risk advisory, accounting advisory, internal audit, statutory audit, forensic audit, merger and acquisition, valuation, and more.

Q3. What is the scope of ACCA in India?

Ans. Over the last couple of years, the scope of ACCA in India has been expanded several folds. There are tremendous opportunities for ACCA-certified candidates. 
They are getting hired by top companies like Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, EY, BDO, Grant Thornton, etc. 

Q4. Is ACCA considered similar to CA in Final 4 accounting firms?

Ans. As both ACCA and CA courses include a similar curriculum and training program, they are considered more or less equivalent to each other in terms of qualification and knowledge in the Big 4 firms.

Q5. Are the subjects covered similar for ACCA and CA?

Ans. Both CA and ACCA courses cover subjects that share overlapping concepts like accounting (IFRS & Ind-AS), auditing, financial management, cost accounting, etc, except for taxation and law.


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