A data analyst gathers and studies data. They collect and interpret data. It helps to solve the problem. They may work in several industries like business or finance. Data analysis is a critical field. It helps businesses make informed decisions. There was an advent of big data. what does a data analyst do? This is the primary question. The demand for skilled data analysis is increasing. Currently data analytics are at their peak. And perform more efficiently and maximize profit. It includes spreadsheets and many others.

What does a data analyst do?

Data Analytics Vs Data Analysis:

Data analytics is a traditional type of analytics used in enterprises. It has one or more users. This consists of data collection. It processes data using various technologies. Does not offer itself to descriptive analysis. With this, one might discover anonymous relationships. 


Data analysis is a specialized type of analytics used in business. This involves defining the data and cleaning it up. Here, the raw data must be defined first. It analyzes data using many tools. This can be subjected to descriptive analysis. It cannot be used to find unknown relations.

Qualification And Skills:

You need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or equivalent. You should have about three years of experience in marketing or web analysis. A strong background in social media platform analysis is required. Should have experience in business intelligence tools. Knowledge of cloud tools is a must. Excellent written and verbal skills.

Interpreting data and good communication skills will help you get selected. Analysts must understand how to tackle raw data. They should have experience in using OLAP tools.


You should work closely with internal project teams. It helps for effective decision-making. Should deliver creative analytics and tools. It was done for campaigns and objectives. You should implement a digital framework for the analysis of data. They should work with the data architecture team. It helps to determine a measurement. You should design and implement digital analytics systems. Work closely with clients and respective team members. Always work with the data solutions team. Remember to evaluate site performance. At last, analyze and deliver properly.


Business requires digital analytics to improve their online presence. Data analysts can make this possible. By knowing the needs and recommending. They improve data marketing campaigns by analyzing data. Also by advising other digital marketing analysts and team. They also work with market research analysts. Data analysts help organizations develop new functionalities, they work in industries, finance, and other sectors. Analysts collect and clean data.

How Is Data Analytics Used?

Data is everywhere. People use data every day. Whether they realize it or not. Different daily activities like recording our footsteps are a part of data collecting. Data analytics is important across many industries. Business leaders use data to gather information.

Key Concepts Of Data Analytics:

Four types of data analytics are descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. Together these four organize data-driven decisions. People who work with data analytics will explore these four areas.

Path To Become A Data Analyst:

You may be graduating or switching careers. The first step is assessing your transferable skills. Which in turn builds your career in the new role. what does a data analyst do? If you know this answer then it will be easier for you.

Data Analytics Career Path:

As a data analyst, you might go into the role of an analyst or manager. You may also move to other positions like project manager. Some data analysts also search for brand managers or directors. Additionally, you could play roles like a senior manager or web developer. The possible career paths are huge. 

Limitations Of Data Analytics:

1. Lack Of Agreement Within Teams-

There is a lack of agreement between different departments. Data analytics may be done by a selected member of the team. It may be shared with a few. However, the insights are not valuable.

2. Lack Of Commitment And Patience-

Analytics solutions are not difficult to implement. However, they are costly. Especially if existing data is not available. It may take time to process.

3. Low Quality Of Data-

Data analytics lacks access to quality data. It is possible that companies already have access. But the question is do they have the right data they need?

What does a data analyst do?

Data Analytics Jobs:

Data analysis makes higher than average salaries. They are in high demand in the market. The BLS that careers in data analytics will grow by twenty-three percent. Which is much faster than average. Estimated pay will be higher than the average.

What Tools Do Data Analysts Use?

A data analyst uses many tools to complete their work. Some of these tools are Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Analysts commonly use tools when–

1. Data Mining-  It helps users find the main characteristics of their data.

2. Data Visualization- It is a powerful way to transform raw data.

3. Business Intelligence- Businesses can use this intelligence and grow their performance.

Data Analyst Salary And Job Outlook:

The average base salary for a data analyst in India is about six lakhs. This can vary depending on your location and seniority. Data analysts are in high demand. Demand in today’s time is huge for a data analyst.

What Are The Key Data Analytics Benefits?

It offers proper, data-related information. Which aids organizations in understanding their customers. Moreover, they use this knowledge to make well-informed choices. It helps businesses meet their offerings to meet customer needs. Data analytics assist companies in identifying potential fraud.

Types Of Data Analysts:

1. Quantitative Analyst- They use tools like Excel to analyze datasets.

2. Market Research Analyst- They work with quantitative analysts.

3. Business Analyst- They focus on using data as part of their duties.

4. IT System Analyst- They use data to create computer systems.

5. Operations Research Analyst- They use data to make decisions about operations.

6. Medical And Health Care Analysts- They use data to analyze medical outcomes.

Best Institute To Learn And Become A Data Analyst:

Henry Harvin’s data analytics course is the best. Key features are–

1. Two-way Live Sessions- Provides live classes with a certified instructor.

2. Hallmark Certification- Henry Harvin’s certificate is globally recognized.

3. Capstone Project- You can implement your learning by working on a capstone.

4. Personalized Job Support- The course comes with premium job portals.

5. Masterclass- The course provides 52+ masterclasses by experts.

6. E-learning Portal- It is provided to access your course material.


More and more data is generated and collected. Data analytics requires flexible and high-performing tools.  what does a data analyst do? It is the main question that arises. So, takes time to keep pace and choose the right tools. Data analytics helps in analyzing raw data. And then perform more efficiently and maximize profit.

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Q.1 Is data analytics a good profile?

Ans- Data analytics is one of the most popular jobs today. Most organizations require an analyst today.

Q.2 Mention the top five industries where data analytics is used.

Ans- Banking, healthcare, manufacturing, media.

3. Is data analysis a lot of coding?

Ans- Yes, coding is essential if you are a data analyst.

4. What is the role of a data solution analyst?

Ans- They track the performance of companies’ web analytics and social media.

5. Why are data analytics important?

Ans- It is because they give insights into what content is working for your brand.

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