There are many daily used English words that we use in our daily life. Knowingly or unknowingly we use almost more than 4000 words daily. When you are learning a language, especially English, you need to know at least 2000-3000 words to read, write and speak properly. 

You know? When you talk or start speaking you will speak nearly 100-200 daily used English words. With over 1.5 billion people regularly using it, English is undoubtedly the most commonly spoken language in the entire globe. Over 1 billion people in this population speak English as a second language, which is an amazing number.

There are so many daily used English words across the world. There are almost 2500-3000 daily used English words regularly. 

A few of the daily used words are listed below


We don’t realize that we speak these many words almost daily. There are still so many daily used English words.

There are only 26 alphabets in English but while using we use so many words, which are permutations and combinations of these alphabets.

Daily used words are those which are frequently read, spoken, and written. You may or may not know the importance of words, if one letter is replaced or wrongly placed the words can be misspelled. 

Some of the daily used words with their meanings respectively

You might be able to improve your everyday language and comprehension by learning the definitions of some of the most daily used English words. Here are 50 daily used English words with definitions to assist you with everything from discussing current events to creating experience letters to just improving communication at work!

1. Absence :: The lack or Unavailability of something or someone.

2. Approval :: Having a positive opinion of someone or something.

3. Answer :: The response or receipt to a letter, phone call, or question.

4. Attention :: Noticing or Recognizing something of interest.

5. Amount ::  A collection or a mass of something. 

6. Borrow :: Take something with the purpose of returning it at some time

7. Baffle ::  something mysterious or perplexing in nature.

8. Ban :: a behavior against the law or social pressure. 

9. Banish :: Exit the situation, frequently done in a formal manner.

10. Banter :: A humorous and provocative conversation.

11. Characteristic :: describing traits that are common to the subject, location, or object.

12. Cars :: vehicles with four wheels used for transportation.

13. Care :: added accountability and focus.

14. Chip :: a little, narrow portion of something bigger.

15. Cease :: to finally cease to exist.

16. Dialogue :: a dialogue between two or more parties.

17. Decisive :: a quick thinker and decision-maker.

18. Delusion :: incorrect perception or assumption

19. Deplete :: constant decrease in the amount or number of something.

20. Derogatory :: a rude individual or remark.

21. Edible :: something that can be eaten.

22. Effervescent :: a joyful occasion that is marked by excitement.

23. Eloquent :: a person who can clearly and efficiently communicate.

24. Elusive :: a term frequently used in English to characterize criminals who are adept at eluding arrest 

25. Embody :: in a physical form, represented.

26. Fabricate :: a story or circumstance that is made out of incorrect facts.

27. Feasible :: something that is doable.

28. Feat :: an action that calls for a lot of strength, ability, and bravery.

29. Feeble :: a weak and unpersuasive speaker or argument.

30. Fixation :: an intense interest in something or someone.

31. Generic :: a class or group without a distinctive name.

32. Gimmick :: a tool or tactic used to get people’s attention.

33. Graffiti :: public drawings or writings on a surface.

34. Grandiose :: a bold, impressive, and ambitious person, idea, or scenario.

35. Grievous :: a person or situation that deeply saddens you.

36. Hiatus :: An English noun that is frequently used to describe a void or halt in a sequence.

37. Hogwash :: false or pointless claims.

38. Hostile :: someone or something unpleasant.

39. Huddle :: to assemble in a tight mass or group.

40. Hindsight :: the capacity to understand an event after it has already occurred.

41. Idealistic :: a person who is motivated by moral principles and lofty ideals rather than by need.

42. Imminent :: something that is about to happen or is about to come up in time.

43. Impartial :: a person without bias or preconceptions.

44. Imperative :: a required or important step.

45. Impromptu :: describing an event that happens without prior planning.

46. Jeopardize :: the danger to someone or something.

47. Jovial :: a happy, jovial, and kind individual.

48. Jug :: a tool or container used to hold liquids.

49. Jostle :: pushing and squeezing your way through a crowd.

50. Jubilant :: a person or group that generates joy and good spirits.

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Final words

With so many unique terminologies used in regular communication, the English language is broad. Your ability to communicate in English will improve if you regularly update your vocabulary and learn how to apply it. With the right words and expressions, you’ll be able to express yourself and your opinions with much more clarity, making you quite the orator!

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Q.1 How many daily used English words do we use as non-native English speakers?

Ans. As non-native English speakers, we use almost 50-60 daily used English words. As a native speaker, there are almost 2000-3000 daily used English words. 
However, English has become the major language of communication throughout the world.

Q.2 How to learn English words?

Ans. You can learn English words by using the dictionary. Make a habit of learning at least one word daily. In this way, in one year you can learn at least 365 English words. 
You can become more proficient in English by watching English movies, songs, books, etc. Join the best institutes which offer English language courses with the best training facilities.

Q.3 How to know the synonyms and antonyms of English words?

Ans. You can find many websites that are meant to provide synonyms and antonyms of English words. You can also use the handbooks which have synonyms and antonyms of English words.
Websites like Thesaurus, Merriam-webster, etc are some of the sites which are freely available on the internet.

Q.4 Do we have any free applications to learn English words?

Ans. Yes, there are some free applications to learn basic English words. You can download some of the applications and keep a track of learning English words daily.
Dictionary. com,fluentU, etc are some of the free applications to learn English words. They help you learn at least one word a day.

Q.5 Am I able to learn English on my own?

Ans. Although it might be difficult because you won’t be aware of which parts need work, you can complete this on your own. Utilize the above-mentioned tips to practice on your own, and when necessary, ask your friends to assist you. To learn English, you may also use several programs like Duolingo.

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