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Why English is an important language? This is the question I always got in my mind when I was young.

English got a lot of importance irrespective of the mother tongue. Where ever you go across the globe you will find multiple people who can speak and understand English. As and when we travel or visit other places English becomes the major part of communication. People speak multiple languages, and one of the most commonly included languages among them will be English. English over the years has become the language of subjects like aviation, computers, science, and tourism.

Not to forget English is the international communication language all around the world. For personal or professional reasons, you may find English as the common language for exchanging ideas and concepts.

According to a thorough study conducted by David Graddol for the British Council, the proportion of English speakers who are neither native speakers nor who speak it as a second language has surpassed that of those who do.


You can find many reasons to list out why English is an important language nowadays. But few are mentioned below-

  • English is the International language or global language

English is an important language, I can say as an international language! Most countries and continents speak English as an official language. Hence, English is the world’s lingua franca or common second language.

If you know English and want to travel abroad then you can be confident that you can at least converse about your necessities and requirements with the people around you.

Business, trade, research, medicine, and many more important fields all use English as their primary international language.

  • English provides more entertainment options and Internet access

Many movies, TV shows, novels, and musical works are produced and released in English these days. You won’t need to rely on subtitles and translations any longer if you can understand the English language. You can keep learning your English listening and reading skills by using these mediums.

The Internet also uses English as the basic language on most websites contents. Internet is surfed and browsed in English majorly. 

You will be able to communicate online with more people and access a wider variety of resources if you can communicate in English, whether for leisure or employment.

  • Convenient to travel

As I talked about traveling in the above part of the blog, knowing English will make your travel easy and convenient. Learning English makes it much simpler to travel anyplace because it is spoken as a first language in 53 nations and a second language in more than 118 countries.

English is frequently used for airport announcements, train timetables, emergency information, and street signs, even in nations where the local tongue uses a completely different type of alphabet.

  • Knowing English can make you “smarter”

Learning a foreign language can enhance your analytical and cognitive abilities. According to research from a 2012 Swiss Study, learning a new language alters the brain’s structural makeup, affecting the regions of the brain that are involved in memory, conscious thought, and creativity.

You can find long-term benefits

There are many long-term benefits of bilingualism, including improved memory and focus, as well as the capacity to maintain brain health for as long as we live.

  • The English language can fetch you better job opportunities

Professionally or officially people prefer the English language as a point of communication. If you learn English and have the best knowledge of English then you can get through any interviews and land your dream job.

If you have a good grip on English then you can crack any interview. Most of the interviewers scrutinize your quality of English communication.

You can work for national or international jobs based on your choice of selection. 

  • International level of Business

Business is the one that is never subjected to a specific place, state, or country. And if you are marvelous in English then you can dream of taking your business from the national to the international level. 

Any kind of business for example – clothes, fishing, manufacturing, and many more includes involves English as the basic language of communication.

  • Bilingual quality

In the increasingly interconnected global business sector, speaking various languages is also becoming more and more crucial. Any multilingual person is way ahead of their competitors in the race for jobs and high-prestige positions if they can speak directly and in the English language with new customers and businesses.

We must cultivate an environment from a young age that fosters multilingual learning if we want to train the next generation of our country’s youngsters to be future entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, engineers, etc.

The above points are just a few examples to show why English is an important language. 

I think these points have grabbed your attention towards learning more and more English to establish yourself in your career. 

  • You can learn yourself by repetitive practice of reading, writing, and speaking English.
  • Keep a habit of writing dairy of your daily tasks in English
  • Try to make friends with the English speaking people. Because as you keep speaking with native speakers you will understand the slang and the proper usage of words
  • Watch English movies, songs, and albums with subtitles, so that it will be easier for you to understand the language.
  • Keep exploring the internet, because the internet uses English as the basic language of communication. 
  • Upload some of the English courses which are freely available on the internet. Here, you can at least learn the basics of English. This may involve quizzes, puzzles, and questionnaires. 
  • Join the institute that provides an English language course. Usually, institutes have instructors who can teach and help you learn in a better way. Learning can be fun filling and you can socialize easily.

To learn the English language I can suggest to you “Henry Harvin”. This is the top-ranked Educational firm that provides multiple courses and placement opportunities. Learning from Henry Harvin can uphold your CV with the Hallmark beside your name.

Henry Harvin

They provide the course intending to increase your standing in the English language. The institute provides the best platform with the course materials and the structured knowledge of the English language to help you enhance your growth in your career.

Key features

  • The course curriculum includes training, projects, internships, certifications, placements, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership
  • All applicants will be able to develop their confidence and spoken English fluency thanks to the program.
  • You can concentrate on learning, to master the essentials of English pronunciation, diction, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • 1 Year Gold Membership for live projects, recorded videos, monthly bootcamps, interview skills, career guidance, and support from Language Academy.
  • A full refund is assured. If you are not happy with our English language course, we will give you a full refund.

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English proficiency is one of the most crucial employability skills, since it is the language that is used in the corporate world the most frequently, as was already said. Career advancement is enhanced by the ability to explain oneself clearly in both written and oral contexts. Hence, being able to communicate in English improves your chances of landing a decent job at a global corporation in your native country or obtaining employment overseas. Learning English is essential for socializing and entertainment, as well as for work since it is the language of global communication, the media, and the internet.


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Q.1 Why English is an important language?

Ans. Speaking English allows you to make decisions about new options in both your professional and personal life. 

Employers will see that you are committed and have a good work/study ethic if you can demonstrate that you have acquired a foreign language, such as English. Additionally, it demonstrates your dedication and diligence.

Q.2 Is English an international language?

Ans. In science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism, English is the language of choice. The language is used in the media, on the internet, and even in international communication. No matter what your professional or personal goals are, understanding the value of English will help you achieve them.

Q.3 What are the benefits of the English language?

Ans. There are many benefits to learning the English language. Some of them are –

  • Widen your employment opportunity
  • Explore the world with confidence
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Access international education
  • Opt for the national or international jobs
  • Expand your business at the national and international level

Q.4 Are there any online institutes to learn the English language?

Ans. Many institutes are offering English learning courses. You can select the institute that I have mentioned above. They provide online as well as offline/classroom courses. 

While taking online learning you need to involve yourself and take initiations to enhance your learning skills.

Q.5 Why English is an important language to seek a job?

Ans. English is an important language in almost all aspects of life. Like we use English in schools, colleges, offices, etc. 

So, learning English and showing your fluency in English can grasp the interviewer’s attention. You can fetch the best job as per your choice.

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