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Content writing is a vast and important term in general. Content editing is more important than writing. There are many chances of missing errors no matter how expert you are. But now its easier because of various tools available online to enhance your writing.

Content editing can be identify as comprehensive editing, heavy editing, substantive editing, macro editing, or which checks the overall formatting, style, and content of a document in order to optimize visual design and comprehensibility. Also, there are some good content writing courses available online.

Content writing courses help you to comprehend the tactics of writing. You can articulate your thoughts and express your perspective clearly. Henry Harvin helps you to explore and learn the novel ideas of content writing. You can understand the core concepts of content writing with the help of talented instructors.

Henry Harvin gives you a witty approach to content writing. You can learn to research and indite an incredible voice. Moreover, it will help you get the exposure and experience of this course. This course not merely helps you in writing however, it also assists you in promulgating your products. Furthermore, you can gain 360-degree insights from Henry Harvin.

This course makes you the perfect content writer. Subsequently, you can get a rewarding certificate after completing the course. Nothing can impede your career after completion of this course from Henry Harvin. You can flourish and get a salary hike in your company.

Live projects and internships make you proficient to attain success in your career. They also guarantee a hundred percent job placement to infuse positivity into your mind. Moreover, they enhance your propensity towards writing for your better upcoming career. You can think of a successful career and comprehend Search Engine Optimization. This is the right time to explore more in content writing. 

Content writing courses can help you to become an expert in writing. Moreover, it will help you to move forward in your career.

Benefits of Content Editing and Proofreading Tools:

  • Maintain the flow and layout/format
  • Helps to keep consistency
  • Retain theme and conciseness
  • Improves effectiveness of style
  • Gives clarity in ideas
  • Enhances the content
  • Identifies both grammatical and factual errors

Everyone can attain writing skill, but the difficult part is to edit your own writing. Our mind already knows what we are trying to communicate, so it’s easy to skim down the mistakes.

So here is the content editing tools which helps to find out ground-level errors. Content editors will rectify these errors and correct them. Content editing involves keen eye view.


It requires a more generalized approach and objectivity. This makes difficult for many writers to edit their own work effectively.

It is possible to make out when a word is misspelled where as its not so easy to spot out problems with structure or format.



Content Editing Tips:

  • Determine the Format Type
    • Before starting with your content editing you should determine what type of content you should create.
    • It’s normal for an article to have a combination of formats.

There are Mainly 5 Types of Writing:

  • Expository
  • Descriptive
  • Narrative
  • Persuasive
  • Creative

1. The Outline:

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Outline is not only drafting it also involves editing phase. Content editing goes smoothly when outline used in the initial phases.

Here are the 4 Types of Outline Which Gives Large Insight:

  • Scratch Outline: 
    • Scratch outline is not a detailed outline, it’s essentially a list of main points without much detail.
  • Informal Outline:
    • An informal outline is more detailed than a scratch. It provides more insight into each developing content.
    • This provides you a clear idea of which points go together to improve the flow of the writing.
  • Outline Tree:
    • The outline tree offers a more visualized representation of how major points relate to each other.
    • Outline tree is a great tip for content editing because it allows you to move whole sections around without having to actually move them in the article itself.
  • Formal Outline:
    • The formal outline is similar to that of outline tree, it can be as detailed as you want it to be.
    • The only difference is that it’s not as much a visual representation like outline tree.
    • Instead, the formal outline is essentially a highly detailed bullet list.

Here are Few Content Editing/Proofreading Tools to Improve Your Writing Skill:


  • Grammarly  is a perfect online grammar check app. It automatically detects grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice and style mistakes in your writing and eliminates grammar errors and gives perfect word for your thought.
  • Grammarly enhances vocabulary and check for plagiarism. Available free as well as paid version.



  • Canva is an excellent platform for designing. It is easy-to-use editor where you can change the look and feel of the image using setting that include filter, brightness, tint and many more.
  • Canva offers hundreds of fonts and templets. Canva also provides a platform for new learners with the training modules (Design School) inside the app.
  • It gives stage for creating logos, images, graphics, posters, presentations and creatives. You can upload and download images in Canva, to work with them on Canva’s interface. This is available with free as well as paid plans.


  • Headline Analyzer is a free online app. This app analysis the length, structure, grammar, readability and sentiment of your headline.
  • It identifies common and deceit words which don’t help in conveying much meaning. You will learn how to incorporate positive and catchy words. Headline Analyzer a perfect tool to check the SEO value.


  • Hemingway  is a very useful app for recognizing the common errors and complex sentences.
  • It corrects the grammar, fluency and sentence structure which helps your writing in giving a better readability.
  • This app gives better way to optimize your text for better arrangement. 



  • Evernote is an excellent note taking app, it allows you to create simple or complex notes and save the notebooks.
  • It organize your note into searchable, browsable notebook and sync them in variable platforms including Windows, PCs, MACs, iPads and iPhones etc.
  • Evernote have web and app elements which you can use both for free and paid premium editions. Free users can save for up to 60MB per month of data.


  • MindMup is an amazing tool which is available online for free as well as paid plans. It is an instinctive and touch friendly interface.
  • As MindMup works on visual thinking tool, it represents ideas and concepts in graphical way. It also helps in better analyzing, recalling and generating new ideas.


  • Asana  is a web and mobile based app. This app designed to organize and manage the data.
  • Asana improves the collaboration and work management. It helps in team managing projects and tasks in one tool.
  • Asana works beyond planning and get accepted results. It helps in saving time, reduces distractions and work more productively by centralizing your team work.
  • Using work email you can freely access this app, apart from this basic plan and paid plans are also available.


  • Thesaurus  and dictionary  is world’s most trusted online free apps. More than 20 years, Thesaurus.com is helping more than millions of people to improve and to become mastery in English language and find precise words.
  • It will give you 3 million synonyms and antonyms. Dictionary.com is leading English dictionary.
  • It is optimized with your mobile device as well. You can install an offline dictionary for accessing definitions. Navigation of thesaurus.com will provide access to the dictionary.com which is most obvious for every writer.



  • ProofreadBot  is a unique app which helps you to improve your writing by checking grammar, statics, plagiarism and writing style.
  • This app directs to improve your writing and gives a visual text editing interface and auto generates the text for your convenience. 


  • After the deadline is a unique language checker app that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to identify your writing errors such as grammar, contextual spelling whether you’re writing email, filling the form it will make sure there is no errors.
  • You can use this app completely free.



  • Copyscape is not a content editor, whereas it is a most powerful and popular app which helps to identify plagiarism.
  • It is a free online app which identify instances of content theft. This app ensures your content is original and enhance the writing.


  • Text Verification Tool is a very relevant software which examines content, barcode and artwork in one tool and generates one report.
  • It is a window-based software capable of comparing and original text prepared for printing. TVT is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use software app.


  • Do you think all the content which you write is ready for publishing? No, it needs to read and proofread several times to become a perfect piece of work.
  • So send whatever you have produced to Boom Essays, they have a professional editing team to proofread and edit your text to an error free content.
  • In the Boom Essays app you can experience variety of writing services including copywriting, dissertation services, academic paper writing and scholarship essays etc.


  • Fiverr is world’s largest online market place for connecting freelancer to interested sellers. Fiverr provides a platform for the freelancer to edit and publish their work.
  • In general Fiverr emphasis on editing designs, music, audios, videos and animations.


  • Freelancer is similar to Fiverr. It is online market place where employer and employee are able to find each other.
  • This site allows you to post a job and have interested editors come to you. It regulate more toward writing gig.
  • Freelancer allows members to host and enter contest for which prize money is offered as a reward.

Now ready to Optimize Your Content?

Without content editing and proofreading your content will remain mediocre. These are the content writing, content editing and publishing tools that helps to put your thoughts into words.


Perfect editing and proofreading ensures that your content is easy to read and give contextual clarity. We know that it can be time-consuming and confusing for the busy people to comb through content, but it is necessary to produce a good quality work to bring in traffic and ranks in google for your writing.

Without these tools your content will not be a best work. Content editing makes your reader to better understand and consistent in maintaining style and tone of writing. This is the reason in writing process editing and proofreading process is mandatory.

Want to become a content writer? This blog will help you to create effective and valuable content.

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  1. Nice your blog and it is very informative blog thanks for sharing this information with us. keep updating in this way so we can improve our knowledge.

  2. Tuntun yadav Reply

    Good learning experience during content writing course. I have complete this course from Henry Harvin offline Noida branch.

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    I stay in Goa where I don’t get too many choices of content writing institutes to do my course. This blog informed me about many institutes that offer it in online mode. I am so thankful to you.

  5. Mr. Kounal Gupta is doing a great job with his institute and the courses are so professionally managed. I am a past student of their content writing course and I can say every word written here is true about the institute.

  6. Ram Naresh Reply

    Tips on how to get online content in your blog is simply awesome and anybody can easily follow the steps.

  7. Ram Naresh Reply

    Tips on how to get online content in your blog is simply awesome and anybody can easily follow the steps.

  8. Ram Naresh Reply

    The knowledge that you impart through your blog on the French language course is phenomenal. Waiting for more posts from you.

  9. Ram Naresh Reply

    The knowledge that you impart through your blog on the French language course is phenomenal. Waiting for more posts from you.

  10. Ram Naresh Reply

    Tips on how to get online content in your blog is simply awesome and anybody can easily follow the steps.

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