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TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is an internationally recognized entry-level certificate to teach English as a foreign language in schools, colleges, or any community. TEFL course in Kolkata will certify that you can teach English anywhere around the globe. You can earn an English teaching job abroad, without any teaching experience or even a college degree. But an accredited TEFL course in Kolkata with the certification can play a key role in fetching better quality income and success in your career.


Choosing a high-quality TEFL course in Kolkata with the certification can provide you skills that are needed to become an effective teacher. Institutes or schools seeking to hire English teachers will usually emphasize TEFL-certified candidates.

Let us have a look at the top 10 TEFL Course in Kolkata

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

You can upgrade your profile by joining Henry Harvin. This is the top-ranked educational institute providing the best online and classroom learning facilities. Upgrade your profile with the numerous hands-on projects that open up your career with uncountable job opportunities.


  • Core Sessions with an Interactive Instructor for 40 hours
  • 24 hours of Community Sessions will follow, spaced out over the following 12 months.
  • 56 hours of online learning with lots of instructional strategies, course related video sessions, tests, and more
  • After enrolling, you are free to attend any number of batches for the following year without paying any additional fees.

Course Benefits

  • Live projects, internships, recorded session videos, interview techniques, weekly job assistance, career services, access to E-learning, and many more.
  • After passing the Cambridge TKT exam, Henry Harvin offers the AAEFL Certified TEFL Course in Kolkata with the Certification.
  • After passing this exam, you can receive further TEFL certification from Trainings Qualifications UK.
  • Additionally, by enrolling in the Microsoft Certified Educator Program, you can also earn a Microsoft certification.

2. Theteflacademy

Contact no. +1 347 434 9694

The TEFL Academy provides a badge of online TEFL courses- Level 3 and Level 5 TEFL Diploma. This academy offers three online Top-Up courses also – Teaching online 1:1, Teaching young learners, and Teaching Business English. 

You can select any of these with the help of a counselor who can help you select the best job you desire.


  • You can learn about the introduction of the TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Level 3 online TEFL certification.
  • It is 120 hours of online TEFL course, ideal for casual candidates like volunteer teaching, private tuition, homestay teaching, and online teaching.
  • Level 5 TEFL diploma course provides in-depth details to the candidates. Likewise for the more formal teaching like contract roles for TEFL jobs or government teaching programs, including flight reimbursement, accommodation, and help in getting your visa.

Course Benefits

  • The TEFL course is well crafted using interactive tasks and relative video content to prepare you for teaching English as a foreign language.
  • The course is made of modules, where each module contains a sequence of lessons. These lessons cover every aspect of the TEFL including interactive activities, games, and content videos.
  • Weekly one-hour webinars are conducted to ask questions passing each assigned assessment.

3. Intesol WorldWide

Learn the TEFL course in Kolkata by enrolling in one of the most dedicated and trusted institutes to help you get your dream career to teach the English language abroad. If you are new to the teaching field, you can benefit from this curriculum to sharpen your skills. 


  • INTESOL provides online TEFL courses that you may complete at your convenience from anywhere in the world at your own time and pace. This tailor-made course can be a good step toward your goal of becoming a teacher.
  • Classroom management, teaching techniques, and study materials are the major aspects of the course. 
  • Time management, writing objectives, predicting problems, and sample lesson plans are also part of learning.

Course Benefits

  • The TEFL course in Kolkata engages recognized trainers to help you widen your career prospects in teaching.
  • Private, international, and IB schools hire eligible jobs to the TEFL certified candidates to match their level of standards and also in the oversea schools.
  • By the completion of this TEFL course, you will also be eligible to get jobs in the corporate sectors as an accent or corporate trainer.

4. Asian College of Teachers

Contact No. + 91 9739615888

Asian college of Teachers(ACT) is the leading educational institute providing online teaching techniques with a better understanding of the concepts. The TEFL course in Kolkata at ACT is designed for those who can not travel physically. The curriculum is well delivered by expert trainers collaborating on multiple activities, real-time examples, etc.


  • To help future teachers improve their learning and advance their careers, ACT professionals have designed course material that is advantageous and practical.
  • The course is a combination of 280 hours of TEFL certification course including research modules and additional three modules – 60 Hrs YLTT, 60 Hrs BETT, and 60 Hrs TTT.
  • The TEFL course in Kolkata is designed to suit both the freshers and the experienced professionals with the EFL teaching techniques.

Course Benefits

  • Enrolling in the ACT will carve you and your skills as per the industry standard requirements for teaching as well as for corporate training.
  • The course consists of assignments and assessments to enhance your knowledge and abilities to handle the classroom appropriately.

5. myTEFL

The TEFL course in Kolkata at myTEFL is recommended for those who are planning to teach in other countries. They provide internationally accredited TEFL certification to help you obtain a better work permit.


  • Online TEFL course with 40 hours of TEFL training consisting of Basic Course. It is made up of introductory modules that give anyone interested in teaching English a fundamental understanding of the supporting techniques and tools needed to organize and run sessions.
  • Online TEFL course with 80 hours of TEFL training consisting of Advanced level of the TEFL course. This course consists of sessions on presentation, practice, and production techniques and exercises with higher level classes with in-depth explanations on grammar, lexis, and phonology.
  • 120 hours of TEFL course, meant for embarking TEFL career with the sold platform to upgrade your abilities and skills.
  • 140 hours of TEFL course, with the combination of 120 hours of professional course and 20 hours of online teaching component. The course consists of expert training tools with the flexibility to experience the adventure of traveling abroad.

Course Benefits

  • Job assistance workshop to expose the candidates to the cultures and destinations that most people explore.
  • Communication barriers are dismantled, tolerance, understanding, and respect for different cultures are encouraged, and they share extraordinary friendships and experiences.

6. Global language training TEFL

Contact no.+1 646 688 2927

The idea of this TEFL course in Kolkata is to provide academic and cultural knowledge to enhance the growth of new teachers. This enables them to start a new voyage to guide people to start their careers in the teaching field.


  • 40 hours of online TEFL course is an entry for levels who are newcomers to the TEFL world. It includes the basics of English teaching, which is quick, fun, and easy.
  • 60 hours of online TEFL course is the next step to continue with the basics of English teaching. You become confident here and this level can provide a better outlook for your CV.
  • In 120 hours of online TEFL courses, you will cover the necessary teaching principles to enhance your career abroad. Improving your job opportunities with a better pay scale.
  • In 150 hours of online TEFL courses, you will learn the necessary principles to teach and develop your skills in teaching students effectively. This course will also complement your CV on the international level globally.
  • 250 hours of online TEFL course, will complement your CV with the higher chances to get a job with the internationally accredited certificate.

Course Benefits

  • Once the course is finished, you will be certified to instruct English in classrooms all around the world. Your chances of landing a job will increase when you obtain this globally recognized credential, which will complement your TEFL/TESOL CV. 
  • There is a forum for each module where students from all over the world may learn from one another and share information.

7. International TEFL Academy

Contact no. 773-634-9900

Earn your TEFL course in Kolkata from International TEFL Academy providing higher options for teaching abroad. They are the best-selling educational firm for teaching English abroad and online.


  • 11 weeks of TEFL certification course, which is a part-time online TEFL course. This

the course is designed for those candidates who are currently working or going to school.

  • 4 weeks of intensive full-time TEFL online course. The course is tailor-made for those who wish to complete the certificate faster and commit to a full-time schedule.
  • Virtual teaching with the basics of teaching technologies and skills to enhance your teaching skills.

Course Benefits

  • The course provides the best pathway and methods for online learning, preparing for learning the latest teaching methodologies.
  • They provide Moodle access involving online lessons, course materials, and tasks needed to learn TEFL.

8. Udemy

The TEFL course in Kolkata at Udemy is designed for online learning to help you gain better teaching aspects. The course curriculum is consolidated courseware with practice and real-time examples. Real teaching knowledge with the practical skills to deliver vast lessons with better confidence. This course will help you teach whoever and wherever you teach.


  • The course is designed for 9 hours of on-demand videos including many study materials which can be downloaded at your convenience.
  • Assignments and accessibility to learning concepts with the certification is the highlight of this course.

Course Benefits

  • The course helps you explore your dynamic career matching the fast-growing demands of the teaching field.
  • The curriculum is well structured with video sessions, articles, and with lots of real-world details. It consists of many topics with many assignments and quizzes including grammar concepts.

9. Oxford TEFL 

Contact no. +34 931 74 00 62

They provide an online platform for learning TEFL course with the concepts of teaching non-US candidates. This is a practical and flexible online learning tutorial with a basic introduction to the foreign language. 


  • The course is designed for 45 hours of TEFL syllabus which is divided into 3 modules. Each module is around 15hours of each.
  • Select the course option for 3 weeks with a duration of 15 hours per week or 6 weeks with a duration of 7.5 hours per week. 
  • The module involves a variety of tasks like watching videos, reading, writing assignments, and group discussion.

Course Benefits

  • Starting from the basics of grammar, the course covers vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Learn the different roles of a teacher in the classroom to deal with the different teaching techniques for different groups of students.
  • Become confident in teaching by upgrading your CV with the TEFL course certification.

10. ITTT – International TEFL and TESOL Training

Contact no. +1-800-490-0531


The course is designed for the students who are willing to learn with no previous teaching experience or any teaching qualifications. So, if you looking to start your career in teaching then ITTT is the best option.


  • 120 hours of TEFL online course covers essential English teaching techniques. With the facility to upgrade your skills and knowledge.
  • The course curriculum consists of highly recommended concepts designed by experts who have hands-on experience in real-time teaching.
  • The 120-hour core TEFL certification course plus two 50-hour specialist TEFL courses make up the 220-hour Master Package, which is the first of our packages. The Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL) and the Certificate in Teaching Business English are these new courses (CTBE).
  • 550-hour Expert Package is a superb value pack that includes all of our most popular courses. The 120-hour TEFL certification course is the first course you take, after which you can proceed with the following five courses in any sequence you like. The CTEYL, CTBE, TESOL Diploma, 50-hour course in teaching English online (CTEO), and an optional teaching practice component make up these courses.

Course Benefits

  • Boost up your CV with the TEFL certification beside your name with the best hands-on experience in the TEFL journey.
  • You can become capable to teach lessons independently, taking appropriate approaches to explain to students with effective techniques.

Learning benefits from TEFL course in Kolkata

TEFL course in Kolkata focuses on the below aspects to build better teachers out of you –


It is obvious that when you dive into a new job or new position you feel nervous. To help you swim out of this fear TEFL course in Kolkata provides a lot of activities, sessions, assignments, and assessments that boost your confidence. This way you can become confident to start with your job with better prospects.


To teach students it is important to listen to them. Listening to the students needs a lot of patience and knowledge. To build a better relationship with your students you have to be an active listener. This is one of the best qualities expected from an effective teacher.


Teaching needs a lot of patience as every student is different and their learning levels may vary. So, you need to maintain your pace of delivering the lessons so that each student can digest your teaching. 

It is common for TEFL teachers to be patient as the experience teaches them.


Passion for teaching and the English language can make you a good teacher. Your passion for teaching is passed as an enthusiasm to the students and creates a better learning environment.


As teachers are the building blocks for the students. You need to be motivated for your students and direct them on the correct path to becoming better citizens. TEFL course teaches you how to become a motivating teacher to uphold your students through communication, and passion for learning.

This way of paying attention to each student will create a motivational environment in the class.

Eager to learn

As a teacher, you need to learn to cope with the generation’s needs and understand the level of understanding of each student. So, you need to be open to learning multiple ways and techniques to engage your students.

Career Benefits of TEFL course in Kolkata

Better pay with more opportunities

Pursuing international teaching jobs to acquire TEFL certification can be beneficial as more and more international teaching agencies are looking for it. There are many positions available abroad to fill in. 

They also offer reimbursement for the flight and can arrange for your accommodation. Likewise, you get better pay with multiple opportunities.

Handsome payment

Many international TEFL certified candidates are required across the world. This leads to more payment options, as the TEFL course in Kolkata will enhance your skills which are worth managing students. 

This way it is sure to get a good salary with better future opportunities.


Teaching is not as easy as it looks! It takes a lot of effort, dedication, planning, tactics, and intuitions to tackle students. TEFL course in Kolkata henceforth helps you to pull up your sleeves to deliver better learnings to the students.

Learn teaching skills for all levels

TEFL course in Kolkata upholds your knowledge and skill to tackle any level of students. The course consists of multiple practical sessions which help you gain a better experience in real-time scenarios.


Learning the TEFL course in Kolkata helps you to brush up on your basic English fundamentals like grammar, vocabulary, etc. Which is equally important as teaching, without basic knowledge it is difficult to manage the language. And there comes the TEFL course in Kolkata.

Worldwide acceptance

The TEFL course in Kolkata is well-recognized worldwide. TEFL certification is accepted all over the world and has lifetime eligibility. Once you earn this certificate you will be recognized internationally for your teaching job.

Easy Visa

Many agencies are looking for candidates who have TEFL certifications. And once you earn the TEFL course in Kolkata, these agencies can help you in the processing of your Visa. 

This way, you can get Visa easily and work broadly as you wish.

Lifetime Eligibility

Once you earn the TEFL certification, it is not necessary to renew it again and again. Hence there is no hassle of renewing the TEFL course. 

Final words

TEFL certification does not expire in a lifetime. Earning TEFL certification can help you earn a good position with global acceptance the world. You can enroll in any of the above-mentioned institutes providing TEFL course in Kolkata to enhance your learning journey.


Q.1 Is taking a TEFL course in Kolkata worth it?

Ans. Yes. It is unquestionably worthwhile if you want to find a decent teaching position and have successful teaching methods for your pupils. Remember that TEFL certification is required by the majority of schools around the world and that once you have it, you can begin applying for jobs and scheduling interviews.

Q.2 Does TEFL certification offer a good pay scale?

Ans. You can get better-paying employment teaching English overseas if you take a TEFL course in Kolkata, and it will be able to provide you with the high-quality education they need.

Q.3 Do I have to know the native language?

Ans. You are not required to speak your native language. Many schools would prefer that you focus on teaching your children to speak just English and avoid using their native tongue.

Q.4 When searching for a job, do I need previous experience teaching English?

Ans. You don’t require prior experience teaching English. Even though it is helpful, experience is not necessary when looking for work. When you enroll in one of the above-mentioned institutes, the hiring will be done through their Jobs Department, and free in-class teaching practice is offered. Before you begin teaching, these institutes tie up with international partners and will offer free 5 to 15-day practical training. Some assist you in assimilating into the local culture by teaching you the language and giving you cultural training.

Q.5 When should I start applying for the job?

Ans. Throughout the course( you can enroll in any of the above-mentioned courses), you can submit a job application. Their jobs department would be happy to help you with your resume, work visa requirements, contract length, and other matters. Some firms will make you an offer on the condition that you pass the course before starting work. They will be supportive to send you a letter via email, free of charge, confirming your enrollment in our course if you require one.

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

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