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Get your TEFL course in Los Angeles with experienced and accredited TEFL provider . There could be as many as a billion students learning English around the world at this time and that is the reason enough to consider moving in Teaching English as a foreign

language (TEFL).Taking TEFL course is the main step for your career as an English educator with jobs available all over the world. TEFL certification course in Los Angeles get qualified to teach English abroad. Choosing to stay in Los Angeles during TEFL course. It would be great experience.

Los Angeles is the largest city of California , it is the most populous city in the united states .TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification in Los Angeles brings you the job opportunity to teach English. English is an International language . It is very useful all over the world. TEFL certification course in Los Angeles is a great way of living and working abroad .There are many opportunities of learning TEFL in Los Angeles and it is a great choice .It open the doors of success in your life.


Top 10 Online TEFL Certification Courses In Los Angeles

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1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy:

If you are looking for an online TEFL certification course in Los Angeles then Henry Harvin is suitable for you because Henry Harvin institute ranked #1 for TEFL certification courses. They provide 120-hours. Henry Harvin TEFL course helps you to become a certified and successful EFL teacher. They provide TEFL certification courses worldwide. Henry Harvin institute provides you with many other TEFL courses and provides highly experienced teachers.

More About it

  • offers 120-hour online course.
  • Trainers have 10+years of experienced in TEFL.
  • Henry Harvin provides online classes at your own place.

Online TEFL Course

Take your TEFL certificate online with Henry Harvin. 100% online professional development program is perfect for individuals who wish to teach English in various ESL settings in the united states and overseas, graduates, educators. Take your TEFL certification course for the new field.TEFL teachers are in demand. For TEFL no previous teaching experience is important. Highly experienced teachers will support you .you can learn and everything how to start teaching English. TEFL certification by Henry Harvin is accepted all over the world. They provide 120-hours. They also trained 12000+ participants.

If you are interested go for it !

2. International TEFL Academy: (ITA)

International TEFL Academy (ITA) is the world famous for teaching English abroad and

teaching English online (ITA) offers accredited TEFL certification classes online in 21 locations worldwide and International TEFL Academy (ITA) was also awarded.

(ITA) provides all students job search guidance .

More about it

  • Certified more than 20,000+ English teachers .
  • Graduates are teaching world wide.
  • 170-hour TEFL certification course.

3. Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL course certificates are internationally recognized. you can study online from your own place with popular 120-hour premier TEFL .You can join them for your bright career.

More about it

  • They offers 120-hour .
  • join them as you can get way of living and working abroad.

4. UNI-Prep

UNI-Prep institute provides courses for teacher training and it also provides an online TEFL certification course .

More about it

  • It is also accredited.
  • And internationally – recognized.
  • UNI-Prep provides you experienced tutors and also guide you for job search after course completion.

5. TEFL Pros

TEFL Pros getting great reviews and it is a new corner to the TEFL. It is fully online. TEFL Pros provides 120 hour TEFL option .

  • you can complete course with own place and own time line.
  • After graduating the course students get job assistance and leave with a professional portfolio.
  • one good perk of TEFL pros is that any one can sign up for free 2-day TEFL training course.

6. Bridge TEFL

Bridge TEFL is a good idea for those who decide to teach abroad or online .

In Bridge TEFL you can select 40 and 60-hour short course online certification . More about it

  • You can also take 100,120,and 150-hour online options.
  • Courses over 100-hour include job placement and feedback.
  • Bridge TEFL also has 140-hour.
  • They also have many other courses.

7. i-To-i TEFL

i-To-i TEFL is a good provider with online and in -classroom.It also provide 120-hours TEFL courses all the way up to 300-hour.

  • Online TEFL diplomas.
  • It also accredited.
  • They have over 100,000 TEFL graduates.
  • After course is completed help you to find teaching opportunities.

8. (ITTT) International TEFL and TESOL Training

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT),you can do online courses or hybrid courses that are a combination of the two courses.

More about (ITTT)

  • It is also accredited.
  • They provide online ,in person ,and combination courses .
  • online courses , you can take 60-hour ,120-hour, 220-hour .
  • They also gives job support after course is completed.

9. The TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy offers 168 -hour , level 5 certification.

It higher level TEFL credentials available and the TEFL Academy provide training at a affordable rate.

More about it

  • It is also accredited.
  • Graduates of the TEFL Academy receive job and have access to an active job board.
  • Internship and volunteer TEFL teaching opportunities to graduates.
  • you can complete the course with your own place and own timeline.
  • After graduating from the course students get job assistance and leave with a professional portfolio.
  • one good perk of TEFL pros is that anyone can sign up for a free 2-day TEFL training course.

10. MY TEFL:

My TEFL has online and in-person TEFL courses. you can take course as your need.

My TEFL has good reviews.

More about it

  • It is accredited .
  • online classes are offered for 40,60,80,or 120-hour.
  • many students finish online classes in 3- 4 weeks.


TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL).TEFL certification is qualification to teach English .TEFL has received considerable attention in the past twenty years. English teaching to students by online and in class room . And many others certification courses TESOL which stand for Teaching English to speakers of other language ,CELTA means certificate in English Teaching to adults, and ESL means English as a second language. TEFL certification qualify you to teach English online, it is increasing rapidly in market this provides opportunities to earn in teaching English as a foreign language. And good opportunity to travel. Take TEFL certification in Los Angeles.

Q-2. What is Different Between TEFL and TESOL?

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language ) and TESOL ( Teaching English for Speakers of other Languages).It is slightly different . Difference is that is TESOL teaching English language to learners who are staying in English-speaking countries . when it comes to apply job it does not effect if course is TEFL or TESOL , employers will give you same attention.

More Courses:

  • TESL: Teaching English as a second language.
  • ESOL: English speakers of other language.
  • ESL : English as a second language.
  • ELT: English language teaching.
  • EFL :English as a foreign language.
  • EAL: English as an addition language.
  • CELTA: Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages.
  • ENL: English as a new language.

Q-3. TEFL Course in Los Angeles

TEFL certification graduates can get work all over the world . TEFL course in Los Angeles support you for living and working .Best institute provides you highly educated and experienced , well- trained teachers ,they will support you and teach you English step by step in helpful manner. So you can be positive to the TEFL course training and start the nature of teaching English . And encourage you to teach English in abroad . Teach abroad ,Teach at home ,Teach online . Many opportunities provide after the TEFL certified. Most famous TEFL courses . Teach you TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language ) with famous TEFL courses . TEFL certification determined in hours , the most famous 120- hour certification . Take your TEFL online course in your own place and own time .Online TEFL course are the superb option to take online .TEFL course is advance in teaching English . TEFL certification develop your knowledge with any TEFL course. With TEFL course you will get many great opportunities . TEFL course is for all age groups.

Q-4. TEFL Certification Course:

Taking TEFL and TESOL certification in Los Angeles .professional growth for teachers . Be a qualified ESL Teacher with a TEFL Course from the TEFL Institute in Los Angeles. TEFL course is good step for your career. It gives you many great opportunities in your life . TEFL course is recognized by employers worldwide. Henry Havin institute rank 1 in TEFL certification . They provide over 10+years of experience teachers .They provide quality of education .Henry Harvin method of teaching is great. Many graduates are taking TEFL teaching English as a foreign language.

Q-5. TEFL Certification Online

Taking a good online course qualifies you teach English online. After TEFL certified you will get opportunity to earn .TEFL is a great selection for your future .TEFL course is very informative .You will gain more knowledge and understand the world of online teaching. It would be great for you ,gain knowledge and advance grammar. It would prepare you for teaching abroad.

Q-6. Choose the Best TEFL Course:

TEFL course should be accredited and it should be recognized

  • Duration of time 100-hour,120-hour, or 150 hours.
  • Take paid TEFL course. It would be the value of the certificate and easy to get job.
  • TEFL certification provider should provide internship and guide for job search after the completion of the course.

Q-7. Why Should you do the TEFL Course?

TEFL Certification in Los Angeles gives you many job opportunities, make your career great. learn online/distance from your home. From your own place comfort. TEFL certified help you to travel and work.


It would be great chance to become a successful teacher. And move to other country . Make your teaching career TEFL course in Los Angeles. TEFL course gives life long opportunities . you can easily take online course . In this course basic English is very important .After taking this course you will get different life experiences and cultures .

Become a great teacher, teach in abroad . English is used in native and non -native English speaking countries.

I hope it would be helpful for you !

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Can I get a Job with TEFL Certificate?

YES! There is an increasing demand for English and ,greater need of well-educated teachers of ESOL .Many opportunities available for professional ESL/EFL teachers around the world .Once you have qualified ,you can work anywhere in the world and this guide
includes profiles over 100 countries, with descriptions of their job prospects ,salary , working conditions , legal and visa requirement , and safety.

What Can I do with a TEFL Certificate?

A certificate from a TEFL course tells employers that you are responsible for undergo basic training before applying for a job .

Do I Need A Teaching Qualification for TEFL?

No ,you don’t need degree or any previous teaching experience .But in some TEFL courses degree is necessary .It is good idea to get some training . TEFL course will qualify you for Teaching English as a Foreign Language .Only fluent English is required . TEFL certification in Los Angeles is best those who can understand and speak English . .Teaching English always had one great advantage over any other form of Teaching ; the travel element . The teachers in just about every country around the world get many opportunities for well-qualified teachers often a very good lifestyle exploring countries and new cultures .If you have selected the country or region where would you like to work, go to ‘finding a job ‘..

Is Online TEFL Course Recognized?

Yes , online TEFL certification is recognized .It is accredited online TEFL course. TEFL certified is accepted all over the world .

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