Do you have a fondness for helping people, health, and food? Are you interested in nutritionist coaching? If your answer is Yes, Then a career in dietetics and nutrition will be the best choice for you.Indeed, A registered dietitian nutritionist [RDN or RD] needs a science course and more patient care hours.Well, There is a good chance to conduct research or join the military. Of course, a registered dietitian nutritionist works in clinical, management, culinary, private practice, and business.

Indeed, to become a registered dietitian nutritionist, higher education, and also a dietetic internship from ACEND, the accredited program, and also pass the national registration examination is most needed.

In this post, we give out what steps to take. We suggest checking the requirements as they have slight differences. Nevertheless, in general, our give out is the best guide on how to become a registered dietitian nutritionist.

The difference between Dietetics and Nutrition 


They focus on healthy eating as well as preventing disease. To say the truth, It is the science of nutrition and food. Indeed, Dietitians have a degree that is based on science and which means it includes biochemistry, physiology, pathology, anatomy, and nutrition.


Of course, It is the study of food and also the food’s effects on the human body. However,Nutritionists study how the body affects bodily functions. and how they take in and break down the food and also nutrients are absorbed.

 What is a dietician and who is a dietician?

Dieticians are educated professionals and trained in the study of dietetics and nutrition. They focus on the health and wellness of the people. Whereas, These dieticians provide medical nutrition therapy and give counseling to the patients. Andalso,They provide advice to people on how to manage their weight, improve their diet, and nutrition education. Nevertheless,They also promote healthier eating habits in people from newborns to elderly people.

Who is called a Nutritionist?

A person who studied nutrition is called a nutritionist. They have knowledge about the numerous food groups and their nutritional benefits. Of course, They were considered to be health professionals and specialized in giving information about nutrition and nutrition education. In fact, They know about diet, as well as healthy eating. However,They were able to provide information about weight management, general nutrition, and food safety. These professionals provide data and declarations on nutrition-related issues and also conduct research.

Passionate people who want to become registered dietitians, and nutritionists are likely to follow the five steps. 

In this post, we have given out what steps to take. We suggest checking the requirements as they have slight differences. Nevertheless, in general, our given out is the best guide on how to become a registered dietitian nutritionist

The Five Steps to become Registered Dietician and Nutrition

Step 1: Earn a diploma certificate or a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Get your certification in Food and Nutrition from Henry Harvin to be on your way to a successful career in this developing field .Obtain a degree in Dietician and Nutrition and make your path to a successful career in the field. of course,This coursework contains wellness, food science, nutrition, food safety, and clinical nutrition.

The following areas have the coursework instruction


In fact, It is a study of food and nutrition as its coordination with the human body. The learners get knowledge about different types of diets and help to plan menus for a healthy life.


; Nevertheless, It is a study of how foods affect the body and it teaches about the role of nutrients in well-being and human health. 

Food safety;

This course is designed to know about the significance of food safety in the food industry. The learners will learn about the concepts of food safety regulations and how to apply these in their life.

Food Science:

Of course food science is a  course that will teach about the science of food which includes Principles of food preparation, food composition, and nutritional sciences. 

Step 2; Complete an internship-Registered Dieticion nutrition

Many colleges provide an internship in dietician and Nutrition after the course which offers an opportunity to study the science of nutrition.  Internship in  Dietician and Nutrition provides many professional development opportunities to get ready for careers in the field. However, the aspirants will be able to take part in a vast range of experimental learning opportunities which contain lectures, courses, and laboratory work. And at the same time, it will provide an opportunity to analyze the human health indications of nutrition and diet through seminars and field trips. This internship will get conclude with selection in the campus interview.

Step 3; Passing the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)Exam.

CDR exam is a systematized test for dietitians and nutritionists. It is an 8-hour test which includes biochemistry, disease prevention, and human nutrition. This CDR exam occurs twice a year i.e in April and October. CDR is a credentialing exam, designed for dietitians to test their understanding of the scientific factors of dietetics and nutrition. And also it is to test the knowledge of the legal and ethical factors of the profession.

Step -4; obtain a license-Registered dietician nutrition

This state license of Dietetics and Nutrition can get through the 12month course its curriculum focuses on the relationship between nutrition and food. Of course, This course provides the students to work with skills in the field of nutrition and dietetics. and it includes coursework as well as clinical experience. Indeed, This course includes anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. However ,It also covers courses on leadership, management, and nutrition counseling. Nevertheless, It offers the overview of the legal and ethical knowledge of the profession

Step 5 ; Preserving state Registration and License.-Registered dietician Nutrition

The students has to submit a learning plan and 120 days of completing the activity log. CDR provides 120 -day calculator to regulate the deadline to submit their learning plan. In fact, They need to pay the annual registration maintenance fee and maintain their CDR page .In this personal landing page they should update the information.   

How much duration does it hold to become a registered dietitian, nutrition ?

Depending on the career path and state,It holds four to eight years  even more to become a registered dietitian and nutrition.It may takes four years of under graduate  degree ,two years of master’s degree  ,Additionally,one more year for an internship,finishing the CDR exam and ofcourse etc time on the coordinated program  and having the license in the state,if it  is neccesary.

Some of the Professional Associations Registered Dietician Nutrition

Academy of Nutrition and Dieticion
American society for Nutrition
National Association of Nutrition Professional
School Nutrition Association

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s certification in Food and Nutrition is a certification-level course 

Of course, it is specially created to help professionals of Nutritionist and fitness in the professional development.

7 in 1 course

However,Training,certification,internship,E-learning,placement,membership,Master class.

The main features of Henry Harvin’s Food and Nutrition course

  1. NSDC curriculum
  2. 100% practical training
  3. E-learning portal
  4. Guaranteed internship
  5. Guaranteed job support 
  6. 1- year Gold membership of Healthcare academy,Indeed.

The benefits of learning Henry Harvin’s Food and Nutrition course

1.Infact, Know about the concepts of Nutrition

2. However, Understand the role and importance of nutrients 

3. Approaches to Nutrition and health education, Indeed. 

4. Of course, Able to understand in population Dynamics and Epidemiology

5. Nevertheless, Improves problem-solving skills.

Wrap up

Previously, the international movement has led to increasing demands for nutrition specialists. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there may be a further increase of 11percentage from 2020 to 2028. In this field, around 2028, 75,000 people will get employed. This may be a reason to choose dietitian as a career. I  feel happy that this article simplifies the track on how to become an RDN.

Q.1 .Is a dietitian can be called as a doctor?

No, the dietitian does research and works in a medical setting. They were the valued personality of the healthcare field.

Q. 2 Is it possible for a nutritionist to become a dietitian?

Of course,a nutritionist can become a dietitian.

Q.3.can a dietition  can create a website?

Yes, Dietitian can create a website and also can maintains social media presence to attract the business.

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