Are you thinking of starting your career in the Spanish language? Everyone has a hobby of learning a foreign language. Foreign Language recognizes as an essential talent in many fields. Spanish is one among them which is getting trendy all over the world. However, taking a career and choosing a language is a challenging task. Many questions are asked during the interview sessions. Candidates must prepare with a lot of effort while preparing the interview questions and answers for the language course. So this blog will help to get some hints regarding the type of interview questions and answers for the Spanish language.

Spanish Language Interview Questions and Answers

1. Give an introduction of yourself in the Spanish language.

This question is the most common and fundamental question for every candidate. The difference is that here you need to answer in the Spanish language. If you have fluency and good experience in a foreign language, this question will seem simple to you.

Sample answer to this question will be -Hi, I am Rohan Singh, a Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies graduate. I have graduated in the marketing field. Due to my passion for learning a new language, I have been working as a language translator for five years. Try to keep the answer short and simple.

2. What are you currently doing?

If you are studying, then you need to highlight your latest degree. If you are a working professional, you need to tell about your experience and the area in which you work. For example- I have been working as a Spanish translator for five years. You can elaborate the statement with some areas of expertise and your skills.

3. Tell us something about your hobby.

This question is something out of your professional knowledge. But it also tells about inner liking and way of expressing things. The answer to the question can be, “I am very interested in creative writing. I like writing poems and short stories contributing to the writer’s world. You can write about other hobbies which you have.

4. What are your strengths and weakness?

Consider the following points whenever you are asked about your strengths and weaknesses. First of all, while telling the strength put the points which benefits the company. For example, if it’s related to communication jobs. You know that I have good communication skills and love socializing. You can write two personal skills as well. Weakness should not be about anything which takes out of the company. Use your strength in the form of weakness. You need to be genuine while telling the weakness. For example, I lack communication skills.

5. Why did you choose the Spanish Language?

Since this question is related to the language but a bit personal, you can give the information regarding the idea that came into your mind. As there are many courses available worldwide, why Spanish?

You can answer my elder brother is my inspiration. I was impressed by his fluency in the Spanish language. I have always had a dream of learning the Spanish language and cracking the Spanish language interview.

6. What are your plans regarding the foreign language?

You need to mention the plan intelligently. Many candidates learn the language as a hobby. Some want a different career. Like you can write as I want to become a language translator. You can also wish to become a teacher.

7. Why did you apply for this company?

Tell me about the positive sides of the company. Like you dream of working in the company due to the following reasons. It may be due to providing the best services to the customers.

8. How did you learn the Spanish Language?

They are different areas from where you learn the language. You can mention the name of the institute and the time when you took the course. For example- I have done my Spanish Language course from Henry Harvin. Even if you have done the online sessions, mention all the details.

9. How long are you learning the Spanish language?

Be honest while answering such questions. Mention the duration since you have started learning the Spanish language.

10. How will you rate yourself in communication skills?

This question checks your inner potential and also your honesty towards others. If you are a fresher in learning the language, don’t rate yourself more than you deserve. As you are already giving an interview and the interviewer understands your communication period in a short period.

11. How can you contribute to our company?

Before you give any interview, keep in mind that you have checked all the details of the company where you apply. What are the company’s plans, vision, and mission statement?

Sample – I recently learned that you were hiring new candidates for translating languages. I also researched the company and learned you would tie up with a Spanish company. So I thought I could be the one who could contribute to the company with my best efforts.

12. Do you have any leadership qualities?

     The answer should be straightforward, where you need to say the right one. If you lack leadership quality, tell it. But don’t lie while answering such questions just to impress the interviewer.

13. Do you want to make your career as a language translator?

Answer: Yes, due to my interest in speaking different languages. I want to build a career as a translator by cracking the Spanish language interview.

14. What are the exceptional characteristics of a translator?

There are many essential characteristics of a translator. Some of them are we should give attention to all details. Translators should have a deep understanding of language. The other important thing is we should appreciate and respect other cultures.

15. Have you ever spent your time in a foreign country?

This question is quite simple and easy. You can share your experience with a foreign country.

16. How do you practice to make yourself more specialized in this language?

I aim to become one of the best translators of the Spanish language. So I have a group of friends with whom I keep teaching the language. I am always excited to learn new words and things about the language. To keep myself on track, I keep taking my actual tests on a weekly schedule.

17. Do you find any difficulties while translating the language?

During the first stage, I faced specific difficulties. But due to my interest and constant efforts, I don’t face any difficulty in the language.

18. Have you taken any courses from the institute to learn the language?

  Many candidates don’t take the courses. Note that you can communicate your ideas and way of learning to the interviewer.

19. What are your salary expectations as a language translator?

You can follow three strategies. Either give a range of salaries to the interviewer. Or you can delay the answers by saying that you focus on benefits and learning new things rather than focussing on the package.

Sample answer-Taking into account my experience and certifications would be helpful to the whole team. I am expecting a salary range between $40000 and $50000.But for me, earning the benefits and learning new things matter the most.

20. What steps do you follow to handle stress during communication?

I keep myself motivated by thinking about the final results. I start challenging myself, thinking about my goals and why I choose this works. Meditation is one of the keys to managing my stress and communication.


The Spanish language interview questions will open the door towards the desired goals as a language translator. The above blog included a series of questions and answers as a sample. Other questions are asked beyond this. Candidates need to ensure that they are prepared before going into interview sessions. Positivity and confidence should be present in the whole session.


Can I learn the Spanish language course online?

Many institutes are providing courses online. Certificates are provided to the candidates at the end of sessions. Students learn a language in different modules. Many oral sessions are also conducted, so students pronounce correctly and learn the skill.

How can I prepare for the interview sessions?

If you are learning the language from any reputed institute, you will get complimentary sessions for mock interviews. Apart from that, if you are self-learning, browse the content on the internet and keep updating your skills.

Can we ask any queries of the interviewer?

Many interviewers give the option of asking any queries at the end. But you can politely clear the queries if you don’t get the chance. Never use any wrong tone while asking queries or telling about the past company.

How should I prepare for the online interview sessions?

Due to the pandemic, many companies are still conducting the sessions online. So you don’t need to get panic about the mode. Just prepare yourself and sit in front of the camera in a formal dress.

How to know about that particular company?

You can ask if you have friends or family members working for that company. Referrals play an important role when applying for a job. Or else you can search the data and the information from the company website.

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