Millennials have created a new atmosphere for themselves, which must be called the Technosphere. Today even a thirteen-year-old tech-savvy teenager can easily either create or hack software. Considering this scenario in mind demand for authentic software has risen. Giving rise to the demand for software testing courses. We have listed the top 10 software testing courses online for you.



We are living in a tech-pro world, which has its boon and curse. Now you can avail of education from top universities right from your couch. Online course bags with handles advantages. Keeping that in mind the demand for online courses has risen drastically. So we have shortlisted such fruitful top 10 software testing courses online for you.

Software Testing Courses Online

1. Henry Harvin

henry harvin logo

Henry Harvin is an unparalleled institute when it comes to training and certifications. It has an experience of more than a decade in the transfer of first-class education.

There are 11+  offices situated in the USA, UAE, and India.

All the staff is strongly dedicated to providing top-notch skills and intellect to the aspirants. It has successfully trained and placed 3,00,000+ students all over the world.

Recognitions And Accreditations

  • American Association of EFL, MSME, UKAF,
  • UKcert, ministry of corporate affairs, ISO 29990:2010, and project management institute (PMI).
  •   Winner of Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the under 40 Business World Award.

Why Henry Harvin- 

  • Training + Projects + Internship + Certification + Placement + E-Learning + Masterclass + Hackathons + Gold Membership( all in one box)
  • 60 hours of classes, which are totally self-paced.
  • They will refund your 100% fee if you are unsatisfied with the course.
  • All the experts are certified in the respective subjects that they teach.
  •  More than 50 real-life assignments are given during the course to give practical experience.
  • 100% practical-oriented teaching.
  • Fully active placement cell for assistance and career growth.

  • Teaching add-on skills like resume building soft skills,12+ Bootcamp sessions. 
  • Placement drives are held after completion of the course customarily.
  • All the course material is available online with a 24*7 helpdesk.
  • A separate LMS account is allotted to every student so that they can access study material, coordinate with instructors and submit assignments.
  • The instructors are very cooperative and solve every query and doubt with ease.

Henry Harvin Software Testing course fees:

Cities where Henry Harvin GST course are provided:


Henry Harvin GST Practitioner Course Ranks #1 in India by Insights Success

Henry Harvin Providing Other Courses:

 2. Coursera

Coursera For Campus' to enhance reach of Coursera's online courses - The Economic Times


source-google sites

At this website, you can seek endless courses for yourself. They are offered by top-notch universities. Coming to software testing courses they have two courses. We are providing you with full detail of each course. It will make it easier for you to choose.

Why Coursera?

  • Access to several courses on a single subscription.
  • Flexibility in learning, learn at your own pace.
  • Get certified by recognised universities.
  • All the courses are inclusive of hands-on learning projects.
  • Completely industry-oriented course.

Courses Provided And Their Duration-

Name University Level Duration
1. Introduction to software testing University of Minnesota Intermediate 30 hours
2. Software testing and automation specialisation University of Minnesota Intermediate 4 months

3. In-Depth Software Testing Training Course From Scratch(Udemy)

Teach Online - Share your knowledge with millions of students across the globe and earn money


source-google sites

Firstly, Udemy itself is a huge online education platform. It has more than thousands of courses to learn from. This very website also provided a software testing course. The best part about Udemy is that all the courses mostly suites your pocket.

Why Udemy?

  • 18 downloadable resources and a preview of the class is available.
  • You can access the lectures on your mobile and TV too.
  • Lifetime accessibility of lectures once purchased.
  • Get a recognizable certificate.
  • The course includes all the skills required by a software tester.
  • Learn through practically applying the concepts in project works.
  • Full training for job interviews is also imparted with the software testing course.

Level: Beginners

Course Duration:26 hours

Course Fee: Rs 1999

4. A/B Testing By Google

Google A/B Testing tool


source-google sites

Udacity a webpage run and managed by Google, provides one of the best software testing courses. They are currently working with Accenture, Shell, Vodafone, Toyota and many more. Their key role is to transform raw talent into a source. They provide courses to all classes and sectors. Let be government or individual. 

A/B testing which is also known as splits test. It is used for studying the development of websites is taught in their free course. Later you can step ahead by pursuing the next level. It opens the gates for AI, data sciences etc.

Why Udacity?

  • This course is based on upcoming skill sets required by a tester.
  • You will fully detailed interactive videos.
  • Free quizzes are included to sharpen your knowledge.
  • Get projects from giants like Google.
  • Practical-based learning

Course Duration:1 month

Course Fee: Free

5. Software Testing Using Selenium-By Aptech Learning

Aptech also offers a software testing course using Selenium. You have to be an IT graduate or working professional to take this course.

The course is designed to inculcate job-ready skills. So if you want to find your CV this course is a good option.

Why Aptech Learning?

  • Free career counseling during and after the course as well.
  • You will get placement assistance on completion of the course.
  • Training is imparted by industry experts.
  • Get all the advantages associated with a university.

 Couse Duration:1 month

 Course Fee: Rs 12,200-16,500

 6. LinkedIn

software testing courses online


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Yes, you read it right. This website not only links professionals but also creates professionals. LinkedIn is one of the most common hangout spots for professionals. It has more than 10 software testing courses.

We are providing you with information on a few topmost courses provided on this platform. There is no doubt that getting certified by Linkedin bags with endless benefits.

Course Provided And Duration:

Name Level Duration Fees
1 Software Testing Foundation: Test Techniques Intermediate 1 month Rs 1150       
2 Software Testing: Tools Beginner 1 month Rs 1400
3 Software Testing foundations: Test preparation Intermediate 1 month Rs 1150
4 Software Testing Foundations: Bug Writing and Management Intermediate 1 month Rs 899

7. Edx

edX | Free Online Courses by Harvard, MIT, & more | edX


source-google sites

Edx is one of the online platforms that is committed to providing education to all. If you are looking for quality education with reputed certification. This is your shot. Their courses are recognized by Harvard University, Boston university and other world-renowned universities.

There are 2 courses provided by Edx. We will give you complete information regarding the courses.

Name Duration Fee Level
1 Automated Software Testing: Unit Testing, Coverage Criteria and Design for Testability 5 weeks Rs 16278 Intermediate
2 Automated Software Testing: Model and State-based Testing 5 weeks Rs 16278 Advanced

8. The Complete 2023 Software Testing Bootcamp (Udemy)

13 BEST Software Testing Courses in 2023 - Simple Programmer

 This course is available on the Udemy website. We have already briefed you about Udemy. It is truly one of the best websites to get certified from. This course covers A to Z concepts of software testing. You get access to numerous courses on a one-time subscription.

Why Udemy?

  • 12 knowledgeable articles for future reference.
  • 3 downloadable resources.
  • The videos are fully accessible on mobile and TV.
  • Fully interactive classes.

Course Duration:28.5 hours videos on demand

Subscription charges: Rs 829 per month

9. Software Testing By Indian Institute Of Science

software testing courses online


source-google sites

So, finally, you can get certified from NPTEL-IITM by pursuing this course online. NPTEL is providing a free course to all aspiring students through YouTube. Anyway, can avail video facility free of cost. The course is inclusive of all the topics like elementary graphic algorithms and testing models etc. needed by a software tester.

Course Duration:27 hours

Course Fee: Free

10. Automated Testing: End To End

software testing courses online


source-google sites

Last but not least a software testing course is offered by Skills. It is an upcoming online platform. Professor Jason Robert has more than 15 years of experience in teaching the core principles of software testing. He is a trainer, an author, a blogger and a software developer.

Why Skills?

  • They preach and practice the philosophy of learning by doing, they have more than 1300 labs for practical testing.
  • Learn by solving exercises and projects.
  • A tester who continuously monitors your progress.
  • Sharpen your team skills as well by skill assessments.
  • Get a 10-day free trial of each course.

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Duration: 198 hours

Subscrption:1499 per month

We have listed the top 10 software testing courses online, all bags with their own perks. We hope the detail provided must have helped you put an end to your dilemma.

It is taboo that only computer science students can undertake this course. While the truth is that any graduate who has these skills can undertake this course.In spite of the fact that these skills are usually built. But you can teach these skills also. We will give you a complete list of the skill sets required to study the software testing course.

Skillsets Required For Taking Software Testing Courses Online-

1 Analysation-

A good software tester needs analytical skills. You just not need to detect bugs and errors but also the reason behind their occurrence.That is only possible when you have sharp reasoning skills. Knowing how things work and how things went wrong thereafter. Both are equally important.

2 Technical knowledge-

Even though you are from a commerce background you need to learn to code for taking a software testing course. Testing involves going through the programming of the software. So in order to do that you should know programming languages.

3 Efficiency-

In order to be a tester you need an eagle’s eye to detect faults. Hence not only productivity but accuracy is the key skill required over here. You can not be lethargic or inconsistent in your work.


Well, you are smart enough as you have chosen such a lucrative course for yourself. Considering the need of proofreading the software before launching has boosted the demand for software testers. Now almost all companies hire testers before marketing the software. Moreover, it bags with a handsome package of Rs 2,29,415-Rs 4,49,991 in India.


So, you know that the path you have chosen is a must-win one. But before climbing the mountain let us gather the equipment for it. Let us now explore more about the career options after completing the course. As you can see that each course has its own learnings and curriculum. Once you have made up your mind on which track you have to move on, you can choose your course more accurately.

There are mainly three career tracks for a tester from which you can choose.

1)Manual Testing

The job of the manual tester is to analyse software and apply various tests manually, by going through the coding.

2) Automated Testing

As the name suggests the job of the automated tester is to run the tests on software using pre-programmed automated machines. This makes the tasks a little easier and fast-tracked.

3) Performance Testing

When the performance tester tests the responsiveness of the software applications using WEBload etc., it is known as performance testing.

Once, you have completed the software testing course from a reputed university like Henry Harvin, a lot of rooms get opened for you. But if you are a fresher you need to struggle in this field. Companies usually prefer experienced personnel in these fields.

  • Test manager
  • Software test engineer
  • QA team coordinator
  • QA Analysts
  • Tranee tester
  • Software tester


We have enumerated the top 10 software testing courses online for your help. All the information provided is accumulated directly from the registered websites. You can too refer to the institute’s websites for more detailed information. Hopefully, this article must have put an end to your dilemma. We have jotted down all the advantages associated with each course, which will assist you to choose wisely. Wish you happy learning and a bright future ahead. May you excel in your chosen course.


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Q1 What are the benefits of taking an online software testing course?

Ans. There are numerous benefits 
a)No travelling and miscellaneous costs.
b)Self-paced course
c)Learn in the comfort of your home
d)Totally flexible timings


Q2 Which language is best to learn for an automated tester?

Ans. It is best to learn Javascript along with python. Selenium tool is very useful for automated testers.


Q3 What are the different types of software testing?

Ans. a) Unit testing
b)Functional testing
c)Black box testing
d)System testing
e)Acceptance testing
f)End-to-end testing
g)Integration testing
h)Mutation testing
i)Compatibility testing
j)Regression testing
k)Usability testing
l)User acceptance testing
m)Performance testing
n)Stress testing
0)Comparison testing
p)Alpha testing
q)Failover testing
r)Beta testing
s)Smoke testing
t)Install/uninstall testing
q)Security testing
v)White box testing


Q4 What are the qualities of a good software tester?

Ans. The qualities are as follows-
a)A keen eye to detect bugs
b)Testing while keeping end-user in mind.
c)Have complete knowledge about the application to be tested.
d)Good communication skills as you need to report faults to developers.


Q5 What is Selenium?

Ans. It is an automated tool used by testers for running various tests on web browsers. It supports all languages and web browsers. Which makes it omnipresent in the testing world.

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