Social media occupies an important part of our life today. There is not a single day that we stay away from it. As a result, this has become the most important and favorite platform for companies to market their product and services. So by using the right Social Media Marketing Tools Companies make a difference in their marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing involves usage of social media platforms to spread awareness of the company’s brand. This medium has a deeper reach than the traditional mediums of newspapers and Televisions. Hence, it brings about an increase in sales and leads to website traffic for the brand. 

This is a cost-effective method to connect with the target audience. With the availability of data analytics, marketers can track the quantitative and qualitative responses from website visitors.  So, this feedback helps in building a strong product strategy and impactful content.

Social media marketing tools

Social media marketing tools are aligned with the organization’s goals. It promotes brand recognition, content creation, and audience engagement. By 2024, the relationship between the company and its consumers will be mainly through social media.

Following are the top 10 social media marketing tools to bring success to the brand.


1. Buffer

social media marketing tools

This tool helps to draft and publish customized content over various social networks. It is a very convenient tool as the company has to just share the social media post with Buffer. Subsequently, Buffer schedules these contents to multiple social media platforms through their queue system. It saves time as the company does not have to modify and schedule the content separately for each social media. The company can stay organized because their social accounts can be operated from one dashboard. With Buffer Analytics, it can analyze the performance of the company’s social media posts. So, this software tool facilitates the company to boost its productivity.

2. Hootsuite

Social Media Marketing tools

Hootsuite connects all social accounts in one dashboard with some advanced features. The company has to publish its social posts and schedule them in its content calendar. Hootsuite will publish it at the selected time. It has the Grammarly feature to check spelling and grammatical errors in the content. It helps in caption writing too. This tool can provide information about the time when the audience is most active. So, companies can choose that golden moment to get the content posted for better engagement. The company can view the statistics of all social accounts in one place. It can also measure the Return on Investment (ROI).

3. Sprout Social

Social Media Marketing tools

This social media marketing tool helps the company to achieve optimum business value and a strong market position. It integrates various leading platforms and has a strong social network.  This tool has a centralized publishing, monitoring, engagement, and analytics process for important social platforms. So, this can save time and enhance customer satisfaction. It also contains a Smart Inbox from which users can check all incoming messages from various social media and reply instantly. Sprout enables the company to view all the major social platforms side-by-side. Its analytics dashboard highlights the most active social networks. So, the company can choose the right network for its activity.

4. Agorapulse

Social Media Marketing tools

Agorapulse adopts cross-channel marketing. It means the marketer communicates with the customers across their preferred channels like E-mail, web, Apps, mobile, etc. This tool keeps separate marketing messages for new clients and existing clients. So, the customers feel happy with such an experience and there is a high chance of a successful sale. It provides statistics on the number of times the content has been shared. This tool reaches out to the customers personally with their social listening options to develop further engagement. It can track conversations and identify influencers along with saved hashtag groups.

5. Sendible

Social Media Marketing tools

Sendible uses white-label social media platforms to promote a brand. This means they can use third-party tools and deliver results to their clients under their own branding. The users can also publish content in bulk to schedule them at convenience. It also has a content library to store digital content that is not ready to post. Social listening is an important part of this tool. It has a priority inbox containing alerts to display important messages from all channels. It helps companies to create high-quality content for social media. With its analytics, it helps to monitor the brand’s performance and the competitor’s moves.

6. Canva

Social Media Marketing tools

Canva is an online design tool that assists in adding graphic designs to the content. So, the visual communication of this tool has made it very popular in social media. Any content with attractive images, videos, and animations makes it more pleasing for the audience. Moreover, Canva helps to customize the images to add an appeal to the brand. This user-friendly tool provides a comprehensive range of design templates. The company can design the content in advance and Canva can schedule the post later on the respective platforms.

7. SocialPilot

Social Media Marketing tools

SocialPilot supports businesses to automate their social media management. The company has to just add the URL of its collection of posts to SocialPilot’s automation tool. Subsequently, this tool publishes the content to various social media networks. It also allows the company to switch over to the manual setting as per the need. In addition, it gathers and curates meaningful content from trusted sources and shares them with the company. The analytics feature can provide updates on the social media performance, the audience growth, and the demographic data of the audience.

8. BuzzSumo

Social Media Marketing tools

BuzzSumo explores and identifies the topics that are widely searched across social sites. This will be helpful while building the content strategy.  It also informs the company about people who are followed the most on social media. So, the company can think about making them the prospective Influencers. Further, it gives information on the competitor’s analysis. So, the company can focus on what works best for the competitors and avoid those areas with a poor response.  Content alerts can also be set up from specific keywords to know about new content in the industry.

9. MeetEdgar

Social Media Marketing tools

The other social media marketing tools delete the content after it is posted and published. But MeetEdgar retains the content in its limitless library. So, in case of a requirement in the future, the old contents can be retrieved repurposed, and reshared. The contents can be scheduled in advance and social media accounts can be managed from one dashboard. Its analytics assists in reviewing the performance of the social media post. So, the company can make decisions on the type of future content to be published.

10. Tailwind

Social Media Marketing tools

To start with the Tailwind marketing tool, the company should have either an Instagram or a Pinterest account. Companies have to post content on social media sites consistently to maintain their visibility. So, by automating social media marketing, the Tailwind tool uploads the content at the optimal time for maximum engagement. It also supports Email marketing to generate new leads and conversions.

Henry Harvin Education

In order to become specialized in social media marketing, Henry Harvin offers an Advanced Social Media Marketing Course. This course will help the participants to build excellent social media strategies and to create quality social content.


The main aim of all social media marketing tools is to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and enhance customer engagement. They can track the competitor’s moves and can monitor the brand’s reputation. SEO marketing, creating keyword alerts, and content creation are their other features. It will be extremely time-consuming for the companies to handle these activities at their end. So, they have to avail such professional services of the highest quality from these social media marketing tools.

Q1.What is the most important thing for businesses to meet social media success?

Ans. The businesses have to post their content consistently.  This will encourage customer engagement. The phrase, “out of sight, out of mind” holds true with social media marketing.

Q.2 Which are the major social media platforms that businesses use?

Ans. The leading social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. Other social networks include TikTok, WhatsApp, Messenger and WeChat.

Q4. Can companies be successful without using social media marketing tools?

Ans. Very difficult. In today’s digital age, social media marketing tools play a powerful role in building brand awareness and engagement with customers. So, it will be extremely challenging for businesses to boost their sales without these tools.

Q.5 How to keep the customers engaged with the company’s brand on social media?

Ans. This can be achieved by asking questions to the customers by running a contest or by hosting a chat. So, the number of likes, reshares and comments would indicate the customer’s involvement in the company’s brand.

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