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How Essay writing topics for students help in personality development

As the saying goes “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. Essays are part of a student’s education which makes them think and reflect on their writing skills and educate both mind and heart. Indeed, schools are helping in a way by providing different essay writing topics for students. With this, the student can improve their thought process, and gain knowledge. This will further assist them to think creatively and express their thoughts logically.

The thought of writing an essay may be as scary as the idea of going to school on the first day. In fact, both are similar in the ways they begin, like where to start, how to go further, how to make friends, and how to give a good introduction about yourself. Similarly, an essay should also start with a good introduction. Furthermore,  It is about putting forth your ideas, and your opinions on a given topic and connecting them from the beginning to the end with a precise conclusion.

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Essay writing topics for students in Elementary school

This article gives an insight into a list of inquisitive essay writing topics for students. This list of essays will help the students to find the right topic. Further, delve in and show their writing skills while thinking through the topic.

1. If you had an invisible magic helper, what would you want him/her to do?

Children become creative when such topics are given as essays. Their mind will be running full of ideas about how to get their work done from this magic helper.

They will develop a creative mind which is always ready to explore new things and new ideas. 

2. 10 good qualities a student should possess

There are many good qualities a student should possess. The children might be aware of a few of the good qualities. Additionally, they might dig deeper and learn about the other good qualities which they learn and inculcate in their daily lives.


This is the age where children are learning, differentiating between good and bad. Such kind of essay writing topics for students will help them in personality development.

3. Importance of reading newspaper

Newspapers carry the news from around the world. Students will get to know the benefits of reading the newspaper daily. By giving this as an essay writing topic for students they try to inculcate the habit of reading newspapers regularly which is a best practice.

4. Do you like your name? Do you think it suits you? If you could change it then what would it be? And why?

Every child’s name is one thing that they hold close to themselves. It is something that they are identified with and are known with. This essay topic will enable children to think from an imaginative perspective of what name they want and why they want that name.

5. Value of time

Time is an important element in a student’s life. The student should inculcate this element at an early age. So that, he will have better time management skills which he carries forward at all levels.

Such essays help students to understand the value of time to structure/plan their daily activities.

6. Trees, our best friend

Such essay writing topics for students will encourage them to explore more about the importance of planting trees and avoiding cutting trees. While writing this essay, children will learn about the benefits of trees and what they provide us with.

7. National festivals of India

National festivals of India focus on the heritage and culture of India, while writing on this topic, children will gain knowledge about national festivals like independence day, republic day, and Gandhi Jayanthi. 

This is a common topic that is given by teachers as an essay writing topic for students across India.

8. How did I spend my summer vacation?

Once the academic year starts, most of the teachers give it as an essay writing topic for the students across the schools. This topic can be easily understood by children in grades 1 to 5. They will be ready to write about the places visited, and meet up with family and friends during summer vacation.

9. My favourite book

In the lower grades, children love to read books that they are interested in, especially children’s fiction books and moral stories. 

When this topic is given as an essay, every child is happy and they enjoy writing whatever they remember about their favorite book. 

10. Harmful effects of junk food

This is the age where children of primary grades learn about the harmful effects of junk food. So by giving this as an essay writing topic for students, they will easily think and learn about the side effects of junk food.

11. A picnic from school

Children would dive in and love to write essays on such topics. Nonetheless, as it is a descriptive topic, they would describe the events or the time spent from morning to evening at the picnic like how much fun they had, the food they ate, and many more.

Essay writing topics for students in Middle school

Steps to Writing an Essay

12. Imagine you are given the opportunity to meet the prime minister for 30 minutes, what will you discuss?

It depends on what age group children this topic is given. If it is given to the students of the middle school ie., 6 to 8th grade, then they would like to talk about school-level changes which they want to discuss with the prime minister. 

13. Best ways to prevent bullying in schools/effects of bullying on mental health

Bullying is a conduct of a person or a group of similar people who purposely use words or actions repeatedly against an individual or a group of people which causes physical harm.

Such essay writing topics for students will help them to dig more about bullying and its effects. In fact, they try to find ways and help others who are being bullied.

14. Funny childhood memories

The thought of childhood memories makes you amused and takes you to a different world. Such essay writing topics for students in their middle school will make them happy. Indeed, they will have fun remembering the silly but playful movements, games they played, and many more. The students enjoy writing such essays.

15. Emphasis on discipline in a student’s life

Discipline is one of the most important attributes a student should possess. It is nothing but following certain rules and regulations to carry out tasks and activities in an organized manner.

Writing this essay will help the students to delve deeper into the qualities of being honest, hardworking, and motivated while doing any task.

16. Swatch Bharat Abhiyan

Swatch Bharat Abhiyan was launched by Shri Narendra Modi on October 2nd in order to recognize Mahatma Gandhi’s perception of a clean India.

This essay writing topic for students will guide them to practice neatness and also make people aware of the importance of cleanliness. 

17. Perks of Make in India

Make in India is a campaign that was launched by Shri Narendra Modi on 25th September 2014. It is an action taken by the Indian government to allow business investors across the world to invest in India.

By working on this essay, students can acquire knowledge based on globalization.

18. If you could go to space at some point in your life, what would you like to see the most or experience

Staring at the sky during the night, looking at the stars and the moon, at some point or the other everyone might have got the thought of going to space. Students will have fun writing an essay about this topic. And, they would imagine and write down what they would like to do in space. 

19. How to overcome peer pressure

Peer pressure is the influence of other people or peers to act in a certain way. Everyone might have experienced it at some point in life. This essay helps the student explore different ways to overcome pressure from friends or a group of people and make the proper decisions.

20. If you could be any famous person for a day, who would you want to be and why?

The thought of a famous person will take you to a different level. A famous person can be a celebrity like an actor/actress, politician, scientist, or any other personality.

This essay writing topic for students would help them to think about the qualities or maybe about what that person has achieved in his/her life.

21. India’s rich culture and heritage

As we all know, India is a land of varied traditions and cultures. However, giving such essay writing topics for students will make them understand and learn about heritage and culture that we have inherited from our ancestors and from the past.

22. Impact of online shopping on local shopkeepers

Students can ponder this essay topic. Indeed, they can research the downside of online shopping on local shops and can find out ways to help small businesses or grocery shops to grow, which are at loss because of the trending online shopping.

23. If you have been made principal of your school, what changes you will bring?

The students should express their thoughts in terms of the change they might bring in the school as a principal. In this essay, the student will get an opportunity to voice their innovative ideas as per the latest technology. And, how these ideas will bring positive changes in the students learning in the school. 

24. Elaborate on “Actions speak louder than words”

This is a very old proverb that is a motivation for everyone. Great personalities have followed this path and have become successful. This should be a must essay writing topic for every student to know that “you are what you do and not what you say you will do”.

25. Power of optimism

The power of optimism leads one to succeed. This is an important essay writing topic for students especially teenagers because they will learn to be optimistic. This positive thinking will reduce stress and the student accepts life as it comes. Optimistic nature helps the students to be successful, happier, and healthier.

26. A week without the Internet

This experiment gives students about how dependent they are on the internet and technology and how their life will be without the internet.

It will make them think about ideas of how to engage in other activities, whether it be socializing, working out, or learning a new skill.

27. If you are a movie director, what kind of movies would you make?

The students should cover the detailed making of a movie . Every student’s thought process is different. These movies should be covering global problem-solving innovative ideas. 

28. Ways to reduce environmental pollution

The environment is the surroundings where we live. The contamination of the environment with pollutants is called environmental pollution. 

This essay writing topic for students will help them to do thorough research on the effect of pollution on climate change, and the causes and help them find out ways to reduce its impact on the environment. It will motivate students to come up with an action plan on ways to reduce pollution.

29. Role of social welfare policies

Social welfare programs offer guidance to families in need, individuals, and women in difficulty. Writing an essay about such topics will help the students to serve the people in need by educating them about the social welfare programs provided by the government.

30. Importance of girl’s education

Education helps a girl to speak her mind and lead her life positively. Writing an essay on this topic will educate the students about positive insights of girls’ education like growth in the economy, taking proper care of their children, and whatnot.

Essay writing topics for students in High school

31. Currency wars – competitive devaluation

When countries seek to gain a trade advantage over other countries by using monetary policies to lower the value of their national currency is called a currency war.

This essay writing topic for students helps them gain knowledge about the dynamics of different countries’ influences on export and import. 

32. Implications of Demonetisation

When a currency unit is removed from its status as legal tender, this is known as demonetization.

The students’ research on this topic helps them understand money printing, and circulation and face difficulties to extract all the money from the system.

Furthermore, the students will learn about curbing corruption, counterfeiting the use of high denomination notes for illegal activities, and the accumulation of black money generated by income that has not been declared to the tax authorities.

33. The catastrophic impact of Russia Ukraine war on people

While students are writing about this essay, they dig deep into the war between Ukraine and Russia that has led the common people of Ukraine to migrate to other countries as refugees leaving behind their hard-earned assets in their country.

On the other hand, Russia’s economy is impacted leading to high inflation and cost of living.

34. Impact of Inflation on the economy

By giving such essay writing topics for students, they will understand the increase in the cost of living due to increasing inflation. They will also get an insight into the actions taken by the government and reserve bank of India to control the inflation

35. Effect of pandemic across the world due to covid-19

Such essay writing topics for students will make them understand the loss of life across the world due to Covid-19. Further, they will get to know the long-term effect of covid-19 on human health. Additionally, they will understand the influence of the pandemic on the kid’s education and its financial impact.

36. Women empowerment

This essay on women empowerment is an old topic. If we are still discussing the topic means, there is a lot to do to empower women even now.

Such essay writing topics for students will make them understand the myths and stereotypes that hold in the overall development of women.

37. Analysis of Empathy and Sympathy

These essay writing topics for students help to analyze and understand people. Basically, about people who are going through unpleasant emotional problems, how to deal with such situations, and so on. The students will study deeply the differences between sympathy and empathy.

38. The economic crisis in Srilanka

These essay writing topics for students will make them understand how to take leadership decisions on external borrowings, money creation, tax collection systems, and forming policies.

Because of the adverse decisions made by the politicians, the Common people are impacted badly.

39. Contribution of technology to education

Nowadays, technology has become an essential part of education and has made remarkable changes in this field.

Furthermore, this essay on the contribution of technology in India will make the students do thorough research on this topic.

40. Social media- need of the hour

Social media has become an important part of everyone’s day-to-day life. It has become an essential tool for creating consciousness about any social cause. This essay writing topic for students helps them to use this social media platform in an effective way to avail the benefits.

41. Artificial Intelligence in the modern era

Artificial Intelligence is replacing humans in several areas.

In this essay, students talk about how Artificial intelligence is changing the technology in this modern world

42. The need of the hour is to maximize production in agriculture

Recently, there was a scarcity of food grains due to the Russia- Ukraine war, and covid-19. So, it has become a necessity to encourage and support agriculturists.

This essay writing topic for students makes them understand the importance of maximizing agriculture production.

43. Issues related to cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are not just physical money. In fact, they are not issued by any government or other financial institutions. 

In this essay, students explore different types of cryptocurrencies and issues related to them.

44. New India at 75

From the time of independence in 1947 till date, the infrastructure of India has enhanced drastically. Additionally, there is a lot of improvement in all other sectors also. Here students will delve into and explore these changes in 75 years of independence.

45. Legalizing betting in India

Betting on different sports is legal in various countries. However, in India it is illegal. But many people illegally bet on different sports transacting about 20 billion rs per year. Student research on this topic should reveal the reasons to legalize on not to legalize betting in India.

46. The era of digitalization

Digitalization is nothing but the process of converting information from analog to digital form or computerized form. The students can take away the knowledge on the benefits of digitalization in the modern era.

Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course

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Key features of the course

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A final thought on the best essay writing topics for the students

All the essay topics have been created considering the student’s capability and curiosity for the specific standard to express their innovative thoughts in the form of essays. These topics are provided keeping in mind the variety as well as innovation. The students should understand the brief introduction details for each essay topic while writing the essay. These topics will sharpen the thought process of the student as well as their thinking skills, and imaginative skills, which helps in gaining knowledge and creativity during research. 

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Q.1 What should be the minimum word count of an essay?

If you are writing an essay and want it to be ideal, the word count should be around 300 to 500. But, if the word count of the essay exceeds more than 500, it is difficult for the readers to gain interest in reading.

Q.2 How to improve my sentence structure and style?

Sentence structure and style take a lot of practice. Additionally, check for any grammar mistakes and try using a mixture of short and long sentences.

Q.3 What are the basic tips for writing a good essay?

The student should properly analyze the given topic, plan and write, should be easy to read, give examples, use advanced vocabulary, use simple sentences, and finally should be able to choose the proper type, format, and style for your writing and many more. These are the few tips that can be followed. 

Q.4 What is the structure of essay writing?

The basic structure of essay writing always has three parts. They are an introduction, the body of the essay, and a precise conclusion.

Q.5 Are there any courses to improve my essay writing skills?

Specifically, there are no courses for essay writing. But you can enroll in a course in creative writing which also includes essay writing. You can enroll for this course in a reputed institute like Henry Harvin academy

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