If you are not aware of Six Sigma Certification in Minnesota, then let me tell you that Six Sigma is a very popular, data-driven improvement methodology, for eliminating defects in a product, process, or service. Six Sigma process is also defined as reducing manufacturing defects to not more than 3.4 occurrences per million units or events.


Six Sigma certifications are gaining popularity across the globe.

The six sigma certification course in Minnesota process works on sigma levels ranging from one to six. The goal is to continuously improve the sigma level, based on performance.


Minnesota is a well-educated population in the United States. It is famous for its natural and cultural beauty, and so is for its literacy. In 2006-07, the state had ranked 13th on Morgan Quitno Smartest State Award and In 2007, Minnesota students had earned the highest average score in the nation on the ACT exam. 

The State had ranked at #6, as per WalletHub, which used Quality and Safety as the two primary metrics for ranking, just behind Massachusetts (at #1), New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, and Vermont.

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Minnesota offers plenty of opportunities to grow, prosper, and live a healthy and active life.

Here we are going to discuss the recognized top 10 six sigma green belt certification in Minnesota:

1. Henry Harvin Quality Management Academy (Six sigma Certification in Minnesota)

As a lean six sigma certified professional if you want to win the confidence of your customers and competitors, you must enroll yourself in a reputed and certified institute like Henry Harvin the best six sigma certification in Minnesota. Here you undergo a disciplined Six Sigma with a statistical-based, data-driven approach and continuous improvement methodology, for eliminating defects in a product, process, or service. 

Six Sigma is also used as a measure of process performance.

Henry Harvin has a simple goal of delivering near-perfect services for business transformation and optimal customer satisfaction. 

What you are taught:

  • Key principles of Six Sigma.
  • Focus on the customer.
  • Identification and understanding of how the work gets done.
  • Managing, improving, and smoothing the process flow.
  • Removal of Non-Value-Added steps and waste.
  • Manage to go with facts and reduce variation.
  • Involve and equip the people in the process.
  • Systematically undertake improvement activities.

Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma course material includes the study materials, presentations, games, quizzes, and subject-oriented videos. The study material is comprehensive and covers all the topics as per Six Sigma certifications.

The Six Sigma process works through the use of the following methodologies:

DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control

DMADV – Define, Measure, Analyse, Design, and Verify

As the Training curriculum is as per the IASSC Book of knowledge, the practical training guarantees nearly 100% placement.

Six Sigma Certification also visit in other states:

Connecticut, Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, Washington, Ohio

Minnesota Address – 428 Minnesota St UNIT 500, St Paul, MN 55101, United States

2. University of Minnesota:


The University is at the forefront in dealing with the Six Sigma programs and works as the largest integrated control and monitoring system in North America.

The Six Sigma programs include:

  1. Classroom Training: programs taught by experienced Master Black Belts.
  2. Onsite Training: tailored to meet your specific needs.
  3. Online Training: includes Yellow, Green, and Black Belt training with certification. 

There are provisions for self-paced online training, webinar training, and also blended programs as a hybrid of online and classroom training. 


If you have a foundational knowledge of Six Sigma, the Opus College of Business will prepare you to lead projects under the supervision of Black Belt team members to get a Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate.

When companies implement Six Sigma, their product and service quality improves and their work processes become smoother and more streamlined. For this purpose, the companies know the importance of Six Sigma Certification in Minnesota and hire employees who can identify, analyze and solve quality problems.

At Opus College of Business you learn how to:

  • Identify processes that need improvements quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce variability to increase the overall quality and reduce costs.
  • Employ numerous process improvement techniques within the DMAIC model.
  • Gain the practical experience needed to lead small to medium-scale projects.

This program is perfect for those who already have a foundational knowledge of Six Sigma and want to advance or change their careers.

The program participants include:

  • Business process improvement consultants
  • Lead Analyst and Program Managers
  • Compliance Implementation Engineers
  • Warehouse Operations Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • General Managers
  • Functional Project Leaders
  • Senior Project Leaders
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Lead Manufactuiring Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Lean Six Sigma Consultants

The learners work and get experience in various types of projects under the supervision of Black Belt team members.

4. SouthWest Minnesota State University

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is the leading credential for mid-career professionals dedicated to process improvement, efficiency, and excellence. This 100% online course prepares you for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam.

The course objectives are:

  • Take up and pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam.
  • Master the DMAIC Improvement (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) program.
  • Learn the Lean Six Sigma principles and the 8 Wastes of Lean Management.
  • Understand Lean Six Sigma, its origins, and its benefits.
  • Learn to collect data and track the success of projects.
  • Complete a real-world Lean Six Sigma project.

5. Duke Continuing Studies (Six sigma certification in Minnesota)

Six Sigma aims for processes where outputs are nearly 100% free from defects. Lean Six Sigma involves continuous efforts to eliminate or reduce any waste or activity that doesn’t add any value. This empowers employees to continuously uncover and solve problems and errors. 

Lean Six Sigma Certification in Minnesota provides a new paradigm for a broader selection of approaches in process improvement than either Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma separately.

Duke Continuing Studies cover all topics in affiliation with MindEdge and Six Sigma Black Belts, according to the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. The program prepares students for the MindEdge Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam (purchased separately) and provides information to those interested in learning the strategies, techniques, and concepts of Lean Six Sigma. 

The program explores the essential components of the DMAIC methodology, describing the important themes, principles, and tools needed to refine processes and enhance operations.

There are some additional reasons to choose the Duke Continuing Studies Lean Six Sigma Certification in Minnesota program as follows-

  • Comprehensive curriculum mentored by a Black Belt or a Master Black Belt professional.
  • Inclusion of all topics covered by IASSC.
  • It offers entirely online and self-paced programs.
  • It provides video conferencing with the mentor during office hours.
  • It allows eight months to complete the program.
  • Awards a certificate of completion from Duke University
  • Qualifies students with the MindEdge Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.
  • The students have full access to the program for eight months.

6. New Horizons

Lean Six Sigma is the rigorous and relentless process of an organization that impacts revenues and costs, and that’s why New Horizons works on the principle of Learn what Earns. There is a continual improvement by reducing wastes (Lean) and variations (Six Sigma) in the critical processes, as well as in stakeholder satisfaction. It applies both to services and manufacturing industries to reduce defects, overproduction, wait time, inventory, processing, and more. 

Lean Six Sigma Certification in Minnesota from New Horizons include all of the tools, techniques, and concepts related to Six Sigma and have been developed with the requirements of most modern-day industries in mind. 

Lean Six Sigma also utilizes the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control) phases similar to that of Six Sigma. The training for Lean Six Sigma is also provided through the belt-based training system similar to that of Six Sigma that comprises Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belts.

A typical Green Belt certified professional works part-time on projects either as a team member or as a project leader. A Green Belt certified Manager leverages his Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for their entire career by incorporating his skills into management.

7. Six Sigma DSI (SSDSI)

At Six Sigma DSI (Development Solutions Institute) or SSDSI at  Minnesota, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program works continuously on the five consecutive days of the week i.e, Monday to Friday, time 8 am to 4:30 pm.

The course is led by Authorized Training Organization (ATO), accredited by IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification).

The course is full of life and enjoyable with the inclusion of games, videos, simulations, and other active learning programs.

The Six Sigma Development Solution’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course has 20+ year experienced Master Black Belt instructors to keep the students excited and engaged. Interactive learning tools are used to learn the Importance of statistics and data when solving process problems. Powerful statistical analysis tools such as Minitab are used for root cause analysis throughout the course.

The team at Six Sigma Development Solutions holds a high standard to give a quality product to the clients. The curriculum and business practices are vetted by the IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification) to uphold an internationally recognized standard.

The following tools help you to complete your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project at SSDSI:

  • Tollgates and Flowcharts are used to check the Project Completion stages.
  • A Master Black Belt mentors you throughout your complete Green Belt Certification project cycle.
  • Detailed powerpoint Instructions on how to complete your Final Project.
  • Customized plans and roadmaps on how to complete your individual project within the stipulated time.

There are no pre-requisites for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course.

Further, at Six Sigma DSI, the Six Sigma Green Belt certification program topics Include:

  • Lean and Six Sigma Overview.
  • How to Develop the Lean Six Sigma Project Charts.
  • How to use Value-Stream-Mapping to quickly identify waste in the Process.
  • Developing the cross-map or input map to Discover the Key Inputs to the Process.
  • Developing the Cause and Effects Matrix.
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).
  • Brush up on Basic Statistics.
  • Basic Graphical Statistic Tools (Pareto, Boxplots, Scatter Plots).
  • How to Define Processes Capability in Metrics.
  • To understand the statistical relationship between variables.
  • Use of SPC (Statistical Process Control).

8. Benchmark Six Sigma

Benchmark Six Sigma Certification in Minnesota is an Accredited Training Provider of Exemplar Global and a member of the ASQ family. Exemplar Global provides global recognition for all Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt programs.

The salient features, training packages, and benefits in Benchmark Six Sigma are as follows:

  • It is facilitated by Multi-Industry Experts.
  • 24 Hours of Instructor-Led Online Training.
  • Throughout Minitab practice during the workshop.
  • Access to Practice Projects.
  • Globally validated Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate (accredited by Exemplar Global).
  • Membership of largest Business Improvement Community.
  • Free Online Project Assistance.
  • Additional Project Completion Certificate.

Benchmark Six Sigma has unmatched industry acceptance. They conduct in-company programs with industry leaders and guide participants through cases from different industry sectors who come with their real experiences from different organizations.


Earning a Certificate from Villanova University may help enhance your career prospects manifold. They teach you how to combine the waste-fighting measures with an actual reduction in variations. The defect-reducing techniques of Six Sigma lead to making your company’s operations more effective and efficient.

Upon successful completion of Six Sigma course in Minnesota, students are qualified to enroll in online certification exams by Villanova University. Earning a certification reflects competency in the concepts and applications of Six Sigma and helps reinforce the value of the certified professionals to their organization. 

Students in the program are taught all aspects of Lean Six Sigma, including:

  • An overview of the methodology.
  • How to reduce the eight wastes in Lean.
  • How to create and manage project teams.
  • The philosophy of continuous improvement.
  • How to identify customer needs and requirements and increase value to the customer.
  • The many practical Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to implement the methodology

The students successfully complete their three courses (Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma Green Belt, and one elective) and earn a certificate in Lean Six Sigma. The program is ideal for professionals, who currently manage projects or who aspire to assist or lead process improvement initiatives. 

Students are also taught to:

  • Use proven Lean Six Sigma problem-solving methods and statistical tools.
  • Discover processes for collecting and analyzing data.
  • Assist Lean and Six Sigma implementation.
  • Improve profits by reducing inefficiencies.
  • Lead a project using DMAIC methodology.
  • Increase productivity from fewer resources.
  • Lead and coach quality improvement initiatives.

The eight-week Six Sigma Green Belt course helps develop professionals who can understand, interpret and apply the core concepts of Six Sigma. The course is designed for individuals who want an active role on Six Sigma project teams, as well as mid to upper-level managers who need skills to implement cost reductions and improve organizational capability.

During the course, you additionally come across-

  • The history of Six Sigma.
  • Knowing the tools for each phase of DMAIC.
  • How to define the scope of a project.
  • Project charters
  • DMAIC methodologies.

After successful completion of a simulated project and course exams, you become eligible to take Villanova’s 100% online Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (CSSGB) exam.

Villanova University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, US. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. 

10. UC San Diego Extension

The UC San Diego Extension delivers hands-on application-based learning and process improvement techniques to train and effectively manage your resources. Leading-edge skills are acquired by applying Six Sigma Courses to transform your career or business through project management and process improvement training.

For hands-on experience and expert mentoring, UC San Diego Extension provides Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification as a set of tools, techniques, and operating principles that represent the best practices in quality and process improvement. This results in improved performance and reduced costs. Lean Six Sigma can be applied in any industry and can help improve any process. 

In this program, students receive coaching and education necessary to understand process requirements, identify constraints, and create flow and stability in all processes.

The training is beneficial for the participants who have process improvement responsibilities and wish to advance their career, as well as for those individuals who are new to the toolset and want to improve quality and delivery, be competitive, gain a better customer, and better employee satisfaction.

Few other references:

The above discussed are the top 10 Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications.  You can check out the below few other references that are also important and helpful, and can not be ignored:

  1. St Cloud State University

Link URL:

  1. Duke Continuing Studies

Link URL:

  1. Normandale Community College

Link URL:

Six Sigma Belt System

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-Courses-in-Minnesota-compressed-1024x683.jpg

Six Sigma certification in Minnesota are graded with a belt system and are awarded to the candidates based on the roles they play in a quality management process. Thus a chain is established among the employees based on productivity and output. The most popular belts are-

  • Yellow Belt- often provided to young joiners.
  • Green Belt- to part-time practitioners.
  • Black Belt- to full-time professionals who select projects, and train the team members.
  • Master Black Belt- to those professionals who provide counseling and training to Black and Green belts.

There are no prescribed eligibility criteria to take up any of the Six Sigma certifications. However, a certain amount of work experience and training is required. The candidates have to clear a test for the level they have opted for at the end of the training to get Six Sigma Belt Certification.

Six Sigma Certification in Minnesota is very popular among professionals as they can look forward to the following job profiles- 

  • Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Performance Excellence Manager
  • Supply Chain Program Analyst
  • Operational Excellence Manager

The starting salary may range from 5 to 12 LPA.


The Six Sigma Certification in Minnesota discussed above are the best in my view. You can choose anyone, but the online six sigma green belt certification by Henry  Harvin has no match. The live online classes not only help you in getting the certificate but also help in placement.  You also get 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin management Academy.

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Q1: What is Lean Six Sigma?

Ans. Lean is a management discipline that seeks to reduce waste and minimize associated costs. “Lean Six Sigma” represents the blending of the two philosophies into an operating system that maximizes quality while minimizing costs.

Q2. What is the Green Belt Certificate in Six Sigma?

Ans. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt improves productivity by focusing on the tools, methodologies, and principles of Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are expected to design, implement, and manage productivity improvement projects and campaigns.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belts Certified often become Six Sigma Consultants.

Q3. How Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will improve my career?

Ans. The Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma is considered a hands-on credential. The more expertise, the higher the individual rises on the salary package.

Q4. What are the prerequisites for Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

Ans. Mostly there are no prerequisites required for Six Sigma green belt certification. You just have to be familiar with the MINITAB software prior to attending classes. Having knowledge of basic statistics prior to attending any Six Sigma certification in Minnesota will be helpful.

If you’ve found my article useful and relevant to the subject, please write your comments in the comment box.

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